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Great System9/24/2014 12:45:33 PM

Pros: More affordable than an Xbone, and comes with a great game.

Cons: The bundled game barely saves you any money.

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Steel Series headset + PS4 = Awesome9/24/2014 12:43:30 PM

Pros: Bought this to use for my PS4 and my Steel series headset. Mic sounds good.

Cons: Wasn't free?

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GTX 780 - Titan Micro7/10/2013 10:12:47 AM

Pros: Upgraded from 680 to this, and I can tell huge changes. Crysis 2 everything Maxed I get betweek 60-90 FPS Borderlands 2 everything Maxed I get betweek 70-140 FPS EASLIY overclocked to +140mhz on air cooling

Cons: Not so much on product, but due to next gen consoles being AMD, and the past few AAA games have boasted plays best on AMD. I am curious how Next GEN AMD cards will hold up compared to this one.

Overall Review: Thank you EVGA for your step up policy!

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Great product, but scary3/5/2013 10:17:46 AM

Pros: Affordable for its price range. Does what it says, (haven't SLI Yet waiting for GTX 780 to come out) Modular is a plus

Cons: My biggest issue with this PSU is how Tight the fit is for the sata power, I was extremly worried I was going to break the Sata connections on the back of my SSD, took some Elbow grease - Other PSUs I've had NO issues before. Only reason I took an Egg off was because of how scared it got me, I attempted to stop and put it on another device had same issues, but after some extra pressure (what happen to 0 force?) it went in and works great.

Overall Review: Not Really a Con perhaps, but the modular cables feel "cheap", just how light they are. Not a bad thing, but just really odd feeling.

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Two weeks so far, so good!1/1/2012 7:51:18 AM

Pros: As with other reviews I got this on sale, best price for performance. (Thanks for the headsup about registering your warranty!) Runs Battlefield 3 on high with smooth frame rates. Easy to install, only took one power cord from PSU,

Cons: Well, it doesn't make coffee, and after newyears, I need something. ...but honestly No LEGIT complaints, yet

Overall Review: Not a bad card, It will hold me over till i have the funds for a high end one.

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Amazing headset10/30/2011 10:55:31 AM

Pros: 7.1 Surround sound, Great for gaming. Crystal Clear Mic. On the fly Switch from surround to stereo. Amazing wireless Range, and the battery lasts a long time. Loud bass!, Loud everything! Ear pieces are movable to lay FLAT so you can pack your headset up for lan parties! Programmable buttons I use for Vent's Push to talk Feature while I walk around the house. I use this thing pratically all the time for Teamspeak, it's my google voice/skype phone practically!. Programmable voice software is fun for a few laughs/prank calls to friends.

Cons: They Get Stinky from all my sweating I did in the summer, but a disinfectant wipe took care of that. Creeky sounding if you move the ear pieces really why would you?

Overall Review: If you crank them up they can be speakers, I put them in my bathroom and use them to listen to music while having it hang on the towel rack. Stepped on my USB dongle, ooooops my bad, and It still works, just loose connectivity sometimes. (if this happens to you, purchase a replacement dongle for only 10$!)

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Great for Gaming10/29/2011 6:24:51 AM

Pros: Amazing for gaming, connects to Xbox, PC, just fine. Looks great

Cons: Poor speakers, but not a selling point. Configuring your settings to look best-color correction, takes a while. If your at an extreme angle color becomes distorted, but if used properly no big deal. The base is oddly shaped.

Overall Review: Love it.

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Most Expensive Decoration10/29/2011 6:19:19 AM

Pros: It plays games, online functionality, Looks "Sexy" compared to original Models, bigger HDD than older models.

Cons: The actual hardware of this is fine it works, however the new systems GUI if you connect to the internet is full of ads released by Micro$oft about their up coming games and services. You have to pay to play online, but the hardware side of this works. some games lag/lower FPS. But outdated Hardware...what do you expect, it's not a PC

Overall Review: I am a PC gamer and this thing is pretty much a paperweight for me. I got it to play Co-Op games with my friends, but were usually on PC now days anyway

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5400 RPM.....ugh7/3/2011 12:15:56 PM

Pros: For what I paid for this thing, it runs great. Runs most games on Best settings with decent frame rates.

Cons: The HDD is slooooow, and I mean SLOOOOOW, I usually load last with my clan when we game in bad Company 2, due to the HDD speed, and it makes installing games take a long time too.

Overall Review: good for the price, just replace the HDD!

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