Failed after one months use.2/6/2020 7:23:30 AM

Pros: Came with the screw drivers to replace and was compatible.

Cons: Battery life compared to my 8 year old stock apple battery was about the same which is pretty unfortunate. After one months use the battery just died. Could not even power the macbook with the charging cable plugged in. For anyone reading this. Do yourself a favor and go with a different brand. Hopefully you will have better luck than with this one.

Overall Review: Junk Do not buy it.

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This came free with the Honor 8 and has some very nice little goodies inside it!1/5/2017 11:47:36 AM

Pros: - FREE - Selfie stick feels like it is good good quality especially the grip

Cons: - "You get what you pay for" they say. I didn't pay a dollar for this and I ended up with some decent products so I have no complaints.

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Manufacturer Response:
Terrific! Thanks for the feedback, Barry. We're pleased to hear that you are loving the Gift Box Set included with your Honor 8. We are always looking for ways to give a little extra to our customers and it's great to hear that you are pleased with your gifts. (DM)
Beautiful, and quick phone but don't expect too much from the US Warranty1/5/2017 11:44:06 AM

Pros: - Quick performance and very responsive especially with the finger print scanner. - Looks great and feels great in your hand with a nice weight giving the impression of a flagship phone. - Customer service of Hauwei is excellent if you live in United States.

Cons: - Screen is fragile due to the rounded edges. Your going to want a case that offers good protection. - US 3 month screen replacement warranty does not work for you if you are in Canada so don't get your hopes up. - Slippery when the phone is without a case. - No Hauwei Honor 8 support in Canada for this phone. - Loud speaker is not the greatest

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Manufacturer Response:
Thanks you for your review, Barry. We are pleased to hear that you are overall happy with your Honor 8. It's also great to hear how impressed you are with the fingerprint sensor. Thanks to the latest fingerprint technology, you can unlock your Honor 8 in only 0.4 seconds. The auto-learning skills of the fingerprint sensor improve the recognition of your fingerprint over time. We'll also take note of your thoughts regarding the speaker an handle of the phone we are always looking for ways to improve upon ourselves. (DM)
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Product fits but is basically pointless.1/5/2017 11:32:10 AM

Pros: Fits the phone

Cons: Does not protect phone from falls and the back side that it fully covers still gets debris in between the case and the phone surface which will eventually lead to a scratched phone anyways.

Overall Review: - Don't buy this case if you want protection from falls - The clear Hauwei case that fully covers the phone is a good choice compared to this one.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Barry, while we are sorry to hear that the Silver Honor 8 case is not fitting your needs, we do appreciate your feedback. As we continue to improve as a company we will use reviews like yours to help us improve in the future. (DM)