MSI Tomahawk2/9/2021 8:20:15 AM

Pros: Has everything a new computer build should dual m.2 and lots of other highly wanted features! RGB control headers and a great overall layout.

Overall Review: The name alone is cool TOMAHAWK gotta love it ! Must buy this board its a great value!

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ANKER!!!!! Is the best!2/3/2021 10:42:09 AM

Pros: BUY now not sure what your waiting for!

Overall Review: These are great to have around for everyday use or emergency use.

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Awesome Ram RGB is awesome!2/3/2021 10:40:37 AM

Pros: I bought this for my new ryzen build this ram is top notch!.

Overall Review: I would recommend this ram to anyone building a new computer!

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Great Dual monitor Mount!2/3/2021 10:38:56 AM

Pros: Must have for large dual monitors!

Cons: Wont hold 4 monitors

Overall Review: I highly recommend for a minimal workstation!

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Pretty good case!12/14/2020 7:27:14 AM

Pros: This case is a great affordable choice for a computer build! The Side Glass Is awesome looking really sleek!

Cons: Not much air filtering for fans and construction could be a bit better.

Overall Review: Id recommend this fir a great looking affordable build!

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Impressive Drive Well Done Crucial!!!12/29/2019 6:19:57 PM

Pros: This Portable SSD Drive is the most impressive one I've seen in a while! The Drive is very compact and sleek feels to be made out of high quality aluminum with rubber coating for added grip. USB Type C! USB A to C adapter included. My favorite use for this Drive it backing up my Cell phone USB type-C direct to my galaxy allows you to transfer photos, music any data quickly and easily without using a computer. This drive has very high data transfer rates, this is accomplished due to the internal m.2 SSD that is on the inside of this beautifully made housing. This drive works great with a PlayStation 4, desktops, laptops, TVs, USB type c devices, and many more. The most versatile Portable Drive.

Cons: The only down fall I can come up with is the short cable. The short cable cause the drive to dangle from the front of my desktop (possibly damaging ports). However I understand short cable allows for portability and quick data rates.

Overall Review: In the end I can highly recommend this portable drive to anyone needing a fast sleek portable drive for their data. Weather your a professional or a everyday computer user this external SSD just might be what your looking for.

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Corsair fans are a great option.5/9/2019 6:02:57 PM

Pros: I like the light that the translucent fan blades achieve. The fan is very quiet, and moved decent cfm's of air good affordable option for cooling.

Cons: none

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Great Little ASUS2/26/2019 12:14:50 PM

Pros: When I first received this laptop, I was very amazed on how light the box was (I come from the world of Mobile desktop laptops that weigh 40lbs) Anyway, upon opening the box I see a sexy sleek laptop and a charger I said wow that’s it, Done are the days when you receive tons of disks and paperwork with new computers. (This laptop doesn’t come with a disk drive… What’s a disk drive?) Very well-appointed laptop nice build quality and has all the i/o ports you will need and a SD Card slot. Backlit Key board for the WIN!!!!! Yes, finally a laptop under 500$ with a backlit keyboard. Performance wise its good but don’t think you’re going to edit video on it. Gaming well it works I can play Farming Sim 2018 and SimCity on full specs but I would believe faster moving games would task this little laptop that being said this is not a full on gaming laptop so… Upgradable Ram Upgradable M.2 SSD Upgradable 2.5 SATA-III Drive.

Cons: The Largest downfall of this laptop is the 1TB 5400RPM platter drive man its slow it helps with the 16 GB M.2 SSD “intel optane” (which is being used as a Ram/Cache) but it would be so much faster with a SSD in place of that Platter Drive. Better yet install a larger M.2 SSD used as the Boot drive and a 1tb 2.5 SSD but once you spec those items in the price of the laptop skyrockets, but the cool part is upgrading these item as you can afford to down the road would make this laptop a small power house. I truly believe ASUS could have went with a better platter drive maybe something 7200 rpm for the base configuration and still make money. (This is my Reason for 4 stars)

Overall Review: I would recommend this laptop or any other version/configuration of this laptop to all students really anyone that needs a good, fast, small, lightweight laptop with the ability to do moderate gaming.

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Middle of the road Power supply by cooler master.5/9/2018 5:06:31 AM

Pros: Semi Modular 80 plus Bronze rated Black sheath on wires and tons of component connectors. Great budget build power supply 20 MIR thru Newegg right now so its a awesome Deal.

Cons: Not fully modular During my testing the supply seems to not be able to put out the full 650 W it was struggling at the 580W mark on my gaming rig.

Overall Review: Not sure why is says fan-less but trust me there's a fan but it is silent so maybe that's what they are hinting at. Not for Gamers but good budget power supply.

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Corsair Budget power supply with 80 plus certified. Good Choice5/9/2018 4:47:59 AM

Pros: Good reliable Power Supply Good Power rating 650W The 80 plus Certification means this power supply is designed to feed your computer good clean power with full protection to never harm you computer if power supply should fail. Recommend surge protector or UPS on All electronics. Black wire sheath is nice and neat plenty of component plugs and all black makes it blend into background on most computer cases. Fan is Quiet 3 year Warranty with Corsair.

Cons: Not Modular

Overall Review: I recommend this Power Supply to any budget builders that need a good power supply for a decent price.

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Cooler Master Budget RGB Liquid Cooler.5/9/2018 4:39:15 AM

Pros: First off the lower price point of this product makes it attractive to builder. Easy to install Lowers CPU temps over regular heat sink and fan. Compact enough for small cases/builds RGB fan is quiet. This is Good enough liquid cooling solution for budget builds.

Cons: This is definite a lower price point product the fittings feel cheap so be careful not to over stress the connections. The RGB fan and controller leaves more to be desired.

Overall Review: I don't recommend this for "pros" however its a great alternative for a budget build.

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Western Digital is a pioneer in data storage.10/10/2017 4:16:40 AM

Pros: WD Blue 3D NAND 250GB PC SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s M.2 2280 Solid State Drive - WDS250G2B0B M.2 SSD’s are a great new technology the drives are super-fast due to the data interface being on the same data path as the PCI express channels with are directed to CPU. Using an M.2 SSD as a boot drive will make your computer the fastest is could ever be my I7 gaming pc boot win 10 in under 6 seconds using this drive that down from 16 seconds using the SATA drive. The 3-year warranty is good if a drive fails WD will RMA the drive to a new one. My motherboard is about 3 years old and I’ve tried 2 m.2 SSD’s in my motherboard and non-worked but after installing this one it works flawlessly way to go WD with the compatibility.

Cons: There are no mounting screws included. Price is slightly high the other comparable SSD’s. Requires full length 2280 M.2 slot.

Overall Review: I recommend using this as boot drive only always store your programs and games and bulk data on a spinning drive raid, Flash memory has become very reliable however it still can fail with no warning and you lose all data in the blink of an eye. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to speed up their computer (and it will).

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Corsair Vengeance RGB ram is a winner6/2/2017 8:24:38 AM

Pros: The Ram was compatible with my new AMD Ryzen CPU, was easy to configure and had great speed out of the box. I was able to overclock the ram in the bios. This ram when pared with an RGB-enabled motherboard makes a great looking build. I was able to change the lighting in various programs, providing a nice choice. This ram has very good latency numbers and is very smooth running high performance.

Cons: None really. It's Fast, it looks nice and its easy to tweak.

Overall Review: I would strongly recommend this if your willing to spend a small amount extra on aesthetics in a build but still want great performance!

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TP Link Range Expander4/26/2017 5:27:15 AM

Pros: The extender was very quick and easy to setup, anyone can do it. It bonded with my WiFi network making a single strong strength network instead of 2 separate networks that you have to switch between depending on your house. The built in Ethernet is great for my media player that does not have built in WiFi, and provides slightly faster speeds as opposed to the 2.4GHz WiFi. Paired with my TP Link router the extender does not even show up in the connected devices tab, it acts as an extension of my router instead of a repeater.(Your Results may vary). Was able to grab my WiFi signal through a 6in thick solid stone wall and extend it to a small portion of my home that had no WiFi before.

Cons: No 5GHz connectivity, limiting speed of data transfer. Would be nice if it used an app or web portal instead of the oldish standard of WPS(WiFi Protected Setup) with WPS you need to either be near your router to hit the WPS button or have a newer router that supports using WPS from the routers web panel. The plug does not rotate, which makes fitting the extender in smaller places or sideways outlets a bit difficult, which can be fixed by using a power strip but would be nice to see a version of this product with a 360° swivel plug.

Overall Review: If you need a WiFi extender, I cant recommend this one more. It works amazingly and even with its few shortcomings this is an amazing product and should be the addition to anyone life that needs to extend their WiFi signal without a hassle.

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Gigabyte is a Great affordable feature packed motherboard manufacturer.3/10/2017 6:27:04 AM

Pros: This Z270 Motherboard provides support for Intel 6th gen and 7th gen processors which gives a large range of cpu compatibility. The boards many VRM’s should provide a nice overclocking experience for those interested. The design is very minimal. With a black and grey theme with a few very small red accents. The Back IO consists of All USB 3.0 or 3.1 including a single 3.1 type c port, which is great. The addition of a second usb 3.0 front panel header is also very welcomed. The separation of the on-board sound make foe clear sound and the led lighting looks cool. This mother bard has one M.2 and on-board video via HDMI. This will be a great entry level to advanced level motherboard for builders.

Cons: The only bad thing I could find with this board was that while it is thunderbolt compatible it does not have a thunderbolt port, which for something like this 2017 would be nice to have. Thunderbolt can be added threw an add in card.

Overall Review: For the price, this board is a great one to have on the z270 chip-set, it lacks a few small things but makes up for it with connectivity, compatibility, and aesthetics.

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Afordable ENTRY level gamming mouse1/16/2017 4:42:39 AM

Pros: The mouse performs very well and has nice detailed software to go with it. For gaming it's a great upgrade over stock mice or older mice. With it's 6000 DPI sensor I found myself never going that high but it's nice it has the option to go lower or higher depending on your needs. It has a nice textured grip on either side which makes holding it and staying precise easy.I enjoyed the weight of this mouse as it felt just about perfect for me.

Cons: I wish this mouse had more than 1 zone for RGB, the only rgb part is the corsair logo on the front which will get covered by your hand when you use the device. Also if you switch the DPI it changes the color of the logo for 3 seconds to a corresponding DPI Color making knowing where your DPI is set hard.The scroll wheel has clicks which in itself is nice but the clicks are so minuscule that it might as well be a free scrolling wheel. The size of the mouse is also a bit undesirable, I have bigger hands and found my pinkie finger and sometimes my ring finger dragging on the desk which after a while gets old.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this mouse to anyone who has bigger hands or wants flashy RGB functions. If you don't care about RGB, have smaller sized hands or like your fingers dragging and want an upgrade over something like a stock mouse this is a great product that i think even the most competitive gamers can enjoy.

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Skyhawk 10Tb surveillance drive!!!!1/16/2017 4:37:42 AM

Pros: This hard drive is massive so much space my home surveillance system consists of 7 cameras and DVR I installed this hard drive into my DVR to replace the 1 TB HD that was in there, this drive gave me 20 days of recording before it would record over itself. This Skyhawk 10tb drive I now have almost 3 years of video before it will record over itself that’s amazing. Of course the more cameras you have the less amount of time you can have recorded but I have 7, 720P cameras and almost 3 years of high quality video is awesome, To be able to go back and see something that may have happened 2 years prior is pretty awesome. I remember when a 6 GB hard drive was huge now we have 10 TB I love technology. The drive is quiet and cool the main structure of the drive is very thick aluminum witch will assist in keeping the drive cool. Seagate has been building quality drives for a long time I’m a big fan of Seagate and this new series of drives are very high quality and a great value.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would highly recommend anyone with a surveillance camera system that needs video data for a long time and to have long time reliability buy this drive. This Surveillance drive will give you many years of service and it comes with a great warranty.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
This card was a great improvement over my old card.12/12/2016 7:11:36 PM

Pros: Card is able to handle most games at high settings 1080p is not a problem The card has no problem driving two 21 monitors and a 27 inch one all at 1080p 60Hz Low temperatures and fans are off until the card needs them allowing for silence in everyday tasks. No coil whine Included Backplate to help with the aesthetics

Cons: Only 1 HDMI and DVI port (the other 3 ports are DisplayPort) Bottlenecks with anything older than an AMD FX 8350 cpu(not terrible but the card does not have it's full overclocking potential) No built in overclocking software Not VR Ready (VR will work but not at it's best) Does not include a low profile bracket.(the card will not fit in smaller OEM pcs)

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend this gpu for anyone who needs a decently priced upgrade. If you're looking for vr and different ports then it's not for you but for most of us who can't afford vr gear anyway this card will handle it's weight fine. Even with the bottleneck I have in my pc which is caused from my cpu I still can play most of my games at max settings 1080p. I think this card from Zotac is definitely worth the low cost.

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MUST HAVE12/6/2016 8:10:45 AM

Pros: I keep about 4-5 of these around charged one in car few in house its nice for when power goes out they are also great for camping where theirs no power u can charge my notew5 4 full times with this pack.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Must have for emergencies and power outages.

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The heart and lifeblood of my Surround sound!!!12/6/2016 8:04:14 AM

Pros: Yamaha ALWAYS DELIVERS. This is a beast of a receiver has tones of power and so many options. This receiver makes my mismatched speakers and sub-woofers sound like they were built by the engineers at NASA. The Auto setup feature works great i feel like I'm in the theater, actually its better than the theater. When it feels like the transformers are in your living room you've go the right equipment.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I highly recommend this receiver to the moderate to advanced home theater buffs. But with the auto setup feature even a beginner could figure this out.

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Great controller12/6/2016 7:58:17 AM

Pros: Must have at great Newegg price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Must have to PS4 multiplayer

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Great Battery12/6/2016 7:56:00 AM

Pros: Love this thing Great universal battery i use it to power my HAM radio setup charges fast and lasts long!!

Cons: None

Overall Review: These also work great in lawn mowers and jet-skis.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great great game at a great price12/6/2016 7:55:06 AM

Pros: I really like the rainbow 6 series of games Ive played them all and loved them.

Cons: None

Overall Review: High tech shooter

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Must Have12/6/2016 7:53:16 AM

Pros: These power strips are great buy your self a few 6 for usb charging cables and plug into this strip then u don't need separate adapters hogging your outlets.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Must have for anyone with electronics.

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WORKS12/6/2016 7:51:27 AM

Pros: Protects your Stuff

Cons: None

Overall Review: Anyone with electronics Needs surge suppressors.

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