This works for Mini DisplayPort versions of Apple Cinema Displays. It does not work for (nor is intended for) Thunderbolt Displays2/22/2017 12:17:51 AM

Pros: I am not sure what else this will help with but like many others I purchased it so I could use a Apple Cinema Display with a PC graphics card. It does work perfectly for that purpose. You don't need any ridiculously expensive converter boxes that Apple tries to sell you. DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort are electrically the same, just like USB and Mini USB, so you just need a cable with the correct connector on either end, just like this. Specifically addressing another person's one star review. This is not intended for use with Thunderbolt displays. Thunderbolt is it's own thing. Blame Intel (Thunderbolt creator) for using the existing Mini DisplayPort connector (they did have a reason) for Thunderbolt and confusing people whom don't know the difference. It is not a fault of this device. They are not cross compatible. If you read this, please consider changing your review because you faulted the wrong device. This device works perfectly for adapting the earlier Mini DisplayPort Cinema Displays, as intended.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If purchasing for an Apple monitor, just make sure you have a Mini DisplayPort model (has a USB connector on the cable), not a Thunderbolt model (no USB connector on the cable) and you will be good to go. Again, Intel's fault not the fault of this device.

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No brainer5/15/2016 11:10:27 PM

Pros: Metal

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: @ those complaining about the fan; if you want to use the fan and two drives, simply mount the fan on the underside of the bracket instead of inside the bracket as it is by default. This should work even if you have another drive mounted below it. @Joseph K. - You gave it one egg because you ordered it by mistake? It does exactly what it is advertised to do and quite well. Maybe your case did not need it but that is not true for all cases. To be frank, you should get one egg, not the item. @Anonymous - RE: "fan seems to be a little to close to flush for good air circulation". This is not true if you are using a spindle drive, it is only true if you are using an SSD. If you are using an SSD, you don't need to use the fan as they generate almost no heat. You may have noticed that most of them don't even report their operating temperature, because it is a non issue. @ everybody - Lets get real folks. This cost 5.00. It is made of metal, most this inexpensive are cheap plastic. Tell us about the experience with the fan if you like but don't knock an egg off because of a FREE toss in item. The fan is just that, a FREE toss in that frankly should not be given any real thought, it is a novelty. It only lowered the drive one C because they run at just above ambient temps to begin with. It has a molex connector because that is the most universal. Unless you have some oddball proprietary PSU, you have a molex connector and it is likely unused. Most 3/4pin connectors are occupied by actually useful case fans.

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Performes Well but Heat Spreader Problematic7/3/2013 6:35:31 PM

Pros: It performed well and has fucntionally been problem free though it could have gone very badly, see below.

Cons: Heat spreaders seperated from the modules and could have easily fallen free and caused a potentially fatal short. Fortunately, they did not shift much. Had I been regularly moving the case around, this issue could have caused some serious damage. Had they fallen free, the graphics card would have been the first stop and would have likely been destroyed. As it stands, as these modules don't offer any real advantages over any others I would not recommend them until there is clear evidence this heat spreader issue has been addressed.

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J. Clay Seriously?????? Ram is a great value12/14/2011 12:52:14 AM

Pros: @J. Clay . Seriously, 1 star because you messed up? It's not Wintecs fault, not is it their responsibility to replace them. It is up to you to verify compatability, before you order. Can we get a pull down input form for common sense so J. Clay can choose -1. Shortbus Oddly, mine does not have the heat spreaders but has worked in every single machine I have put it in without fail. It is a great all around value and since I can see the chips on my PCB I can easily say that while YMMV mine has Samsung chips.

Cons: None for the ram. Deep sigh for humanity (@J.Clay)

Overall Review: Seriously, common sense pull down please

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Horrible image quality and 2 of 5 bad out of the box11/21/2011 2:41:12 AM

Pros: The concept of 2 HDMI ports

Cons: I purchased 5 at once, excited to about the dual HDMI ports. I made the mistake of not testing them all when I got them. The first worked fine, the second worked fine, the third had checkeroard artifacts on the Aero desktop, the fourth worked fine, the fifth had checkerboard artifacts like the third. Horrible text and overscan with Sony Bravia via HDMI

Overall Review: All were initially tested and set up on a 46" Sony Bravia. My default system had video fed by onboard X4500HD Intel video via HDMI. The TV recognized the X4500HD connection as a PC connection. Text was tack sharp and the image fit the screen perfectly. Using these Gigabyte HD5450s (the ones that work) the TV does not recognize it as a PC connection, the text is horrible and there are overscan problems. I have tried every driver under the sun and no joy. Video playback is fine so if you won't plan to use it for anything else you can correct the overscan and hope you don't start seeing checkerboard artifacts in the near future.

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Exceptional Shallow Depth HTPC12/14/2010 2:19:07 PM

Pros: Size: This case is tiny when considering it is mATX, not ITX and it allows full height cards instead of the much more common half height. It is also very shallow in depth when compared to other cases, many of which are 15"+ deep. I needed a case that would fit in an Ikea Expedit entertainment center, it does nicely. Included power supply: don't be fooled by the 300w rating, check the amperage on the rails and compare to 500w plus generic power supplies. See below for installed system components.

Cons: (all minor) Tight space, cable management non existant, no PCIx connector on PSU, Airflow.

Overall Review: First setup: E6400, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd, DVDRW, ATI 4850, firewire card. Second setup: Q6700, 4gb ram, 1tb hdd, DVDRW, ATI 4350, firewire card. Current setup: Q9650, 8gb ram, 2tb hdd, Bluray, ATI 5770, firewire card, card reader with USB, firewire and audio in external 3.5. Antec Veris basic in place of front USB/Audio module for remote power on. All the above has played nice with the stock 80plus FSP 300w PSU that came with my first gen case (non toolless design). I purchased a 350w with dual 18a rails at the same time but have yet to need to use it.

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