Straightforward product6/16/2021 1:22:56 PM

Pros: - Did exactly what I wanted (connecting two routers together to create an access point for our office. - Colour of cable matches the "painter's white" basic colouring of our walls and of the cable mounting nails.

Cons: - As nothing is perfect I am sure there is something this cable isn't able to do, but it fulfills all of my requirements.

Overall Review: - I would recommend this cable if you need to connect two Ethernet-capable devices that are far away from each other, or if you like having a large spool of unused cable connecting two Ethernet-capable devices that are not far away from each other.

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Home-Office Use Eithernet7/2/2020 12:53:13 PM

Pros: - Performs exactly as anticipated.

Cons: - Nothing yet that I have come up against.

Overall Review: I purchased this cable to connect my home PC directly to my router, which is about 40ft away on the far side of the house. I opted for a longer cable to compensate for the various bends in the wall and to be able to run the cable more discreetly. So far everything works as advertised. I am able to get high data transfer, specifically I was looking to improve my internet speed and connection stability (previously I had been having issues with my wifi), and this did the trick.

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