Hefty!4/26/2016 11:38:08 PM

Pros: - Solid - Smart. This this is a product of someone thinking hard about posture, longevity, comfort, and safety.

Cons: - Expensive. - Keyboard tray is a bit floppy. You may have to splurge for a better one. I know I will. - Installation is somewhat involved. However, it's totally doable within an hour or two. If you're physically weak or injured you may need to enlist help. The company also offers an installation service but I was able to build this this myself. - (Probably irrelevant) I had to pick up the package from the post office and had to unwrap it right in the parking lot because my Smart car wouldn't hold the box.

Overall Review: - I got this because last year my posture got so bad that my back failed painfully and caused an emergency room visit. I'm not 19 anymore and hunching over a computer isn't good enough. This tool helps greatly at reducing this kind of constant repeated stress. - I wouldn't list this as a con, but be careful when you're installing this thing; it's a tall metal structure that sits on top of your desk; enough to potentially modify its center of gravity. Seriously. This thing is BIG: You may need to get a far more solid desk than the one you currently have or nasty things may happen.

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Works beautifully!4/26/2016 11:24:00 PM

Pros: Quiet! I have a lab with seven Xeon e3's cooled with Noctua fans and overall noise (while still noticeable) is actually less than a single Cisco Catalyst switch! Solid mounting bracket that won't allow the large cooler to fall off under any normal use pattern (a problem with the stock cooler in my specific case.) Unlike the larger Noctua coolers, this one actually works on all my motherboards. I do not know about other boards, but many socket 1150 boards (even full ATX-sized ones) can have the RAM slots quite close to the CPU. This prevents using the largest Noctua heatsinks. I currently have one lying fallow for that reason. :(

Cons: Cost. :( Not given freely. Had to remove the motherboard from case in order to install backing plate. If you have to remove RAM from slots closest to CPU, you'll have to remove the fan. That really isn't a big deal though... The noise spectrum spreading design makes multiple Noctua fans' noise hum together into a chorus. This isn't a magic; there are always tradeoffs.

Overall Review: I got all my computers kitted out with Noctua fans because they'd be running constant compile/HPC jobs. You may be okay with the stock model if short on cash and not running constantly. If you have a single system like most users Noctua will make the computer in your room unnoticeable (unless your video card/PSU is grinding hard, of course.)

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