So far, so good, but some concerns8/23/2021 9:50:49 AM

Pros: First, the cooler itself was well packaged by EK. However, after opening, there were some issues. Installation itself was fairly easy - far easier than most AIO coolers I've worked with. Now, performance. And there are NO complains. CPU temps are 10 degrees lower than when using the Hyper212 Black that was previously installed. I'm using Arctic P12 fans, as I want all of my fans the same, so I can normalize RPMs for all of them. But I suspect that the Vardar fans would perform just as well. The lack of RGB is perfect for my build. I'm not into all of the RGB, and the plan black here is perfect.

Cons: Bent fins on the radiator. And not a couple, but several. This did not happen in transit, as the packaging is very good. Second, there was a large mark in the preapplied thermal paste, which appeared to be a thumb or fingerprint. This goes to quality control. In the installation screws, I had 12 of the 30mm fan screws, but only 6 screws to actually mount the radiator to the case. Again, this goes to quality control. Fortunately, I had screws to use. And the design/positioning of the swivels for the hoses was not well planned. The bottom swivel can only rotate about 50 degrees, because it hits the upper, and can't move any further. This makes for a really ugly, unorganized lookin your case - you can't keep the hoses together. The fact that they are so far apart at the radiator connections makes it worse. It looks really sloppy.

Overall Review: I would recommend this if your primary objective is performance. If you want looks to go with that, I would not. The positioning of the hoses, and inability for them to swivel more can create a really sloppy look. Quality control was a lacking. Hopefully I'm the exception here, and not the rule.

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Board DOA10/18/2018 9:43:50 PM

Pros: None at all

Cons: Well, the first thing that should have given me pause was that the locking latch for one of the PCI-E slots was off when I opened the box. However, it popped back in, so I did not give it a second thought (I should have). I finished the build (all new parts), powered it up to update bios and install windows. After about 10 seconds, it turns itself off, and then continues to do that. So, I broke it down, and grabbed a different z370 MB, rebuilt the system, and it goes into the bios. Next, I reversed everything - swapped the MB back to the ASRock, and it starts power cycling itself again. So, I got a dead board. Now I'm stuck with a MB that does not work, and no computer - which is BADLY needed.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this board to anyone

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Meredith, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please trouble shoot the mainboard whether the issue is resolved. • Unplug the ATX power, remove all components from mainboard. • Remove the mainboard from chassis, place it on mainboard’s box. • Clear the CMOS. • Reseat the CPU and heatsink fan. • Test with single memory module. • Test with onboard video • Connect the monitor. • Plug the 24 + 8 (4+4) pins ATX power. • Connect the chassis power switch to mainboard. • Turn on the power to check if its post. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
I'd give zero if I could. No idea if it works - missing parts, and a run around from Cooler Master6/1/2018 4:34:15 AM

Pros: Well, the box is nice. That's all I've got

Cons: When I opened the box, to get ready to build my system, I found that there were missing parts. Namely everything but the pump, radiator and fans. No mounting bracket, screws, or any of the other necessary parts. So, I contacted Cooler Master, filing a req for those missing parts. Nearly 2 weeks later, and all I've got is an email telling me that they will eventually be sent, and that I'll be notified when they are. So, after buying the AIO, and buying multiple matching Cooler Master RGB case fans to coordinate with the fans that come with it, I STILL can't build my system. I'm guessing I'me going to have to spend more money, and buy one from a different manufacturer.

Overall Review: I can't tell you if I would recommend it, since I have no idea if it works well. But I can tell you that the box is pretty. Cooler Master leaves more than a little to be desired in their Customer Service and RMA response process. I mean, how hard is it to get a parts bag, make sure everything is in there, and send it out? Almost 3 weeks now, and still no indication when (if) I'm going to receive the missing parts. CoolerMaster told me a week ago that the parts would be shipped by the end of that week, and I would receive an email with shipping information. Still nothing. I guess if I am going to build my system, I'm going to need to buy an AIO from a different company. 6/1 - Well, they finally shipped the parts. And, apparently, they are being sent by Pony Express. Left LA on 5/30, and Fed Ex has them being delivered on 6/5. Not sure if Coolermaster knows this, but they have this thing called express mail. 3 + weeks for a parts bag. I'll NEVER buy another Cooler Master product.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Meredith, Very sorry for the troubles you've encountered with your ML RGB, and would like to assist in correcting the issue. We can explore troubleshooting steps or even an RMA (if applicable) to get a proper working product(s) out to you. If needed, contact our technical support via phone, chat, or ticket system below. This would likely just be a parts request so that nothing needs to be sent back. Phone: 888-624-5099 Web: Regards, CM Customer Care Mychal
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Extremely stiff. Difficult to work with4/5/2018 9:16:56 PM

Pros: Well, the color is right

Cons: Wires are extremely stiff. I mean bordering on inflexible. You get these for cable management purposes first, and appearances second. Well, these LOOK great, but are pretty much impossible to work with. They don't bend or flex. I'm using about 6 zipties to keep it in place behind the motherboard tray

Overall Review: No, I would not recommend this, or buy it again.

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DOA - SATA connection dead4/5/2018 9:02:10 PM

Pros: None at all

Cons: Well, when I finally got around to installing it, I discovered rather quickly that there was a problem. No sata cable would stay connected to the drive. I tried about 15 different cables, and none would stay in place. I even tried a external HDD enclosure, hoping that might work, but no. So, that's $50 down the drain. The RMA process is a disaster, and I'd never see the refund, or a working drive.

Overall Review: No, I would not recommend this, or any other Seagate drive. I was initially planning on adding a Firecuda as well, but that's not going to happen now. No, I would not buy it again.

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It does what it was designed to do4/4/2018 1:28:47 PM

Pros: It does it's job, and fits the design of my build. Far easier to work with that the CableMod cables I initially had

Cons: The 4+4 connector does not clip/slide together. Other than that, no complaints

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend

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Easy set up, makes cable management much easier.4/4/2018 1:27:19 PM

Pros: 80+ Gold, full modular. Good price

Cons: One small thing. The 4+4 connector cannot be put together. It makes insertion a little more difficult. Not enough to take away an egg.

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend

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Great surge protector4/4/2018 1:25:42 PM

Pros: Plenty of outlets, 8 of them swivel. And the cable management slot on the bottom comes in handy

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend

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Fantastic case. Looks great lit up by RGBs3/31/2018 9:54:48 AM

Pros: Great case. Cable management is a snap (provided you have good cables to work with). Interior red PSU shroud and HDD tray tabs look great when case is lit by RGB fans/strips. Full glass window makes it look even better, so you can show off your build/cable management

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend it, and yes, I would buy it again.

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Fantastic card.3/31/2018 9:52:18 AM

Pros: Getting an easy 60 fps on high/ultra settings. Easy to overclock. RGB fusion works great with my Aorus Ultra Gaming Z370 MB Considering the insanity that is GPU prices right now, this was a great buy.

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend. Yes, I would buy again.

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Do Not Buy. Repeat, DO NOT BUY THESE CABLES!!!!!3/30/2018 5:26:46 PM

Pros: To be honest, I have none

Cons: The 24 pin apparently has two different lengths of wire used, as when I lay it out, one side of the cable will lay flat, but the other side sticks up about 1.5". This would make it completely unusable for cable management. All of the cables are so stiff that you can't actually get them flat, so as to use them for cable management. I guess I can try to use a ton of combs on them, but that is going to be a pain, considering how stiff the cable are. Cust Svs from the manufacturer is, well, lacking. I informed them I was on a very restricted time frame, as I was building a computer for my son, who lives in another state. It was not until several days after the initial problem was brought to their attention that they said it would take 4 days to even get a replacement set ready, and that they would have been happy to accept a return of the cables, if I only had not taken a picture of them in a trash can, and posted it to social media. (Sorry, but I wanted to show the cables in the environment they were best suited for). I tried using the cables. They were far too stiff to allow for reasonable routing. Because there were no combs, when you tried to route them, the cables fanned out, creating a mess of tangled 3 and 4 pin fan cables behind the MB tray. And the 24pin was so stiff that the side panel of the case would not go on.

Overall Review: I would not recommend, as you can't really use them for their indended purpose. CableMod's customer service is, well, pathetic. When their answer is 'Well, that's how they are', don't expect any actual assistance from them.

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They will serve the purpose3/28/2018 11:52:18 AM

Pros: They look like they will do what they are supposed to do

Cons: The description should make it clear that the sleeving is plastic/rubber and not nylon weave.

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