Overall great board3/22/2017 7:18:22 AM

Pros: - Lots of good Bios control for Ram, CPU, fans, voltages, etc. - Built in boot manager at UEFI level, which is excellent for people with lots of boot options. No more confusing boot configurations! - LED with control and light strip options ... I guess that's fancy for some people :) - Built in overclock defaults which are great to give beginners a basic to start dialing-in from - Overall build quality feels superb. Some boards of all brands have some poor welds and jiggly plastic parts. No hardware here can be complained about. - Lots of extra features for a cheaper board - wifi, bluetooth, built in video, HDMI out on board BEST: PCI-Ex16 slots are spaced out exactly for SLI/X-fire setup. They're also aluminum slots with a handy slot lock which is WAY more advanced than most OEM's with plastic slots and locking clips you end up breaking. This is great from a durability standpoint.

Cons: Nothing so far.

Overall Review: Seems like a great board for the price. Overclocked my i7-6700k from 4.0 ot 4.6 by using the automatic overclock settings. In the case of my specific CPU, no additional voltage tweaks were needed, all of the "Auto" settings work perfectly under stress testing.

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Overall, pretty great3/22/2017 6:31:47 AM

Pros: Very quiet. It cools my i7-6700k overclocked from 4.0 to 4.7 quite well. Never sees temps above 74 (spikes) and hovers in the 60's under load. Also, the asymmetrical design is super functional, allowing you to access the RAM while everything is assembled. I've had large coolers that obstructed the ram and made my life miserable.

Cons: I don't have any. Some say it's quite large, which it is, but don't put big coolers in baby cases!

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Great PSU, built way better than any of my other units3/16/2017 1:52:23 PM

Pros: I've never had PSU problems to speak of - the big box manufacturers seem to have it all figured out :) -Modular cables are good, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. -I'd say what makes this PSU special is it's build quality. This isn't made out of your generic flimsy aluminum casing - this is some heavy duty grade with a wrought iron style texture. It really feels like something nice. -Way more cabling included than you're going to want to hide in your case!

Cons: Nothing. It's a good piece!

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Simply the best case I've ever owned3/16/2017 1:48:00 PM

Pros: First, let me say that I'm no computer genius. However, I have to build lots of high end desktops for my 3D modeling and printing business. Buying lower end PC's for triple the price just isn't cost-effective for me. - Absolute best design. Dell business class type feel. A lot like my old Optiplex cases that just won't quit. -Combination of all the best features you'd ever want in a case. -A whole rack of 6 drive bays with the pro-style dell snap in design. The whole drive rack is also removable in sets of 3! -Back to front wire holes everywhere yet they look SO good. Very high quality rubber covers on all of them. They look classy. -Some of the units I build are server boxes - unfortunately most cases are junk and quickly get clogged with dust. Small, high-speed fans are no good for smooth airflow without sucking dirt. These fans are big and a decent speed. They keep the case ice cold, very quite, and very dust free. This is my favorite thing about my old Optilex boxes - some units have been running for 17 years straight. A perfect airflow design makes that possible. -PSU is bottom mount with excellent wire hiding power. The bottom is also vented for the PSU to blow/suck and the bottom also has easily removable and cleanable filters. Nothing to wash or turn the computer over, it just slides out while standing there. -Side mount bracket for SSD's - can mount it in 2 spots in the front or 1 spot behind the back panel. Couldn't ask for better use of space. -This is the first aftermarket case I've bought that has an acceptable quality of aluminum. I can't tell you how many Thermaltake and Coolermaster cases I've been though in the $300 range that were STILL built like tin foil. This stuff isn't OEM quality, but it's certainly adequate. -This is a great workstation box not just for cooling and long life, but also because it takes a whole ton of board sizes, including server sizes like SSI EEB. This means I can just keep buying this same amazing box without having to find a new one each time or being supremely dissappointed when I buy a different case for an SSI EEB board. -Metal mesh/grates on the front and sides isn't made out of chicken-wire like my Thermaltake cases. Pretty sturdy. -Even though this thing holds big boards and a ton of hardware, it really isn't a huge box. I've had the biggest cases money could buy and they didn't hold this much hardware. It fits under a desk without looking like a monster, is relatively light weight, and holds a ton. Phanteks has made me a customer for life.

Cons: -Nothing. This thing is the bomb. -If you REALLY want to be a jerk and nitpick an amazing case at $99 ... I'd say they should include two more SSD brackets. -Additionally, the 6 drive bay brackets are made out of plastic which does eventually break after years of heat. Really complaining about these is unfair. I imagine margin is down to nothing on this case. If you want perfect design and all metal internals, spend more than $100. I would hope some of their more expensive cases would be the same internal layout with higher end materials.

Overall Review: -Unbelievably at such a low price point they included several "high end" extras you don't normally see: 1. You get a sweet set of various sized Phanteks screws in an organizer case. That's just plain nice. Stop it. 2. They supply an absolutely excellent instruction booklet. It's even high quality printing! But seriously they even break down each side panel and show you how it disassembles. Wiring diagrams included for pre-wired USB's

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