It works!3/23/2018 6:07:05 PM

Pros: Amazing. I can plug one end into my device and the other into my headphones! What amazing times we live in!

Cons: not wireless. cant plug my Ninja Blender into it to hear the fruit scream...

Overall Review: its a cord. just buy it.

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Nice for the Price!3/23/2018 6:04:25 PM

Pros: I can use my second monitor now!!

Cons: its a cord. Not much to mess up.

Overall Review: I thought it would be a thicker cord (bulkier) and am pleased that it is not! Pretty lightweight. Great cord.

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Mediocre.3/23/2018 6:01:39 PM

Pros: The phone fits well inside the case itself. not too bulky Seems built well. fast shipping (5 days)

Cons: The holster for it does not fit around the phone case. Making the holster useless. Heavy duty strong protection is not true. This is just a normal phone case. Dont be misled...

Overall Review: Not a bad case. Not as protective as I thought it would be based on the description. If you want a normal case this is a good buy...but if you want serious protection go elsewhere. Low rating for misleading description... Im using an LG Stylo 3.

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