Amazing portable storage3/20/2020 5:33:55 AM

Pros: - USB powered, no need for additional PSU - Instant on, instant off - SSD transfer speeds - Surprisingly small, I did not expect it to be almost the size of a credit card but a bit thicker - Can easily carry it in my pocket - A very sturdy outer casing - The "on" blue LED isn't blinding, it's nicely dimmed

Cons: - Absolutely none

Overall Review: - I have not owned this device long enough to comment on its endurance but so far there are 0 issues and no hint of any problems.

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Worth every penny8/10/2019 10:27:20 AM

Pros: - Combined 3 dedicated PCs into 1 while giving me more cores than the summation of the 3 for-mention PCs - For objective reviews of this processor, see professional reviews elsewhere online

Cons: - None.

Overall Review: This review is subjective, for an objective review you can see the hundreds of professional reviews for this processor. Why would you ever need a 12 cores with 24 logical threads? This processor has allowed me to combined 3 PCs into 1, which has dramatically cut down on my I.T. management of disparate systems. I used to have a dedicated PC for gaming/compiling, a dedicated PC for video surveillance, and a dedicated HTPC for streaming and archival management. I now do all 3 in 1 without any performance degradation while also enjoying a speed boost because each of these tasks gets a few more logical cores to utilize. I'm very happy with this processor, I've been holding off upgrading for a long time because my 3770K has been an amazing CPU (and is still amazing). The 3900X is the first CPU which has checked all of the boxes that gave me justification for an upgrade.

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Night vs day, great upgrade1/8/2019 5:25:57 PM

Pros: - Worked exactly as advertised - Speed increase is noticeable on my laptop - Painless install, completely stable RAM (no BSODs or other issues)

Cons: - None

Overall Review: I have a F556U, this family of Asus laptops has tremendous value but most are sold with only 8 GB of RAM. I bought a single 16GB module byHyperX to replace a 4GB 2400MHz CAS-19 Corsair RAM module that came with the laptop and now my machine is noticeably faster. 10/10, would buy HyperX again

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Worked immediately11/3/2018 6:17:36 PM

Pros: Plugged it in, worked immediately. Everything it is connected to is registering at 1,000Mbps. One of the data paths is from my main pc to a Nvidia shield, I have not been able to detect any increase in latency. I have a mix of cat6 and cat5e cables connected to it, no issues.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I’ll likely buy at least one more to replace a massive wireless router in my living room. That switch will then be plugged into an array of IPtv devices. If I experience any problems with that array of mixed devices, I’ll update my review.

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Best video card I've ever owned10/28/2018 6:20:42 AM

Pros: - Minimal coil whine. My 980Ti Strix card has coil whine roughly 3x louder. - Runs cool - Quiet fans - Fans appear to be auto-adjusting. Even at higher speeds they are still quiet. - Painless installation - Mature driver, no issues - Fast, perfect performance on all of my games (4k, 60fps)

Cons: - You could argue the price but I bought my refurbished and it was less than the cost of lower-grade after market 1080ti cards

Overall Review: I bought this as a "RX" series, which means it was refurbished. It was $300 off of what I can find as its MSRP. The refurb comes only with the card, no cables, no disc, no instructions and no covers for the SLI pins. Most people recommend that you use your PSU cables anyways so the fact that this didn't come with cables did not affect my install. About the only thing I would've liked is a cover for the SLI pins, it reduces the risk of any accidental connectivity. I've never purchased a card outside of a year of it being introduced, due to the crypto-mining insanity I was forced to wait a long time. Since I bought it over a year out of its initial release, to my pleasant surprise the driver is mature and I had absolutely no problems installing it and running all of my games. I typically buy a card that is no more than 3 months after its initial release and often there are driver instability problems (EG: Just Cause 3 with the 980Ti, constant crashing). However, the 1080ti executed all of my games perfectly after a painless installation. If you're like me and you think the pricing for the 2080Ti is insane then pick up a 1080ti refurb or on sale. This card should last you a while.

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Works exactly as advertised10/10/2018 9:13:53 AM

Pros: - Very easy to install HDDs - Setup was intuitive, I did not need to reference the instructions for first-use - Comes with everything you need, including screws - All of my drives were recognized immediately by Windows. I'll be testing this enclosure on Linux later, you can assume it worked well if the review was not updated within a week. - I set the fan to "low", on this setting it is very quiet. There is a setting to turn it off completely. The HDDs r/w & spinning sound are slightly louder than the fan so turning the fan off completely seemed pointless.

Cons: - A non-mainstream USB-3 cable is used

Overall Review: To unmount the HD from the tray, it's easiest to flip the HD on its back and then pull two tabs off on one side and then pull the other two tabs off on the other. Using this technique you can quickly and safely remove the tray.

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Perfect as advertised2/25/2013 6:44:13 AM

Pros: Works exactly as advertised. I power a Raspberry Pi and a keyboard with an LED screen, the adapter provides the power I need and the Pi runs smoothly. A nice heavy metal mount to keep it in place. When your devices are connected to it and pulling it in every direction, it doesn't lift or move. There's a small piece of a rubber like material on the base of the metal mount so it doesn't scratch anything. Both are smart design elements. The metal mount can be detached if you want it sitting flat. There's enough weight behind it to stop it moving so long as your cords aren't tugging on it too hard. It looks good and it routes enough power for all of my usb devices.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Surprisingly well constructed for a $20 item. It feels like it has a strong construction, sturdy plastic case with a heavy metal mount. The LED light on the power adapter can act as a small night light as it is so bright. This isn't a con, just don't stare at it directly or have it in a room you sleep in. I used a small piece of black electrical tape to cover it up and it no longer bothers me. I also use the hub to charge my phone. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a usb hub.

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Addendum10/25/2012 1:37:17 PM

Pros: See previous post.

Cons: See other thoughts.

Overall Review: This is in response to a review I had recently posted. After trying the headphones in multiple other devices and tweaking my sound card the high pitched ringing noises continued. I had plugged and unplugged the cable multiple times thinking that the connection may be loose but it wasn't. The high pitched ringing/buzzing noise stopped once I replaced the cable that these headphones came with. The headphones now work perfectly :) I am guessing that the cable is defective as it is generating annoying feedback.

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Excellent SSD2/13/2012 11:01:06 AM

Pros: This is my first SSD, I went from a high performing WD drive as my main HDD to this and the speed-up is absolutely incredible. Every future build will now have a SSD as the primary HDD. I now see my quad core bursting at 100% when I load certain applications because the SSD is able to keep up with my other high performance components. The bursting lasts a fraction of a second and that's about how long it now takes to load almost anything. The SSD came pre-loaded with the latest, stable firmware (currently 1.3.3) so no need to flash it and risk bricking.

Cons: The mail in rebate process is slow. It may take 3 weeks for Corsair to even acknowledge that the rebate has arrived and it may take a few more weeks until I see any return. I'm patiently on week #2 without acknowledgement that the rebate has arrived but at least they have an online system to track it with a full FAQ section.

Overall Review: I'll never go back to a mechanical drive as a primary HDD. From now on the mechanical drives will be for large storage and the SSD will be for the OS and my main applications. After installing Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Office 2010, my anti-virus, updates for everything etc. I had 85 Gigs free for whatever I wanted. For the first time in a long time my CPU and RAM are actually the bottle-neck. I'm eagerly waiting for Ivy bridge to offset this.

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Great CPU! Terrible thermal paste.6/24/2010 7:58:06 PM

Pros: This CPU is a steal for any HTPC (Home Theater PC). I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with XBMC as default session and the entire box fully boots in about 20 seconds. I'm not overclocking since the case is small and the format is ITX. If you're building a low power, low heat output HTPC then this is the CPU for you. Fantastic price too. Most HTPCs only need a single core, this dual core is more than enough to handle it. When a HD movie is running the in-demand core maxes out at around 30% with the other core still available (with a HD video card). The heat sink is short, allowing you to put it into any ITX case or HTPC designed case. This was an unexpected but desirable trait for my HTPC. I'll eventually buy another one of these chips for my next HTPC/File Server. It's just a good pick for low profile machines.

Cons: Amazingly bad thermal paste that is on the heat sink. As in bottom of the barrel. It is almost embarrassing that Intel would allow such a processor to be sold with a heat sink that has thermal paste this poor. The fan was running on full tilt simply by booting up the PC. Read other thoughts on how to rectify this issue. This CPU is still well worth getting.

Overall Review: First thing that you need to do if you buy this CPU: Completely be rid of the thermal paste on the heat sink and use Arctic Silver Ceramic to replace it. Wipe off the thermal paste with a dry disposable cloth and use Q-Tips dipped in 99% rubbing alcohol to eat up the remaining paste. I recommend going online and watching some videos or reading tutorials on how to do this properly. Practice it at least once if possible on an old heat sink. I also scraped what appears to be some of the soft-metal off of the heat-sink. The heat-sink bottom is rough, unpolished metal and seems to come off when pressure using Q-Tips is applied. This isn't a bad thing, but can be confusing when you keep getting black Q-Tips after minutes of wiping the surface. Once you apply Arctic Silver ceramic of about the size of a grain of rice (no more, no less) in the center of the CPU then you are good to go. After I did all of this the CPU fan ran incredibly quiet and the CPU now produces very little heat.

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Great buy, low heat6/20/2010 6:15:35 PM

Pros: Works great with Windows Vista, I expect it to perform the same when I upgrade to Win7 Pro. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS seems to love it too when I tried a USB boot. Vista bootup time is horrible (1 year heavy use) and the purchase of this CPU made it tolerable again. To

Cons: Expensive for LGA 775, an older technology. If you're looking for a new computer and heat/power is not an issue for you, go with the power hungry I-series Intel chips. However if you want a speed boost and don't want to pay $200+ for an I7 board, go with a middle upgrade and select this chip. I went from an E8500 to this and the performance gain is amazing.

Overall Review: I'm using a Thermaltake CL-P0441 with Arctic Silver ceramic thermal paste and according to the bios the chip runs at a temperature of 33 degrees (Celsius, this is newegg.CA folks) on first boot and on the second it ran at a stable 38 degrees. Speedfan tells me that hottest core running at near 100% goes to a max of 46 degrees. In other words this chip has fantastic design for limiting heat generation and ultimately consuming less energy! Go with this chip if heat/power is also a concern for you but you don't want to compromise on power. Also, this chip is ultimate if you want to stick with a LGA 775 board and don't want to upgrade to the I3/5/7 socket boards.

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A clear winner11/20/2009 9:49:36 AM

Pros: Keyboard layout is exactly what most keyboards should be. I especially like the placement, size, and protruding indicators of the arrow keys. Quiet typing and great scroll pad. As a side bonus, I was surprised to see that it can play movies flawlessly with today's most power hungry codecs. Another side bonus, when it is sitting on my lap it doesn't heat it up to the extent where I need another item separating my legs from the netbook. It doesn't produce a significant quantity of heat in comparison to its laptop cousins. It is also built sturdily. As a student there are some unfortunate incidences that my backpack may smack a desk with the netbook being out in front. Zero damage thus far. More impressively, I have also had friends who have little appreciation of other people's property who have used my netbook, again it held up. The wireless is fantastic. Always a connection, even when my friend's keep losing theirs. Very light weight and it doesn't give the impression of fr

Cons: The usable battery life is between 8 - 9 hours depending on what you are using it for. You should never go to zero charge on a lithium ion, including on first use. However, the battery life is still well above that of its competitors. I didn't think the smudges would be a big deal but even if your hands are clean the surfaces of the netbook will appear as if you eat pizza every time you use it. Using a soft, dry cloth remedies this issue. I'm nit-picking at this point. The machine is virtually flawless for what it was designed to be.

Overall Review: Overall, if you know you need a netbook then get this one. It's worth the extra few dollars for the quality. As a third year Computer Engineering student I can't use a laptop due to weight and size constraints. I needed something small, relatively inexpensive, and a machine that can go hours without being plugged in. I work 110 hours a week with extra-curriculars included (for third year only) and I require a machine to check my email, read PDFs from profs, and complete assignments on the fly. The netbook is still relatively new and maintains a fast boot-up/startup speed even after a large array of installations. Don't get a netbook as a substitute for a laptop, PC, Mac or whatever you are thinking of using. These are supplementary computers for those who are on the go, need amazing battery life, and internet access. Don't expect to play any games on it at a reasonable level, unless it is starcraft. I haven't found a need for an additional gig of ram. I'm still running with 1G

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