Good speaker, misleading spec...5/29/2014 5:30:41 AM

Pros: I have always thought highly of all Cerwin-Vega equipment. This speaker did not disappoint.

Cons: The spec. says this is a "dual 4 ohm speaker", it is actually a dual 2 ohm speaker.

Overall Review: Error aside, I am still happy with this speaker.

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Satisfied with machine.4/21/2014 8:46:34 AM

Pros: Having installed several Brother units in the past I wanted to stay with a known good manufacturer. This unit is a higher speed than the one it replaced. The application is a fairly high usage office. I am satisfied with the quality of the unit, its copies, prints and scans.

Cons: When the unit was unpacked the tape strips holding covers in place for shipping left residue when removed.

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Excelent!6/10/2013 4:22:03 PM

Pros: Part of my job has me doing video support in bars. At this time I have used 12 of these units with great success. They are very easy to install and I had to use the equalizer on one of the installs. The length of the CAT% cables I used varied from 10' up to 100'. No problem getting full 1080P at these lengths.

Cons: The only minor issue I had with these units was the HDMI connector was a little bit loose. This allowed for the attached cable to move within the connector.

Overall Review: Overall a very solid device.

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