Super wide mat1/31/2021 4:38:02 PM

Pros: Whether you're a low-DPI, wide-swiping gamer or want both your keyboard and mouse to sit on a mat, can't go wrong with this XXL mouse mat. Great stitching with anti-slip material on the bottom keep it from moving around on your desk. Super long mouse-swipes are a breeze, top material is silky smooth.

Cons: Cat hair sticks to it really easily, but that's clearly not the mat's fault. Just an observation worth passing on.

Overall Review: If you need the space, can't get any better than this mat.

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Sturdy little keyboard1/31/2021 4:30:25 PM

Pros: Great design and construction. No bend or flex to it, can strike keys confidently with great feedback from Logitech''s mechanical key design. Great 'clicky' feel and audible response. Backlight LED keys are very customizable via the stored profiles and downloadable app. Can make just about any light combo or design under the sun, only limitation would be your imagination. Although no wrist rest, very comfortable angle to type at and mechanical keyboards don't come any thinner than this one.

Cons: About the only physical design flaw that has stuck with me is the placement of the 'G' keys that switch user profiles. They are directly to the left of the standard QWERTY layout, i.e. Esc/Tab/Caps Lock, and require getting used to their placement. For example, if you are accustomed to placing your left hand on WASD as a gamer and use your pinky to rest on Shift or Caps Lock, you may be used to finding the edge of the keys to dictate where your hand placement should be without looking down at the keyboard. With these 'G' keys now at the far edge of the keyboard, you have to retrain yourself not to do so. Takes a bit of getting used to, but not a huge hurdle, overall. Annoyingly, the backlit keys do not light up the 'alternate' key, as in the top row of number keys do not have the '@#$&' etc. symbols illuminated, making it difficult to find the right key in the dark. Dropped one egg for these minor inconveniences.

Overall Review: Despite these small flaws, this really is a great keyboard. I expect it to last a while. Doubt most anyone would be disappointed with this product. Question is - worth the price?

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Great improvements from v1!9/10/2016 10:08:23 PM

Pros: Had the first version of this product on my i7 4770k and was very content with its performance until the pump died on me one day. Immediately thought of purchasing a direct replacement until I discovered they had a newer version with some important improvements. Love the temps, they've always been able to keep this i7 under check, even at full throttle during some long gaming seshes.

Cons: As always, the biggest gripe of this product is having to use Corsair Link. The program crashes regularly and is an eyesore at best. Wish they would get this part working next. Installation is nothing difficult, although I did use the already existing hardware from my v1 that had been on previously, so it was admittedly that much easier to install. The hoses were a bit stiff, though that may not be a bad thing, necessarily.

Overall Review: Would recommend, especially if you plan on overclocking and want to keep temps looking good!

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Great SSD!8/28/2016 9:56:48 AM

Pros: Fast, stable, sleek and stylish.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Look no further.

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Good while it lasted!8/28/2016 9:53:22 AM

Pros: Ever since the Intellimouse 3.0 was discontinued, I've been on an endless search to replace perfection. Needless to say, its been hard to fill those enormous shoes. I've settled on the Deathadder, hoping it would be a solid replacement for my recently deceased G400. Not entirely.. First off - the ergonomics are great. The feel of a mouse is paramount in my decision. Having a slightly larger hand, this mouse feels great in my palm. The weight is decent, being a larger mouse I would have expected a heavier mouse, but not so much. The clicks are solid and the scroll wheel has a great roll and tackiness to it. The side buttons are placed in just the right place for your thumb to rest on with a grippy rubber texture surrounding them. Very much enjoyed the usability of the mouse.

Cons: Unfortunately, this mouse had to be retired, as well, due to a double-click issue that has developed over time. A single left click now more often that not registers as two or three clicks. A quick fix by Razer has you install an older version of their software, which is an entirely different discussion in itself, which worked for all of a few days before returning. Beyond this, the plastic that covers most of this mouse has faded and has oily patches, seemingly transferred from your hand over time.

Overall Review: In conclusion, this mouse initially looked very appealing, but just doesn't seem hearty enough to last more than a few years of use before ultimately failing. Razer Synapse is a never-ending pain, LEDs on a mouse are obnoxious, the material the mouse is made of fades and you may or may not have left click issues (it seems pervasive as others have the same issue).

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Great gaming monitor!1/28/2015 11:22:46 AM

Pros: Fantastic monitor for the price. 144hz refresh rate is instantly noticeable, especially with a 60hz monitor placed next to it in a dual-screen setup. The stand works well and swivel feature is neat for those that might use it. By far the brightest monitor I have ever had. The colors are vibrant and won't require much tweaking out of the box. Timer and crosshairs are a nice addition, if that's your thing.

Cons: The speakers are located on the top/rear of the monitor leaving a bit to be desired in the audio department, but ultimately not what I bought the monitor for, just a nice add-on in my personal opinion, just don't expect top class sound coming from them. Also, the base came with two scratches just under the audacious 3D symbol. Doesn't affect the monitor in anyway, just disappointed that a blemish such as this would come straight out of the box.

Overall Review: Ultimately a great 1080p gaming monitor with serviceable built-in speakers and a few neat additions. If that is what you are looking for, this monitor will not disappoint!

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Solid case12/30/2013 8:52:05 PM

Pros: Nothing but a solid case here. Another quality product from Lian Li. The black aluminum finish looks fantastic! Plenty of space inside for your water cooling needs.

Cons: The 80mm top fan is not included, although the two 120mm fans are. Cable management may be somewhat of a pain due to limited routing space and a back opening for the CPU would have been nice.

Overall Review: Otherwise, this is just another solid case from Lian Li here. None of all the bells and whistles, but if sleek an subtle is your style then you can't go wrong here.

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good speaker good price7/17/2009 2:45:36 PM

Pros: Great price from Newegg made this impossible to pass up. Completes my Polk 5.1 setup. Good all around sound.

Cons: Can't think of any.

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great monitor!9/15/2007 10:03:58 PM

Pros: incredible color, great image quality, no dead pixels, optional wall mount.

Cons: both bottom and top of screen bleed. it can be kind of annoying when watching movies, otherwise you wont notice it. menu kind of sucks, hard to navigate. if playing PS3 with this monitor in 1080p, whenever you turn your PS on a little box pops up. that gets real annoying.

Overall Review: great monitor! would highly recommend this nice samsung to anyone looking for a solid 22" monitor.

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