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Good product10/14/2016 10:50:23 PM

Pros: I have seen many complaints (even one in the reviews) stating that the Yeti does not work with Windows 10. This is not true, and anyone with this issue should look up the solution online, or simply become educated. This Yeti is Plug-n-Play and installed with no issue or delay on Windows 10. It is a very powerful microphone that will pick up anything around it. This item also comes with a headphone jack and speakers that can be used as the default speakers for the PC, though the mic's speakers seem to be standard quality (not 5.1 or bass output for example).

Cons: The instruction booklet included does not explain at all how to adjust the Yeti's settings to not pick up background noise, what Gain should be set at, or how to set up the device in conjunction with other 5.1 surround speakers on the PC, leaving you to have to figure it out or look for a solution online.

Overall Review: Overall if you seek a good quality, good performance mic to start out on a professional dream or even for casual life, it is a good product to consider.

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