Stupéfiant11/14/2013 12:02:22 AM

Pros: Jumped from a Intel i3-350M (aka a Laptop) to this. What an amazing jump that was. I would struggle every day to do the typical things I usually do (produce music, edit video, and multi task) which would always clock it into 100% usage, freeze, and so on. I couldn't deal with it, so I decided to build a computer after I had the resources. This CPU does everything intensive that I throw at it, rendering images in Cinema4D, playing audio production projects in real time without a single buffer under run, render videos with CPU intensive video formats (that don't render using the GPU), and playing CPU intensive games. I don't think I'll need to upgrade in a while when it comes to the more important stuff I do than play games on it, and I'm extremely happy about that. I mainly picked the 3570 instead of the 3570k because I know I wasn't going to be overclocking. I do know that it isn't hard, I just always wanted to stay away from it, one day I might try Intel Turbo Boost if that makes a big difference. Another pro is that the stock heatsink manages to keep it safe / cool. Though, I DO want a aftermarket CPU fan which will happen sooner or later, I'll assure you that you'd probably won't NEED one unless if you're buying a 3570k and plan on OCing because the temperatures the stock heatsink manages to deliver is completely acceptable for what it is. With 14% load, this manages to stay at 34C, while with 99% load it manages to stay at 56C. Though, the temperatures aren't the BEST THING EVER, they work, including for the heatsink that comes with the CPU. In general, I am completely satisfied with what I bought here.

Cons: I currently can't think of one that I've experience with it so far. ....I can't use it as a grill?

Overall Review: I would say that the pricing CAN be a Con, but there's defiantly nothing wrong with buying an AMD APU if the 3570 isn't in your price range! if you can though, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to buy one.

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So easy, a caveman can do it easier than me11/12/2013 11:52:49 PM

Pros: It basically is what it is, it's 8GBs of fresh DDR3 memory for your motherboard. Though, I was thinking about going with 16GBs, I figured that I'd be much better to start with 8GBs and moved to 16GBs once I actually needed it! It has an XMP profile built in (is that how you refer it as?) so you can easily get the best out of your memory, though, the difference in 1333MHz vs 1600MHz hasn't been too noticeable in gaming for me, I've noticed a speedy difference in FL Studio when it comes to opening bridged plugins after being temporarily disabled, and I like that, because it's much better than having to deal with FL freezing for a few seconds and hoping that Windows just doesn't close it because I accidentally double clicked after opening the plugin which would happen before I moved to a built desktop. Also, it's Blue! I friggin' love blue.

Cons: Though, this is coming from someone who used these two sticks for his first build ever, these were terrifying to place in the RAM slots of a MSI ZH77A-G43. I would of thought it would of consisted of a 1-2-click thing but it'd occasionally refuse to just get in there, in which I had to almost force it in until I see that both sides are completely locked which REALLY got me afraid for my motherboard's well-being when it came to it looking like it was bending. This is more necessarily a personal problem most likely since I'm a weakling, but I do kind of feel obligated to take an egg off for that since I was literally scared for my life about just forcing both sides in the slots. Nothing went wrong afterwards though, Maybe I'm just caught up in the people who usually tell beginners about how you should be very delicate with your parts because a small bend can break something...

Overall Review: Take note, Blue is a Panty Dropper Color.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you like the color and the memory kit is working well in your system. With 8GB of DDR3-1600 CL8, gaming and FL Studio should be very fast and smooth. This is a high performance memory kit that is not only for gaming, but it is perfect for professionals that can take advantage of it as well. With regards to fitment, some times it may take a couple tries and swapping around, but as long as you firmly press down on each end the RAM should click right in. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum: