Dome Camera10/14/2018 9:38:07 AM

Pros: Vey clear picture Lots of features Easy to install Nigth Vision Works with DVR functions

Cons: No rotational axis

Overall Review: There are not many negatives, the goods are greater. So it does have a button to control the internal functions but these also work from your recording device. The picture is very clear; you can zoom in and focus, plus other functions. You just have to make sure you manually put it where you want it. I definitely recommend this product. The vendor shipped this immediately to me.

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Great Hub11/30/2017 8:57:51 AM

Pros: Plenty of ports Comes with a DC power module for that extra humph. Works greart.

Cons: The input cord is a little short, less than 4 inches. Wish it was a bit longer so I can put it on top of my desk.

Overall Review: If you need extra ports, this is the way to go.

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Don't look at the lights8/16/2017 7:52:42 AM

Pros: Pretty cool light effects, memory goes past the 3000 advertised (at least with this ASUS motherboard). It’s not the top of the line in CORSAIR’s line but it does the job well. Also, the top of the memory comes off, not sure why but it’s no big deal.

Cons: Not a deal breaker but: It is a light bar, so basically one big LED bar. Wish it had LED's that also went up and down instead of on and off effects with color variants. You have to use CORSAIR Link to use the effects, but like I said, these are not deal breakers since the memory if fast.

Overall Review: The memory modules are worth the money since they are fast and stable. The RGB is just a gimmick but be warned, I think CORSAIR is brain washing us with the pretty colors flashing. Time to go, must look at the lights...............Nice job CORSAIR

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Collllldddddd3/16/2017 5:31:44 AM

Pros: It does what it says, you have pretty much three settings with the included software. It does get cold and you can feel the fins on one side. The Fan that comes with the system is quiet and pushes enough air based on your settings. You can also control the fan with your motherboard. The software lets you also control the color of the LED. It will get very cold if you set it on high but be aware that the warning tells you it will build up frost, this can be trouble.

Cons: Ok, so the bad, the software really provides no feedback on how cold or hot the plates are on the thermoelectric cooler. For the CPU temps, I have to open my motherboards software and see the temps. All the software does is tell you when it's coming on based on one of the 3 selections you click on. The other thing I did not like is that there is no print on which side is hot and which is cold as far as the cooling blades, I had to put my hands on them and you can feel the cold side and the hot side. That is why you take out the fan and see the arrow to which way the air flows. In the configuration suggested for which way the air blows, the logo ended up facing down so I can’t see it. The Q and A does say I can flip it but then the hot side will face forward of the cases fans and you have to make sure you flip the fan. Not sure if this will defeat the purpose so I just left it as suggested by the manufacturer.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product if you rather not do water cooling, but be aware that setting it to high will build up possible ice based on humidity levels in your area. I leave mine on the medium level (High ambient) and the software pretty much keeps the temps under a certain level.

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MSI is a Drug8/14/2016 4:03:53 PM

Pros: The aesthetics of the card are great for the eyes. This is my first MSI video card and just love it. That little dragon that lights up looks great, the red outline and red LEDs are nice to look at. As for the cards internals, it is what they say. Best components and the promised speeds that are on the box. My card actually overclocks faster than the ratings on the box but have not taken it further since I’m very satisfied with the speed than a standard 1070. Thanks MSI, great job. The fans are a lot quieter than the ones in my PC case so I had to buy new ones. Very pleased with my purchase and had no issues with the hardware.

Cons: My only gripe is about the software, specifically the Dragon Eye app. It always tells me that this is not an MSI hardware but it is not a deal breaker. I’ll just wait for a patch. The price is a little higher than most but you are paying for a better product and it is worth it.

Overall Review: I did not have to uninstall my drivers for a GTX 970. The Nvidia software automatically picked it up and I just installed the MSI drivers afterwards. I run this puppy in OC mode with DCS and X-Plane 10 with Xplane being the most taxing on FPS and it does not bog down. I get about 70 to 90 FPS in DCS and about 25 to 45 in XPLANE with HD meshes installed. Great Job MSI, I recommend this card.

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Great SSD bad Norton10/2/2012 7:35:42 AM

Pros: This digital NAND drive is a BIG improvement over plater drives. Sure it's a bit more than other SSDs but it has a longer life span than others sold here. Great job Samsung.

Cons: Ok, so why 4 eggs? Norton Ghost, this combination of software could not copy the drive and make it bootable. I tried for 2 days, I gave ghost a good try but it never could even in a Dos boot to replicate the boot sectors of the original drive. It's just a fancy backup software, works great for that. So the solution is to use Western Digital's drive coping software, Acronis. Once I used Acronis the drive was up and running like a champ.

Overall Review: If your going to copy your main booting drive, save yourself the hassle and use Acronis.

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I should have waited10/27/2009 3:39:18 PM

Pros: Card is fast, no slowdowns have been noticed. It has handdled everything I give it on high settings.

Cons: LOUD monster, scares me at nights. This thing pumps heat like a heater (will come in haddy in the winter). Have noticed on Operation Flashpoint small anomolies, such as screen dakening, this may be the game casuing this.

Overall Review: I should have gone with Nvidia, but I wanted to give ATI another try since AMD bought them out. I should have waited to see what else came out. 4 eggs due to noise level and heat.

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Monster Quad10/27/2009 3:33:48 PM

Pros: Processor overclocks very easily. Very inexpensive for a quad.

Cons: It's not an I7,

Overall Review: If you want overcloacking this is a sure bet, not to hot when running at it's normal rateing.

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