Works fine on Windows 10. Native support for Mac OS4/20/2018 1:23:21 PM

Pros: Supported by Mac OS natively! No issues with this card. Windows 10 drivers have been released, but you do need to install download and install them. And lol that requires an internet connection.

Cons: An antenna broke pretty easily. Put it together with scotch tape and signal wasn't negatively impacted but was kind of frustrating that I put the computer on the side and boom broken antenna.

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So far so good7/16/2011 6:52:37 PM

Pros: Works just fine in the Canon Rebel t2i

Cons: It's a class 4 card, while that's fast enough for HD video and taking lots of pictures, it's not very speedy if you want to use it to transfer lots of files... I get about 4 MB a sec.

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Works as advertised7/16/2011 6:50:12 PM

Pros: * Works as fast as you would expect from USB 2.0

Cons: * It's USB 2.0. This is clearly advertised, but many modern hard drives are capable of transferring data much faster than USB 2.0 is capable of transferring.

Overall Review: I'm not sure about the power saving options, the drive does seem to spin down when not in use though. I hooked this up to my home wireless router for use with TimeMachine. The USB 2.0 isn't a bottleneck in this case, the wireless is, so it's no trouble.

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Decent little router7/16/2011 6:47:25 PM

Pros: * It works great with all my laptops in the house. Got decent speeds throughout all 3000 sqft. * Easy setup, no power cable required, great for traveling. * Printer sharing easy to configure and effective.

Cons: * Doesn't support dual band. * Speeds are not nearly as close to the Apple Airport Extreme Base station. * I read that you could share disks with this device, but was unable to get it to work (it didn't show in the airport config utility, but it does on my Airport Extreme Base station)

Overall Review: Get it for use on the road. Or for extending your wireless network. For heavier home use, I would recommend going for the Airport Extreme. I didn't try AirTunes, but it seems like a neat feature.

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Great processor, but supplied heat-sink is awful5/16/2011 9:29:40 AM

Pros: Processor runs extremely fast, I can re-encode my DVDs between 100-200fps depending on the video complexity / de-interlacing settings / etc. Enough performance to do everything I want to do, and then some.

Cons: Knocked off an egg for stock cooler, it was simply terrible. Processor easily shot up to 100c (which then, fortunately, caused the motherboard to down-clock the processor) when running full throttle, no over-clocking. Replaced with ARTIC COOLER freezer pro 7 rev 2 ( and knocked off about 25c on idle and keeps temperature below 80c when processor running at full throttle.

Overall Review: This processor runs hot. You'll want adequate cooling for it for sure or you won't be happy with the speeds you get. While my processor was able to run stable at 100c, it certainly was running slower (about 1/3rd it's capacity of in my experience), and I've read that running at > 80c for these processors is not recommended and can damage the processor.

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Great drives5/16/2011 9:20:24 AM

Pros: Runs quiet and cool, allowing me to comfortably install 3 in the same tower without adding much thermal load. In a room at 20c, the drives run around 34c. Have measured around 130 MB/sec when bulk writing.

Cons: * Takes a while to spin up * 5400 RPM drive, random reads/writes are slower * Doesn't come with nuclear reactor.

Overall Review: These aren't meant to be high-performance drives in terms of transfer speeds. The best use of the drive is likely to store large amounts of media and to backup.

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Great cable5/16/2011 9:16:11 AM

Pros: Perfectly clear signal at 1080p

Cons: Not made of silly-putty.

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Amazing!5/13/2011 9:13:53 PM

Pros: Took my Idle temp from ~60C to ~44C. I could easily max out temp before when running all cores at 100% at 100C (that's hot, gentlemen), in which case the cpu would down step in order to prevent damage. Now, I can't heat the processor above 78C when running all cores 100%, so my CPU runs at full power all the time. I am happy.

Cons: It's pretty tall and instructions were a little vague. Wasn't clear about how much to screw down... consensus seems to be "not all the way" but would be nice if manual made it clear.

Overall Review: I have a core i7 and was using the stock fan that it came with. When I finally installed a cpu temp monitoring and saw my cpu was idling at 68C I though something was seriously wrong with my processor. And got nervous that I was going to cause damage by allowing it to run at 100C for an extended period of time... it just doesn't sound like a good idea (even though I suppose these processors are designed to be able to withstand the heat... I'm sure it could help decrease the longevity to do so). I've never purchased and upgrade heat-sink, but I'm blown away by this one and what a difference it can make. CPU is running MUCH faster due to not having to cut power due to thermal load now.

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Works great out of the box for Mac OS X5/11/2011 1:10:26 PM

Pros: Has a Cambridge Silicon Radio chipset, so Mac OS X detects and uses this without any additional drivers.

Cons: I can't seem to get my bluetooth devices to wake the mac using this... not sure why. Had to put it on usb extension cable so radio exposed line-of-site in front because of poor reception when plugged into the back of a tower.

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Great drive, works as advertised5/11/2011 1:07:33 PM

Pros: It's fast enough for what I use it for (we wanted to rid our living room of the dvd clutter so we've ripped all of our DVDs to this drive). Speeds are decent, but I haven't benchmarked them. Seems to operate quiet and cool.

Cons: Not a 7200RPM drive?

Overall Review: The goal of this drive is not to be the fastest drive on the market, but a highly power efficient drive. If you are concerned about thermal load in your case or have other components (high-end cpus and video cards / multiple drives) in your case, it may be worth considering.

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Great card, does all I want it to5/11/2011 12:53:14 PM

Pros: Runs flawlessly on my osx86 PC. Plays Crysis 2 at 1080p on default settings quite nicely. Runs portal 2 at 1080p at full settings also nicely.

Cons: Mail in rebates stink, but at least it's there.

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As said elsewhere, solid buy4/21/2011 9:25:42 AM

Pros: This is my second Rosewill power supply, it's hard to go wrong with them. solid build, high-quality cables, enough length to reach the corners of your case.

Cons: None that are obvious.

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Beautiful tower, plenty of space and extra screws4/21/2011 9:22:03 AM

Pros: Plenty of space, extra screws, Great circulation

Cons: The chassis fans aren't thermal responsive. Instead, you have two little switches (inside of the case) which you can use to control the fan speed: high, medium, low. Fortunately, the fans run quiet on medium mode and it seems to be enough air to keep my equipment cool.

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Great inverter4/15/2011 10:14:11 AM

Pros: No fan but still runs pretty cool. Very convenient size.. fits in our cup holder just as advertised. The bonus USB port is a great feature.

Cons: None

Overall Review: We have used other inverters and they would draw so much power that it'd blow our 20amp fuse... so we've always had to pack along extras (pulling over and replacing when it would happen). So far, it hasn't happened with this inverter running the same electronics as on the other one.

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4/15/2011 10:11:52 AM

Pros: Charges my G2 and iPod touch just fine

Cons: Umm.. 2 ports instead of more?

Overall Review: I have another USB charger (generic, cheap one) that charges my G2 but DOES NOT my iPod touch.. so this is a win here.

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It does the job well1/19/2011 2:15:43 PM

Pros: It displays a picture. It looks nice. 120 Hz seems to make a difference for Blu-ray videos, watching Inception on Blu-ray using this TV was pretty amazing.

Cons: No audio out port (RCA). It would be nice if it had one, So if you're like me and don't have a stereo amplifier that receives HDMI audio input. There's no way to use the TVs speakers with VGA input. It's simply impossible.

Overall Review: I'm not a television buff, I'm just happy to have a television that I don't have to smack every 30 seconds to remove the static snow effect (old television owners will know exactly what I'm talking about).

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Dead after 4 weeks, damaging computer1/19/2011 2:09:26 PM

Pros: Cheap?

Cons: After four weeks of use, the power supply decided to give out. It started to shoot sparks, crackling and popping, and then giving out completely. I'm not entirely sure what provoked it, we used it in a PC that we used to watch Netflix/YouTube/etc. The computer is only running one 5600 RPM hard drive, a DVD ROM drive, a Pentium 4 processor, and an old ATI graphics card. Perhaps that was too much load for it? I didn't think that would be. Anyways, I lucked out. The only component that the power supply took with it to its grave was a 10-year-old sound card I had in the computer.

Overall Review: From now on, I will be purchasing no more cheap power supplies. I've replaced it with a Rosewell 680 W power supply. So far so good.

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