G Skill RAM 32003/10/2021 2:42:20 AM

Pros: Never had bad Stick of RAM form G.Skill so I keep coming back for more! Fast with heat sink!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Always a good price and reliable

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B450 Plus 23/10/2021 2:38:29 AM

Pros: Work 100% With Ryzen 3600 3rd gen CPU with out BIOS update. RAM 3200 DDR4 also nice IO and PCI-E slots for my needs. With a M.2 slot if you need it.

Cons: My small graphics card GTX 1650 GDDR6. Block one of the PCI-E 1x slots But seems like every motherboard has this issue.

Overall Review: Good Price for a Motherboard how ever it does not live up to Gaming name.

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GTX 165011/18/2020 8:31:05 PM

Pros: With the new GDDR6 VRAM makes the card a better buy. This is Replacing a GTX 750 Ti Gigabytes OC 4G. Not much of an upgrade

Cons: Had to take the fan Shroud off because of the Dell 2030 case does not allow the clip down to hold the pci slots and cards in place . I have just the fan mounted with the heat sync.

Overall Review: Cheep upgrade but.. you should wait because the GTX supper edition is the same price.

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Raidmax6/2/2020 1:39:13 PM

Pros: Good power supply I same times you the computer 24hrs and leave it on. Has not blown out yet so seem they use good parts

Cons: 400w of real power and reading the side kinda of give me the impression the 500w peak load.

Overall Review: On sell and easy to get during the pandemic

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USB 3.0 expansion5/18/2020 9:01:09 PM

Pros: Cheap and easy to install

Cons: Requires Molex power but not bad for old power supplies anyway

Overall Review: Every good

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Works for Dell Optiplex 30204/23/2020 9:54:24 AM

Pros: Good price on DDR3 16GB 1600 Gskill is the best works fine in a dell system for a 3020 just get the 1600 speed. Make sure the Ground your body I recommend a ESD strap for safe installation.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good brand and you can get best out of gaming rigs too. Just keep ESD in mind when you speed time and money on memory

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good cooler for the price4/5/2019 10:38:28 PM

Pros: Fits a wide number of motherboards including my Q9550 LGA775 socket. Copper heat pips and Solid metal. Quite fan and blue LED

Cons: The mounting does not seem to be long lasting bracket but good option for used pc build like I did and does not seem to easy to take off if you need too. Would not recommend for new parts build. Fan it’s only 3 pin header no mobo control.

Overall Review: Only would upgrade a stock cooler with this you may get the same temps

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Q9550 build4/5/2019 10:21:29 PM

Pros: Cheap and lots of led fan run off mobo headers and quite.

Cons: Screws are cheap and don’t screw in the stand off so it’s hard to mount your motherboard. Cheap metal you get what you pay for

Overall Review: Would only recommend if your building a gaming pc with used parts like I did. Would not build a new gaming rig with this case it could damage your expensive parts.

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ASUS MA78L12/17/2015 11:20:13 AM

Pros: Had to replace my brothers HP Envy Motherboard with this Asus one. Fit right in and i can tell it better quality then the HP Board, a lot of SATA ports and USB 3.0. Works good with the new 500w Power supply. with AMD FX 6330 6 core Chip. Good UATX Board

Cons: The 12v rail when on backwards but that may be just the power supply

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The Xion power supply12/7/2015 8:11:15 PM

Pros: High Quality PSU, this manufacturer does not over price there stuff. I can tell right away the Quality is just fine with the PSU. I can see why this Brand of supply is alway out of stock.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I always like brand that don't put 80 Gold rated on the box and charge for the same Product $80 to $90. Having a fancy name on the box's with part that are about the same. does not add up to a good quality brand. This is way better then PowerMax.

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Para-lInk4/6/2014 9:37:55 AM

Pros: Work Grate on a Windows 7 Laptop that i wanted to with to switch to a Wireless N from wireless G. So i get better signal, i have 30Mbps on speediest.net. I have a 50Mbps with ethernet and 10 to 15 with wireless G

Cons: Does not work with Linux Mint 13 or 16. Because the does not have a deb or yum or rpm page on this disc. i got it installed but wifi is showing up

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