Great value12/30/2020 1:43:37 AM

Pros: -Fast -No coil whine for me -Keeps cool -Able to OC further, stable for me -Excellent maxing out 1440p games, pretty good at 4k

Cons: -It's a long boy -can be a tad noisy when cranking up the fan speed

Overall Review: I would recommend if you absolutely need a GPU. Be patient and wait for 30 series to be back in stock, they're much better value at this point in time.

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Buttery smooth, beautiful image12/30/2020 1:38:53 AM

Pros: -Beautiful image -Fast, buttery smooth refresh rate (display port 165hz, hdmi 144hz) -G-sync compatible (turn on adaptive sync in the monitor menu to enable in geforce control panel) -Decent I/O: usb ports, hdmi, display port, audio, all work as they should -No dead pixels on my model -Bright display -Anti-glare display Adjustable height, swivel, and tilt -VESA mount compatable -Comes with extra screws -Set up was easy: You'll need a screwdriver, I didn't see one in the box -Small bezels (however there is 1/4 inch dead space along top and sides of image to bezels, not an issue for me, may be for some) -Has minimal RGB (IDC at all about RGB, but if you want something minimal it can add some ambiance)

Cons: -Preset monitor settings don't look that good, FPS mode distorts colors -May appear slightly oversaturated to some -Screen image not edge to edge (1/4inch dead space top and sides. not issue for me) -HDR may not be what you expect (looks alright to me considering this monitor is a significant upgrade) -Software needs usb cable from monitor connected to computer to work -Cable management hole in stand isn't that great (it doesn't hide the cables too well but it'll keep cables together at least) -Screen assistance (crosshair) is kind of big, not too many customization options

Overall Review: Monitor is great, especially for the price I got it at and the significant upgrade in quality from what I had prior. Beautiful screen, buttery smooth. May be slightly oversaturated, looked fine to me. Definitely recommend

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