Does what it needs to do2/19/2014 9:08:11 AM

Pros: Good value. Does exactly as needed. Nothing more to say.

Cons: None

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Solid Case with a great appearance2/19/2014 9:04:16 AM

Pros: I just moved my hardware over from an Antec case to this unit. Reason being; a better looking case that rested horizontally and matched my other home theater stuff. -The aluminium fascia is perfect. The case looks great. It's clean, solid and well designed. -All of the compartments can be taken out and, for the most part, easily modified. -Lots of spots to put in external drives and other HDDs.

Cons: -Rubber grommets for hard drives, (as my previous Antec case had) would help with noise/vibration reduction. -More venting from the front of the unit. As most appears to come in from the sides. So far, no issue. -The PSU mostly cover the larger vent on the side, so it is sorta silly... should be more towards the front. -The unit has limited height so be careful when ordering as some larger CPU cooler might not fit.

Overall Review: In all, great case. The side vent covers are easily removable to clean if need be. Pretty solid build. Good value. -Take your time and plan out your build as it can be a tight space, but I have not had an issue. As I said above, the case is very compartmental so it can be modified or you can take things out to suit your needs/equipment

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