BEAST!!12/3/2020 9:51:14 PM

Pros: -Easy: Set the XMP profile in your BIOS and you are ready to go at the rated 4400Mhz, correct timings and voltage without wasting any time trying to find stable settings. I am a huge fan of overclocking but I do not enjoy overclocking memory because there are all sorts of random scenarios where memory overclock causes crashes weeks after passing stress tests -Beautiful: I think this is the best looking rgb RAM on the market. I have been using Corsair Dominator series for almost 10 years so I was initially looking at COrsair RGB kit but I cant get over how slick these look! man this kit is really good looking! Works beautifully with Aura Sync

Cons: -Sometimes hard to find in stock -A bit expensive but high end memory is always expensive

Overall Review: I got the 16GB (2 x 8GB) 4400Mhz CAS 16 kit. Awesome memory. Make sure you have a high end motherboard as I have heard some people have issues running memory at these speeds. Im using this kit on an ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula and I have no issues.

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Yes you CAN do both fan+watercool6/6/2017 7:31:03 AM

Pros: -Performance: 2000Mhz+ right out of the box without touching or tweaking anything. My specs are the following: ASUS Rampage V Extreme Intel Core i7 5930k at 4.6Ghz 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 at 3000Mhz Samsung 850 PRO SSD Corsair HX 1050W PSU I upgraded to this card from 2xEVGA GTX 980 Hydro Copper cards in SLI. I am getting on average about 30-35fps+ in ME: Andromeda ,Prey and Hitman. I have not had time to test other games yet but so far there is a very noticeable upgrade from my SLI setup. 4k Textures eat up a lot of vram but you have 11GB here so you dont have to worry and can just crank up textures to the max. -Cooling: The hybrid cooler is really unique. I have mine watercooled. My loop consists of a Thermochill PA 120.3 radiator, Scythe gentle typhoon fans, and a LGA 2011 EK waterblock. The GPU stays very cool under load. So far I have seen it hit 40C max after a couple of hours of gaming. You can also run the fan at the same time and it is EXTREMELY quiet even at 60% fan speed. I had to look in my chassis to check if the fan was on. Once you have the fan going my temps stay in the 30s range at all times no matter what. -Aesthetics: RGB is cool if youre into that sort of thing. I think it looks cool but Im not wowed by anything RGB. Everything has RGB feature lately and I for one do not really care. With that being said, the card itself is absolutely gorgeous! Backplate and the cooler look extremely sleek compared to EVGA cards. ROG knows how to look good!

Cons: -Not a crazy overclocker. Mine hits the 2100Mhz wall. I can only get it stable at 2088Mhz which is kind of disappointing but to be honest in actual gaming there is no noticeable difference between 12Mhz. -The card is BIG. Way bigger than my GTX 980 Hydro Copper cards. Its longer, wider, and fatter because of the hybrid cooler. Im using a Corsair 800D case so I dont have to worry much but make sure you have ample room if you are putting a pump or other watercooling equipment near the card. -Not much clearance between the G1/4 threads and the card itself. You will not be able to just put in a normal bitspower compression fitting right into the waterblock. You will need at least 1 fitting extender in between your card and your compression fitting. -Expensive. The whole 1080 Ti line is expensive in general is what I mean. But you will be in the same price range as this card if you got with a founders edition and slap on your own waterblock and backplate. If Im paying about the same in both scenarios, I personally go with pre-blocked cards like Hydro Copper (or this) to eliminate the extra work and time.

Overall Review: I have been using SLI setup since GTX 480. I have always stayed with EVGA Hydro Copper up until the 980 HC. I have not really had much issues with using SLI. There is the usual tweaking here and there to get maximum scaling on both cards and when new games come out you sometimes have to wait a bit to get proper scaling performance which I never really minded because i have been doing so for years. The heat and power of an SLI setup should always be taken into consideration. I was initially planning to order 2 of these for SLI but I must say I am actually very very satisfied with just a single one of these. I game on a 2560x1440 144Mhz ASUS ROG monitor and occasionally a 65" Samsung KS8500 Curved 4K 60Hz TV. Im very happy with the performance on both setups. So for me personally, I dont think I will be going SLI with this card. I dont know what else I can say about the card...the box presentation was slightly better than EVGA. Basically it is a very sexy GPU and a beast performer. Loving it so far!

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Perfect for x5810/2/2012 3:16:29 PM

Pros: Upgraded to this drive from a Corsair Performance 3. This drive is excellent. The drive benchmarks on my x58 setup are: Seq. read: 501mb/s Seq. write: 311mb/s Windows Experience Index (Windows 7 x64) - 7.9 AS SSD score: 764

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have tried other SATA III drives (Corsair Force GT) but the x58 platform is known to have SATA III bottlenecking issues due to Marvell controller. With the FOrce GT I would get around 200mb/s seq. read speeds which was very low. Anything that is sandforce based will give the lowest speeds imaginable on this platform. This new LAMD controller performs exactly how it was intended to, very very well. My setup is: Rampage III Black Edition Core i7 930 @ 4.48Ghz Corsair Dominator GT 6GB 1600 C7 2 x GTX480 Hydro Copper SLI Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB

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Phenomenal9/11/2011 11:14:23 PM

Pros: The performance doesn't degrade no matter how many benchmarks you run. Ive been benchming this drive like crazy since day one because I became paranoid and was under the impression that maybe this SSD will begin to lose performance over time but nope, benchmarks are still identical to day 1. It is extremely fast. I use it with an EVGA X58 FTW3 board's SATA III. The read and write speeds are exactly as advertised ~360MB/s and ~110MB/s It is silent and stays cool. I guess this would matter if you are using this with a laptop but for me it doesnt matter much. But its always good to have one less component in the case generating much heat.

Cons: Games dont really benefit much from an SSD...any SSD in general. So yea for this particular drive, no complaints whatsoever.

Overall Review: Ive had this drive since the very beginning of February and it is now September and I have not lost a drop of performance. My read and write speeds are still identical to day 1. Rates 7.6 in Windows Experience Index This drive is much more reliable than the new Force 3 and Force GT series. Just head over to the Corsair forum and see for yourself. Im planning to purchase another one very soon, perhaps the 128GB version.

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Raw Graphics Horsepower9/7/2011 9:22:11 PM

Pros: When it comes to just raw performance, this card is an absolute beast. Can easily handle everything thrown at it (Witcher 2, Deus EX: HR, Crysis 2, Metro 2033) SLI scaling with this card is amazing. Micro stuttering is a thing of the past (at least for me it is because I have never experienced it with my setup). You can also SLI this card with a high quality 750W power supply. If you have a 120hz monitor and need to push 120fps in games, this card definitely gets the job done and it gets it done right Doesn't require much power. People tend to exaggerate how much power this card requires. Not only can a 750W unit handle this card but it can handle two of these cards in SLI without breaking a sweat (GPUs at stock speeds). 1.5GB of vram as apposed to 1.2GB offered by the GTX 570 For this price, it cannot be beaten.

Cons: You might say to yourself now that heat and noise doesn't bother you but plan accordingly because this card WILL get hot no matter what your ambient temperatures are. A heat source like this card WILL affect your overclocks if your components are heavily overclocked. If your CPU or motherboard overclocks are crucial to you, better plan on purchasing an aftermarket cooler for this card or a water block. DO NOT think about doing SLI with reference coolers. No matter how good your airflow is, just dont do it.

Overall Review: The best way to go with this card is with a waterblock. I personally have the EVGA Hydro Copper version of this card and it is phenomenal when you dont have to worry about heat or noise. Easily overclocks to 900Mhz and beats the pants off a GTX 570 Regarding PSU, I have no idea where these nuckleheads get the idea that you need 1.5kW PSUs... From PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, a Corsair TX750 easily handles 2 GTX 480s in SLI. Now if you plan to overclock the cards, THEN you will need some headroom such as a 1000W unit. Head over to OCN and ask the users and PSU Guru if you need more evidence. I currently have the money to change to 580s but there is just no point. Such a huge price difference for a side grade just isnt worth it. I plan to stick to 480s until Nvidia rolls out the 600 Series. Specs: EVGA X58 FTW3 Core i7 930 4.42Ghz 6GB Corsair Dominator GT 1684 7-7-7-20 EVGA GTX 480 Hydro Copper SLI @ 850Mhz Corsair HX1050 Samsung 2233rz

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Apple or not7/10/2011 1:56:39 PM

Pros: Apple or not, this phone is absolutely amazing. -Butter smooth framerate and performance due to optimized iOS 4. Ive compared this phone to several of my friends' phones and the iphone 4 is noticeably smoother than the 3GS. And even though the HTC Inspire 4G I believe has a higher clocked processor, the performance of this phone is actually better since the OS is so well optimized for the hardware. -The aesthetics of this phone is sleek and beautiful. The size feels just right for a phone. Not as bulky as the HTC HD7 or HTC Inspire 4G -The picture quality of the display is incomparable to any other phone. The picture quality will blow you away if you are passionate about these kinds of things. -Battery life beats HTC Inspire 4G and HTC HD7 -iTunes works flawless on Windows 7 x64. Installed on my Corsair Performance 3 SSD, it opens faster than my Zune software. Copying music is much faster/easier and than with Zune. In iTunes you literally just drag your mp3 files into

Cons: MORE PROS: -The number of apps available for this phone is overwhelming. I haven't gotten many apps yet, just the basic Newegg, Facebook... Everything works fast, smooth and flawlessly -Good for gaming if youre into that sort of thing. Personally Im a PC gamer and dont find much use out of handheld gaming. But Ive tested 2 games and they are surprising pretty -The quality of the music beats the living **** out of my Zune player. The equalizer gives you much more options and the bass feels so full and rich. Absolutely flawless ipod music player CONS: -Does not have 4G capability. many people think it does because theres a "4" but no this is a 3G phone. -Requires you to convert video files to mp4. This is not that much of a surprise because Zune player also requires you to convert video files. If you have Nvidia fermi GPU, just use Badaboom 2.0 and youl be able to convert an 8GB 720p mkv file to iphone format in 16 minutes or less using your CUDA cores

Overall Review: For the people bashing this phone and stating terms like "apple sheep"...clearly they do not own this phone and dont have any constructive criticism. They are the real sheep. I do not own an ipod, ipad, macbook, or previous iphones and dont intend to. This is my first and only Apple product. I use Windows 7 on my GTX480 Hydro Copper SLI watercooled rig which I built myself so I know a thing or two about hardware. As always, the hardware is only as good as the drivers allow them to be. This is the case with this phone if you compare it to HTC Inspire and other phones. iPhone 4 has half the processor speed as the Inspire and yet its much smoother, more responsive, and just generally feels faster than the HTC. I use a Samsung 2233RZ 120Hz LCD monitor display for my gaming so dips in framerate are extremely noticeable to me. These framerate dips are present in HTC phones as well as the iphone 3GS. However on the iphone 4, things just keep running butter smooth.

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AMAZEBALLS10/12/2010 9:27:25 PM

Pros: This is the best motherboard I have ever owned. It has tons of BIOS features and is VERY stable when overclocking a Core i7 930. I am able to overclock my 930 to 4.02Ghz without any effort! g10 hours Prime stable and 30 passes on IntelBurn high. I usually use Gigabyte boards and reaching overclocking stability took days/weeks. Endless hours of voltage tweaking are now a thing of the past. Just give this baby a little juice (vcore~1.3v) and youre good to go! This board shows a lot of potential. 4.02Ghz is just the beginning of our journey! Aesthetically this board is beautiful. The gray and black along with the NB heat sink look very sleek and awesome. The board looks absolutely AMAZING inside a Corsair Obsidian 800D. Overall I have no complaints, I LOVE THIS BOARD!

Cons: Its not cheap but you do get what you pay for. High-end boards like this make overclocking a breeze. It is worth it if youre addicted to overclocking.

Overall Review: 3-way SLI and Crossfire capability....How can you not love this board??!

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Best case you can get10/10/2010 11:51:35 AM

Pros: -HUGE! It gives you so much room to work with. Setting up a water cooling loop in this case is a breeze. No case I have ever owned before was so friendly to water cooling setups. -CABLES! The cable management in this case is great. You easily tuck away your wires giving you case a very nice and clean look. -BEAUTIFUL! The case itself is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen a more awesome case. The giant side window also really makes you want to keep this baby clean and tidy with the nice wire management. The front panel is beyond beautiful... You honestly have to see it in person to believe it

Cons: -LOW AIRFLOW! I wouldn't recommend getting this case if your components rely mainly on air cooling. Especially if you have a GTX 480 with the reference cooler -HEAVY! It about 42lbs so its difficult to move the case around

Overall Review: This has pretty much everything you could possibly hope for in a high-end case. It looks nice and sleek, excellent cable management and lots of room to work with. I can see myself using this case for for my builds for at least the next 10 or more years

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