not for everyone8/26/2011 1:48:51 AM

Pros: Sturdy, well engineered, quality materials, metal screwhole threads for repeated assembly, good base concept

Cons: Lacks positioning adjustments, keyboard tray interferes with mousepads, turns padded armrests into hard plastic, screw covers are necessary for arm comfort but difficult to remove for screw adjustment, mousepad is narrow, mousepad surface does not appear to be replaceable, mousepad surface was poorly applied to both armrest attachments

Overall Review: I tried this on two very different chairs, both with unsatisfactory results. There is no way to adjust the mobo attachment independent of the armrest. If the armrest or chair slope at all, your mouse will slide, forcing you to grip it tightly. If the armrest padding is uneven, the Mobo attachment will tilt. If the arms are too high or low with the attachment, your mouse will be too. If there is no vertical column to anchor the Mobo attachment, a little pressure will cause the Mobo to slide off the arm. Buy only if you have a long, wide, and completely level armrest with non-contoured surfaces available underneath. The keyboard tray sits freely on top of the mousepads, so any tilt will carry over to it as well. It cuts into the available mouse area. It can weigh down the mouse pads even if they're mounted evenly. If the arms are too far apart, it will shift during use. It's a shame, because always having the mouse at arm's reach is a great aid for good posture and comfort

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WARNING, HD6850 will not work with 2 VGA displays1/30/2011 5:46:01 PM

Pros: fast, very quiet, well constructed, excellent graphics

Cons: One of the two DVI ports is incompatible with older monitors using VGA displays, even with a VGA-DVI adapter attached. You'll need at least one true digital monitor or an expensive VGA-DVI converter box to use two monitors at once. This is a hardware limitation of the AMD design and will affect other brands and models in this card series.

Overall Review: ASUS's rebate service sends Visa debit cards rather than checks for amounts over $10. The fan hood overlaps the card's power connector a bit, but there's enough free space for the release lever from my Seasonic power supply's cord. Shouldn't be a problem for most people.

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