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It technically works8/16/2020 5:37:54 AM

Overall Review: So here's the thing, it's a cheap plastic laptop mat. It keeps my hot laptop off my legs, which is the bare minimum it needs to do, and about all its capable of. The fans are very quiet, because they don't do anything. I've moved more air with a fart than these fans-- two of them!-- can push. I have noticed precisely zero difference in temperature with the fans on vs off, so I just leave it unplugged-- not worth dealing with the extra USB plug jutting out the side of my computer. Also, the fans only hit the top third of the cooler. If your computer builds up heat anywhere else, it will stay hot. The construction overall is... not good. The plastic is cheap and very flimsy, I feel like I'm going to snap it every time I pick it up. The edges of the plastic that meet the fabric are very sharp. They also happen to be the only edges which come into contact with your skin. All the edges on the *inside* of the mat are nicely rounded off, very pleasant, but when you put it on your lap, it digs into your skin. The fabric is also terrible. It feels like the cheap microfiber that makes my skin crawl. I was hoping for a nice, soft surface that's comfortable to use on a bare lap. No such luck. Additionally, the rubber feet on the top of the mat that are supposed to hold your laptop in place... don't. It might just be my particular computer, but it's all but impossible to use this thing in any position other than sitting flat on a stable surface. I really wish I'd paid more for something nicer. As it stands, I guess I'm making a new fabric cover, shaving down the edges, replacing the fans, and installing a fan control circuit.

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BSoD in Windows 7 x641/28/2014 2:15:43 PM

Pros: It was the cheapest IDE controller I could find.

Cons: It causes Windows 7 to blue screen with an error message about IRQL and RAID drivers. It did it randomly until I manually removed the RAID drivers, but it still does it occasionally when resuming from hibernation or sleep. It also doesn't seem to want to boot from an IDE CD drive, even though it detects it fine, and it works once an OS is booted. The included CD has the manual for this card, but no driver. It's got drivers for thirty-odd devices, but not this one. The drivers they have for download on their website all give a message that they can't find a compatible device.

Overall Review: I really wish I would have got something more expensive, or even a SATA to IDE adapter. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with it, and my IDE drives. I can't wait til I can afford new drives, then I'll smash this stupid card with a hammer.

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