thanks samsung and amd for my dream monitor at an affordable price7/14/2017 1:50:04 PM

Pros: high refresh rate: check low latency: check freesync 2: check va panel with hdr color: check size, curve, and resolution: check price: check stand allows for twisting, turning, raising, lowering, and more: check no gsync tax

Cons: no 580's to be found for at least a month and vega still a month away

Overall Review: this monitor humbles me as i cannot believe i am able to buy something so awesome i have been waiting for a monitor with this combination of specs for tens of years the monitor is insanely awesome even if i am unable to use freesync 2 yet can't imagine a better gaming monitor and for the price, it is a gift from the heavens

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better hope it does not fail11/14/2011 5:22:26 PM

Pros: great while it lasted

Cons: It started to blue screen. Then it required win 7 repairs. Then the win 7 install disk could no longer see the drive. It took over a week of back and forth before OCZ granted me an RMA number. They received the drive on 11/08. I made my second call today only to find out that they determined the drive was bad but that they still have not shipped a replacement. They say the replacement will be sent from Taiwan and they can not say for sure when it will be shipped.

Overall Review: I have bought numerous items from OCZ in the past, especially if I count the items I purchased from PC Power and Cooling over the years. I will never buy another item from them and never use their products in any of the builds I do for myself or my customers. I will not have my customers put through such an ordeal.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry for the problem and any delays. Occasionally we may end up short on RMA stock, and your drive should be shipping shortly. We care about our customers and aplogize for the inconvenience. Thank you
Amazing Cable6/26/2011 1:42:19 PM

Pros: Perfect reception from dvi out on radeon 4830 to hdmi in on on lcd tv. Absolutely no need for signal amplifiers or boosters.

Cons: none

Overall Review: For me, infinitely better running this long cable from my main pc than using one of those slow set top boxes, of which I have a few, for watching netflix and content from my network.

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convert from pc power and cooling10/18/2010 3:44:10 PM

Pros: I had used pc power and cooling for many many years, and corsair for the last three or so. I read a number of incredibly positive reviews of this psu, and I finally decided to give seasonic a go, especially since my last few corsairs had to be returned because of faulty fans. This psu is amazingly quiet and the voltages are well within spec. In addition, their tech supports is incredible. I think I will be using seasonic psu's for a good many builds and years.

Cons: none

Overall Review: These psu's might seem a bit pricey, but considering the design specifications and the quality of the components, they are actually a tremendous value. Nothing is more important in a build than a hight quality, quiet psu that can be counted on to operate stably and reliably no matter what you throw at it. I have no doubt the seasonic is exactly that.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
useless8/14/2009 8:06:35 AM

Pros: light

Cons: I have ten year old motorola walkabouts that were rated for two miles and get three here in foothills of tucson, big country. The range on these midlands is less than a mile. The motorolas have many more channels and subchannels on top of those. These have a lousy twenty channels and I hear competing signals, unintelligible of course, on all of them. Yes I charged the batteries and tried other batteries to boot.

Overall Review: Totally misrepresented claims. How people can do that and live with themselves is a mystery to me.

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shocked and dismayed4/20/2007 2:56:06 PM

Pros: I build cutting edge pcs and since they came out I have been using the 520hx and 620hx in my builds instead of pc power and cooling psu's. Up until recently they have been everything I could hope for and a lot quieter than the pc power psu's I used in the past.

Cons: Unfortunately, the last two I have received both had an incessant clicking that was not apparently coming from the fan in either case, not that that would have been ok either. Either I was incredibly unlucky or these units are not being assembled with the same high level of quality control that they had been up until recently. Too bad I can't get to speak with someone at corsair since everything is done through email.

Overall Review: Terribly dissapointed.

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Bitterly Dissappointed1/26/2006 6:17:52 AM

Pros: 1 Aluminum 2 120mm fans 3 Nice looking 4 Position of

Cons: 1 Broken mobo latch on arrival resulting in loose mobo tray and overall very shaky structure. 2 Side panel bent on arrival. 3 Plastic hinges for relatively heavy side fan panel that loosened after a few hours. 4 Two usb 2.0 slots in front, that is, one of the usb connections, dead. 5 Worst of all, impossible to properly seat my audigy 2 zs or my hauppauge winTV PVR 250. 6 Rear fan does not spin unless given a push start. 7 Backplate for power supply does not properly cut out, and it partially covers the plugs plastic housing, making it impossible to flush it with the ps ans get all the screws in.

Overall Review: I expected this product to be dripping with quality. Yes, the aluminum is nice, as are the front grills, and the overall look. But the poor quality of many of the parts and the extremely poor design of the pci supports, which do not allow the tabs to go deep enough for the cards to be properly seated, is shocking. No matter how much force I apply, the cards won't seat properly, and that makes the case unusable.

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Awesome5/8/2003 4:55:33 PM

Comments: <a href='' target=_blank></a><br><br>Super bright, gorgeous colors, no ghosting, and super cool high-tech, stylish small signature. At any price, it is one of the best, but at $409, it is a no brainer.

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GREAT BOARD1/3/2003 6:54:20 AM

Comments: I bought this board for building a second home comp. My other uses the 8k5a2+, which works flawlessly with Win2K set up on two Raid 0 drives. Beyond having good overclocking potential and stablility, I can only use boards that handle diverse and complex hardware, and I generally can determine that if the Hauppauge WinTV PVR TIVO and TV recording functions work flawlessly on RAID 0 drives. I bought the 8k9a2+ for my second computer because I was buying a xp2400, and it frees the multiplier for the tbred "b" chips without having to manually modify the chip. Since the 8k5a2+ handles all my hardware and software demands, I figured the kt400 based 8k9a2+, not being far removed from the other board, would do the same; I am glad to say that it does and that I am very happy with it. Wow, I didn't even have to unlock the multiplier, so out of the box I set the fsb to 166 and have a mem and fsb in sync, which I find best. I didn't buy a nforce 2 chipset because they don't have good old highpoint 372 RAID with two RAID IDE sockets.

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11/4/2002 11:53:01 AM

Comments: I can't believe you can get a mobo of this quality for this price. I paid $109 about 10 days ago, and I thought that was cheap. I am running an unlocked xp1700 at 1.666(10*166) with air cooling and default voltage with total stability. I have compressed a few dvds without a hitch. The Raid 0 config is fast and working perfectly with the record and pause function of my Hauppauge WinTV PVR card, which I think from much experience, is a great piece of hardware, and undeserving of the bad rap it gets. My ABIT AT7, which I only bought 3 months ago, could do nothing right. I returned one AT7 to Newegg shortly after getting it, and I just returned the second one to ABIT. I wish they would keep it, but they are sending me another one, which I would destroy before using to build another system. I love the EPOX.

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Expectations lead to dissappointment7/12/2002 8:34:19 AM

Comments: First off, it doesn't support the new athlon xp 13micronf tbred, even with the bios update that claims to fix the problem. Next the onboard sound is a joke, and should not be considered, even in the extreme, a viable alternative to the SB Audigy. Next, for those of you who use Virtual Dub, it will not work properly when SB Audigy is installed, where it did on my Shuttle AK35GTR, which is a great board. Next, my Hauppauge WinTV PCR is producing stuttering pause and record playbacks. The stuttering is not only annoying, but it makes the recordings are too faulty to allow for viable edited versions using simple mpeg cut editors. Again, this did not happen on my Shuttle. Yes, as someone mentioned above, the cmos does clear each time you pull the plug. What a pain! Next, if you are overclocking, make sure to first set the memory bus to 133 and reboot before you change the cpu and fsb settings. Otherwise, when the fsb is set to 166, for instance, the mem bus will be running at 166 + 33, even if it says it is running at 166. I have had just a week to try to get this thing to run as I hoped it would, but I am not hopeful. I would appreciate any feedback. Maybe I had the onboard sound set up wrong, but I doubt it. Good Luck

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6/24/2002 11:32:28 AM

Comments: My house is around 80 degrees. I have an 1700xp running at 1.57 with a 142 fsb on a shuttle ak35gtr. The mobo runs anywhere from 32 to 35 degrees and the cpu runs anywhere from 44 to 50, depending on the load. The fan is quiet and the temps blow away my old loud vantec. It is easy to attach with a small screwdriver, even with my ram in the adjacent slots, and the clasp holds the thing securely to the board. I very highly recommend this hsf.

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2/12/2002 10:59:26 AM

Comments: I had my heart set on the abit kr7a raid, the mobo I used to build systems for a number of friends. Then I read some outstanding reviews of this board, and together with the signifigant price difference, I decided to go with it. To this point I am absolutely delighted. The board is fast and stable with all sorts of hardware and two 60 gb ata133 maxtor drives running at raid0.

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