Good 'Nuff but you get what you pay for11/16/2018 7:17:35 PM

Pros: -Non-flashy aesthetic -Full size spec (3440x1440p at 100hz) with no wizardry overclocking to get the full refresh rate -Nice curve -GUI is easy to read and navigate, although a joystick has always been my preference over a series of buttons, especially when they have no indication markers and are placed under (this case) or behind (other cases) the front panel. -Surface treatment is on the nicer end of anti-glare (although I still prefer a crisp semi-gloss, or "glossier" finish) -No power brick. While this does make the panel deeper, not having to find a place to store a big brick is nice. If you're getting a curved panel, then depth shouldn't really be an issue anyways. -Came with both an HDMI and DP cable. -Well packaged.

Cons: -No vesa mounting or adapter included (there are 3rd party kits available online however, be sure to order this at the same time if you want to mount) -Included stand is too short with almost no adjustability other than a smidge of tilt -Very noticeable clicks and pops even when monitor is off (this is due to transformer spikes or the VA panel making contact with plastic. All corrective measures on my end were taken to fix this to no prevail. This is common on cheaper monitors and many are known to live long lives despite this, however it is there. Remember, this is cheaper than most no-name monitors, you get what you pay for. (It's a gaming monitor, wear headphones.) -Only one port of each kind (HDMI, DVI, DP), while this seems standard, it was nice having multiple HDMI ports on my previous monitor to hook multiple systems to it via the same connection. -Power cable is SILLY SHORT. -Minimal instruction manual. Seems like it would be straight-forward but it's still nice to get a spec sheet with a features page and maybe some quick tips at least? In this case just a beefy warranty card book.

Overall Review: All in all it works and does what they say it will, color accuracy went well and my xrite didn't have to work very hard to correct it albeit mute the brightness of the backlight. Not as vivid as my previous IPS 3440x1440 but gets the job done. Considering this is $700 cheaper than the flagship versions of other brands and MSI has their super ultra wide MAG491C coming, this is perfectly reasonable. The snap-crackle-pop is not always consistent and I have noticed giving the monitor a little "twist" ever so gently get's it to hush. But if you want the ultra-premium experience of 34 inch 100hz ultrawide, invest some more coin.

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