Three years OC'd4/24/2015 8:13:45 AM

Pros: Have had this fine cpu running 4.6 ghz for over three years now with an H80 water cooler. Originally paired with a 7950 gpu, then with a 290 reference. For 1080p gaming the 8350 can't be beat, especially with the shift in DX12 to multithreaded optimization - it will be a few years before the potential of this cpu is taken advantage of. The 8350 is the definition of future proof.

Cons: It might outlive me.

Overall Review: Buy it now. Best cpu ever, even greater than the Q6600 was in its own time.

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Updated - better3/7/2015 10:19:09 AM

Pros: I purchased this model at Fries (newegg doesn't allow the real name) based in the price and reputation of the brand. Mine was built in 2014 and is 80+ Bronze certified, and has been updated for Haswell compatibility. I don't know if Newegg is selling old inventory but the current version of this is much improved.

Cons: Newegg might be selling the older version of this pus.

Overall Review: Using this with a power hungry setup - 8350 overclocked, r9 290 gpu, 4 hard drives, water cooler and half a dozen fans. If this supply can handle my setup, it can handle any Intel single gpu system guaranteed, multi card systems who knows but 700w is usually plenty on a single 12v rail psu.

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I love Biostar4/14/2014 1:42:47 PM

Pros: Full featured, looks nice, on board numerical LED display that shows mobo codes and temperature. BIOS is well laid out, simple to overclock. Plenty of I/O, and generally very stable.

Cons: None, it's a simple board plenty good enough for a gaming or multimedia build. If you spend more money you can get more BIOS features, a bit better voltage regulation for extreme overclocking, not much else.

Overall Review: Very highly recommend Biostar, I have done AMD builds with their boards as well and they are very stable and well designed.

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Ultimate 1080p Graphics Card4/3/2014 8:26:16 PM

Pros: I bought this card in October 2013 the day it came out. The price was $400.00. Lol. Since October 2013, I've been able to run any game at maximum settings. What else can I say? I buy most every new release, the drivers and hardware here just turn every game into butter smooth gaming heaven. BF4 / Thief in Mantle are fantastic. True Audio with hardware reverb convolution, pretty sweet. Whatever the price, whatever the punishment that AssCoin miners have inflicted on our gaming community, don't doubt that this is a just perfect 1080p gaming card that can run any game on max and then some.

Cons: AssCoin miners inflated demand, and NewEgg saw a profit to be had, and they increased the price of the cards. Not sure who to blame.

Overall Review: My PC feels like a bad a-z hot rod with this card.

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So Awesome1/1/2014 11:56:16 PM

Pros: I bought my card the morning they were released, it's been a while now and this card is incredible for gaming. PLEASE don't pay attention to reviews by bitcoin miners, they aren't pc gamers- they're just turds trying to make a quick buck. I keep my beta drivers up to date, and game often and it's a fantastic card. Guess what? I have a case with properly configured fans, and my card never makes a sound. Unbelievable right? People claiming the card gets loud are letting it overheat, it's an expensive card so install basic push pull or pull ventilation. I got this because I wanted to run max settings on any game with my 144hz monitor, it does that job fantastically. 24/7 OC Settings using MSI Afterburner: Power limit: +20 GPU Clock: 1 ghz MEM Clock: 1.3 ghz Yes, not only does it stay quiet and cool with a properly designed case, it overclocks very well.

Cons: DO NOT OVERCLOCK WITH CATALYST CONTROL CENTER! If you overclock it too much and crash, Catalyst will automatically apply the overclock at the next system start. That = crash loop. You'll have to start up in safe mode and disable the overclock. Use MSI Afterburner or Trixx. Besides that, it's an unbelievable GPU.

Overall Review: Coin miners will be the ruin of AMD if this keeps up

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Solid12/9/2013 1:13:48 PM

Pros: - Great feeling texture, contours to the hand wonderfully. Nice weight, not too heavy and feels solid. - Laser sensor, great for when I'm using it wireless. It even works on glass! - Weighted metal spinning mouse wheel (ball bearing??), it's pretty amazing. Give it a good pull with your finger and it will slowly spin through a long web page.

Cons: - Too many buttons for me, but they can be disabled. - Battery life, you will need to replace the cheap rechargeable battery inside with a better quality brand, it helps a lot. Otherwise you'll need to charge it once every few days. Also, depending on the type of surface you use the mouse on you might want to turn the mouse to OFF when not using, because the surface might cause the mouse to keep trying to sense and burn out the power.

Overall Review: I've been gaming will cheap dell infrared mice for a long time. Friends have been trying to convince me to get a gaming mouse for a looong time, but I never really understood the need. In my opinion, a fancy gaming mouse isn't necessary, but it's really really nice. I especially enjoy the weight and feel of it, but it wouldn't be a big deal for me to switch back to a cheap Dell mouse :)

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Incredible value12/9/2013 12:56:29 PM

Pros: Bought this to update the bios on a new motherboard. For fun I tweaked it... and got up to 4.0 ghz! It did not unlock to dual core for me. I decided to gift my friend a new motherboard and this Sempron 145. He is able to enjoy HD movies, web browsing and such. This cpu is more than enough for basic PC use.

Cons: - Did not unlock to dual core, most of them won't. This isn't a con, it's just worth mentioning since many budget builders will get disappointed when theirs doesn't unlock.

Overall Review: Absolutely wonderful cpu for an HTPC build. Very low power, low heat, and more importantly it overclocks and has plenty of performance for hi-def video or web browsing. No need to spend more, buy his processor.

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Excellent so far.3/5/2013 11:30:14 AM

Pros: Lovely UEFI bios. Automatic overclocking actually works very well, brought my 5800k up to 4.3ghz rock solid stable. I don't care to bother going any higher with manual clocking. With the bios it came with I had no problems using all 4 cores of the 5800k... I think the previous reviewer might have been confused. The mobo is very sturdy, quality capacitors and VRM system. All voltages are accurate and stable, temperature sensors are also accurate.

Cons: I can see how the SATA ports could be problematic in a tiny tiny case, but they aren't for me.

Overall Review: This is my first ASUS board, so far I love the build quality, the UEFI bios, and the great ASUSTek support.

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Excellent3/5/2013 11:05:45 AM

Pros: Installed into ASUS F2A85-M/CSM FM2 board. I almost built an Intel HTPC with i3 integrated graphics... I had it all tallied up at Fry's. What a rip off. The truth is that most of us don't need more CPU performance; games and HD video haven't benefited much from single-threaded CPU performance for years now. You can watch 1080p video on a Pentium 4 for goodness sake. Going from a mid-range Intel to the top-of-the-line $1,000 chip will only give you a few more FPS in games today. This AMD build absolutely creams Intel's integrated GPU performance, and 4 threads (AMD) vs. 2 threads (Intel i3) makes an enormous difference when multitasking or using multi-threaded apps. Who doesn't open multiple tabs, listen to music, have antivirus in the background, etc? 4 cores is key. Technically, in a synthetic test, the Intel will be faster at a particular task. But in actual usage the AMD is superior; you can actually use this chip for gaming, and your Windows experience will be so much smoother.

Cons: - Runs hot with the silly heatsink-fan it came with. While it works, and is a great size for HTPC cases, if you plan to overclock you need to buy an aftermarket HSF (which are inexpensive). - This chip is incredibly cheap. I'd totally pay twice as much for (imagine) an 8350fx 8-core combined with a 7970 GPU on the same chip! A man can dream.

Overall Review: My purchase of this chip has convinced me that APU's are the wave of the future. Not only does it combine the two main heat generators in a computer (CPU/GPU), it also integrates one of the bridge chips. Your build will only have a small heatsink for the single bridge, and one for the APU. Pretty cool.

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Crazy Fast2/13/2013 5:10:10 PM

Pros: 64-bit memory bus DDR2 vram... 512 mb of it.... insane Great upgrade from my AMD 7990, uses much less power in terms of wattage in comparison, and stays quite a bit cooler. The size is great, my 7990 used up three PCI slots while this uses only one AGP slot without external power. Color me impressed! I'm getting insane frame rates with this, nearly 6.0 frames per sec in Crysis 3 multiplayer beta, I personally would find one frame per second acceptable, any less and my attention span would get the best of me.

Cons: Pricy... at 25.00. I was tempted to buy a picture of a Windows desktop and backlight it with some LED's (for better contras ratio) to give the illusion of a working pc, which would cost about the same. All in all, a great step up! Buy this now if you can afford it!

Overall Review: BUY IT!

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Key Review12/12/2012 11:44:10 PM

Pros: - Unrivaled overclocker without voltage change: 1100MHz GPU / 1500MHz Memory, rock solid. A tad faster than a stock 7970 or 670 across the board. - 7970 PCB (higher quality VRM system and other circuitry, 8+6 pin power, this is very cool and is only found on two other aftermarket 7950 models. Max your 'Power Control Settings' in Catalyst to take advantage) - ASIC Quality: 88.3% - GPU max temp is around 60 C (in a case that doesn't build heat) - VRM temps (two sensors) between 43-47 - Never heard the fans (ever) - Drivers are maturing well, Catalyst 12.11 is excellent. - 3 GB of VRAM... actually gets used on titles like Max Payne 3 or others with HD texture packs, or with Eyefinity. - I'd like to point out that I felt obliged to write a review when I noticed that mainly the people with bad experiences (an unfortunate element in the manufacture of any product) or poor tech knowledge were the ones writing reviews. Gamers know what we are looking for, shop wisely, purchase, and live happily ever after (often without writing a good review)... reading some of these reviews it's like... oh so you RMA'd three cards and they all went up in flames? no.. it couldn't be YOUR rig doing that?

Cons: - Turn off MSAA on most games... it runs better on SLI or CrossFire setups (all other settings can be maxed at 1920x1080 on ANY game if the card is overclocked). - With NGC and ZeroCore technologies, I can't heat up Cup'O'Noodles with my GPU anymore.

Overall Review: Relevant Info AMD 8350 @ 4.5 ghz air/no Vcore change = I'm using AMD Vision instead of Catalyst) MSI 890FXA-GD65 (they followed through with excellent AM3+ support on this old board, score #2 MSI) 650W Antec EarthWatts EA650 - Games tested: Crysis 1/2, Batman Arkham City, Deus Ex: HR, Dead Island, Borderlands, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Max Payne 3, PlanetSide 2, Portal 2, Sniper Elite V2, Starcraft II, Trine 2. All work perfectly on max settings minus MSAA.

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Upgraded to Crossfire10/3/2012 5:48:47 PM

Pros: I usually play pre-2010 games like L4D2, but I got into Deus Ex which I knew supported crossfire. I liked my first 7770 2gb so much, I got another one. Benchmarks for the 7770 crossfire 1 GB (this one is 2 GB) already closely match the performance of the HD 7950 (a card that on average is $400.00-460.00). Benchmarks are one thing, but I've been playing various games for several days from Sniper Elite v2 to Dead Island and with maxed settings 1080p I am getting ridiculous frame rates with zero glitching. I installed the AMD Crossfire profiles and have had an enormous boost in performance and stability. I know that many of you out there have heard horror stories about crossfire instability, but considering how new these cards and their drivers are... wow. If I had the money all at once, yes I absolutely would have just purchased a 7950. But I'm so happy that I was able to just upgrade with another card and get similar performance for about 100+ dollar less.

Cons: It has to be said, I have two fairly large cards now taking up a lot of space and blocking other PCI-e 1.0 and PCI slots. But they don't run hot (like at all) and the look very sexy.

Overall Review: I bought the 7770 2gb from Asus because it is very high quality, low power, and great performance for any game pre-2010. But then I got into newer games, and crossfire was my ticket to getting that huge bump in performance. Don't believe the horror stories of other previous x-fire cards, at least these ASUS cards are supremely stable and just so great.

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Just fine.9/29/2012 9:32:32 PM

Pros: Great board configuration, extensive bios control. Looks nice, blue scheme with blue leds. Excellent quality for the price. Several system fan plugs.

Cons: Northbridge runs rather hot just like other AM3 boards. Doesn't affect performance. You MUST know what you are doing to build a gaming board. This isn't an Apple product that will just work perfectly out of the box, it has to be configured properly.

Overall Review: I only reviewed this out of frustration seeing the poor ratings. People using cheap power supplies, improper cooling, messing with voltages and multipliers, causing static damage during the installation, under powering their gpu, using bad memory, bad overclocks, the list seems endless. Then they have the nerve to blame the board.

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I love you Q60006/10/2012 3:00:18 AM

Pros: PCs have reached a plateau that was not envisioned a few years ago. Most of the things we use PCs for today and even in the future will not require more processing power. Word processing, email, social media, exploring the internet, even gaming (unfortunately) don't require a whole lot of processing power. Like 99% of games today don't even support quad core threading. So while today Intel is hard at work preparing a foreground, an environment if you will, where incredibly complex tasks can be executed in microseconds, the fact of the matter is that the software of today simply does not need that power. I still see the Intel Q6600 as THE processor that brought us to the present modern age. And the reality is that maybe 95% of PC users will not need a more powerful processor. What are they going to do with that? Make a live Pixar kind of 3D rendered super amazing looking OS?

Cons: None, I totally support the innovations of the i5 and i7, but seriously beyond that... what are we going to use computers in retina resolution 16 core environments? Probably, but that's so the result of capitalism and unnecessary new products.

Overall Review: I'm making a point here. What else do we need from a processor whose job has never needed replacing? A processor that rarely reaches 50% use? Unless you are a gamer, graphic designer, studio producer, etc., you don't need anything more. I love this CPU, who has worked without a hiccup for 5 years now and still does no lagging, stock speed. This thing can be overclocked to 3.8ghz on air! Final thoughts: Intel, get in the software game so that you can learn how to fully use the power you have created. Because very few developers have even been able to max out a Q6600 with a proper graphics card. Amazing considering how old this beast is right?

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Gaming Card for All1/7/2012 3:09:20 AM

Pros: This was the card that brought me into the modern world. May seem strange to say, but most of us cannot afford a fancy video card. The shader quantity, hertz speed, and memory capacity seemed to good to be true. In fact for once I felt proud of a purchase that seemed too good to be true. I initially installed this card into my first pc, a P4 HT 3.0 ghz with 4 gigs ram on a 64 bit system. I was able to play Crysis 2 with generally acceptable frame rates at 1080 resolution. As a Mac user since I was a child, it was really refreshing to be able to afford a video card and play current games. Encouraged, I purchased a Biostar motherboard and an AMD 965 X4, overclocked it to 3.9 ghz on air, and placed this card into the build. Very affordable! A year later, I continue to have a rocket fast system that handles any game. I use a projector as a second extended desktop over DVI, great for movies, and an HDTV for my main monitor over HDMI. Modern times are bliss for PC users!

Cons: Runs at 38c in a Cooler Master HAF case with two 200mm fans... boo!!! NOT. Easily overclockable with Catalyst or in my case AMD Vision software. Seriously this card is the business.

Overall Review: With proper ventilation, this card is very easily overclockable to 900mhz GPU clock, matched 900mhz memory clock. CooL. Fan speed is absolutely controllable from Catalyst or AMD Vision. My card runs at these specs at 38c idle. In this state, with a proper RAM configuration and a solid processor, this card is not a bottleneck!

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