awesome product for a great price1/1/2020 1:16:44 AM

Pros: Definitely love how skinny the pen is and how it reacts when i draw on my 2 in 1 laptop when i use Krita. As i just started in digital art, it almost felt nature using the pen instead of the big bulky pens they have out there.

Cons: two things that i would of like that could make the product better, is where you charge it, that could of been something where they could of make the eraser area bulky and made to be charge so its not a cap you could easily loose, and to have some kind of clips or something that the pen can be hold on to when not in use... OR a usb charger where the pen can sit in sense the cable of the original wire is already short where you cant draw without it being awkward if your trying to continue. that way less of a chance to loose the pen, and it can be charged when not in use.

Overall Review: overall, its a great pen for someone that wants to start into digital art but want something that feels similar to pencil and paper

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