Great for the home office.8/5/2018 9:16:54 PM

Pros: The biggest feature this carries is its long lasting Laser Toner. For testing, I (attempted) to deplete the starter cartridge. After about 2500 pages of the letter A filling it, it was still going long with a good amount of toner contained in the cartridge. The second best thing about this printer is ease of connectivity. The windows default printer driver picked this thing up instantly and was ready to go. With its many options inside the web user interface, I was able to lock this thing down to exactly only what I needed. The naming scheme does not allow for spaces in the printer name which means it will remain 100% compatible with the standard windows print servers in Windows Server 2016/2012 (Datacenter and Standard) Power use on this thing is fairly low for most laser printers which makes it a big positive. Duplex mode is another amazing feature that works well. It also works with borderless. The printer works flawlessly with Adobe DC and Windows Fax and scan when most MFP's struggle to operate with it. WPS Mode is included which makes it really easy to setup with WIFI. Ethernet is included too (normal)

Cons: The black is not as deep as I would like in Ink Saving mode. Duplex Mode makes the page take 3 to 4 times as long to print. Receiving the print job is a bit slow compared to most MFPs. This printer is broadcasting on insecure modes on inital setup. Deep Sleep slows the printer down a ton. Turn this off. ID Scan mode is pretty iffy.

Overall Review: The software is quite nice and not as bloated as most MFP software. It is aware when the printer is in sleep mode. Turn off deep sleep.

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Simplistic & Powerful12/1/2015 7:39:02 AM

Pros: * The device comes with an easy to setup gui and at the same time, lets you take control of your network * Dual Band, Multi Channel, Guest SSID. Really, everything you need for every situation. * Speeds are as advertised (~Speed fluctuation is around 5 - 8%) * Typical bottom mounting holes * Typical USB ports * Typical Print Server system * Typical WPS * Typical Parental Controls * IPSEC VPN (This is important for me, as this allows me to connect to work and manage our local servers. This is great!) * Nice Packaging * Has all you need to get started This thing is a solid build design also. Easy to hide too.

Cons: I really wish it had more Ethernet ports. For the more advanced people; there is no Tomato/3rd Party support currently. This is quite disheartening but to be expected at the moment of me writing this

Overall Review: I did the typical speed tests and bench marking I do with routers. This router falls under the "as advertised" category. Nothing really different to report than what is in specs listed. You know what you are buying and that is nice as a consumer.

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DOA x22/8/2015 9:58:35 PM

Pros: TP-LINK's Support is absolutely amazing. I had received 2 DOA products and they shipped a new one to me next day and allowed me to cross ship. Max output from this device came out to be 0.992 Gbps. 802.11ac support is amazing. Thanks to the small profile of this card, it did not get in the way of the graphics cards. A PCI Wireless Card that supports 5GHz band and 100$ is great. Driver installation is quick on windows. The Linux "generic driver" only supports b/g/n.

Cons: I recieved this product for Eggxpert review and the first card had physical damage. I plugged in into my computer's pci slot anyways and (as I thought), it did NOT power up. I called TP-LINK and they cross-shipped another card. The second card was also DOA. I called them up again and they overnighted another card.

Overall Review: Sorry for the long wait on the review. I got 2 products that were DOA. Thanks to the support team, they overnighted both devices. It was a hinderance but TP-LINK sorted out all the issues. -2 for the DOA Sadly. TP-LINK Support is 10/10.

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Clean and "Just Works"1/26/2015 10:28:58 AM

Pros: This is a device that "Just Works." It is very easy to setup and configure. Point by Point here is the pros: > "Just Works" > "Semi Long/Long Range" > WPS Support > Basic Security > Easy to setup connections > Ethernet port to make a non wireless device, "wireless". > Put an Ethernet port anywhere where there is a power socket. > Looks good and has good textured design to blend in with wall. > Hardware reset button > Ability to turn on and off LED's > Fast mode (Actually works) > Dual band

Cons: Cons are quite minimal but there is some things that need to be pointed out. Sometimes the wifi will just cut out for a second or two. If the original wifi router cuts out then you will have troubles re-configuring the device. I would also like to see that you could use the Ethernet port to directly wire to the router turning it into a wireless access point. This would improve speeds and give another use for this.

Overall Review: This device will cost you about 6$ a year in electricity.

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All bark, no bite.12/11/2014 6:32:18 PM

Pros: * 4K "UHD" Screen * SSD from Lite-ON has fast read/write * External CD Burner/Reader * Nice Quality Keyboard * Gigabit Ethernet * Good quality Feel * Light up Keyboard (If you like that) * UEFI Compatible * Nice quality Speakers * Alot of function buttons * Full size keyboard

Cons: * Windows 8.1 This screen does NOT like yellow. The yellow is a mustard. The screen is also locked down and wont go up to 60Hz. Overall the screen kills it. High res but horrible color reproduction. So far no other problems.

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Small NAS. Slow Write Speed.12/11/2014 6:19:04 PM

Pros: I will be doing a point by point system on this review. 1. DLNA Support was great making this a perfect media server NAS. 2. RSYNC Support makes this a great way to make your own ON-Site backup for servers 3. I find this NAS has a low power usage compared to some other NAS. 4. The SSH support allows me to make a PLEX Webserver on the NAS. 5. The support of FTP is great and makes it easy to move files. 6. The ability to create partitions easily and setup raid is great. 7. Support for various protocols makes this a great NAS for anyone. 8. Seagate support is an 8/10 which will help anyone with any problem. 9. The easy to use UI makes this a great choice for anyone.

Cons: 1. Slow write speeds even on LAN Networking (1000 U/D) 2. The lack of a public SDK stumps the growth of this NAS making it a non long-term NAS for support of apps. 3. Lack of apps stumps the use of this NAS leaving you on your own to make-shift other methods of use for this NAS. 4. Lack of documentation leaves SYSADMINS out on their own. The last 3 points give great issue to using this NAS. If there was a public SDK or at least documentation, anyone could extend this NAS to do whatever they want. -2 Eggs for this.

Overall Review: I would pay $650 to $750 for this NAS if it had Public Documentation. If you are looking for a BASIC NAS with alot of protocol support than this is for you!

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Good Keyboard. Too much Eye Candy.11/10/2014 6:24:10 PM

Pros: The keyboard uses Cherry MX Red Keys which are perfect for double tapping and various other quick handed tasks. The feel of the keycaps is comfortable. This makes for a good ergonomic posture. The software is solid in controlling the keyboard but not in the user interface. I never did find a reason for the second USB cable attached to the keyboard. The LED's have yet to burn out on me and have a SOLID color to it. The color is not washed out or anything of that sort. The animations are fluid and the pooling rate works as advertised.

Cons: The program for the keyboard has a clunky user interface. It is not anywhere near user friendly at first. It has a learning curve and built in instructions are not that helpful. With the help of the forums I was able to figure out how to use it.

Overall Review: Wine does not run the program well but using a daemon by a forum user I was able to make a program to control the LEDs.

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Durable & Solid... Mostly10/13/2014 12:42:51 PM

Pros: This is a very SOLID Drive. The metal reinforcement makes it seem like it would be durable, but it will still break due to the moving platters if dropped so be aware. The lights on the HDD are very dim in my opinion so they are non intrusive but still tell you when the disk is active so that is very nice. The HDD is a thick but small form factor so it will fit in a large pocket or easily into a backpack. The USB 3.0 Interface is fast but not as fast as it could be. There is 2TB of space that I have yet to fill. The included cord is small but due to the microusb standard you can find much longer cords that will work with this HDD. The HDD formats well to the GNU/Linux system and rsync so this makes it great as a backup system for linux servers.

Cons: The WD Applications/Programs are very bloated. They took my computer awhile to install. Some of the programs are in fact useful but some features are absolutely useless and intruding to the use of the program. The software likes to crash a lot. This is in fact a massive problem considering that it is used as backup software. I have a set of movies on a FTP Server. I setup the program to take the movies and port them to the External HDD when I add a movie to the FTP Server. Sometimes this would work and sometimes it wouldn't. Software is the biggest negative.

Overall Review: For some reason shipping took almost 2 weeks. The packaging info according to Newegg said it showed up to my Box but it was actually, after calling around, on the other side of the state.

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Horrid Write8/28/2014 12:53:09 PM

Pros: - USB 3.0 * Good read speeds Total read speeds was 122 MB/s with 0's Total read speeds was 98 MB/s with randoms Total read speeds was 104 MB/s with urandoms It is a tough casing and a protector for the connector. Rubber feel on the outside is nice.

Cons: Horrid Write speeds Total write speeds was 28 MB/s with Zeros Total write speeds was 2.1 MB/s with randoms Total write speeds was 4.2 MB/s with urandoms

Overall Review: I was using NTFS format and DD for the benching Horrid Write speeds but good read. I used this on USB 3.0 Overall, I would only use this as a backup Flash Drive

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Price to Performance8/1/2014 12:17:01 PM

Pros: - The flat cord makes it easy to store and wrap up on a circular object. This effectively prevents any issues while wrapping it up. - The sound range is great for a pair of 50$ Headphones. - I would rate it a 7/10 for price to performance. This makes the headphones a great buy. - The in-line mic is a great feature. - The single button play/pause is also a great feature - Comes with a carrying case. Very nice. - Nice comfortable tips with different sizes included. - Right Angle connector which I consider a great positive.

Cons: - The inline mic quality is not really that great sadly. - Whenever touching the cord: It will make a loud scratch or thump sound due to it carrying the noise to the headphones. It is quite annoying. It seems these headphones are oversensitive to movement.

Overall Review: Recieved these in the mail late it seems. UPS is doing a horrid job recently.

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OK at best.6/25/2014 10:08:58 AM

Pros: The AC comes with a remote and a proper way of draining the overflow pan. The filter is very very easy to clean and access. The plastic fins are very sturdy The remote has a wide view and long range which is nice. It also comes with a holder. The cord is grounded and is quite long which is very nice. The timer is very nice and can be setup to turn on when you get home or something of that sort. It has its own window mounting kit. The ac seems to be very sturdy and has a small fingerprint. Can run off a small generator nicely.

Cons: It was very damaged in shipping with busted foam everywhere in the box. The fan is quite loud and seems to viabrate a lot. Fan mode puts out cold air. The ac is quite heavy and not easy to carry. The airvent is about 1/6th the size of the front. Not so nice. The water build up is quick but that is my environment. The AC did not seem to cool my room as a whole. The room did meet max size specifications.

Overall Review: Not only was the ac lost in shipping... It was sent to the wrong house a week late. The AC came damaged. Not happy with the shipping. Overall...I would use it as a backup.

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9/105/31/2014 7:42:23 PM

Pros: Well, the build quality seems to be good for the 2 weeks I have had it. The Microphone is of proper quality and producing full quality voice feedback. The lights are either a plus or a minus to some people. The Microphone folding back into the headset is a pretty good feature. The headset provides optimal comfort for long nights. The USB Extension cord is a very good plus. The headset is compatible with linux and windows. The sound quality is alright. Not for music. Overall, Very Good.

Cons: Well, my first con is that the software used to control the system is NOT compatible with the GNU/Linux systems. Another con is that when I mute the microphone, the sound still leaks through. I believe this is due to a faulty switch or interference.

Overall Review: To write this review I pushed the amount of time I am allowed to write reviews a bit far. Sorry. Testing Durability.

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Well made4/29/2014 7:52:45 PM

Pros: 803.2af switch. The emergency shutoff for the PoE actually works when a short is present. The switch is full gigabit according to my benchmark network testers. The power draw is very low when in non PoE/switch mode. DHCP was a quick setup on this switch. I managed to get a terminal link setup with aftermarket software. Made it easy to setup remote management. Without the modifications though it was still easy to manage the switch. Another great feature was QoS. The QoS was actually spot on giving traffic to VoIP when needed. Power delivery was smooth and worked perfectly with my IP cameras.

Cons: Not 802.3at compliant. The powerbrick is way too big and annoying. One of my switch ports did not work but after opening it up and properly connecting the switch with rough work I managed to get it working. There is no way to mount TB power brick on the wall above the switch. Overall... The worst is the power brick.

Overall Review: Sorry for the late review. Was recovering from surgery.

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Rushed3/25/2014 7:54:08 PM

Pros: - USB Ports (1 US 3.0) allow flash drives/ext HDDs - FTP Server support - Media Server Support - CLEAN UI - Easy to Use - Sleek Design - Can Control LED's - Tomato Firmware compatible

Cons: - Very Bulky Design - Password Wont Work On Guest WIFI - Sometimes I found that the GUI of the router configuration page would just randomly stop working. This is a major issue. As a result I installed a custom compiled version of Tomato firmware on it and it worked perfectly. - The range is sporadic and would / grow randomly. - Guest WIFI would cut out randomly - Normal WIFI would cut out randomly - The LAN ports would cut out with the guest wifi (huh?) - Wifi would run slower than the UP/DOWN Speeds of my FiOS Network.

Overall Review: Ive been sick so sorry for the late review. NOTE: For these test I use this router for 2 weeks as my main router to make sure I make proper reviews. These reviews are done on my Main network and stress tested through streaming/file transfers/gaming/regular use. I use this router as anyone else would to simulate normal usage to a regular low knowledge / mid knowledge individual. If none of this means anything to you here is a short summary of my review: Cons outweigh pros. Look at other Linksys products. This one is not so great. I make sure the firmware is up to date before benching.

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AES? I think not?2/1/2014 8:49:54 AM

Pros: Small low profile and easy to use devices. They seem to have a pretty long range too. I only seem to get 79 Mb/s through them though. Another funny thing is: I have a NETGEAR Powerline AV 200. I forgot to unplug it before putting one of these things in. It synced up with the NETGEAR Nano Adapter and the Netgear main adapter. Overall, Simple and easy to use.

Cons: As far as I know, the NETGEAR does not have any encryption and I've tested that. Using my knowledge of cryptography, I hooked up both TRENDnet devices into an isolated power unit. I hooked up my 303 Device to monitor the powerline network. The network was unencrypted and easy to MiM attack. Sadly, this is not AES Encrypted as suggested. I will not be using these powerline adapters to send sensitive info through.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi William, Thank you for sharing this with us. If TPL-303E is used to sync and monitor the powerline network the traffic would appear unencrypted because the traffic would already be de-encrypted by the TPL-303E. Are you able to take any sniffer trace(s) directly from the wire? I will be more than happy to fix it if AES encryption is not supported . Please email me directly at with “Newegg TPL-308E2K review” in the subject line and I will contact you immediately to clarify. I hope to hear from you soon. Warmest regards, Adrian
Professinal Drive12/11/2013 12:26:38 PM

Pros: High Capacity. The high capacity of this drive makes it great for my Media files and any other file that may require long term storage without the need of SSDs. Another example wold be documents or Development projects High speeds. I have a Previous generation 4TB WD Black Caviar and this has a higher speed than the previous generation of a noticeable amount. Sturdy The build of this device is obviously of high quality. There is some noticeable build improvements over the previous generation. Sata 6Gb/s This is obviously a great feat which allows me to take control of the higher Speeds Im not gonna give benchmarks or anything due to previous reviews but for the people who dont know what the numbers mean, here is a perspective. For documents and media, the buffer/load time is lower than that of a normal hard drive. (Moving HDD) This provides quicker opening of files.

Cons: Multi platter This is about the only con there is. Multi platter provides an issue with data loss. the more platters there are, the more likely one of them will fail. There also needs to be multiple heads for all the platters so that gives more parts that might fail.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a great drive and I recommend it to anyone who needs large capacity.

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Not so sure11/14/2013 3:19:20 PM

Pros: - Mobile Its small format makes it perfect for travel - Wireless That kinda speaks for itself - Long Battery This also kinda speaks for itself - Sturdy After dropping the product a few times on different hard surfaces to see how it would take to those forces, it wont be breaking. - Lots of compatibility Its "generic" drivers leave it perfect for any computer running OSX, Linux, and Windows alike - Wireless Range is Good I can take it a few rooms away before actually seeing signal drop. - Comes with SD Card Adapter This speaks for itself also.

Cons: - Very sloppy on operation After working with it for awhile, I gave up for a few days. 3 Straight hours of Charging and trying to turn it on properly made me cave in for awhile. After coming back to it and REREADING instructions AGAIN I tried again. 10 Or so attempts in, I finally got the wireless Working. This was kind of pathetic. When plugged into the PC, the card would show up corrupted but when put into another SD Card reader the card was fine. The USB Slot didn't work properly for awhile and after trying MANY MANY flash drives, i found one that worked. This was pretty pathetic. The wireless would cut out quite a bit every minute or so.

Overall Review: Overall, I was dissapointed. I went over 2 Weeks trying to make this work but in the end I could not get a proper working product. This leaves me to give this review. Hopefully it was just a lemon.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello William, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support and would like to offer our assistance. We are here to help and can troubleshoot with you to determine what may be causing the issues. If the MLW221 itself is the issue, it can be replaced under warranty. Please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call. Thank you for selecting Kingston as your upgrade partner.
Excellent.10/10/2013 9:28:18 PM

Pros: First thing I looked at was build quality. I tried pulling it apart with nails to see how good it was put together. After that I put weight on it and lets just say it's overall build quality is 10/10. Second thing was range. My neighbors neighbors can get 2/7 Bars. (2.4Ghz is only in my house) {What? Normally it's the other way around} <Take note, I am very interference conscious and I have various "Passive Boosters"> Third thing was the info givers. Those would be leds and labeling. The LED's are really easy to read and see. The labels are excellent. Fourth was cord "stress." I plugged in a Cat5 and tried yanking it out. Not happening. Fifth was setup and UI. The UI Is very straight forward. It was easy to setup from the browser. For anyone not really good with this stuff would still easily set this up. The port-forwarding is straight forward and very very easy. Media server is perfect. Print server was easy to setup. DNS Server was easy to setup. FTP Server was easy to setup. Accounts was easy to setup.

Cons: USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0. Very big for me. Documentation for some areas of the router was weak. Port forwarding was delayed.

Overall Review: Speed Tests showed I can get full advertised speed over this router. (I have 1Gbp/s internet.)

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Quick Review9/30/2013 1:42:58 PM

Pros: USB 3.0 Almost no bandwidth throttle when used. 5GHz Uses newer wifi bands for better speed 300Mbps actually I got 330Mbps WPS Quick connect USB 2 COMPATIBLE

Cons: No windows update drivers for plug n play Bulky Software is a bit flimsy WPS doesn't always work

Overall Review: I did 2 weeks of stressing Result: AVG SPEED: 298Mbps AVG UPTIME WITHOUT CUTOUTS: 7hrs 25mins AVG CUTOUT LENGTH: ~2SEC

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The potential is here8/21/2013 8:10:08 PM

Pros: - compatible with many devices/smartphones - high speed streaming - Small - Very user friendly - Diverse colors - Support for huge files

Cons: - USB 2.0 - Slows down your internet (on the device your using) when in use - Limited Range (Very Limited) - Cuts in and out - Requires new playlists - sometimes corrupts files.

Overall Review: This is almost like a wireless flash drive. When you "Broadcast" a file it appears like a flash drive on the device and it puts the file in the "flash drive" as if you just dragged and dropped it into the flash drive but wireless. My car has a "Microsoft Sync" USB port and the playlist function was actually helpful but I will stick to Bluetooth.\ I plugged this into the TV to do a "slideshow" and it was compatible. I started walking away and after 20 Feet it cut out. I was able to get 3 different devices to connect to it at once.

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Meh8/10/2013 6:31:30 PM

Pros: Speeds advertised was reached. Works on 5 GHZ Band works on /ac/ Shell of device was strong. Plug and play. Dual band.

Cons: Size was very bulky. Connector seems flimsy. Cuts out alot. All in all, this product is very very cheap.

Overall Review: Not very much i can say about his product.

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Extensive Testing... General Router Only8/10/2013 6:28:36 PM

Pros: After extensive testing i have come up with a Late review on this product. - Shareport The shareport is USB 3.0 at a cost of the 2.4GHZ Range and Speed. I find this as a plus considering it is a optional feature. I was able to use this feature with my USB 3.0 External Hard drive. - Design I liked the round design. It may not be small but it does look nice. I can gladly display the router without it being an eyesore. - WPS This should be a feature on all routers. The WPS button worked with my Tablet, Wireless card in my computer, iPhone, Galaxy S4, and printer. - Extensive routing options I have a very specific setup in my house of network switches and modems. I use VOIP Services and I host services. Thanks to the extensive routing options i was able to prevent interference. - DMZ The DMZ mode does not come with some routers which is surprising. This is why i added it into the pros. - Small plug. If there is anything I hate... its a huge power brick.

Cons: - iPhone apps The apps are not worth it. They lack a good interface and speed. - Android Apps See above reasons ' - Router restarts The router seems to want to restart consistently. I find this very annoying. - High Price Speaks for itself. - Dropping signal. The signal seems to drop sometimes. This is not only on the 2.4 GHZ Band but the 5GHZ Band.

Overall Review: The speeds advertised was reached.

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Wireless... Dekstop?8/8/2013 5:21:19 PM

Pros: - Easy To Install Take off your side panel and stick in a 1x, 8x or 16x Slot and your good to go. Everything needs to be easy to install and this fits the mark. - True Specs are listed This is vital to almost any product. The specs listed on the box and in the details are 100% True. - b/g/n This isnt just b/g or g/n like other cards. This is b/g/n (even though it has no ac) - WPS Button I have a really long password that I hate typing every time I have to connect. The WPS Button makes connection simple and seeing as this is a desktop it is a one time connection and I am done. - WPA2 Security is essential in any wireless product and this product has it.

Cons: - Drivers The drivers are not on windows update and you have to download the program to get the drivers. This is one thing I really hate about products like these. They always have their own program. Luckily I download driver + program then joined my network and uninstalled the program. All these programs are bloat. - Wireless Range I am 20 Feet away from my router that is behind the wall next to me. I get 2 bars connection and sometimes itll be low enough to cut out on me. This is an issue for any wireless product. I know it isnt my wireless router because I can connect to it from outside my house at 75 Feet away. - no b/g/n/AC The lack of /ac/ is kinda disappointing so the 5GHZ Band is missing. Luckily my router had dual band for the 2.4GhZ band.

Overall Review: Tested using a 2Wire Router at 600MbPS local transfers. 300 MBPS was met

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No thank you.7/8/2013 4:49:48 PM

Pros: This is a minimalistic and sleek design for a Wireless Range Extender. I like the white and the dim LED. WPS [Wireles Protected Setup (Button on the side)] is very quick to setup. (Or Should be) The GUI when you first connect is very very minimalistic and quick to use. The walk through and quick setup is perfect for anyone to use.

Cons: There is very many problems with this. The Wireless range is very small to the point it will detect wireless out of its own range it will extend to. This makes it where you will have dead spots in awkward places which is more frustrating than knowing where they are. Another issue is, I could not select the encryption so I do not know how safe the wireless is. I noticed the wireless is very slow through this. (10MBPS when I have 50MBPS normal) The WPS button refused to connect properly. I tried connecting it to devices and connecting my devices to it. That really made me mad. The wireless will sometimes drop out causing even more frustration that what it really is worth. That alone would make me send it back. The internet would also cut out when im doing heavy loads (40MBPS) with the internet like over the web folding and such. This would normally cause issues with ANYONE trying to use the device. At this point I would tell everyone to run away. Far away. My last issue is: the device would reset to default settings after a period of time making this really frustrating to use. What good is it to anyone if it wont save its settings?

Overall Review: I tried fixing some issues by moving the device CLOSER to the wireless router and moving closer to the device.... that really didn't help.

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Late Review... heres my reasons6/22/2013 10:51:49 AM

Pros: This thing is fast. Real fast. It has routing features (More on this) PROPER PORT FORWARDING, and I cant express this enough. Dual Bands (More on this) Guest Networks USB WPS Button (more on this) Integrated Switch (More on this) Login integration so I can get rid of my modem (more on this) Multiple Encryptions QoS (more on this) UnPN Sturdy Build Emergency Webserver when you brick it Overall it looks good ... on the surface Also, this lives up to its speed capabilities.

Cons: Plug and play at first. Very good but when you start getting into the features ... issues arrive. At first I noticed misspelling in the webui and that made me mad. If you cause loopback errors the thing crashes. Sometimes the UI is slow Upgrading firmware bricked it 2 times WPS causes the modem to crash Routing doesnt seem to want to work properly Turning radio off didnt turn off the radio The switch is a bit slow Static IP Settings didnt want to work "Gaming" port forwarding was delayed. Overall this wasn't my cup of tea.

Overall Review: My network setup... Modem/Wireless Router combo to > 2 Computers & Powerline Adapter & printer Powerline Adapter > This router This router > my computer & TV & few other things

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Anonymous, We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we would deeply appreciate you taking some time to discuss some of these issues with us. We agree with you that if loopback error is caused, possible broadcast storm will normally take router down without being able to switch or route traffic. Please contact me at with “Newegg TEW-811DRU” in the subject line and I will respond to you immediately to clarify and get these issues fixed ASAP. Thank you again in advance for your feedback and I hope I can restore your faith in TRENDnet’s product once again. Warmest regards, Adrian