Liked the previous pair so much I bought another after the battery started dying out of warranty!11/4/2020 8:23:54 AM

Pros: Great battery endurance on my HS60's (lasted over two years), on one charge, the battery lasts over 12 hours on these also great sound, don't need to install the iCue software to get them to work, very comfortable for all day use. Just plug and play!

Cons: The new mic boom is a lot more flexible and wobbly than on my HS60's.

Overall Review: Great headset for the price I paid.

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Arrived defective BUT..... I contacted Corn Electronics and they immediately sent out a replacement!9/24/2020 7:48:27 AM

Pros: Mouse has a beautiful glossy finish between pure white and eggshell color. The color is a shade different than that of my gloss white NZXT H440 case but still looks great and matches my black and white themed build. The mouse is lightweight, noticeably lighter than my G502H from that other company. The overall quality and feel of the mouse is pretty good actually. I like the scroll wheel because it has a definite click feel when moving it forward and backwards. The USB cable is full braided and the USB plug is fold plated for good contact. The lighted Razer logo matches the actual white LED light from my L branded G413 Silver keyboard. The logo LED is not blueish at all! Most mice logo's that are RGB have a light blue tint but this one is spot on white! Mouse uses the older Razer Synapse 2.0 legacy software. Software is very nice and easy to navigate. It is NOT filled with bloatware as others have stated. The mouse will work fine without the software contrary to other reviews.

Cons: It arrived defective but I am not complaining because I contacted Corn Electronics immediately and they sent out a replacement! The DPI keeps shifting to a lower level thus making the replacement necessary.

Overall Review: Overall I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars and will update this review after replacement mouse arrives and I am able to test it.

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Dead Pixels Straight Out Of The Box.....9/21/2020 10:31:45 AM

Pros: Fast refresh rate, big, and curved.

Cons: DEAD PIXELS straight out of the box (but according to MSI support site it is within the limits of what is allowed so exchange is not going to happen, washed out color even after calibrating.

Overall Review: Dave yourself the trouble and get another brand monitor that has better color saturation and that doesn't have dead pixels straight out of the box.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product. We certainly value your feedback and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
5 Eggs!!!9/5/2020 9:18:42 AM

Pros: Quality is top notch, seems they may have gotten these from CableMod and just rebranded them as their own. They are the ModFlex as they are stiff but not so stiff they can't be easily routed. The cable combs are clear and actually hold the cables without crimping too hard so they can be adjusted easily and the ends are done very nicely!!!

Cons: No cons!

Overall Review: Definitely recommend!!!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
***UPDATED*** 2nd one failed in just over a year7/29/2020 12:15:04 PM

Pros: Feels comfortable, no problems with the software, can switch dpi on the fly with no issues, programmable. Great for people with big hands

Cons: The original broke in 3 months, now the replacement broke 10 months later! The switches are absolute junk. Cheap Scroll Wheel Bearings are nowhere near as good as they were on the G500 (which lasted for 9 years before dying). Definitely NOT for people with small hands!!! The WHITE color when chosen in Logitech software is actually BLUE, not white. ***Just received a replacement for the original because the left click button stopped working and they still haven't fixed sloppy scroll wheel issue and the "white" led is still blue*** Just do yourself a favor and get a different mouse!

Overall Review: Stay away!!! The switches are absolute junk, the ergonomics are good but the scroll wheel bearings are definitely cheap and nowhere near as good as they were on the G500 (my previous mouse was a G500 which lasted for 9 years before dying). This mouse is DEFINITELY NOT for people with small hands!!! The software is on good but the only downside is the RGB lighting in which the white color when chosen is actually blue.... In fact the white RGB color is nowhere close to the white on the Logiteh G413 gaming keyboard. Do NOT get this if you're thinking that the WHITE color is going to work with an actual bright white computer build or white accessories because it won't! I have the Logitech G413 Silver keyboard which actually has WHITE lights under the keycaps. The difference between the two is night and day. Other than the aforementioned items the mouse is nice. If the quality had been as good as the G500 and the RGB white was actually white, I would have given this 5 stars!

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Good but.....8/5/2019 5:03:59 PM

Pros: Lightweight, great fitting, holds charge for hours of gaming, charges quickly, very well made.

Cons: iCUE software doesn't like working with my version of Windows 10 (build 18362.239).

Overall Review: These are very comfortable for long gaming sessions, the quality is excellent, they charge quickly and you can wear them with the charge cord attached (just don't forget to take them off or remove the charge cord if you have to move around while they're charging), they're lightweight and don't hurt my ears or neck after hours of gaming. I knocked off 1 egg because the Corsair iCUE software doesn't like working with my version of Windows 10 (build 18362.239) and when installed I cannot get the headset to work no matter what USB port the transceiver is plugged into and no matter what the output device is set to as default in Windows and deleting the software and or running system restore does not allow the previous settings to work making a reinstall of Win 10 necessary..... If I could get the ICUE software to work with my build of Win10 I'd give these 5 stars.

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***UPDATE***6/25/2019 11:16:15 AM

Pros: Keeps my overclocked FX 6300 (4.2GHz) at near room temperature at idle and never goes over 60 degrees Celsius under load and I live in Texas where there's nothing between us and Hell but a barbed wire fence! This thing is super quiet and efficient and the small 70 mm fan keeps the VRM's on my MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition motherboard ICY COOL!!!! Just Get It!!! White and black colors fit perfectly with my build!!!

Cons: ***UPDATE*** After almost 2 years into the 6 year warranty (when you register their product online it doubles the original warranty period of 3 years) the cooler started leaking. On February 5th 2019 I sent email to Cryorig notifying them of the issue, they responded and requested pics of the serial number, pics of the leaking coolant and original proof of purchase. I replied back with all requested info and was promised a NEW A40 as a replacement as well as promised compensation for the motherboard which was damaged when the cooler leaked. After over a month and a half and having to resort to contacting them on Facebook, Cryorig finally responded and issued the promised credit to help pay for new motherboard (approximately 80% of the cost of a new replacement that is compatible with my CPU and RAM) and I am still waiting for them to ship a new cooler out as promised. *****UPDATE***** Got the new A40 on March 26th 2019 and installed it and now after three months the replacement cooler has also leaked. I am not even going to attempt to get a replacement after all the trouble I had getting the first cooler replaced. I will not be buying any any further items from CryoRig in the future. More pertinent information below. Please read carefully to see how Newegg treats their customers who have been with them since the mid 1990s.... As well as CryoRig support.....

Overall Review: It was an extremely frustrating process to get Cryorig to honor their warranty on this product which makes me very leery about buying another Cryorig product. It took from Feb 5th 2019 to March 26th 2019 to get the replacement A40 from Cyrorig. They finally came through with the compensation for the motherboard damage that occurred when the cooler leaked although Newegg is dragging their feet with getting the compensation to me. Cryorig issued the check to Newegg on March 21st 2019 and after a week I still have not received it and they are saying it will be another 4-6 business days before the check is mailed after holding the funds for no reason and making a plethora of excuses. This will be my last dealing with Newegg as it is not the first time they have drug their feet on either a refund or RMA. Newegg had me as a customer since the mid 1990s but from now on I will take my business to another company!

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Works great, easy to install BUT.....12/7/2018 5:14:39 AM

Pros: Awesome throughput both upstream and downstream made previously unplayable games completely playable over wireless without a bit of lag. Doesn't disconnect and reconnect like my last wireless card which was not an ASUS. Installing drivers was simple and easy. Once the wireless drivers were installed and computer rebooted, Win 10 found and installed the bluetooth driver automatically. Intel chipset device. Does everything except bring me a beer from the fridge!!!

Cons: One Egg deducted for the following two issues..... 1. The bluetooth cable from the device to motherboard is too short, in fact it's so short that I wasn't able to route it through the normal cable management slots therefore it is completely exposed in my case. 2. The wireless antennae is in dire need of magnets to hold it in place on top of my case. This is the main reason I deducted one egg as the antennae can be rotated to get the best signal but then I had to use tape to hold the antennae in place.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product but be forewarned as mentioned above, the bluetooth cable is short so cable management with it is an issue and there is no magnet on the base of the antenna thus requiring either double sided tape to the bottom of antennae, tape over the antennae to the case or some other form of securing it in place i.e. glue.

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Worked great for a week then it started causing wireless card to disconnect and BSOD's4/12/2017 3:44:45 PM

Pros: It worked great for a week.

Cons: After a week it started causing the wireless card to disconnect and blue screens of death. Put the old hard drive back in and it worked fine. Reformatted the Corsaid Force LE200 and installed all drivers and it started doing the same thing two hours after the drivers were installed. Shipping charges to get it replaced are nearly as much as a new SSD so it's sitting on my desk as a paper weight!

Overall Review: Don't get it!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jon, Why would shipping charges cost more than the product? I'm sure box and all it's less than one lbs? We are sorry that your SSD failed. Please contact us by submitting a ticket at that we can give you an RMA. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Awesome PSU for the price!2/25/2017 4:21:36 PM

Pros: NO KETCHUP AND MUSTARD CABLES!!! That's what sold me on this PSU! I have a white and black build in the white and black NZXT H440 case and the blacked out cables sealed the deal! I have already gotten a ton of positive feedback on this from people asking if the cables are custom sleeved. It has dual rails!!! JUST GET IT!!!

Cons: It's not rated Gold but I won't knock an egg off for that! I knew what I was getting.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this because not only does it have dual rails, it also has blacked out cables! JUST GET IT!

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Absolutely love this card!2/25/2017 4:18:52 PM

Pros: It's awesome! It is almost perfect for the black and white build I did with a NZXT H440 White/Black Case, MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition motherboard, 16 gigs of HyperX Fury ram with black heat spreaders and a Cryorig A40 Hybrid cooler! I just built the rig today and this card is running EVERYTHING at max settings at more than 75% FPS increase from my old R9 380 Nitro. IF it had a backplate it would be the perfect card (which is why I am giving it 4 eggs instead of 5)!!! HINT HINT ASUS, you can make a backplate and send it to me and I won't complain and I'll even add that last egg in my review!!! xD

Cons: Doesn't come with a backplate.....

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this card!!!

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MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition2/25/2017 4:09:52 PM

Pros: Just got this board and installed it with a AMD FX 6300 CPU and using a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD for storage and all I can say is WOW.... This thing is fast! It boots to windows 10 desktop in under 20 seconds and every app in Windows is super snappy compared to my old rig which was running two WD 7200 RPM drives in RAID 0. I had doubts about getting this board but they have all been cast aside! The USB transfer speed for 3.0 devices is blistering! I can not find a single fault in this board!!! It detected my SSD, all peripherals and the rotational HDD for storage without a single issue! If you're on the fence about getting this board just go ahead and pull the trigger and buy it!! Also if you're buying this board and wanting to run a AMD FX 220 watt CPU and it doesn't work or catches fire then you have no one to blame but yourself. This board does NOT support the 220 watt processors. It is a fantastic board for a budget friendly builds because you can put 32 gigs of ram in it with a 6 core FX cpu, a SSD and a $200.00 graphics card and it will run most all of the newest games in 1080p on high settings and some in ultra. Make sure you use a good stable psu of at least 550-650 watts if you're going to run more than one gpu and make sure you have adequate air flow in your case and you'll have a great budget system! I know I am more than pleased with mine!!!

Cons: As another reviewer stated, it doesn't dispense beer.

Overall Review: AWESOME board for the price.

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***UPDATE*** Over a year later and still going strong!!!10/22/2016 4:17:45 PM

Pros: This is an update of my previous review..... I got two of these drives on sale for $19.99 each with free shipping and they have a 6 month warranty. I still couldn't be happier with them. Both showed up in the bios and they work perfectly in RAID 0. I have found that if a drive is going to fail it will do it quickly when used in a RAID configuration. Both of these drives formatted and partitioned with no problems whatsoever and both are completely vibration and noise free. I would recommend these for a low cost solution where critical data loss is not important. To sum up how well these drives work I'll tell you..... The idiotic UPS driver who delivers our packages seems to have a habit of dropping AND or outright destroying boxes and packages and this time was no different, he dropped the box on our concrete walkway from about 3 feet up as he was deciding whether to hand me the box or his electronic signature machine. Thankfully Newegg packaging is notoriously good and the drives were just fine. It has now been a year and one month and both drives are performing like brand new! Never a single boot issue or failure to be detected! What can I say, these were a much better purchase at price per GB than any other rotational HDD I've ever purchased. I was a fan of Seagate for years until these came along and I needed a inexpensive drive to get my computer back up and running. These are quieter, faster and have been far more reliable than any Seagate drive I've ever owned!!! If these ever come back in stock I will be buying even more of them !!!

Cons: None whatsoever!!!

Overall Review: Buying more now that they have dropped in price by another $2 dollars!!!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Sadly it's discontinued.7/24/2016 5:42:19 PM

Pros: Fantastic looking case (wowed new friends and acquaintances even after 5 years) open air and three speed 250 mm fan keeps the motherboard, VRM's and other components cool, HDD fan keeps mechanical hdd's cool, LED's look good, open air design makes for easy access to clean the dust off the components.

Cons: Routing cables is at best - difficult, open air design gets dusty fast, limited choice of low profile aftermarket CPU coolers, plastic piece for mounting PCIE cards is flimsy, did I mention cable routing issues?

Overall Review: Would still buy it!!! Wish I hadn't sold it!!!

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WOW!!!2/25/2016 3:40:55 PM

Pros: Awesome card for the price!!! I'd recommend it!!!

Cons: Doesn't do dishes or make sandwiches..... XD

Overall Review: This is my first Sapphire card and a upgrade from a XFX R7 265 Core Edition. What Can I say other than I love this card!!! It is super quiet, runs ALL of my games on ultra-very high settings depending on the game albeit that I use it for Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead, Payday 2, Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3, Battlefield Hardline, Borderlands 2, World of Tanks, World of Warships..... Best thing about this card is everything, especially playing RUST with all settings maxed out and in 1920 x 1200 resolution. Rust was extremely demanding on my R7 265 (was only able to run it at 1024 x 768) because of heat issues even on the poorest/lowest settings. I didn't even have to uninstall and reinstall the AMD Crimson drivers for this card. Windows 10 detected it immediately and after a quick reboot I was up and gaming again and I am amazed at the graphics rendering!!! This card scoffs at everything I've thrown at it and says GIMME MORE!!! I would recommend this card to anyone on a budget wanting a card that's under $200.00

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100% satisfied with this HDD!2/20/2016 1:51:33 PM

Pros: Detected in my Orico external HDD dock immediately, formatted faster than any other SATA rotational HDD I've ever owned. Great price from Newegg as always!

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: Detected immediately and formatted super fast using AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting an inexpensive rotational HDD for external use with a HDD dock or internal use in a budget system It Just Works!!!

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great fan for the price!2/20/2016 1:47:22 PM

Pros: Red Lightning Bold Pattern, Nice Brushed Aluminum Ring Around The Center of Fan, VERY QUIET!

Cons: Only one speed, doesn't do dishes or make sandwiches.....

Overall Review: This was a replacement for a Antec Tri-Cool that went bad after 7 years and was suffering from extreme vibration issues. This fan pushes more air, is quieter and a heckuva lot nicer looking than the fan it replaced not to mention it was very inexpensive! I'd recommend it!

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your purchase. Not only do you get a deal you get high quality products.
It just works!2/20/2016 1:44:08 PM

Pros: Small footprint, easy to connect, detected a hdd that wouldn't detect in another adapter. Power switch, HiSpeed USB 3.1 transfer rates, works with both 2.5 and 3.5 SATA HDD's!

Cons: Only compatible with USB, doesn't do dishes or make sandwiches XD

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anyone wanting a compact USB connectable desktop SATA hard drive dock. I plugged it into a USB 3.1 port on my Asus Sabertooth 990FX R 2.0 motherboard and it detected it immediately. This dock even allowed Windows 10 to detect an get the files from an old Hitachi DEADstar HDD that would not wasn't being detected via the SATA connection on the motherboard! I couldn't be more pleased with this product!

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jon: Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Our email address is, please feel free to contact me if you have any problem. We looking forward to hear from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite
Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
FirePower Fatality 750W PSU10/20/2015 9:22:21 AM

Pros: Single Rail so you don't have to worry about overloading individual rails. Red LED's, Crossfire and SLI ready, Fully Modular

Cons: The power supply main 24 pin motherboard cable does NOT have sleeving on the individual wires. It is sleeved to about 2 inches from the connector and then the individual wires are exposed at the connector thus exposing the multi colored wires. I would have paid more if each individual wire was sleeved so it doesn't detract from the red and black theme.

Overall Review: If you're going for a full stealth or color match build then look elsewhere or plan on sleeving each individual wire on the 24 pin connector.

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Dead motherboard4/7/2013 1:25:48 PM

Pros: Great motherboard for the price point. Sata 6Gb, usb 3.0, crossfire and sli support, am3+ support, what more could you ask for. Worked great for a 4 months then it died. RMA in process to asus otherwise I would have given it 5eggs

Cons: Only owned it for 4 months. Was working great then one day it just died and now it won't p.o.s.t.. RMA with ASUS in process.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Over Hyped12/24/2009 7:47:04 PM

Pros: Got it as a gift. Lots of eye candy.

Cons: It's on steam. Steam constantly updates and the game is forever locking up to find another server. LAG LAG LAG!!!!! Waiting to forever to find a server SUCKS! The game is VERY driver oriented. If you don't have just the right hardware e.g. sound, video drivers etc. the game will lock up at launch and give you errors. Save your money and wait till the price drops.

Overall Review: Glad I'm not the one who paid for it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Gettum12/24/2009 7:40:55 PM

Pros: Good quality sound, Vibration is nice in games, Mic is good and the price is fantastic

Cons: a tad on the heavy side but the price and quality offset this minor inconvenience.

Overall Review: Gettum while you can at 19.99 + free shipping. I paid twice as much for a lesser quality headset and these are far better.

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AWESOME BOARD10/21/2009 11:57:51 AM

Pros: This board is awesome! I got this to replace an ailing Abit AW9D-Max in my wifes gaming rig and this thing blows my rig away. I have an XFX 780i board, 8gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer, Q9400, XFX GTX-285 Black Edition and two WD Raptors in Raid-0 and my wife is running this board, 4gb Corsair Dominator and an E8400, two VisionTek HD3870's in CrossFire and two Seagate 7200 rpm sata drives in Raid-0 and her rig boots faster, runs smoother, and just downright screams. I get about 10 fps more than she does in COD4 and about 25fps better in COD5 (due to PhysX onboard my card) but my board hiccups and it causes me to get killed. I have also had issues with drivers on my board working with certain games and Win7. Her rig is also running Win7 and "NEVER" hiccups or lags and have had no driver issues with any games. If you get this board YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

Cons: It didnt come with the sink and faucet?

Overall Review: Attaching the optional cooling fan for the chipset and the 4pin processor power connector can also was a major pain after the board was installed in the case. However I should note that her processor is being cooled by a Thermalright Ultra 120 Xtreme that has 120mm fans on each side. Pics of both rigs are available at mayhemincorated dot com in the general gaming forum.

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get it while you can8/31/2009 11:14:02 AM

Pros: Liked them so much I got another in case anything happens to the first set.

Cons: Cord too short but works perfect with USB port on front of my desktop gaming rig.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
8/31/2009 11:11:55 AM

Pros: Works great, Much crisper and clearer signal with my XFX GTX 285 Black Edition to monitor than with dvi.

Cons: Non thats why I just bought two more.

Overall Review: Get it while its cheap!!!!

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