It works!3/2/2019 12:04:20 AM

Pros: Inexpensive and you get what you pay for.

Cons: None

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First love, last love.3/2/2019 12:03:03 AM

Pros: Lovely case. Very roomy for a micro case. Can add radiators on all sides without contacting higher parts of the motherboard (vrm). Airflow is better than most cases but could use some improvements. I added spacers to the front panel which helped.

Cons: Wish it had more slots for 2.5" SSDs. The manual states the rear can fit a 140mm AIO but clearly can not as I have tried. Luckily I had a 120mm to 140mm fan adapter to act as a spacer.

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Drop Jaws!3/1/2019 11:55:52 PM

Pros: Overclocks real well. 3200mhz was very stable with my Ryzen 5 2600 but the 2200G capped at 3066mhz.

Cons: None

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Packs a punch!3/1/2019 11:53:08 PM

Pros: Held up great. Powered a GTX770 as well as a GTX1070 without any issues. Especially with everything overclocked, this guy really did it.

Cons: Just wish it came with 2 pcie cables for more power hungry cards but being 450w I couldn't expect that from this guy.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Looks like a million buck!3/1/2019 11:47:41 PM

Pros: Looks super dope! Easy install! I daisy chained all the molex together since I did not have a fan hub or enough fan headers on my motherboard. These get more attention than anything every time I make a post on FB groups.

Cons: Wish they had better static pressure but what can you expect for $28.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Worth every penny!3/1/2019 11:40:31 PM

Pros: Cool, quiet and sleek. Kept my Ryzen 2200G at 4.3ghz under 70c at load.

Cons: I don't think it is a flaw but the opposing side of heatsink is different from the fan side. I wanted to add another fan for push/pull but I didn't feel it would've been as effective.

Overall Review: I would by this again if needed and have recommended it multiple times to friends and builders.

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10/31/2018 9:42:51 AM

Pros: It’s been 6 months and I’ve had no issues with both my 2200g and 2600. The VRMs are holding up really well as I was able to crank the CPU voltage up to 1.55v which was the board’s limit and ran Prime95 for hours. The bios is simple, straight forward and user friendly especially for first time builders.

Cons: Needs LLC and VRM temperature sensors. Tdie and CPU voltage sensors have an offset of .050 but it’s nothing anyone can not calculate themselves.

Overall Review: I would buy again if needed.

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