Great little SSD3/28/2021 11:36:12 AM

Pros: I've been using this SSD over a year now; it is super easy to install, very fast transfer rates, never notice any delay unless copying massive amounts of data, and even then is blindingly fast.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great for expanding storage capacity.

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Good RAM, does what I need it to do.3/28/2021 11:34:52 AM

Pros: Easy to install; no fitment problems. Functions properly

Cons: None. I'm no RAM nerd so I can't speak to speed tests and the like, but it does what I need it to do.

Overall Review: Fine RAM if you're looking to expand your system.

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Bloatware. Nearly all are trial packages for subscription software that anyone can get.3/28/2021 11:33:27 AM

Pros: One or two titles are true registered (forever-like) software.

Cons: Most are free-trial bloatware subscription titles; and you have to jump through several hoops to even access the downloads. Don't even bother.

Overall Review: Can't recommend wasting your time with this; and certainly don't consider it in your purchase decision.

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Stellar gaming laptop; except for external displays.3/28/2021 11:30:53 AM

Pros: -Good performance using laptop display, 140+fps most games on high settings-Very snappy performance on typical windows productivity working (Office, Photoshop, etc)-Really love the per-key RGB programmable keyboard, even if this is just an aesthetic feature.-Vibrant display-Sound processing is great (7.1, just use external speakers or quality headphones)

Cons: -Using any external display while gaming is just not possible. You can still get good framerates, the problem is that it's all delayed about half a second from inputs; which in gaming is unacceptable. I experimented with all different manner of displays (TV's, monitors, 144hz vs 60hz, etc) and none of it made any difference [even if you turn off the laptop display and only use 1 external display]. In my experience this is more a limitation of laptop hardware than anything specific for MSI. Was just hoping they had figured it out. If you want to play on a big monitor or TV, go with a desktop.-Battery life isn't great, I do good to get 2 hours in Eco Mode. -The fans get VERY loud under heavy processing load, which isn't very often. Much louder than my previous MSI dragon.

Overall Review: I recommend this laptop for anyone who wants portable gaming ability and workstation with quick response and good performance. External displays will do fine for productivity work, but are useless for gaming. It was exactly what I was expecting in this price range, even better in many respects; I would have given it 5 stars if it would have performed for the external display. Overall still a great value; and don't get me wrong, it still performs very well using the built-in display (at true 144Hz as advertised).

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Loud, fragile keyboard; otherwise average3/6/2021 5:58:06 AM

Pros: - the ssd is snappy and responsive, good for general use

Cons: They keyboard is fragile. Arrived with a broken keyboard key, within 4 months of normal use another key broke off. Gigabyte wants me to pay for shipping and a fee to "diagnose". Instead I use an external keyboard. There is no market for aftermarket parts for this obscure model. The RGB keyboard software leaves much to be desired. Most of the time it crashes, making it impossible to change settings such as color and brightness. The unit is LOUD and doesn't have great cooling. Playing any game causes the fans to go at max level, and after 30 minutes or so the unit will begin throttling (and this is with a cooling pad).

Overall Review: I would not recommend this product; for the same price you can buy a higher quality build with same components, from a more trustworthy brand.

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