Nice-Fast-Reliable3/31/2011 2:15:23 PM

Pros: You decide the drive size - I through a 1TB drive in it. Pretty straight forward GUI Small Quiet - you can't even hear the small fan. I noisy drive will create a lot of noise - but this is not the NAS' fault since there are no other moving parts except the fan and drive you chose. You can set up users and groups and set this up so a whole group will have the same rights. I'm not using this since I have a Windows Home Server with all the rights already set. This is just a backup device for me.

Cons: Slow initial formatting of 1TB drive The user manual and GUI is not really setup for the novice user. The manual does not go into any real details as to the three different formatting options other than some key points as "recommendations." Not a big deal, but most people will be able to set this up without too much confusion.

Overall Review: I read the first review and there are so many factors that dictate speed (network usage, NIC cards, cabling (Cat5, 5e or 6), CPU usage, switch capabilities, number of switches, etc). I did not call call their tech support, but I am happy with this NAS. I have had the drive for about a month and it's backing up files off from a Window's Home Server as a disaster recovery effort. I'd be happier if I could get that automated, but that is a project for another day since WHS does not inherently support that operation. I ran speed tests using "LAN Speed Test" ver 1.1.5, writing a 100 meg file and a 100 meg NIC card: Writing: 38.24 Mbps Reading: 31.39 Mbps I then tried the same test with a 1 gig NIC card/different computer: Test#1 Writing: 57.3 Mbps Reading: 68.8 Mbps #2 W: 27.4 Mbps R: 45.2 Mbps #3 W: 59.2 Mbps R: 72.5 Mbps Wireless g (54 meg) NIC/3rd computer: W: 10.4/7.2 Mbps R: ???/4.7 Mbps All in all, I would recommend this to my friends for a nice no

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Works Great - Carries Sound12/29/2010 10:17:21 AM

Pros: Carries audio with the correct video card Great picture Thick - sturdy cable

Cons: Thick and sturdy cable - can be difficult to hide. No others

Overall Review: I bought a G-Force video card that had HDMI output after purchasing this card. The DVI cable delivered great Dobly sound. Unfortunately, the sound was solely through the G-Force card and I had no sound on my system speakers. I removed the G-Force card and am using the ASUS MB DVI out for this and a VGA out to a monitor for local (non media center) use. Works great. I am running XP x64 Pro.

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