Really nice product for the price and pretty feature packed4/16/2021 12:28:15 PM

Pros: Nice looking speaker and the build quality seems pretty good. I like how it comes with everything you need to mount it. I was able to strap it to the roll bar on my Yamaha UTV and now I can listen to music while doing yard work or blasting the trails. I like how it comes with a little plug in remote. The battery life is pretty solid, I've been able to use it most of the day as long as I don't crank it up. If you keep it at max volume it'll die within a few hours. I like how if using it with your bike there is a "horn" function. That's a good idea as well and the remote will just clamp to your bars. This thing is also REALLY easy to pair with your phone. I've seen some devices that don't like to connect well, this isn't one of them, it connects super fast every time.

Cons: I think that the sound isn't the best, tinny at times and not really good bass response, but for the most part, for what it is, and for the price, it's pretty decent. The audio gets washed out pretty good at full volume, but I don't think most people are going to keep it on crank setting all the time. At a "normal" volume level it sounds pretty decent. I'm going to take off one "egg" since the speakers could be a bit better. I'd gladly spend a few more bucks for a speaker with a bit better overall range.

Overall Review: This is a really good speaker for the price. You can store songs on a micro SD card and play them that way, or with your phone. The speaker can also change your phone if need be. I like the mounting options and general performance for the price. If you are looking at getting started with a speaker for your bike, atv or utv, this is a pretty good option.

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Better coolers out there...4/8/2020 8:21:23 AM

Pros: Keeps your CPU cool for sure. I installed this setup on my kids LGA Gigabyte board. It has an older i7 2600k, if memory serves. The CPU is nice and cool, much cooler than the stock cooler. He likes the pretty flashy RGB, but we need to use an aftermarket setup for it, since his board was older. This isn’t a big deal with the new boards that have the correct header for RGB. The fans are smooth and seem well built; I don’t think they’ll die anytime soon. Heat sink material is nice too. Instructions were pretty easy to understand.

Cons: LOUD! Don’t buy this if you want something that is quiet. Even with setting the fans to a “silent” mode in the BIOS, they are still quite audible. I find it annoying. My son doesn’t seem to mind since he has gamer boy head phones on. The installation even with an open side for the main board, was sort of tricky. You honestly need to pull your board to get this thing installed properly. That is a pain, but it is what it is. The back plate was a tad tricky to get all the screw to line up right; it just took some attention to detail. Once that was in place, it was fairly easy to lock the cooler down. The little spring clips can be tricky to line up and snap into place. The fins are also quite sharp so you need to be careful with that. The thermal paste they also provide is a complete joke honestly. Luckily I keep Artic Silver on hand at all times.

Overall Review: If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty a bit more, i.e., removing the board and dealing with slight alignment issues, this isn’t a bad cooling fan. It’s sort of on the loud side, but if that is something that doesn’t bother you, or you have the computer 10 feet away or in a closet, then you’ll be golden. Older boards will require a LED controller, they can be found on NE for 50-60 bones. New boards have this built in. For the price this isn’t a bad fan if you can live with some of the issues. I probably would recommend spending a bit more on a Noctua product.

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Crucial Makes the BEST RAM3/23/2020 9:13:28 AM

Pros: Nice and simple packaging. Easy to open and clear instructions if you never have installed ram before. The product feels substantial. You can tell that this isn't cheap stuff. The heat sinks are nice and well built. I think it looks good in my case. There are no RGB lights, but I'd rather have it that way.

Cons: I can't think of any cons. I mean, I guess if you wanted some kind of color option, you'd have to go with a different type of memory.

Overall Review: I have used Crucial memory (and other products that they make) for YEARS and I have never experienced a problem or had an issue with support or warranty. They are a good company that stands behind their products. I've been using this ram for almost one solid month, rendering HD video and also some gaming (mainly playing Rust) and while I haven't really noticed performance gains over the ram that this replaced, everything seems good to me! I would highly recommend their products!

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Great price, moves lots of air and is quiet2/27/2019 9:55:02 AM

Pros: Good packaging, easy to open and use right away. Seems like it is built pretty well, no sharp edges or broken holes where screws would go. I like the way the light looks, it's not too over board I think. Good company, I have had good luck with all their products.

Cons: None that I can think of. Some people might want more cord to work with, depending on their case layout or mother board design.

Overall Review: I've been using this fan for almost one month now and it's been a constant performer. I think that Corsair makes a good product. I've used a LOT of their computer components and have always been very happy with them. They seem to stand behind their products as most include a good warranty (like their power supplies). Only time will tell how long this fan lasts, but I have a feeling that it will be working for a long time.

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THE NEED FOR SPEED!11/14/2018 10:11:16 AM

Pros: I love the size. No crazy huge package, easy to open and get installed. M2 will honestly change the way you build computers. It is SO nice to have this little tiny drive plugged into the mother board and not have to worry about power or cables. Honestly, that's one of the biggest "pros" for me. The drive is of course fast. I do not think that most people will really compare speed numbers back and forth with other drives unless they are building a specific system, something for dedicated video editing or gaming. For the 98% of computer users, myself included, that does gaming and video editing and everything else, this drive is MORE than fast enough for me! I mean, sequential read was over 3,000MB/sec and writes were around 1000MB/sec. This is VERY fast people. You won't complain about your data not moving fast enough.

Cons: I really can't think of any. I mean, maybe the price considering that a 2.5 inch SSD is a better deal for the capacity, but the speed of this thing just trumps more space. You can always off load data to a large SSD or huge spiny drive. And don't forget having to run the power and cable... No thanks.

Overall Review: I have been using this device for about a month. Windows 10 installed VERY fast, probably under 5 minutes, I don't remember timing it, but I looked away for a few minutes and it was done. If this is your first foray into M2 drives, make sure that you don't lose that little s c r e w you get from your motherboard mfg. Take your time getting it installed, I like to install my drive first before plugging in other cables, power, LED headers, etc. I also used a pretty new Gigabyte motherboard. I know that there might be some compatibility issues with much older system boards, so make sure to check out the website for the board that you are using. I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular SSD. It's funny to say that, since they are still pretty fast and have done wonders in this industry. But M2 drives are on a whole different level. They are just so fast and clean looking installed in the board. I really like that. Corsair makes a quality product. I've been using them for years and they have great customer service when I had to deal with a keyboard and liquid cooling issue (it was minor). It is a good idea to make sure that you spend your money on items that offer good support, much like Corsair. Don't forget to register your new hardware too! I am looking forward to more system builds with drives like this, you can't go wrong!

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Nice looking case for the price, good options for mid-level build.9/25/2018 12:47:10 PM

Pros: Nice looking case, very clean lines and built well. Plenty of mounting options. I actually built two different computers with this case, which is why it took me so long to review this item. The first build was all air cooling and the second was a beefier gaming system with liquid cooling. Both systems were easy to build with a case this spacious. I like how all the components went together well, everything lined up perfectly. I think that the case is a very critical part of your system build. You do not want to get something that is built like junk, has sharp edges and poor mounting options. At first I didn't like having the window at the side, but after my two separate builds I actually like how they came out. You just need to spend more time with the wiring and making things look tidy. This case also seems easy to clean. I also appreciate that there is a 5.25 inch bay, I still have a bluray burner that I use here and there.

Cons: While this case is pretty open and seems to have good ventilation, I feel like there is a bottle neck in the front, it needs to be a little wider to let in more fresh air. It's also a lot of work to get the RGB fans looking tidy and the 3 pin connectors will require a controller. I think that if you don't want the light show, you could get away with different fans and then you wouldn't need a controller. I was using a pretty large 850 watt power supply for my gamer build and it was a bit tight with all the modular connections that I needed to use. When I built my "general purpose" pc, I was able to use a smaller (in length) power supply that made for better cable management.

Overall Review: Ultimately, this is a pretty good case if you can get it on sale with free or cheap shipping. It looks good and will accept most liquid cooling radiators without a problem. I think that this case had some pretty well thought out design; the mounting rail for the glass, the space behind the mother board for jamming cables, the magnetic filter mount, etc. For the price it's a pretty good deal even with the slight con, being the entry cooling. I'd recommend this case to people wanting to build a mid level computer or mid level gaming system.

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Awesome multifunction for the price!7/16/2018 11:59:23 AM

Pros: Unbelievable price point. This thing works AMAZING for the price! I have been using this printer for over a month now. My kids use it, my wife uses it and I use it for basic stuff, docs, scanning, etc. It spools up and prints fast, the scanner is also pretty quick depending on which DPI is set, even on the highest setting it is pretty quick. The quality is excellent and it seems to be very economical on toner from what we have printed so far. When this toner cart is gone I'll make sure to get the high capacity one and then I won't have to worry about it for a LONG time, unlike ink jet, when if you let the thing sit for a week or two, it will be either toast or use up all your ink during the cleaning process. My Macbook Pro found it right away after I had the wireless portion setup and printed text documents very fast. Image printing was a little bit slower, but not too bad. I also like how easy and light the driver and software is. Scanning from my Mac was also very easy and REALLY fast, even with a high DPI count. I was pretty impressed! This is honestly why I will ALWAYS recommend a printer like this say, compared to an HP. HP will liter your computer with all sorts of junk. Not so with the Brother. I honestly don't understand why people still use ink jet printers. They are such a scam. This thing is a great deal and always works, I've been a laser printer user for over 25 years and would never even consider otherwise. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone with a monthly page duty cycle of under say, 5,000. They'll be very happy with it and with all the money they save from not having to buy ink carts they can go out to eat more.

Cons: Cheap feeling buttons and pretty terrible display quality, but for the price I can over look this.

Overall Review: The only other thing that I can think of with this printer is to get more toner. All of these laser printers, and it doesn't matter which one you purchase, come with a "starter" toner. Toner pretty much lasts forever as long as it is kept dry and out of sunlight, so just get some extra when you add this baby to your shopping cart.

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10 Year Warranty!? NICE!5/2/2018 12:48:54 PM

Pros: I've been using this power supply for over one month now with no issues what so ever. Build quality seems to be very solid. Good packaging. I want to mention right away that this thing has a 10 year warranty. That's pretty unheard of. I've seen 5 and 7 year, but 10, wow, that's some faith in a product. Assuming that the company sticks around, it's nice to know that this power supply should go the distance. If you're into all the colored stuff (I'm not really) you'll appreciate the RGB elements with the supply. This thing is also packing some power, you'll be able to run any video card (or 2) without a problem. You can tell that this thing is built pretty beefy because it's quite heavy. I like the giant a double s fan, 135mm is no joke and most a lot of air with little noise, at least not much that I can tell. My video card when cranking the new Far Cry make way more noise than anything else.

Cons: This thing is expensive, but, the old adage, you get what you pay for comes to mind. We just need to see how this thing will last. The Chinese company that makes this thing has not been around that long. So the jury, so to speak, is still out on longevity. RGB setting on the back of the power supply, so you'll have to reach back there to change things up. Also, even with the Gold Plus rating, for the price, you'd think you would be sporting Platinum ratings.

Overall Review: This is a good power supply and is well built. It is expensive, but if it lasts 10 years then it will be a bargain in the long run. Keeping good clean power to your board is important, one of the components that I never skimp on is a power supply. I would definitely recommend this power supply but I am going to give it 4 eggs since this is from a company that has little trigger time in the component business.

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Good budget price cooler3/20/2018 8:29:45 AM

Pros: Nice packaging and It was pretty nice to see that the radiator was built well, especially for the price. The pump that attaches to the CPU had a nice feeling to it as well. I also like that the hoses are much easier to bend around that rubber. Good instructions as well, clear and easy to read / understand. Right off the bat I think that this is a good budget cooler for a basic build. The price is great.

Cons: When my video card is cranking, you can't hear the water pump going, but when I'm just doing basic computer tasks, I can hear the water pump through my windowed case, it's not super annoying, but the last computer that I built with a more expensive Corsair liquid cooler made absolutely no noise. So, if you want something dead silent or close to it, this might not be the cooler setup for you, then again, the price sort of warrants a few short comings. The only other thing that I can think of is if you have a really giant computer case, the hoses are little on the short size. My mid tower case had no issue with this however, but I could see it being an issue with some super large cases.

Overall Review: If you want a cool CPU it's a good idea to go with liquid. The installation of a liquid cooler will take a little bit more time, but ultimately the payoff is worth it. Much better and consistent cooling than with a fan. I have been using this cooler now for around a month, the warranty seems pretty decent at 2 years, but I have a feeling that I'll be looking for a new one, right after that two year warranty goes away. Still, for the price, this thing is worth it. OR, if you have some more cash to throw down, take a harder look at what $100 bones will buy you.

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Great PS for the money! Great warranty!2/12/2018 6:39:30 AM

Pros: I have been using this power supply for well over a month and it there are no issues with it at all. I like to think that with computer parts, if they make it past the 30 day threshold, that they will be good for the long term. This power supply should last a long time. I put a spare junk computer together with what I had lying around; Core i5, 16GB RAM, (2) 1TB spiny hard drives in a MIRROR, Bluray burner, EVGA 660 and installed Windows 7 Professional SP1. No issues at all. While gaming the power supply is belting out some hot air, but nothing major. It is still pretty much silent. My old 660 video card is making way more heat and noise than this power supply. I really like that Cooler Master makes a good product. I have used a LOT of their components in the past and have always been happy with them. The price of this power supply is quite good especially when you factor in the warranty of 5 full years! Make sure that you register this thing, it'll make the warranty replacement work faster if you do need to use it.

Cons: The only real con that I can think of is the "bronze" rating. If you were to spend some more cash you could get a much more efficient power supply. Which if you are a gamer, might be a good idea to combat some dollars flying out the window when your electric bill arrives.

Overall Review: : I like how this power supply is semi-modular" as the main board connectors are directly wired. Everything else you can use, just what you need. I also think that there is more than enough length if you are trying to hide the cables and make things look pretty. This is a good power supply for those that are on a budget. It isn't really loud under load, has good cabling options and a nice warranty. To me, that is one, if not, the most important items here. A 5 year warranty means that the company believes that this product is going to last a long time. I'm going to give this product 5 eggs since it does what it needs to and has a good warranty. Honestly, warranty is probably one of the things I value the most.

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Good price, good sound, good quality!12/15/2017 5:32:31 AM

Pros: I've been using these headphones for almost a month now and I feel like I can say without question that they are my favorite pair. I've had some old Logitech's and other cheaper pairs that have served me well, but it was really nice to finally have a pair that fit me well and are comfortable for the long haul. I was playing PUBG for HOURS and only felt a little discomfort at the end, where they start to get a little heavy feeling. The cups are nice and comfortable, the bass response is nice and tight sounding. The construction is very solid and I feel like they will last a long time with basic care and maintenance. I like how you can adjust the volume behind the ear and there is also a mute button that is easy to get at when my childrens are bothing me.

Cons: I really can't think of too many cons, some people might not like the length of the usb cable. I sit fairly close to my computer so that wasn't an issue for me. Sometimes I feel like the adjustment is on the loose side, I don't think I have some kind of massive melon, but it would be nice if they fit a little bit more firm. It's not really a deal breaker for me, but kids or maybe people with smaller heads might have an issue with having to readjust things here and there.

Overall Review: I think the price is okay for the quality. I like how they look, I wasn't blown away with the RGB stuff, but I think it's neat if you want all your gear to match using the provided software. The sound quality is impressive and I feel like a good sound card compliments this headset well. I think that most people would be happy with this headset.

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Nice little external with a few limitations...9/18/2017 1:25:05 PM

Pros: 2TB of storage is pretty beefy for off loading recordings. I like how everything is sort of contained. The reader, cable, it all works nice and is of high quality. Works perfectly with my Macbook Pro, no issues at all. I also like how I can toss my Go Pro video on it as well. I only have two 32GB micro sd cards for my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and when I'm out in the "field" it's nice to know that I can fire up my lappy and offload the data since I have USB-C. The drive is pretty speedy and copies data fast for the most part. I also like how I do not have to carry a card ready, even though I have one, it's bad enough I have to have all these crazy cables and adapters for my new Macbook. So, it's nice that I can just launch this baby into my drone bag and go. This device makes sense for people that need a external hdd AND a card reader, since the new Mac only has USB-C ports. Remember that you can use this drive for whatever.

Cons: While the disc is fast, the transfer speeds from the card were not quick. I saw an average of 38MB read and 35MB write. Not terrible, but not super fast. This was with a Class 10 Sandisk card. Would have been nice if they included an adapter cable. My Macbook Pro is the only device that I have with USB-C, my desktop computer needed an adapter. Not a huge deal, but the end user needs to be aware. IT WILL NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX on an old computer, you need to have the proper port. So, having said that, if you don't have USB-C it might be better and cheaper to just get an external hdd and a card reader.

Overall Review: It would have been REALLY nice if you could toss in your card and just dump it to the disc without powering up a laptop, i.e., hit a button and SEND IT! I know you would need the device to be powered somehow, but man, that would be nice. It's bad enough that I have to lug around $1,200 worth of drone and then another $2,500 worth of laptop junk. If Seagate (or some other MFG.) had a brain, they would make something that you could dump data on to. That would be the hot ticket. I did not test out the 2 month Adobe Premiere Pro CC, I think that was a waste of time. Over all I'd recommend this drive but I'm a little leery that it only has a two year warranty. Having said that, I know externals are not something that I would rely heavily on with saving my most precious moments and neither should you. Once you get home, toss your sensitive data on something that has redundancy.

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Good size and works excellent in Dahua NVR9/18/2017 6:44:26 AM

Pros: Great drive, cool and quiet. Drive is plenty fast for NVR duties or maybe even as a TiVo internal hdd upgrade since it's designed for 24/7/365 operations. I was tempted to crack open an older TiVo and toss it in there, but this drive is meant to be installed into a NVR so that is where it was headed. 3 year warranty is a plus, I'm sure it'll last a while as it also has a pretty high workload of 180TB a year (MTBF is 1 million hours, this is good, found on the WD web page). I had this drive being used in a Dahua NVR with 6, 4MP IP cameras connected to it and there were absolutely no issues at all. Drive was found, then formatted and then pounded with full HD streams. Didn't whimper a bit. I was also pleasantly surprised at how cool the operating temperature is. This NVR is in a building that has no air conditioning and the NVR only has one cooling fan, but the drive stil was cool to the touch.

Cons: Since this drive is for consumer / prosumer applications, I honestly can't think of any. It's a good drive, backed by a good warranty and has a great price point.

Overall Review: A LOT of people make the mistake, when building out a surveillance setup, that they can just toss in whatever hard drive they want. This is not the case and you NEED to have a drive that is designed for constant write intensive applications. This hard drive was designed for constant video recording, heat fluctuations and vibrations. There is a nice big 64MB cache to insure that frames will not get dropped and prioritized write-operations which will aid in multiple cameras recording. I had great playback (and recording) of all 6 of my 4MP IP cams. Ultimately time will tell how this drive will do, but I have a feeling that it'll out last the 3 year warranty without a doubt. If you are in need of a good NVR (network video recorder) hard drive, this is the one. I've already recommended this drive to a friend of mine that will be replacing (4) 500GB drives. I'm sure he'll be happy with all that added record time!

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Good buy for the price.8/21/2017 6:51:41 AM

Pros: Good packaging, the tiny drive came out easy and was a breeze to install. I only had one newer Gigabyte main board to test it with since the drive is a M.2. Installed in like 5 seconds, Windows 7 Professional installed with a little help from a USB stick and the proper drivers. I did test this drive with Windows 10 and in both environments it performed flawlessly. Read and write times were pretty much what was stated in the specs. 558 for read and 525 for write. This is a very fast drive for the price. I like how small it is and the best (for me) is that there is no cable to connect to it. I really like these M.2 drives. I am sort of OCD when computer building and running the power and sata cables drive me mildly insane, so it is nice that this thing just flops in like some laptop memory (well, one screw is needed to secure it) and you're done. I've been using this drive for almost a month and there have been no issues with it. It gets a little warm to the touch when streaming video or gaming, but nothing that I would be too concerned with since memory has a tendency of running on the hot side. I don't think any computer user should use a spinny drive ever again, unless it is for data warehousing. The speed and snappiness that you get with an SSD is pretty much life changing and the prices of these things just keep going down. I feel like this drive is a good value for size and price. Most people REALLY don't need more than 250GB unless they are doing a lot of gaming, video work, photo editing, etc. For day to day activity, this is a great drive.

Cons: MTBF is 1.75 Million hours. Which is great, but since this drive is consumer based, WD only gives a 3 year warranty. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't TERRIBLE, but I would think a solid state drive like this one, especially with a high MTBF would have at least a 5 year warranty. I think WD needs to reevaluate their warranties. It would give people more peace of mind with a longer warranty... And a high MTBF (mean time between failure) should warrant a better warranty. You do trust this drive don't you Western Digital?

Overall Review: IF you have a need for M.2, this is a good drive for the money. I have used and tested a LOT of different SSD's over the years and I've only had one brand flake out on me (it was made by TEAM Group) and for the most part, if you stick with a decent name you'll do well. I really do like not having to run the cables to this drive. So, if you want a super clean install and your board will support the M.2, I'd say go for it. Windows 10 will install without an issue, while Windows 7 takes a bit more work with some drivers to install. Most boards will need a USB 3.0 driver from their MFGs web site to get things to even work (drivers, etc). Performance was good in both environments. My test system was an i7 based PC with 16GB DDR4. Always have good backups.

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Changed the way I work on a computer!7/7/2017 1:00:49 PM

Pros: After almost a month of use, I have to state right away, that, in all honestly, this monitor has changed the way I work on a computer. The ability to multitask on this monitor is simply incredible! I can have Outlook opened, 2 RDP sessions and my network monitoring software up and STILL have room to play. For work it is fantastic, video editing was a whole new experience, I was able to have LARGE timelines and be able to see what I was editing without having to zoom or scroll in my software. I also like to have my crypto currency charts updating while I'm working and it is nice to have that going as well. This single monitor has replaced 3 monitors. Not only does my desk look better but I feel like the curved display is easier on my eyes as a glasses wearing that is VERY nearsighted. I have a feeling that when my friends see this display and see how well it works, including the PiP (picture in picture), where you can resize a second display (since this has two input sources, I had a PC and Macbook going) they'll be sold on it instantly. I didn't do a lot of gaming on it, but I was able to get in a few rounds of Cities Skylines and it is like a whole other experience. The amount screen that you have to work with never gets old with a game like this. One thing that I noticed right away was that it was nice to have the stand already on the monitor and the adjustments are very easy as well. The only thing that took (and is still taking time) to get use to was how to move through the options menu. Not a big deal since once things are setup the way you like them you won't be visiting it too much. The 21:9 viewing ratio is also very nice for looking at movies. I feel like you're getting the full experience here. Might want to dial down the saturation a little bit from stock, but other than that, this is a GREAT monitor for just about anything you can throw at it.

Cons: Not a fan of the color and base, but I really can't take off a star for this. Viewing angles are not the greatest, but you'll get that with the curve. If you are sitting front and center there will be no issues. While I feel like the picture quality is excellent I still think that black looks better on an OLED monitor. Also I couldn't test out "freesync" since it does not work (entirely) with Nvidia cards. So if you want to be able to use it, you'll need some AMD hardware. It would have been nice to test it, since from what I understand, will eliminate image tears and choppiness when gaming, but honestly the only time that I think you would see that would be in real twitchy FPS type games because I didn't see any with the games that I played.

Overall Review: I'm more of a fan of black and I'm not a really big fan of the base, but this monitor is nice and bright and seems to have great calibration right out of the box. I feel like this is one of the best looking pictures that I've EVER seen. Picture and video editing was amazing. I had to borrow a friend's 1070 video card to play games at full pop, since my current card was not up to par. So, make sure you have a pretty beefy rig if you want to game to full capacity. Having said that, I think for 99% of people this is a great ultra wide monitor. I also want to mention that if you are gaming and what you are playing is on the older side (something that does not support UWQHD) the upscale feature seems to work rather nicely. I also feel like being 3 to 4 feet away with an idea distance for me. I also like the USB hub feature since I was able to free up some USB ports from my mobo. Only time will tell how things go with this LCD. I am fairly certain that I will not be going back to my old setup any time soon. If you are looking for a large immersive display this really is the hot ticket right now!

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Great Warranty for the price!4/13/2017 6:03:30 AM

Pros: Right off the bat, this will probably be the only power supply (brand) that I run or recommend. FIVE YEAR WARRANTY FOLKS! I mean, that is almost unheard of at this price level. 5 Years = Good Stuff! This is a good looking product, so it'll look nice if you have a windowed case. The sound levels from the fan are not that bad. When pushing the power supply during a gaming session it got hot, but nothing too scary. Probably helped that I was using an much old GTX660 card. Like most power supplies, the fan on this is thermally controlled, so it'll spin up or down depending on how hot things are getting inside. It is a nice touch that they added black sleeves around the cable. This gives the power supply a more "high-end" appearance and it will look much better inside a case that is visible to the outside.

Cons: There are really not too many negative things I can say about this power supply, but the one that does drive me crazy is the "rifle bearing" fan. Ugh, this is a sleeve bearing. Which is good at combating noise, but usually don't last a long time in less than clean environments. It would be nice to see a ball-bearing fan to be used next time. So, make sure you spend some time cleaning the inside of your computer if you want the fan to last. I would also recommend keep the computer off the carpet as well. Having said all that. I would assume that if the fan started to make the dreaded "groaning" noise, that Corsair would honor the warranty and get another fan or power supply sent out to you.

Overall Review: A good power supply is a CRITICAL component in a computer. People will spend all this money on high end mobos and video cards and then get a sub standard power supply. Don't! I'd say for 98% of people building custom computers that this power supply will be more than adequate for their needs. If you have a REALLY beefy video card, you would want to get at least an 850 or so. But for my kids computer, this power supply will be just fine for a long time and if something were to flake out with it, it is nice to know that there is a 5 year warranty to back things up.

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Another Awesome board from Gigabyte!2/21/2017 6:57:44 AM

Pros: Typical Gigabyte build quality, EXCELLENT. Everything is laid out nice and built very well. These are the only motherboards that I will buy / use. GREAT 3 year warranty! I STILL have Gigabyte boards out in the field that are approaching ten years old that still work perfectly and have no issue and no bad capacitors. These are just solid well built boards. I would put them up with Asus or any other higher end board mfg. any day of the week. The manual that came with the board was very easy to understand and read. A first time system builder would have no issue getting this thing to work. It also has a very easy to use and upgrade BIOS. If you look closely at the specs you'll see that there is support for the Intel 7th Gen Kabylake CPUs and Dual NVMe, PCIe and M.2 SSD! I cannot even stress how fast of a combination this is. I used a 512GB M.2 SSD and Windows 10 installed in under 10 minutes. It might have even been fast than that since I walked away to make a sandwich. So, maybe make sure that you have a full meal before you go installing an operating system with this baby or you'll miss out! I only had 32GB of RAM to fill this thing, but it'll take 64GB if you really need it, say for CAD/CAM or 3D Rendering. This would be a GREAT board for high end business use or, of course, gaming! I was also happy to see an Intel LAN chip and not RealTek. I just feel that Intel has a better chip and there will be more compatibility in the long run. Also, hard to believe, but there are legacy ports on the back. Hey, don't laugh I have an old Logitech KB that is still PS2 and it was nice to be able to use it still!

Cons: : I'm not really a fan of the SATA cables going out the side. Depending on what kind of case you'll be using, this may or may not be an issue. I was using an old Antec Solo case, which I really like and it was a little tight to get everything lined up and looking clean. It took some extra time, but the result was worth it since it looks clean and hidden. I just want people to remember about that, depending on your build. Like I said, it may or may not be a big deal.

Overall Review: This is a fantastic board, like most Gigabyte motherboards! It has great graphic support should you want Quad-GPU Nvidia or AMD, a great easy to use BIOS, super easy to use and install drivers and support for older legacy stuff. I really believe that Gigabyte is one of the best main boards that you can buy. Over the past 10 years I've used HUNDREDS of their boards and I can barely count on one hand the amount of dead ones I've had, or problematic ones. They have a great warranty and stand behind it, the few times that I needed to RMA a board (almost never). It is also nice to see that they still offer support for Windows 7. I did have to use their USB install tool to get the correct drivers to pop, but they spell it all out on their web site and it's super easy. I tested this board with Windows 10 and 7. I will most likely keep Windows 7 on it since it runs great and is familiar to use.

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One SSID to RULE them ALL!2/11/2017 9:53:50 AM

Pros: My whole goofy house has Internets EVERYWHERE and it is FAST AS H -E -Double hockey sticks. I can't get over how easy the setup was. I used my iPad Air 2. No issues at all. I can completely max out my 60Mb connection. I want to take these babies to work and see what it would do on our Gig up and down fiber. I bet it would pump it out just fine. I have wifi all through-out my home with two units and the last one is in my out building and I still have coverage. This product is amazing and you're going to see MUCH more mesh networks like this. For the price, this stuff is fantastic. Speed, reliability and setup was WAY easier than other products I've tested. I really like the way these little boxes look. I still can't get over the full coverage I have in my home. 2 story about 1500 sq. feet AND with the 3rd in my shop I'm still sailing the beautiful webs without having different SSID's and connecting and reconnecting, blah-blah-blah... Oh, did I mention that this product has a 3 year warranty, that usually mean that the company making this stuff feels like it'll last. SO THAT IS GOOD, you want this! I've usually had good luck with Linksys products in the past. Oh and the 24/7 tech support is pretty nice too, if you run into an issue.

Cons: I'm really nit picking here, no wall mounting. Only in white? I want black, or some other colors would be nice I guess. Even setup was easy and quick I feel like I had to wait a little bit at the last device. But still, 5 or so minutes per box isn't too bad. You will need an Android or ipad device to set things up. Can't just bash it into your switch and start playing. So, this stuff is geared for a super entry level user, which is GREAT, it's probably exactly what you want!

Overall Review: Listen, if you want ONE unified solution, this is it. Place these things through-out your house. Follow the steps, few connection related things, speed checks, firmware updates. And then you're done. You'll have ONE network, one SSID, and it'll blanket your whole home, as long as you don't live in an extra large Mc Mansion. If you have a fast WAN you will have a fast wireless network, these things will PUMP the net, you'll have no problem with multiple connections. Believe me, my household is INSANE with wireless devices and these bros keep blasting the Megabytes! Again, I have a modest sized house, but I have FULL speeds. So, your mileage may vary, but I think that most people will be happy with this and the best part is, you can set it and forget it. I'm pretty happy with it and I might even get a few more to get my mesh network out to my barn. Then my animals can watch the YouTubes...

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Here is the drive you want installed in your NVR!!!1/30/2017 5:45:26 AM

Pros: : Quiet and cool drive for a network video recorder! (NVR) This drive has been in operation for almost a month and has been HAMMERED with video recordings 24/7 and has never whimpered. I have this drive install in a Dahua 16 channel NVR and it was detected and installed in a matter of seconds. Other NVR's might have a different setup, but most are the same. I was also able to bring up recorded video FAST! Much faster than the old 500GB WD that I had in it. This drive is optimized for recording and you can tell. It will bring up recordings fast, with no stuttering. I like that. This drive also has a 1 MILLION hour MTBF, that means that it will LAST A LONG TIME! Any hard drive with a HIGH MTBF is the one that you want and can rely on! I still can't believe how cool and quiet this drive is, I bet it might also be good for a TiVo upgrade! And... Let's not forget the generous 64MB cache!

Cons: : I really can't think of too many. This is an OEM drive so, it will not come with anything. I honestly can't knock this drive for anything, it has performed flawlessly so far.

Overall Review: IF you are looking for a drive that will be recording data continuously , this is a drive to take a hard look at. This hard drive was MADE for heavy workloads that recording video produce. Something that is always keeping the cache full and something that is always writing data to the disc. NOT all hard drives are created equal, this drive has a high work load rating (180TB) a year, so if you multiply that times the warranty (3 years) you get 540TB of total workload! That is a LOT! This would be a great drive to put in a NVR that has room for more than two drives, then you can really record a LOT of data and know that there won't be failures. Very impressive drive for the money! Highly recommended.

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Great power supply for the price!12/8/2016 8:59:21 AM

Pros: Great power supply for the price! AND it's semi-modular which is really nice, you can use what you need and then leave the rest of the cables out of the case. More room, and better air flow = less heat! So your junk will last longer. 80 Plus Bronze is good and it powered up my older EVGA GTX660 just fine (I know the card is super old by standards today) which uses some hefty amounts power. This power supply runs cool for me. It was tested for almost a month in a basic build. Core i5, 16GB ram, SSD, and 2TB hdd (above for video card). I've use a LOT of Corsair products in the past and they have never let me down. Solid built and this power supply has a 3 year warranty! For the price, (especially if there are promotions going on) this power supply is a HUGE bargain for an entry level computer user. And honestly, it would be more than enough for decent gaming.

Cons: I really can't think of too many. It is quite and cool and worked right out of the box for me. When I would game, you could hear the fan crank up, but I didn't think that it was really that loud. Then again, I'm use to servers running 24/7/365, so maybe my hearing is going out...

Overall Review: Great power supply for the money, especially with rebates. Good amount of power, excellent that it is semi-modular, so no huge rats nest. I've had this thing running solid for a month and no problems. Great 3 year warranty, Corsair stands behind their products. I had an issue with a gaming key board and they made it right! I'm a fan of the color as well. I really think if you can snag this power supply with the rebates and all that, just buy it now. Keep it for a spare even. You never know...

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Good drive for basic low usage amount12/8/2016 8:38:57 AM

Pros: Pretty fast, quiet, does not get that hot, 2 year warranty. Drive supports SED or self encrypting drive mode, which is good for security. Price is pretty good for the size. I installed this drive in my kids computer so that we could off load all his Steam games and music on to it. It is GREAT for "warehousing" files. Transfer times from his Intel SSD to the 2TB Seagate were good, around 150MB/sec average for the large stuff. So I think the 64MB cache was helping here. This drive has been in operating for almost one full month on a computer that sees A LOT of use. The drive has been performing well and I hope will continue to do so.

Cons: I (personally) have a love/hate relationship with Seagate. Sometimes, I'll come across a good batch of drives and sometimes I'll get a TERRIBLE batch. I have a STACK of ST3000DM001's (3TB) that didn't make it much past warranty. And when I mean stack, it is at least 17 drives. So... I don't know how much I trust Segate. They have a 2 year warranty on this drive and if you look at their website it shows this drive to have a "power-on hours" per year of 2400, which is not a bad as some drives, but it goes to show that this drive is NOT made for 24/7 applications. HGST for instance has a much higher MTBF, meantime between failures, 1 million hours I believe. SO, if you just need a cheap priced drive to store data on, this will work, but I would NOT trust it past 2 years!

Overall Review: Others: I really do not have much to say here. If this drive is not going to see a lot of usage, it'll last a while I'm sure. BUT if you are a power user or use a computer EVERY day for a while, this may not be the drive for you. Light duty computer usage, like what my parents do, this drive is perfect, gamer or heavy user, forget it. OR at least only use it to toss data on that you really do not care to lose. I personaly would want to spend a few more dollars and get a drive with a much higher MTBF. A two year warranty to me really states that it'll die in a year or right after the 2 years. Most drives with a 3 year warranty will last more than 3 years. I have some WD Black's that are more than 5 years old and have had 24/7/365 operation. Did I get lucky? Maybe... Or, maybe the WD Black is an enterprise level drive for the consumer. Do your research and find good drives, or have multiple so that you will be okay if one fails. I'm a big believer in RAID+good backups. This Seagate drive is CLEARLY not made for an array but you could do it. That would make for an interesting test. All told, I'll give this drive a 4 star, good basic drive, but I think there are better choices out there for your cash!

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If you want high quality and easy, this is IT!11/21/2016 1:52:12 PM

Pros: This is a nice camera! Has a great feel to it and is not made of plastic and junk. I deal with security cams A LOT with my job. This camera will easily hold its own with Dahua and HikVision camera’s in terms of build quality and picture quality. Very nice, looks as good as my 3 mega pixel Dahua cams I use. Box was nice, neat packaging. SUPER EASY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTIONS! I cannot STRESS enough, if you want a SUPER simple VERY high quality camera to keep an eye on your home, office, barn, business or whatever. This is the ticket! Super easy to setup and deploy and I like that there is an option for PoE, which worked fine with my TrendNET PoE switch. The provided 12 volt adapter worked fine as well. It was also nice to see that EZVIZ provides the weather tight connector should you choose to run Ethernet to the camera, Dahua started to cheap out and now they don’t include them with their camera. It was nice to see that this camera had the plug and the drill template. That was a nice touch too. I have been using this camera for about a month now and it has been recording just fine. The picture quality is great and I know that this cam will last a long time in the elements. This is not your average consumer camera; it is much more higher quality, close to business grade, very close if not the same in terms of build quality of Dahua and HikVision which I feel are among the best over-all cameras on the market for price and performance. I cannot stress enough on how easy it was to setup the camera on my network via the application for Android. I did not have an iOS device at this time to test it with. I also like that it has IFTTT (if this then that) features built in, I don’t have Alexa, but I’m sure it would work well.

Cons: Not many things to complain about, but the number one (at least for me, a pro level user) is the fact that I can’t do anything with the camera in a more professional environment. I’d like to see if they had other cameras to test out like this one, but something that had a web browser and used the OnVif standard so it could be used as a typical IP camera. Hook it up and then add it to a Dahua or Hikvision or other NVR (network video recorder). I am NOT going to deduct one egg because of this, since I know not everyone out there is a professional, they might want the easy simple solution. I know that the camera is built well and I know that it works great in low light / light. But they have this fantastic camera and I can’t REALLY play with it, or put it to use on my other NVR.

Overall Review: Listen, this is a great camera. It works wonderful in pretty much all conditions that I have tested it in. Direct sun, shade, complete darkness, with PoE, without PoE, wireless, etc. The Android application seems to work reasonably well for me. It would have some errors (no picture), but then you could just retry it and it would work (I’m sure they will keep improving the application). Performance with wireless was good, I also had a good AP to test it with (a pretty high powered Ubiquity) and never had an issue with wireless. Also never had any issues with the PoE side of things aka, wired. The web client is okay, had some nice features for privacy but it only worked well in Internet Explorer. Ugh, please people, (MFGs) make things work cross platform; stuff like this should work in ALL browsers. If this camera would work outside its “walled garden” it would be easily be a go to pro level camera. It’s a great camera. Believe me I use a LOT and have seen what a good camera is and this camera easily has the build and picture quality down, like I said, very close to the quality of my Dahua cams. This camera will be PERFECT if you just want to monitor a few rooms, I think they come in a 3 pack as well, VERY easy to set up. I mean, my parents could follow the instructions. And if they can do it, anyone could, I cannot stress this enough. Getting the camera online and view-able is EASY. 5 minutes or less! BUT, if you are more of a professional or hobbyist like me, you’ll want something that you can change ports on and add to an NVR or other software to record and view the video (again, Dahua or HikVision). BUT, this is a great camera if you DO NOT care about that, if you want to rip the box open, download the app, make an account and get it online, this is your camera! One last thing to note is how you can toss in a MicroSD card, I like that. (It came with a 16GB but I used a 64GB) You could set it to only record movement and a 64GB card would last for a long time. I think we’ll see more options like this with future vendors. So, if you need something easy and with pro build quality, this is the camera you want!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Max F., Thanks for the review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products and share their experience with other customers. Best Regards, EZVIZ Technical Team
Great monitor for the price! Super crisp display! Recommended!11/7/2016 8:50:59 AM

Pros: Super thin, great aesthetics. VGA and (2) HDMI. Simple menus system. Solid metal stand not plastic, so it should last a long time and stay put! No dead pixels! Looks great with the games that I play. Video that I render from my DJI Phantom 3 (1080/60fps) looks GREAT on this monitor. Much better than my older Dell, which I still think looks good. This picture is just much crisper on this HP. I personally like the glossy screen, I know that some do not, so make a note of that. Over all, I think this would make a good general purpose monitor for small off or home office, good for a gaming pc or second LCD (for duals). Out of the box I was pleased with how well it seemed to be calibrated from the factory. It just looks good!

Cons: HP, come on! The inputs!? VGA? I don't care who is making a monitor today, get rid of VGA, give use Display port, USB-C, DVI and HDMI. And then you're DONE you have everything covered. I guess HP thinks that there might be a large crowd using VGA still, but I think that most people are going to have a newer port to use. I do not like that the monitor cannot adjust height. So, it might not cut it, if you're going to use it all day long (think, office environment). Tilt range is not that great either, but I do not think that it would be a deal breaker for anyone. It would be nice if there was an audio pass through or some kind of speaker bar. I really like that most Dell monitors can get a speaker bar. It's all you need for a work environment or just a general family PC environment. Makes for one less thing cluttering up the desk. There is no VESA mount. So you cannot hang this off a custom stand. Top resolution is 1920x1080 and looks mint, but if you are working with 4K video or need to do super high end design work in CAD, this isn't your monitor.

Overall Review: Listen, for the price, this is a GREAT entry level IPS display. It looks modern it has a decent price tag, performs well and will leave most people happy with the purchase. If you Are in need of a monitor that supports much higher resolution, than this one isn't it. But for most people, this is a great 27 inch monitor. I wonder if it comes in black? The ports kind of make me angry, but most people will be able to make it work, or you could get a cheap converter cable if need be. The non-VESA mount kind of stinks, but otherwise, this is a GREAT monitor for the price and it's 27 inches! That's BIG! The price is great too! I think HP will not have trouble selling these monitors at all! Perfect for 98% of computer users out there! Even with the port fiasco I still think this a 5 star monitor because of the value and how sharp and crisp the picture is!

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TP-Link makes GREAT hardware!10/30/2016 12:33:36 PM

Pros: I am a big, big, fan of TP-Link products. I think for the price and value for what you get, they are VERY hard to beat. This switch is GREAT for the price. I am currently testing it with 4 Dahua IP cams that are using a full 3MP and I also have a small Synology NAS hooked up to it as well as (2) other client PC's and it keep chugging away with absolutely no problems. It is made of metal, has no stupid fans that will die and keeps pretty cool to the touch. If you need a switch with PoE this is it folks.

Cons: Only 4 PoE, and I understand it's a cost thing. IF you were to get a 8 or 32 port PoE switch you'd be shelling out some serious cash. The one thing that I don't like it the huge power brick. I understand that it makes for a smaller switch, but it just makes for one more thing to stash somewhere. The brick can get warm to the touch, but nothing that will set your hoard of old news papers on fire.

Overall Review: Power port is in the back, which I like. Fast and reliable. I have used LOTS of TP-Link switches for my personal use and at my job. We literally have a shelf with at least 10 of these exact same switches because they come in so handy at work. Need PoE, got it, need a few more ports to share because of a new computer, got it, need a port for a decent IP cam, no problem. These are great switches and I will continue to use them for all my networking needs. There is absolutely no reason to spend more on some fancy name brand for an 8 port switch. This probably has the same hardware inside as the other guy. Now don't get me wrong, if you're connecting multiple buildings together and need V-Lan support and all that, this of course isn't going to cut it. But for personal and even light duty business use, this is a GREAT product!

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Typical Corsair Great Product!10/30/2016 12:04:47 PM

Pros: Typical Corsair product. Very high quality and feels nice in the hand. I think it fits my hand really nice, I'd say I have average size hands. Some people that have giant meat hooks might not fit right with this mouse. Buttons and keys have a nice tactile feel to them. I'm also a righty, so no problems there. The lights are cool too and can be customized. The other thing that I like about this mouse (and I'm pretty picky when it comes to this) is the weight is just right for me. I like a mouse that has a little heft and is not too light and cheap feeling. I was able to jack up the DPI and it made for quick and accurate kills in my FPS games. You really can tell a difference from using a regular mouse. You can tell that this is tuned up for gaming, it is meant to give you a competitive edge and I feel like I could tell. If you are a big time gamer, or have a dedicated rig for gaming, this would make a GREAT addition to it!

Cons: If this is your first Corsair gaming product, you are going to need to download the software to get the full features out of this mouse. For me personally, I'm use to a Logitech MX310 mouse, while old, it works well for me and is comfortable for everyday use. I've been using this Corsair mouse for a while now and it is VERY precise for gaming and it nice to have the programmable keys, but is just not something that I want to use, day in and day out. While I really dig the programmable side buttons, and maybe I'm getting old, but some of them are hard for me to hit, depending on which one I'm going for. It's almost like I'll need to retrain my finger to hit what I need.

Overall Review: The side buttons can be moved on this slider, but you need to use an allen wrench. So really this is a one person mouse. I don't think that it could be setup the same for everyone. I feel like this mouse worked better in Windows 10, the software and firmware updates seemed more, I don't know, seamless, like they installed faster. When I used the mouse on my Windows 7 box, it worked fine, but wasn't as a seamless install as with Windows 10. And I'm still not a big fan of Windows 10, but know that it will be the future from a gaming stand point. Some of my friends that also messed with this mouse told me that if you have an aggressive or claw type grip, that this isn't the mouse for you. As much as I like this mouse, I think I'll stick to my MX310. I'll keep it on my gamer only PC, for now at least.

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