Works Great Must Use The Included Driver8/28/2018 8:01:27 PM

Pros: I’ve been using this WiFI adapter for some time now. I’ve mostly used this adapter on my gaming computer, and it has performed better then I expected. I do highly suggest you install the drivers from the disk or go online and download the driver. Once you do that, then you will be all set to use this adapter. Doing everyday tasks this is a suitable adapter. It will pick up devices reasonably far away. Now you don’t have to have it plugged into a USB 3.0 port if you don’t want too, it will still work great with USB 2.0 you won't get the full speed out of the adapter. For me it’s not that big of a deal, I mostly only need that speed when doing local network transfers. Now for gaming, you should always use a wired connection, but this adapter works pretty well, compared to others I’ve used in the past. But also wireless technology is getting better. So you shouldn’t notice that big of a difference with your ping. I would highly recommend this adapter if you need an excellent powerful WiFi adapter.

Cons: The only issue I have is with the drivers. The Plug and Play driver Windows uses for this adapter is terrible. That is why I say you have to use the included driver on the disk or download it from their website. Other then that, the adapter gets hot very fast.

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Works Great For Data Backups!8/8/2018 8:30:49 PM

Pros: If you do a lot of computer work, then it is something you need to get. I’ve used it for about 2 to 3 weeks, doing my monthly backups and I have to say, it performed great. Now, I haven’t tried the offline cloning; I’m not real sure I trust it that much to do that. But that wasn’t why I wanted this docking station. What made me interested in it was the fact you a plug two drives in at the same time and access them, and it has extra ports on it that you can use for IO for your computer. However, when using the device you will notice the fast speed of the USB 3.0, but do keep in mind that If you are copying data to two drives at once, then you will see about half the speed. However, it’s not noticeable when you are copying small files. However, it is nice to have two extra USB ports and micro/standard SD Card slots. If you want to charge your phone, it has two high powered USB ports for charging. Overall, this is a nice dock if you do many data transfers or have to access bare hard drives a lot!

Cons: The only issue I have is something when you plug a drive into the dock you have to restart the dock. I have only used this dock with MacOS so it could be something to do with that. Another thing I don’t really like is it would have been nice to be able to use the charging ports as regular USB 3.0 ports too.

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Easy to Set Up and Fast7/15/2018 9:42:41 PM

Pros: I have wanted to get a WiFi extender for a while now, and since I’m moving my room across the house, I wanted an easy way to get at least a wired connection in that room. So I decided to pick this extender up, what I liked about it was it had Gigabit Ethernet ports on it. It only has one you can use to extend your network, wish there was a setting to change that. But the setup was very easy. All you have to do is connect to the network the extender is broadcasting and go to the address that is on the back of the unit. Once you are there the setup wizard will walk you through the process of setting up it up. Once it gets to the point where it asks you if you want to set the extender up as a Network Gateway (Which is recommended) or a Bridge; I had to set up mine with a bridge, so I would be able to access my server which is on my network. With my internet speed not being the fastest, I noticed no slow down when connected to the extender. However, the only slow down I noticed was when accessing my server, If I’m directly connected to the network with or without Wi-Fi, I can get about 800 megabits a second, whereas when I’m connected to the extender, it gets about 700 megabits. Not the significant change and I will be able to survive with it. Overall, if you are wanting and WiFi extender I would recommend this one to anyone that is wanting one, it’s decently priced and performs very well. The range of this extender pretty decent. I can access it from the other side of the house if I wanted to.

Cons: The only issue I see that could arise is you will probably never get any firmware updates for this unit.

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Worked Great To Replace My 4 Year Old Hub4/20/2018 8:39:33 PM

Pros: I like the idea of each port having an on and off button. The Hub has an excellent quality power adapter. Had no issues with it when using External Hard Drives.(was only using one or two at a time) Works Great on OS X and Windows Charges Devices Pretty fast when using the power adapter. Nice rubber feet to keep the hub from moving. High-Quality material.

Cons: The only thing I didn't like about the hub is it comes with a short cable for the computer. At first, it was a little confusing to understand if the power switches were on or off. Very Slow Shipping

Overall Review: I would highly recommend getting this hub if you are just needed a hub for extra ports. In the past, I have contacted support and support is fantastic and helpful. I would also like to see different colors of this hub too. Overall I enjoy this hub, and just like the title, this has replaced my 4-year-old hub.

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10/26/2015 7:44:52 PM

Pros: Fast Charging Smart Charging Technology 2.4 Amp Ports Comes With Micro USB Cable

Cons: The OTG Technology needs to be explained more in the manual.

Overall Review: Are you in need of a nice USB Charger? Well you may what to take a look at this charger. Plus, this isn’t just a USB charger. This charger has OTG technology that allows you to have a flash drive or external hard drive plugged in to the charger where you can save or read data off of it if you have a Windows 8 Device or Android device. But the manual that comes with the device doesn’t really explain the technology. Other than that the charging ports on the charger has smart charging technology where it detects how fast to charge your device and protects the device from overcharging. And all charging ports on the device are 2.4-amp charge ports. Overall the charger works great. It has charged every device I’ve thrown at it. I would really recommend this to anyone that needs a nice charger. One thing I wish Qicent would do is make the manual better explain the OTG technology. "I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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10/8/2015 8:34:24 PM

Pros: 5 2.4 Amp USB Ports 6 Grounded Outlets Surge Protection Smart Charging for USB Ports Nice Long Power Cord

Cons: When I first got the surge protector It didn’t work like it should. For some reason it would only power on a few minutes then turn back off. Then all of a sudden it started to work like it should.

Overall Review: "I was provided with this item at a discounted price for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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7/10/2015 6:48:29 PM

Pros: Smart Charging Technology, Super Fast Charging, Great for Vacations

Cons: Would be nice if their was different colors

Overall Review: Are you going on a vacation and need to charge 4 devices in your car? If you do this is the right device for you get. Its cheap and it just works. Its got the SI Technology where it detects the device’s maximum charge speed, protects it from over charging and overheating. The overall design of the charger is neat. Because its angled where it works great for cars that have the cigarette lighter facing up. It makes it easier to keep all the cables nice and neat. I would really recommend this to anyone that it looking to get a car charger for their phone or tables. The only thing Trond could do is make this device in different colors. "I was provided with this item at a discounted price for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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7/8/2015 9:19:23 PM

Pros: Plug and Play Easy To Use Aluminum

Cons: Only major issue is it covers up other ports when plugged in. Specially on the Macbook.

Overall Review: So are you needing both a headphone and microphone jack on your laptop. Well this might be the product for you. But if you have a Macbook you might want to take a look at something else. Because if you use it with a Macbook you wouldn’t be able to use any of the other ports that are left or right from the USB Port you decide to plug the adapter in. I have a 2012 model and once you plug the adapter in it covers part of the SD Card Slot and the other USB port or the thunderbolt port. This is also the case for other laptops if you have 2 USB ports right next to each other. Other than that the adapter is built with aluminum and it makes the adapter look really professionally made. But it’s a little of a disappointment if you really need an adapter like this but its to big and it covers you other ports up. If Trond maybe put both of the headphone and microphone jacks closer together on the device, it might not cover up other ports. One way Trond could fix this problem is including a small USB extension cord. Overall if you need an adapter and don’t need to use it a lot then its great. But since it covers up other ports that you might need you might want to look for something a little bit smaller. "I was provided with this item at a discounted price for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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Great For On The Go6/30/2015 9:17:09 PM

Pros: Aluminum, Great For Laptops, Great to Take with you anywhere,

Cons: Whish the USB Cable could detach, And that is the only major Con about this product.

Overall Review: So are you looking for a nice USB 3.0 hub for no the go? Well this is what you need. The Trond USB hub is great to be a portable hub for your laptop. Why it is great to have when you are on the road is because it has a nice short USB cable to connect the hub. That is major reason this hub would be great because you can’t really use this for anything else the USB cable is really short. What Trond should have done is made it where you detach the cable and use another size. Other than that hub works just like it supposed to. The only issue I found in it was that it doesn’t work well with the Logitech wireless receiver for the their keyboard. I was having a lot of issues with my keyboard not typing and I had the receiver plugged in to the hub and after plunging it into another USB 3.0 hub it started to work again. So I guess the firmware on the hub has an issue with the Logitech Wireless receivers. But overall the quality of this hub is really awesome. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a small hub for their laptop or need a hub when they travel. "I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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Great To Have Anywhere6/30/2015 9:11:04 PM

Pros: Looks Nice, Charges Fast, Has All Smart USB Charge Ports, Great for Charging multiple devices.

Cons: Needs a white edition

Overall Review: Do you have a place in your office where you charger all your devices? If you do you probably have a wall charger that has 5 USB Ports. If you do that usually takes up both plugs because its so big. Well, with the Prime Mini you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With the Prime Mini you get 2 grounded plugs and 5 Smart USB Charging ports. You can also use this as a 2 outlet surge protector. This makes a great product to have if you have to charge 5 or more devices and still use the outlet at the same time. Also all 5 USB Ports are 2.4 amp so it will charge your device faster if you have a device that supports charging at 2.4 amps. I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to charge up to 5 devices at the same time without having to have a big 5 port charger. I think the grounded outlets are a plus with this product. If you need them they are their. "I was provided with a free copy of this item for testing and my fair and honest evaluation”

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12/28/2011 8:06:55 PM

Pros: It was very easy to set up. Has a nice easy program to use.

Cons: In about 2 months I started having problems with it. It was making my internet very slow. It got to the point were it had to be reset every week. Had to fight Linksys to replace it. There support was no help they told me to do things that I done many of times. The signal is very low. You can be in the next room by it and you have half of signal.

Overall Review: One thing is I will never buy another Linksys Router ever again.

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