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This is a quality made keyboard, and a steal at the discounted Newegg price

Perixx PX-5100, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  - Anti-Ghosting - NKRO - Backlit Color Customization - Blue switch - US English Layout
Perixx PX-5100, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Anti-Ghosting - NKRO - Backlit Color Customization - Blue switch - US English Layout

Pros: It is truly a $120 dollar keyboard. It's German made, and it shows. Sturdy, well built, quality pieces. I only bought this because it was for $50 on Newegg. I would not spend full price for a keyboard, but $50 is an incredible value for a keyboard of this quality. 10 different default lighting modes, from wavy, to pulse, to a custom for you to make whatever you want. The anti-ghosting is as advertised. Some keyboards exaggerate how much the anti-ghosting is, but this keyboard allows you to pretty much press the entire thing and it still registers every single click. You could sit on this keyboard, and it would know every single key your cheeks pressed, without missing one. Braided cord that stretches out easily and doesn't tangle. The keys are all raised, without any hard to access pits, so you can easily clean out any crumbs or dust with a simple canned air gust.

Cons: It is not true RGB, as it indicates. Only colored sticks you can insert under the keys to change the color the white light filters through. Not a big deal, but it's technically last gen because of that. All modern keyboards are true RGB and can switch colors on the fly. You need to change the sticks out to change the colors on this one. It only comes with 8 sticks each, of the four different colors, red, yellow, blue, and green. Not enough to fill the keyboard. Contacting the company, you can purchase more color sticks from their official account on a certain wEBsite newegg won't let me include the nAme of, in anY way. The bags are 6 dollars each, but they do not ship outside of Europe without contacting them directly. Even if you do that, the shipping cost would make purchasing one extra bag of each color plus S&H equal the same price as the entire discounted keyboard, around $40. It's up to you if that's worth it or not. You may want to just get an RGB keyboard for the same total price. Inserting the color sticks takes a bit of effort on some keys, and pulling the keys off can be a bit clumsy. It is a bit heavy, even compared to other keyboards. Don't be expecting to be carrying this around with you all the time, if that's something you do with your keyboards. The box it came in was a bit bent up. Obviously had been sitting in a warehouse for a while. It hasn't effected the product, but it's something to be aware of.

Overall Review: I'm enjoying this so far. It's mechanical, it's a blue switch type, so it goes all clickity clackity as you'd expect. Switching out the sticks are a bit annoying, and I have no idea why it only comes with 8. That's not enough for the entire board, making you have to prioritize "artistically" unless you spend the money to purchase more. It's still a good keyboard, but if you are looking for a keyboard to sparkle with RGB like modern keyboards, this isn't the one for you.

A mouse designed for gamers, and gamers only.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse  (910-004615)
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse (910-004615)

Pros: Rubber grips on both sides of the mouse are rather comfortable for your thumb, pinkie, and ring finger. The buttons on the left side of the LMB are well positioned to allow comfortable use if you are a palm, grip, or claw user. The buttons of the top of the thumb are also well positioned to allow comfortable use during gameplay, if you are a palm user. If you grip or claw, you will most likely being using your thumb and pinkie to move the weight of the mouse most of the time, so pressing it while moving can be clumsy for users. There is a button in the middle, right below the scroll wheel that "unlocks" the scroll wheel, so it glides freely and quickly, instead of doing notches. You can switch between the two at your preference. There is button below that one, that allows for you to switch between 5 different DPI settings. You can set each to whatever exact DPI you want between 200 and 12,000. This button rotates between the DPI settings, but you can disable any ones you don't want. So if you only want to use two, it'll simply switch back and forth between those two. If you want to use all 5, the button will cycle through them all before landing back on the first. But you can of course set any button on the mouse to switch DPI settings as well. That's not the only button capable of doing it, it's just dedicated to doing it. The software that you can download for it is very good. It allows just about any customization you can want, with very accessible tabs for each section. I really enjoyed going through and making it perfect for me. It even allows you to tell it if you are using a cloth, or hard mouse pad. Or input your own and customize. You can change the RGB lighting effects to change with the DPI settings, or not. You can change the logo to flash, breath, pulse, or not. Change the brightness and rate, and set the sleep timer to turn off the light without any activity of the sensor. The software allows you to pick the exact color gradient you want. Not just picking between red blue green, but anything you can specify, each between 0 and 255. Allows 3 profiles to be customized and set. Sensor works well, haven't missed any movements or anything. Buttons all work well, nothing wrong out of the box. Scroll wheel is very sturdy. It doesn't wobble in the structure like cheaper mice. I really like that. It fits well in my hand, which is a large hand. I'm not really having problems with it.

Cons: The button in front of the thumb is not really accessible. Even for palm users, your thumb isn't really going to reach it without forcing it a bit. It might be useful for some things, but I don't see myself using it in game for anything that takes reaction time. The weights it comes with are a bit... gimmicky. I don't see myself using them at all. I initially played with it a bit, but the weights don't fit perfectly in the mouse, so the magnetic door on the bottom didn't close well with them in it, making the mouse not function well. In order to get them to fit, you have to really shove and squeeze them in, in a way that makes it awful to try to remove. Even the difference between fully weighted and no weights is...marginal. Maybe a pro gamer making money playing can see the difference and be able to utilize it, but I don't think 99% of people will really need it at all.

Overall Review: I debated whether or not the weights problem would make this a 4 star, and not a 5 star. It is a focal feature of the design. But ultimately, the mouse is still working very well despite it, so I think it's still a 5 star mouse.

It's a mouse pad. It works.

Steelseries Qck Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)
Steelseries Qck Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)

Pros: It lets a mouse run over it. It's just a mouse pad. Buy it, stop reading reviews of mouse pads. It's cloth It doesn't slide

Cons: You may need to weigh it down every night until it goes completely flat. From the rolled up position it is from the package, you may need to treat it as a new rug, and weigh down the spots that are still a bit bent

Overall Review: What more can be said?

It does exactly what you want of it.

Acer Certified K2 Series K272HUL 27" Widescreen LCD/LED Monitor IPS Backlight HDMI UM.HX2AA.D03 350 cd/m2 100,000,000:1
Acer Certified K2 Series K272HUL 27" Widescreen LCD/LED Monitor IPS Backlight HDMI UM.HX2AA.D03 350 cd/m2 100,000,000:1

Pros: 1. Comes with the necessary DVI-D cable, plug and play. 2. Base is solid enough, it's not tipping over. Very basic design overall. 3. Quarter inch bezel on the side and top edges, if you want to run multiples together. Bottom is very large, though. 4. Anti-blue light modes on the display, so you can work or game without that harsh blue light hurting your tired eyes. It does wonders if that's a problem for you. 5. The blacks are very deep. I hear so many horror stories of IPS monitors having the blacks be basically gray, and there being backlight bleed on any dark screen. Not this one, at least not for me. Very pitch-black blacks, no backlight bleed at all for me. It's a great IPS monitor.

Cons: 1. I don't feel like I have much control calibrating the display with the controls. Not enough changes between the settings. 2. It has a tilt, but not much more control. Can't change the height of it.

Overall Review: I'm reviewing this the day I got this, and installed it. I will come back in 6 months (hopefully if I remember) to give an update. I bought this knowing what I was getting. A deal on a more expensive 2k monitor. It doesn't have bells or whistles, it's not 144hz, it's not 1ms, it's not super sleek or RGB or anything. It's a solid black sturdy frame, a 1440p, 60hz, and it'll work. You can't go too wrong with buying this if you just want a 2k. It's IPS so the picture is still great, and it's 27'' which I personally believe is the perfect size for gaming. If you can get this at $250, or under 300, go ahead and grab it. It being refurbished means you know it's been looked over and any problems have been fixed right before being sent to you. So many times with brand new out of the box monitors, they comes with problems you need to troubleshoot, or RMA. With a refurbished, especially from newegg, you know any problem it had has been fixed, and you get a discount on top of that free security. win-win