Very Fast Delivery by 3C Expert9/25/2020 11:34:17 AM

Overall Review: I am using these for the Raspberry PI 4b and Raspbian. The extra space (over 16G) is important. The price for this extra space is reasonable. Thanks.

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First class, Best in breed, Great price9/23/2020 2:44:11 PM

Pros: Huge Capacity, Fast Speed (great for large HD video), Great Price, Works with Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi 4b, Works with NTFS (awesomely)

Overall Review: I love this flash drive. It's fast and affordable, with awesome capacity. I have used it with both NTFS and EXT4. It works better with NTFS, but that's because EXT4 was never intended to work on a flash drive. It's probably better to use NTFS on a drive this size, because this provides good recovery and handles very large files. The read speed is amazing.

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Very Nice6/26/2020 9:07:51 AM

Overall Review: It works well with my USB 3.0 network, and it doesn't draw much power. This size and speed of flash drive works great for playback of large videos.

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Large power block, 4 amps, great for connecting multiple external HDs6/24/2020 1:13:45 PM

Pros: I love the high-amperage of this unit. I am using it to attach four external HDs to a RaspberryPi4 NFS server. Each external HD uses up to 1 amp of current. It is hard to find a good USB3.0 hub that is powered, let alone one with sufficient power to handle this many connected drives.

Cons: The bad part is the silly power switch and the way the power temporarily disconnects if you try to use the two top ports. Luckily, I won't be needing the top two ports or the power switch. Not everyone uses a USB hub to charge their "devices". Some of us need hubs to connect non-chargeable devices that draw a good bit of power and absolutely require continuous power. I hope that Wavlink considers this situation an opportunity to offer another version of their USB 3.0 hub, one not intended to charge devices, but rather to power multiple external HD and SSD drives. No switches or disconnects, just a continuous supply of sufficient power.

Overall Review: Overall good, I just don't like the fancy switching stuff. It makes what should be a solid, simple device overly complicated and prone to problems.

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