Best case I have ever used.8/6/2017 9:20:52 AM

Pros: This is by far the best case I have ever used. The cable management is so easy and makes it easy to show off your build. The tempered glass makes it feel more like furniture than a computer case in quality. I would suggest the phanteks light strips to put in the top.

Cons: The instructions are not really clear what to do when you have Asus Aura. But just hook up the RGB header (not the sata) then when the computer boots hold down the LED button for 5 seconds it'll turn off the internal controller. If you don't do this you'll get some weird colors.

Overall Review: I am already itching to do another build with this case.

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Great5/4/2017 10:17:11 AM

Pros: Go read the reviews online about this board they are all right, this is a great motherboard. The performance is great and I can overclock my 6700k to 4.8GHz. I'm still working on 4.9GHZ. Works great with the G.Skill RGB Ram. I thought this board was a little over priced but once you add in the fact it has wireless AC included its actually a bargain for a board of this type.

Cons: If you are buying this for Aura... The software kind of sucks. I am not sure why I can't save settings to a profile so I can switch color combos easier. Also if you watch video of people setting this up (including Asus videos) you'll see options that are not even available in the current Aura software. Also the only part of this board that lights up will be hidden by your video card.

Overall Review: I know this seems like more complaints than positives but seriously this board is great for novices to overclocking to experts. The only complaints I have are super minor.

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Great RGB lighting5/4/2017 10:03:36 AM

Pros: looks great and super bright... almost too bright. Works great with Aura.

Cons: The magnets are a little weak but they do hold.

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Good product5/4/2017 9:45:07 AM

Pros: This is my first foray into AIO water coolers. I am running a 6700k on an Asus z270g motherboard. At an over clock to 4.6GHZ I do see my temps spike into the high 70's to low 80's. Don't get too alarmed by that I am just playing with the Asus auto over clock and haven't tried manually setting anything yet. On a 4.4GHZ over clock I never see it spike past 63 degrees. It was super easy to set up and the RGB LED looks sharp in my case. I did remove the thermal paste and replaced it with Artic silver.

Cons: The fans are loud, Once you go past 40% the are very noticeable. I replaced them with Thermaltake RIing fans and everything is running smooth. I am basically taking an egg off because the extra cost associated in buying quieter fans.

Overall Review: Honestly I just bought this for aesthetics. I am pretty sure I wouldn't notice much difference between this and an Evo 212 since I am not trying to overclock this to its max.

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It is pretty... pretty fast5/4/2017 9:33:58 AM

Pros: First let's start off wit the lighting. I am using an Asus z270G motherboard and the Aura software and everything syncs up great. The lights look great and you can basically customize 5 different zone on the ram. I am not sure about the g.skill software. As far as the RAM itself G.Skill always makes a great product I have never had an issue with their RAM.

Cons: None

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Great board sort of6/11/2002 7:10:10 PM

Comments: <a href='' target=_blank></a><br><br>This board was one of the best I have ever seen, until I got that gainward 128mb GF2 card. It will not detect it at all. Turns out his board has major problems with high end video cards. I would recomend this board for a mid range system and nothing more. I posted a link where you can get more info.

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