Most Elegant Case I've Ever Seen10/15/2018 9:18:33 AM

Pros: I pre-ordered this case and they told me the ETA was 10/27. I surprisingly received the case over this last weekend. 2 weeks early. Lets get to the meat and potatoes: - Packaging was almost perfect. Enough foam and protection inside the box to prevent the glass from breaking or scratching the case if you were unfortunate enough to have careless fedex handlers. The box was a little bent, however the Case was untouched due to the packaging material inside. Good on you, Phanteks. - Plenty, and I mean PLENTY of space inside the case. You can definitely tell, they made it with water cooling in mind. There's also plenty of space and organization for cable management. I didn't realize how large the case is until it was out of the box. Its pretty Huge. That's a good thing. For me, anyways. - The color is well beyond my expectations (Antracite Gray). It looks really clean and elegant. Not too light and not too dark in color. Right in the middle. - The front is a huge improvement for airflow. And the quick detachable front is a bonus. It comes with 3 fans already in the case as well as a box assorted of extra thumb screws and misc screws that will come in handy in case one is lost.

Cons: - The only Con I can see, is the vertical GPU mount. Its really close to the glass, so it may restrict airflow. If you're GPU is going to be on water, you'll have no worries. If you're like me and the GPU is on air, you should also be fine, if you're not doing anything extreme for OC'ing and just using it out of the box for gaming. Another way to solve this is to just buy an aftermarket vertical GPU Mount by Phanteks, or Cooler Master to bring it closer to the MOBO and problem solved. This isn't really a con for me as it is moreso feedback. I honestly see absolute 0 cons with this case.

Overall Review: I'd definitely recommend this case. Good product, Phanteks.

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