Great screen, but out of range is annoying9/10/2014 10:02:38 AM

Pros: G-Sync is awesome, and the buttery smoothness of 120-144hz is just amazing. In addition to that, this is the only monitor that out of the box, is able to achieve those high refresh rates at 2560x1440. Input lag feels non-existent. Colors are pretty decent, not as good as IPS, but far from bad. The monitor stand is excellent. The rear buttons are very simple to use and the joystick is perfect for making quick adjustments.

Cons: Out of range error message often, currently requires unplugging/replugging the displayport cable to fix (very annoying) Backlight is a little uneven, and you will see some colorshift on solid color backgrounds if you look for it. ULMB mode brightness is pretty low, but usable.

Overall Review: The first few days of gaming I had no issues at all. Only after about a week did I start to get the out of range message. Unplugging and replugging the displayport cable is annoying. Hopefully they are able to fix this in an update in the near future.

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A very handy device10/30/2012 6:09:50 AM

Pros: It works perfect. Build quality seems pretty good. I really like the on/off switch to turn on/off whatever you have plugged into this handy device. Has a blue power LED light and White access/read LED, which is also handy to tell if a drive is even working.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I often work on computers for family/friends, this device is very handy to have near by. For netbooks I can use this to access a dvd drive, with laptops it's nice to be able to copy over OS to a new drive/ssd. Also works great to trouble shoot stubborn HDDs that won't boot anymore, you can at least hook this up to another machine and try to salvage some files easily. Overall it's a great product.

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Works fine for me8/1/2012 1:06:42 PM

Pros: Small, and doesn't get in the way of neighboring USB ports. Blinks blue so you know it's working.

Cons: Range is far from great. I expected it to be much better, or at least close to my other "standard size" usb wifi adapter. The added software is not for everyone. I prefer the windows default wireless utility.

Overall Review: The range isn't the best in the world on these, but it fulfills my needs, so I didn't knock off any eggs. I bought two of these, the one in my HTPC seems to have decent speed. I've had no issues streaming 1080p video. Speed tests show around 9 meg download which is pretty much all that I get from my cable modem. At the normal list price, I'd avoid these, but for 66% off, they are a great deal.

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Great Upgrade for Work Laptop8/1/2012 9:07:27 AM

Pros: Plugged in and no configuration was required and these are running 1600mhz on my thinkpad.

Cons: Can't see the cool gold stickers when none really.

Overall Review: I upgraded my lenovo thinkpad L420 with this 8GB kit. It had 4GB factory and with my work I was maxxing that out, so I figured it was time for an upgrade. Now my ram usage floats around 62% usage so this did the trick for me. Not to mention its faster then the stock ram. This is running at 1600mhz for me with 9-9-9-24 timings showing. I did no configuring at all. Windows score before was 5.9 with stock ram, this RAM boosted it up to 7.5 I can say I'm very pleased with this purchase.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
HAD Firmware Issues5/8/2012 12:48:35 PM

Pros: First off this mouse looks great. So smooth and glossy. Feels a lot like my other Naga mouse. Button response is good, and feels right. I like the 2 relocated top buttons that were on the upper left of the old naga left click. They are much easier to access behind the mouse wheel.

Cons: Razer auto firmware update hasn't been working correctly for this mouse. If your mouse fails the update, don't fight with it, just contact Razer. They'll get you fixed up. Other then that, I wish they made a blue version.

Overall Review: I had an issue with the firmware update for this mouse. It failed and I tried to fix it, ended up with what I thought was a bricked mouse. My pc wouldn't recognize the mosue at all. After some chatting with Razer support, I had it back up and running fine.

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OK on Sata II, SUPERB on Sata III2/22/2012 1:01:27 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. Had to change my bios to AHCI (old p965 board), then installed W7 64bit with no issues at all. On sata II, I wasn't impressed much with it's performance. On a new board with sata III however, it made me realize what I had been missing out on.

Cons: Don't care for the case it's in much, feels a little cheap, but for the price, I can't complain. No 3.5 drive bay adapter...

Overall Review: On my old sata II board, this thing was scoring the same as my WD Black 1TB drives (WEI of 5.9) When I put my new rig together I put this on a sata III port and wow did it make a huge difference. Now it gets 7.7 on WEI. Crystal disk mark SEQ writes jumped from 160mb/s to over 290mb/s I only install games to this drive. I figure that might extend the life of the drive (time will tell). Windows loads fast enough already with my Raid-0 setup, I just wanted my games to load quicker, and they do now. I did use it for a couple weeks as an OS drive, and had no issues. I switched it to a game drive to maybe prolong it's life. my current setup Asus P8P67-Deluxe Mobo Intel i7-2600k @ 4.8GHz Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8GB 1600mhz (2GBx4) SanDisk SSD 120GB WD Black 1TB x2 WD Green 2TB storage drive XFX Radeon 6950 2GB Reference Model 700w ABS PSU HAF X blue edition case Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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exactly what I wanted2/20/2012 10:06:38 AM

Pros: Board works great. Feels like good quality construction. I really like the uefi bios, Overclocking is a breeze on this board. Even the auto-oc is good. The AI suite software is very cool. No 3rd party software needed to monitor voltages/temps. SataIII ports work great. Raid setup was crazy easy compared to older bios. Overall I'm very pleased with this board.

Cons: The new bios takes a few minutes to get used to....but once you figure it out, you'll love it.

Overall Review: This board has been awesome so far. I spent the first week just playing around with the overclocking options. It was so easy to OC my 2600k to 4.8GHz and temps are acceptable (24c@idle - 34c@normal use/gaming) I already had a 120GB sataII SSD, on my old board (sataII) I was only able to get 190mb/s on crystal disk mark and 5.9 Windows score. With this board and the same ssd in a sataIII port, it's getting 308mb/s and 7.7 Windows score. Also my video card performance has improved. I've gained about 15fps over my old board/cpu combo. (q6600 @3.4GHz, P965 MB) Asus P8P67-Deluxe Intel i7-2600k cpu Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1600mhz DDR3 8GB (4x2gb) Xfx Radeon HD-6950 2GB Ref SanDisk 120GB SSD WD Black 1TB x2 in raid-0 WD Green 2TB storage drive Hyper 212 Evo Cooler 700w ABS PSU LiteON CD/DVD drive HAF-X Blue Edition Case

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Pretty Blue Lights2/20/2012 7:11:20 AM

Pros: The LEDs are just awesome. M.O.D. utility is really nice and easy to use (I like that you can control the brightness of the LEDs through M.O.D.). The heatsinks are short, which I like. Temps seem to run cool.

Cons: One stick has had half of the LEDs stick on (not flashing like the rest) a couple of times so far. Not sure if this is meant or not. I can go into MOD and change the pattern and it will reset it. It's not happened in the past couple weeks though, could have been a fluke. This doesn't affect the functionality of the RAM though, so no minus.

Overall Review: I've been wanting some of these for over a year now. Finally broke down and bought some with my new build. My motherboard set them at 1600mhz automatically. Asus P8-P67-Deluxe Intel i7-2600k @ 4.8Ghz Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8GB (4x2GB) Radeon HD-6950 2GB SanDisk 120GB SSD WD Black 1TB x2 WD Green 2TB 700w ABS PSU LiteOn DVD/CD writer HAF-X Blue Edition Tower

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Good *passive* adapter4/15/2011 11:00:40 AM

Pros: It works on my Radeon 6950 video card (see notes) Picture is perfect, no lines, distortion, or discoloration. does up to 1920x1080 resolution

Cons: none so far I do not use audio on my hdmi, so I can't say if/how good it works

Overall Review: I bought this to try out eyefinity on my Xfx 6950 video card. While it does work for adapting mini display to hdmi, it will not work for a 3rd screen. With this hooked up, I could use any combination of 2 of the 3 monitors at one time. But never all 3 at once. I "think" it is because this adapter is passive instead of active (active usually have a usb cord for power).

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Works well Radeon 69503/27/2011 7:30:55 AM

Pros: Was cheap to buy, doesn't feel cheaply made. Works great, so far........will update later if it fails. I do have faith in Diablotek though. 3 year warranty is a plus. Lots of 6-8pin PCIe cables.

Cons: none really One of the prongs where the power cord connects was kind of dirty looking, I cleaned it off with a flat head screwdriver before I hooked anything to it. it wasn't bad, just something I noticed. I wish it was modular, but for the price, you can't complain.

Overall Review: I was weary of buying this PSU once I read through some of the reviews. But so far it has been great. I picked this up to power an AMD Radeon 6950 1GB video card I just upgraded to. My old psu didn't have dual 6pin plugs. I have purchased more then a few Diablotek PSUs to date, I've not had one issue from any of them. A couple of them have been running for around 18 months. The warranty/price was the seeling point to me. My rig (i consider a mild build) consists of Q9600 Core2Quad CPU ECS P-45 Black Series MoBo 8GB DDR2 1066 ram (2GBx4sticks) AMD Radeon 6950 HD Video card 1TB WD Green HDD LiteOn CD/DVD burner x1 Win 7 Ultimate 64bit 2x 120mm LED fans 2x 80mm LED fans This PSU powers everything just fine, I've had no issues at all. I do not overclock on this pc at all, so I can't speak how steady the currents are with overclocking.

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Wife loves it3/27/2011 6:58:10 AM

Pros: XFX LIFETIME WARRANTY, a definite seller for me. Don't forget to register it! Scores a little higher then my xfx 6950 2GB card on some tests....not sure why.... 7.9 windows performance scores, on both desktop/gaming graphics So far it eats every game my wife has thrown at it. Runs farily cool, idle-36c / loaded - 74c $40 in rebates at the time of purchase was nice too!

Cons: Fan is pretty loud at 100%, but while gaming, I have yet to see it run that hard. pretty big card, not really a con, fit in Apevia mid tower with no issues. A mini display port adapter would have been nice.....I didn't need them personally, but still would have been a nice bonus.

Overall Review: I bought this card for my wifes pc, upgraded her tower from an old 8800GTS. She has been amazed at the visual difference from the old card to the 6950. I was trying to install my new card (6950 2gb) and she kept, saying "Oh honey, look at this!! I never seen thsi before!!". This card is overkill for what she plays\does, but I figure it should last her a few years. her pc specs OS - Windows 7 Ulitmate 64-bit Mobo - ECS P45 Black Series CPU - Intel Q9600 Core 2 Quad RAM - 8GB XM2 DDR 1066mhz (4x2GB) Video - XFX 6950 1GB PSU - 650 watt Diablotek Gen II HDD - 1TB WD Green Case - Apevia X-Jupiter (Mid Tower) LCD - Asus 24" (1920x1080)

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Stay away from anything this brand11/23/2010 10:57:44 AM

Pros: It feels well made.........doesn't look too bad either......eject button works nicely.........and it's cheap (for a reason possibly?)

Cons: Hooked it up, powered it on, LED's lit up. Plugged in a hdd, nothing. Rebooted PC, nothing. Turned it off and back on, now no LED lights at all. HDD powers up, but that's about it.

Overall Review: I purchase a LOT of PC products from newegg and other site. In my personal experience, Rosewill has always been on the bottom end of quality. Maybe it's just my luck? I bought this hoping to renew some faith in the company, but alas my feelings have not changed. Hoping for a refund possibly? But we'll see. Newegg still rocks!

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Great WoW Mouse4/27/2010 6:28:43 PM

Pros: Nice blue lights, plenty of buttons, light weight, no skipping, smooth scrolling, and fits my hand just right.

Cons: none really, learning curve to get used to the side buttons isn't so bad, but it does take a day or two.

Overall Review: I use this mouse with WoW, and I don't use the addon for it. It works well without it, I just used the in game key binding to set the number keys for my abilities. Works like a charm. It is a smaller mouse and doesn't fit my husband's hand so great. But he has big hands lol.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Rock Solid4/27/2010 6:16:35 PM

Pros: Feels great, tracks beautifully, scroll wheel feels super smooth, true plug & play, usb and PS/2 adapter.

Cons: only 2 buttons.........but what do you expect for this price

Overall Review: I just picked up 2 of these from the Egg, but I have a few of these mice laying around, all of them still function and a couple of them have been in use for over 5 years. Only the texture has wore down to a glass like finish, and the color faded a bit. These are really rock solid, if your not looking for anything fancy, this is the only way to go.

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bang for the buck!4/27/2010 6:05:36 PM

Pros: PRICE. Lots of room for internal drives. Has great air flow for a case of this price range. I like the gloss black finish on the front. Side panels remove to allow proper mounting of drives.

Cons: I don't like the expansion bay covers in the rear of the tower. You have to bend them back and forth to break them loose, in doing this I bent the metal between 2 of the bays, not a big deal really. The front does fingerprint pretty easy, but that's expected.

Overall Review: I have 2 of these cases I used for pc's at my office. I really like the look of the cases, they are not over the top techy, just sleek and professional. I've not had any problems with the drive door catching, and I use the disc drive often (lite on dvd drives) One of the psu's (700w) I'm using comes pretty close to the dvd drive. There is only about 1 inch between the PSU and the DVD drive, which made the plugs a little hard to connect. Other one is fine (480w).

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Good for a while....7/5/2009 10:53:54 PM

Pros: Nice features, looks pretty lol.

Cons: Worked well for about 2 months. now BSOD's, and sometimes gets suck in constant reboot loops. First I noticed the system32 config files kept dissapearing and causing some serious system issues. so i switched out hard drives, cpu, and ram trying to figure out the issue first, problems persisted. Stuck everything on a new board and works perfect.

Overall Review: I've been a fan of GB boards for years. The pc i'm writing from is on one of their boards and has been running strong for 4 years. Also built many other pc's and never had a issue until now. Basically this board is just junk...STAY AWAY from it.

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Nice Camera2/6/2008 2:20:27 PM

Pros: Easy to install, included all the mounting hardware I needed. The cables are plenty long enough to run the cameras from where ever you like. I also like that it comes with the adapter to change from BNC to a RCA adapter. These cameras are a lot smaller then I had imagined, which is a postive, because they aren't as easily noticed as my other bigger swann cameras.

Cons: Not really much of a con, but I don't like that the cables are made to the camera and there are no way to disconnect them. I had to mount the camera where I wanted it, then drill holes and run the wires through my ceiling, and then route them down the wall to my pc.

Overall Review: I picked up two of these cameras and I must say I am pleased with them. The picture is nice and crisp in sunlight. But when dark outside, the camera works well only up to about 15" so if your wanting to watch outside at night, a light source will help a lot.

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Reply to Tony's review11/26/2007 5:34:40 PM

Pros: Great card. same as before

Cons: same as before

Overall Review: This is mainly a reply to Tony's review below, Yes there is a delay when you hook up a gaming console to this unit. I tried my xbox360 on it and it was unplayable. There is about a 3 sec delay from when you hit a button to when it reacts on screen. So don't plan on using this to play games on your pc screen. There are better way to do that. Also my Vista Ultimate is the 32 bit version and I had no issues.

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Great adapter11/26/2007 5:18:33 PM

Pros: Works well, length is acceptable. Just what you'd expect an adapter to be.

Cons: none

Overall Review: handy to have a few of these laying around. Never know when you'll need them.

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Looks amazing and works the same.11/26/2007 5:17:10 PM

Pros: This keyboard is awesome. It really looks amazing at night when it's lit up. I've had no issues at all with it. Really topped off my gaming build nicely. I personally like the key layout on this board. It's a ot like the standard D3ll keyboards we use at work.

Cons: The 0 key on the num pad is a little dim, but not a big deal to me.

Overall Review: I do game a lot and the keys don't seem to be wearing any more than a normal keyboard would be. This is a really cool looking keyboard. If you've got red/blue/purple lights in your tower, you need this.

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It does help a little.11/26/2007 5:08:49 PM

Pros: Pretty nice looking. Matched the look of my pc. It did boost my signal. Not as much as I would have liked. But going from 1 bar to 2 did help.

Cons: The antenna doesn't transmit the signal 360 degrees, so you have to make sure you have the antenna pointed in the right direction to achieve maximum signal boost. Had to knock off a point for that.

Overall Review: I used this 4dbi antenna for a couple days, then I ordered 2 of the 7dBi antenna's to see if that helped. Even running 2 of the 7dBi antenna's (one on the router and one on the PC) I only got a 2 bar boost. My pc is only about 25 feet away from the router, but the signal has to go through 3 walls, so I'm sure that doesn't help. Started out, I was going from 0 to 1 bar of signal strength (couldn't even connect) now I bounce between 2 and 3, and the internet works fine.

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Cheap Price, but NOT cheap quality11/26/2007 4:59:14 PM

Pros: Hard to beat the price for 2GB of DDR2 Ram. Works like a champ.

Cons: no heatsinks, but I don't plan on overclocking it, so this memory works perfect for me.

Overall Review: I have been using this brand of memory for some time now. I've even turned a few of my friends onto it. I've had 2GB in my laptop for over a year now and never had any issues. My friends who have purchased have been very pleased as well. Just because it's a cheap price, doesn't mean it's cheap quality product. Well, not here anyways. I recommend this memory to anyone who's looking for a cheap performance upgrade.

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Nice Processor11/26/2007 4:49:10 PM

Pros: This processor works well. With the included heatsink it runs at a reasonable temp. Really a good processor for the money.

Cons: only a single core, but it's still decently quick. So not really a con.

Overall Review: I used this in a budget build pc for a friend. It's been running for about 3 months now and has been very stable. If your looking for a decently fast processor but don't want to spend the extra money for a Dual core, you can't beat this.

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Great video card for an amazing price.11/26/2007 4:39:07 PM

Pros: Great video card for the price. Not a full blown gamer card, but very nice for the casual PC user.

Cons: none at all.

Overall Review: I used this in my Dimension 8400 to replace the old ATI X300 card. The graphic improvement was amazing. This is a nice upgrade for some of you who may be looking to upgrade your video and not break the bank.

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Works well with Vista Ultimate11/26/2007 4:34:30 PM

Pros: Great TV Tuner for windows, easy to install, easy to program. Included remote works well, and is a neat add on for your pc. You can schedule it to record your favorite shows similar to a DVR. Also has inputs so you can even hook an aux up to the RCA inputs and turn your old VCR tapes into digital media.

Cons: only problem I've had is when I hit the power button on the remote it turns on/off my xbox360. lol.

Overall Review: I had some issues installing this, not a vista problem, but a user error. I had an older WinTV card I tried to use that wasn't Vista compatable, and when I installed this one, it didn't want to work at first. I ended up removing all the old drivers and software from H@uppauge, and then when I reinstalled everything worked fine.

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