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good little sound card1/22/2015 6:21:31 AM

Pros: Had a generic computer build by our previous IT department who's motherboard sound card stopped working. This little device plugged right into one of the USB ports and the speakers plugged into it. No problems (on Windows 7 Professional). Working for over a month now.

Cons: Our Network File Servers don't have sound cards and I tried running this on one of them to see if it could also be of use. They are running Windows Server 2008 and the computer did not recognize this device. I knocked an Egg off of the rating for this, but probably shouldn't have since I didn't investigate it further and the description doesn't say that it would work with that operating system.

Overall Review: The lady running this workstation kept nagging me that she couldn't listen to her internet radio. This nifty little device solved that problem and she is now happy!

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works with Lenovo PCs6/21/2014 7:06:52 AM

Pros: Works. I had no problems with the one I purchased.

Cons: You still need to use your DVI to DVI cable. I can't seem to find a DisplayPort to DVI cable that reaches from the PC to the monitor.

Overall Review: I like Lenovo PCs but I wish they wouldn't use DisplayPort connections. Seems to be a hassle. I've had to connect most of the computers with the old school VGA ports.

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Great little machines6/19/2014 12:46:16 PM

Pros: Small but powerful units. I've been buying this style Lenovo for over a year to replace old XP boxes in our plant. The newer ones don't come with as much annoying add on software that needed to be removed before I put them on people's desks. They have plenty of processing power and speed for the typical office user. My users love them (or perhaps hated their 10 year old Windows XP machines!).

Cons: Newer models don't come with the VESA mounting bracket in the box. Must buy separately. My older units mount behind the monitors so they are completely hidden from the operator. Last Con: the price went up from last year.

Overall Review: I like how the newer units have built in WiFi along with the RJ-45 connector. We had a network switch go flaky and the WiFi units kept going along without interruption while the older wired units were losing their network connections.

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Good price but not super heavy duty6/19/2014 12:36:12 PM

Pros: Fast install on a network. Network tools show me which ones need toner or service from my desk. We run some of these units hard, switch between paper and labels, and they really jam infrequently.

Cons: Two of my heaviest use machines needed new fuser rollers after just 18 months. Unfortunately, the cost of the fuser rollers is close to the cost of a new printer so even though I don't like throwing out working equipment, it doesn't make sense to repair.

Overall Review: I have 5 of these that I'm responsible for peppered around my plant. They give plenty of warning when the toner goes low to when they actually stop printing. Since we have multiple machines, we keep toner on hand.

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Works with Datamax label printer6/19/2014 12:03:55 PM

Pros: Connects a USB computer port to a Centronix port on a Datamax industrial label printer

Cons: none

Overall Review: We have two of these plugging in our shipping department plugging from new Lenovo computers to old Datamax barcode and label printers. Installing was fast and easy. Note: Running Windows 7 (x64)

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Good but not the right plug5/28/2014 12:24:27 PM

Pros: Power up an LCD monitor without any flicker and without getting hot. This replaced a retail store replacement power supply that caused an annoying flicker on the monitor,

Cons: It comes with a bunch of adapter plugs, but none of them fit a Viewsonic LCD monitor that still had some life left in it even though it's external power supply died. I had to "modify" one of the existing plugs to fit the socket on the back of the monitor.

Overall Review: Running about a month in an office, 40 hours per week, now with no apparent problems.

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works but no sound9/20/2012 6:46:07 PM

Pros: It provides great video quality

Cons: Not only is there no sound, but the laptop does not see the HDMI audio channel. I haven't been able to figure out why or if it is something else wrong.

Overall Review: Our new high end Lenovo laptops at work have Display Port outputs for video instead of HDMI or DVI (as well as the old VGA port). We are connecting the laptops to a new 55" conference room monitor that only has HDMI inputs. We use this Display Port to HDMI adapter coupled with a long HDMI cable. The video quality is great, but no sound. I haven't brought in a DVD player or anything yet to prove that it isn't the monitor at fault.

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Manufacturer Response:
Displayport is designed to support audio, but this is an optional feature and not supported on all sources. If your source supports Displayport with audio, the P136-000 will transmit the signal to a connected display. If you determine that your source supports Displayport with audio and you have enabled the corresponding audio settings but the P136-000 is still not transmitting an audio signal, please contact Tripp Lite’s Chicago-based Tech Support team at 773-869-1234 and we will be happy to help troubleshoot the issue for you. Thank you.
good, but...7/17/2010 9:30:41 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the package on 4 old computers. No problems. Great price if you can use these, see below.

Cons: Not a complaint against this product, but on the motherboard and the RAM Wizard. While it indicated that my Intel D815EEA motherboards could take 512MB chips, it didn't say that it can ONLY take 512MB maximum. I purchased 4 chips and I wanted to upgrade two of our office computers to 1GB RAM, but wound up upgrading 4 computers to 512MB since that is ALL they take. You can't use the other two open slots. This can be TOO MUCH RAM for an OLD MOTHERBOARD. Does anyone want to buy my old 64MB and 128MB chips? I've got a collection going.

Overall Review: Also... Don't be cheap (like me) and use the Eggsaver shipping. The tracking number is useless and you get the parts when you get the parts. Spend the extra couple of bucks and go UPS.

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Works in Windows XP7/20/2009 6:42:29 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. It was automatically configured by Windows XP so no additional drivers or downloads were necessary. Unlike OEM products, this came in a sealed box with a manual, CD, etc., not that they were necessary.

Cons: Defaults as the LPT3 port. This may or may not be a problem for you.

Overall Review: Our new work computers no longer have parallel ports and we have applications that use hardware "keys" (dongles) that plug into the parallel port which allow the software to work. This seems to be a reliable card.

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good basic computer2/24/2009 6:49:50 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. Fast power up. Not cluttered with the kind of junk software that are loaded onto so many new computers. This is a great computer for my wife and I who are not gamers, but want to just do basic computing and fast web surfing. Although used, it came in spotlessly clean and dust free inside and out. Plenty of USB ports. We keep it on all day long every day and I've run it almost two months now without a hitch. You know that an IBM box made for the workplace will take a good beating.

Cons: You can tell this computer is a few years old. The case is a big IBM desktop. It has only a CD ROM drive. Not CD R/W, not DVD. And although the computer is quiet (fan and hard drive), the CD ROM is very noisy. I think I will buy a $20 DVD R/W drive (from Newegg of course) soon to replace the CD ROM. The hard drive is small. Only 30GB, and they segmented it into two virtual drives (10GB and 20GB). Go figure. There is a floppy drive bay that is molded into the case so that I can't even replace it with a memory card reader. The two front USB ports are recessed so that I couldn't fit a compact flash reader without the extension cable. The mouse is a wired ball mouse. I didn't think they still made them with balls. I never took the mouse and keyboard out of the box but am using a wireless set (purchased on sale of course).

Overall Review: Don't let my Cons discourage you too much. I couldn't buy a motherboard, case, RAM, etc. for the price that Newegg is selling these for. I'm into getting stuff cheap and this is just fine.

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give old work PC more life12/21/2008 4:34:28 PM

Pros: I put these into a few 6-7 year old computers at work. For what those people do, they do not need the expense of a whole new computer requiring the reload of the software, copying saved files, etc. The price was great and I have always been happy with Seagate hard drives and the software that is available for free on their website. Add this drive and a few sticks of more RAM to an old office computer and you'll have the folks at work thanking you for the no-hassle fast upgrade.

Cons: My only beef and the reason for not giving a 5 egg rating is that the drives come in a plastic wrapper. No software. No ribbon cable. While the price is great, it would be nice to have some warning on the sales listing that you might need a cable. The first time I did an upgrade, I thought I was ready until I opened the box and had to go looking for a new ribbon cable too. A definite problem if the drive you are replacing doesn't have a high density ribbon cable.

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