BLOWN AWAY AWESOME4/3/2021 10:05:23 PM

Pros: Takes a phillips head screwdriver and the black plate is the vesa mount, its not needed if your are mounting the screen to the base stand, and the plastic circle part comes apart with a good pull apart in firm opposite directions.

Cons: This monitor is no joke taking up desktop real estate. A spark of a button, some ozone and it bred forth a picture as clear as day as butter smooth as anything. No tearing with my nVidia 2070 Super played cyber punk did a stress test and played thief 2016 for fun.

Overall Review: This is perfect for the 2000 series, the crazies fighting over the 3000 series are going to hold for the 4000 stuff. Maybe someone wants a 4k experience but to be honest 4k and above is a waste. 2k is perfect for my needs and I won't go higher until 8 to 10 years from now when 8 k is cheap and 16k is mid range. Its getting out of hand!

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DUST BLASTER 5000!11/18/2020 11:14:35 AM

Pros: Cheap and great for that dusty pc with 9 to 12 fans and vent holes galore. Blasts the dust out like there is no tomorrow!

Cons: Does not light up with RGB, BLOWS

Overall Review: These cans will do the trick!

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Powerful lil doo hickey!11/18/2020 9:35:26 AM

Pros: Easy to install, slides and snaps it, easy to screw it in place, and doesn't take up a lot of real estate like my 2070 Super does. This card was for my old computer that I gave to my friend to play her game, "Second Life". She can run at 16xAA, full textures. The card has 4GB of VRAM so she can do 2k and 4k on her tv, though I told her to get a monitor.

Cons: For ten dollars more you can get a 1660 that smokes this, or a hundred more a 2060 to use that DLSS ray tracing happy stuff.

Overall Review: Yes! if you need a fun card to play titles from 2 years ago and back, this is it. No issues running linux.

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