Amazing Card For the Price!8/10/2012 12:29:54 PM

Pros: - Low aftermarket cooler priced 7950 - 7970 PCB - 3GB Video Ram - Aftermarket cooler makes the card cool and quiet - Powerful card that can play any game on 1080p - Big OC headroom (OC mine upto 1050mhz on stock voltages) - Dual BIOS switch

Cons: - Card temperature reaches as high as 78-80c (on load - stress test) when OC. Some people say it's because of the reference PCB - Had to install side case fan to control temperatures to mid 70c - AMD Drivers are kinda buggy at this point

Overall Review: - Amazing card. Especially for the price at ~$304. For that same price, People planning to get the HD7870 should think twice and get this card instead. - It does get warm, but Twin Frozr does its best to keep it cool, while keeping it nice and quiet - The GTX 670 is a better card overall. However, With this card's price point and OC capabilities, this card is a clear winner in my opinion.

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