Zotac RTX 30707/20/2021 12:35:59 PM

Pros: Fast card! Plays Cyberpunk 2077 with RTX in High graphics settings. Card is shorter than other 3 fan models making it an easier fit for some cases.

Cons: It's thick and will cover the next lower PCI-E slot of where ever you install it. Power connectors are mid board on CPU side and recessed making it difficult to get power connectors in place. I had to remove CPU heatsink to get it plugged in.

Overall Review: Card is outstanding in terms of performance. Form factor is different, but most modern motherboards should be able to accommodate it.

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Great Monitor5/11/2017 3:04:08 PM

Pros: Definitely a great gaming monitor in the 21:9 aspect ratio space. Currently running at 80Hz in native resolution (3440 X 1440) with two GTX 970's in SLI without issues. It would be difficult to beat this price point with the specs provided.

Cons: Some options had to be enabled in both BIOS and Monitor before unlocking the full potential of this monitor with my motherboard. First, I had to change power saving options (to performance mode) in BIOS on my ASUS X99-A motherboard before the machine would post reliably with the display. It seemed as if the PC would not send signal during parts of the post and monitor would go to sleep and then when PC needed monitor initialized the 34B88-P would take too long to wake up causing the machine to repost. It was difficult to figure out. Second, in the 3488-P's on screen display, in General settings I had to enable DisplayPort 1.2. That setting was off by default and the display was only stable at 30Hz. That change enabled the monitor to run at 60Hz stable. Since then I have created a custom resolution and refresh rate at 80Hz using the NVidia control panel.

Overall Review: It took a lot of troubleshooting (-1 Star) but this turned out to be a great monitor. ~5M pixels are gorgeous at this resolution and aspect ratio. Other comments which don't affect my rating: Use the cables provided with the monitor. Apparently not all cables are created equal. Only use one cable either DisplayPort or HDMI, but not both. Using both causes issues. The monitor will display a nag screen about using cables provided with the monitor which is nothing to worry about as long as you are using a cable provided with the monitor. I will be tempted to buy AMD/Radeon/FreeSync supported video cards next time I need to, but a set of SLI Nvidia GTX 970's seem to have enough power to push this display without dynamic refresh rates.

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Great Case Upgrade2/6/2015 3:39:04 PM

Pros: Beyond the obvious advertised specifications, there is a lot more to love about this case. Every optional 120mm Fan mount has rubber grommets to reduce vibration. The opposite side of the motherboard is actually set up for cable management to keep everything secure and hidden. It has rubber ports to the back and plastic cable management clips. The "Ammo Can" clips for the side panels are really sturdy. PSU mount is really designed so that the large fan isn't pointed internally. It's pointed down out of the bottom of the case. There is plenty of clearance on the bottom of the case for airflow. Lastly, this case does not feel cramped. There is a good 3.5" between the drive cage fans and my GTX 970s.

Cons: Time will tell, but I'm betting that the PSU input coming through the bottom of the case will pull a lot of dust. There is a removable filter, but it is "out of sight & out of mind". Must remember to do regular cleaning. Also it's a steel case, and it's big. It's on the heavy side, but the carrying handles make up for that, so it's not too large of a con.

Overall Review: Aesthetically pleasing and also functional. Major upgrade to the cramped mid-ATX I came from.

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Perfect, If dependable11/18/2010 5:08:56 PM

Pros: Small, USB AND eSata, Long Cords When dealing with a HD Dock, you might need to place it somewhere more than a foot away. The unit does come without about 3' of cabling which is more than my Rosewill came with. It's small enough to be placed nearly anywhere, and the shape makes it pretty sturdy. The LED is multicolored. I've observed blue through red colors which is a pretty nice touch on such a simple/small device.

Cons: First one died in a couple weeks more than likely due to heavy use. It was hooked up via USB. Newegg RMA process is very easy, but shipping is still expensive. Second one arrived. Hooked it up via eSata and transferred about 50G of data. I un-docked but didn't think to power it off. About three days later the device is unusable. The LED light blinks when powering off and on, but system doesn't even recognize that anything is attached. The RMA shipping of two docks could buy most of the other HD Docks that Newegg lists. I'm writing off this dock and any other StarTech device.

Overall Review: This device would be perfect if it was still functioning. RMA shipping would be 2/3 of the cost of the entire device if I were to RMA it now. This device was one of the more expensive HD docks, but in this case you are not getting what you pay for.

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Sturdy11/17/2008 3:54:55 PM

Pros: Short, Thin, Very Rugged, and Moderately Fast

Cons: It's not 32G and the cap?

Overall Review: Designed very well with a single piece aluminum shell. It won't break anytime soon. It's thin enough to to not block any other USB ports no matter how close. The physical dimensions (thickness and width) are as small as the USB connector itself. I'm sure speed has been discussed in other comments, so I won't comment on that other than to say it's not a speed demon, but you get what you can expect from any thumb drive. Okay it doesn't retract or have a cap that can't be lost. My comment there is who cares? I've actually stored the cap away in case I need it later. It's not really necessary... I can't really deduct any stars just because I wanted a 32G version. It's a great thumb drive.

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HTPC Enthusiast Win12/15/2007 3:06:54 PM

Pros: HDMI / DVI + Interlaced resolutions for the win on an HTPC for those of us who can't afford the full 1080p. Chipset supports HDCP, so eventually I can add an internal BlueRay or HD-DVD drive to the HTPC.

Cons: No motherboard firewire / eSata support for external storage. Onboard LAN (Realtek 8111B) still doesn't work under MCE 2005 or WinXP.

Overall Review: A great little mobo. Since I use it as an HTPC, I use the wireless card instead of the onboard LAN interface. Most times that's satisfactory, unless I'm trying to back up recordings.

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