My 2nd One!2/8/2019 3:02:12 PM

Pros: The first was so great that at the price (half of what the 1st cost), had to get another, have several AM3+ 970 MB's The FX-8350, while in general cannot compete with much of today's CPU's, owns three overclocking records out of the top 5 on the CUPID site, known for their popular CPU-Z software. CPU boxed well, while my 1st came with a Wraith cooler, the included one is still better than than any in Intel's boxed CPU's, having real copper pipes for superior heat dissipation. IHS soldered to die (& still is), AMD has solid construction. Matches well with a GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 (any variant). Passmark has the FX-8350 scored above the Haswell i5 lineup & just below the mainstream i7's of the same era. Example, the score is less than 836 points below my i7-4770 (FX-8350 @ 8,948, i7-4770 @ 9,784). On the other hand, well above the i5-4690K @ 7796 (best i5 of the Haswell series). That's 1,152 points better.

Cons: No one has to say it, the FX-8350 (and the AM3+ platform in general) is dated. However, it's more than good enough for non-power users. Will bottleneck many modern GPU's of today to some extent, to include some of last gen (example, not well paired with the GTX 1070/1080, to include any Ti, or last two generations of Titan). Need a 990FX MB for best overclocking, these are hard to find as of 2019 new. Overclocking is limited on most 970 MB's. PCIe & RAM options limited by the 970/990 chipset, PCIe 2.0 (versus 3.0 for the same era), while one can run 32GB RAM, all 4 modules must be at 800MHz (1600MHz dual channel). One can go above 1600MHz by only running a max of 16GB DDR3 RAM. While I don't like these issues, it is what it is & amounts to a performance loss. The i7-4790K, of which I also own, runs rings around the FX-8350, although both has the same GHz rating. This is largely in part due to the 970/990 chipset & not the CPU in itself. Not a true 8 core CPU, AMD didn't release these until Ryzen. I recommend to run the Power plan to High Performance. While I cannot include links, please check out 'Get Ultimate Performance On Any Windows 10 Edition - Bitsum' for details as to how to get the most out of the FX-8350 (or any CPU) while running W10. Nothing has to be purchased, the instruction explains what to do, power plan is hidden in Windows 10, ready to be activated (yet should be w/out looking hard). All AMD FX 8-core processors have eight individual cores via four dual core modules.

Overall Review: Yes, even though dated, and one still owns perfectly working 970/990 motherboards, I recommend the FX-8350. It plows through daily usage tasks with ease & as long as heatsink installed properly (please clean what's on the cooler & use any decent thermal paste). This will prevent the FX-8350 (or any boxed CPU with cooler) from sticking, when removed may pull out both the cooler & CPU, risking bending the pins & MB socket. Which is the last thing one needs. When removing CPU for cleaning, replacing thermal paste, run the PC for at least 10 minutes beforehand. Once shutdown, remove cooler immediately while the paste is soft. This is especially true for those who actually uses the paste on the cooler, which now is likely 4 years old, even if received today. CPU will also run cooler with new paste, I repair PC's for others & would never use the included paste. As stated above, this is my 2nd of this model & to be honest, didn't need it. It's just that I'm often gifted PC's that can use it, so will be in a build soon. Makes a great general usage PC, great for children doing homework, for checking email & general Web usage (with 16-32GB RAM can handle 40+ Google Chrome tabs easily!). Also, if one wants a low cost build, this is one of the best 'bang for your buck' CPU's to get, especially if upgrading an existing AM3+ 970/990 MB. There's many OEM builds which included an Athlon (or Phenom, as these runs in AM3+ MB's) where the FX-8350 can make a major performance difference. In closing, if one's looking for the fastest computer, look elsewhere. Yet for a daily driver, the FX-8350 won't let you down, it's a time proven CPU & runs at 4.0GHz at boot. While that's a given today, back in 2012-2014, having a 4GHz chip was a big deal, and still holds it's weight today, will last for many more Windows 10 (or Linux) releases to come. Grab one of these legacy chips while still new, many eBayers are pushing used FX-8350 CPU's at higher prices, shame on them & thanks to Newegg for discounting (most of) the FX lineup.

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Excellent PC case, yet not for a 1st time builder or those with huge hands1/26/2019 11:38:45 PM

Pros: Rosewill stands for Quality. Case was packed well to avoid damage during shipment. The FBM-X1 doesn't have that funky fan controller inside of back panel door that has caused issues for some. In fact the Rosewill case I have that has this component, I never used it, wired the fans to the MB. Documentation & items needed to install mATX MB are there, I had screws leftover. For being lightweight, the FBM-X1 is not flimsy, much better than I expected for $19.99 shipped. Two Front USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports, virtually unheard of at this price & many $20 more! 120mm Intake & 80mm exhaust, both fans are great, another surprise at this price. There IS room in the back for sleeved cables & that's a huge plus for this small of a case. The shape (or design) of the door gives that space. There's also a bit of room for wiring management above the optical drive. Really, there's no reason NOT to end up with a poor wiring job here, plus with the FBM-X1, it's a MUST to get it right to have airflow. Also a windowed door, great if using (example) one of the AMD Wraith coolers with RGB. Or has a small to mid size GPU with lighting. All cables, to include those which goes for the panel inputs, were more than long enough for the job. Plenty of room for a mid size GPU, just install before the drives. If carefully removed, the optical bay cover will pop right back into place if this drive is no longer needed/desired (first time I've seen this!). Would never know there was one installed. TBH, I'm thrilled with the Rosewill FBM-X1, a lot of mATX case for the dollar. Feature wise.for the cash, one cannot ask for more.

Cons: Am cutting to the chase with Cons, this is NOT a PC case for beginners OR those with large hands, you'll be frustrated & throw in the towel (I almost did!). Secondly, it's best to have as much as possible installed on the MB before carefully installing. This includes the two 4 pin ATX power cables where these are close to the case edge. Had to remove exhaust fan to install these. Secondly, if you're looking to install 3-4 HDD's, look elsewhere, unless using optical bay adapters (that can be purchased here) to convert the optical drive bays into extra mounting option. Even then, heat has to be considered. Speaking of which, don't expect temps of components to be quite as cool as in a mid-tower. I'm going to replace the exhaust fan with a 80mm Noctua PWM for more speed & hopefully, more airflow. May do the intake also, I believe this case can greatly benefit from PWM cooling fans. Not really a true Con, because there is a wide open place for intake, just don't lay on carpet or other soft surface, the port underneath front will be blocked & no fresh air can be drawn in. If you must sit on carpet, get a counter saver ($5 or so), this build will fit on most easily, measure before purchase. Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to sit any computer on bare carpet, will draw in dust like mad. If you need to be at work, school or wherever in a couple of hours, don't expect to finish on time (see Other Thoughts). Lastly, and this doesn't apply to just this case, why doesn't the OEM's of these have mATX standoffs on the side of the MB where the main power cable plugs in? Every mATX case I've owned, or have built for others, while there's a couple of places for standoffs, are too far away. One has to place a solid piece of foam or other material (other than metal), just to be able to plug in the main power cable w/out warping the MB. Not all are flexible, some may break w/out support.

Overall Review: Yes, I recommend this case, for the right build (not for gaming). One can build a nice general usage, home office or business office PC with the Rosewill FBM-X1. Yet as nice as a build as I done with this case, and did get it done, this is my last one of this size. Not due to the quality of case (as mentioned in Pros), rather my hands are a little large & it required twice the time versus a mid-tower build. One must do a lot of ahead planning, of which I did some, yet nowhere near enough. Had to backtrack a few times, was used to having more room, so didn't think (as always) to plug in my USB & front Audio cables until nearly through. In a mid-tower, this would be zero issue for me, the room would be there. I had to remove the GPU (MSI GTX 960 reference design) to plug these in. This is why planning, planning & more planning is vital to success with the FBM-X1. It's a great case for general usage needs, yet one must really think this one out well & do as much as possible ahead of time. In summary, while I like the build & features of the Rosewill FBM-X1, this is my last mini tower build. Yet it went well overall, and due to the quality of the case, am not docking an egg. One cannot ask for more case features in the $19.99-24.99 range. The Build: ASRock 970M Pro3 AMD AM3+ Motherboard FX-6300 CPU 16GB (8GB x2) DDR3-1866 MHz Kingston HyperX RAM MSI 2GD5 GTX 960 GPU (Reference Design) EVGA 550W B3 (Bronze) GPU, 150mm size ASUS DVD/CD RW Optical Drive Four hours of my Time, Love & scraped knuckles!

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Runs fine in secondary notebook (for now)!1/17/2019 9:15:46 PM

Pros: I chose Crucial for this upgrade not only due to price, have purchased a few other of their SSD's (& RAM), no issues. Their Crucial Executive tool is all one needs to manage the drive, plus all of my older ones except the first, which by chance was my 1st SSD (Crucial m4). If needed, Crucial has their version of Acronis True Image for a clone. However I've been using Macrium Reflect Free for the purpose for 6 years & until it's broken, won't change. It aligns the SSD (or HDD) during clone, even with very old models. As usual for Crucial, packaged well, kind of minimal compared to some, yet they make sure the SSD is protected. Documentation & links are included.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: After purchase (steep promo), I read a few reviews of this SSD & learned this this is a DRAM (less) unit, meaning there's no true RAM installed. My intentions was to get hold of ShopRunner to initiate a return before it arrived due to this reason. Yet I kept the SSD because it's in a notebook that'll be booted at best, once monthly, if it were my main system, would had went back unopened, to include the Newegg packaging. They didn't state that this SSD had no true RAM installed, running on Flash chips alone, no way would this last with my normal PC usage (over 12 hours daily & when cleaning, usually over 500MB of Google Internet files alone). Therefore, I cannot recommend this item for one's main or only system. There are better choices in the size range for $15-20, sometimes on promo for just $5-10 more. Being this SSD is in a SATA-2 notebook & will accumulate less than 30 days usage for the duration of the warranty, I ate the loss & from now on (as usual) will check out promos before pulling the trigger. The reason why I didn't here, was I never imagined that Crucial, of all corporations, would build & sell a SSD w/out physical DRAM. Please don't take my word for it, Google search this SSD model & you'll see, the ones from last year are 2x faster on many depth charts. But for a notebook that'll only be booted to keep Windows & the software updated, I guess it'll do. Five eggs for Newegg due to their fast delivery (actually due to my ShopRunner benefit) & minus five for Crucial for doing this to their loyal customers. Since I can't give the rating I want (2.5), will up to 3. It's still hard for me to digest that Crucial is too broke to provide DRAM on their SSD's, and at least make it prominent if otherwise. You've been warned, stay away from this SSD, unless sticking in a computer to sell. If used hard, I doubt it'll outlast the warranty, which was exactly why I turned around & purchased a SquareTrade one on it from the link provided on invoice as a 'just in case' measure.

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1st set so great, ordered another to stuff Haswell PC at 32GB!11/25/2018 12:45:44 AM

Pros: GSKILL is the Best, have been purchasing the brand almost exclusively since Black Friday 2011, have had to RMA only one kit, turnaround time was fast! These plays a part in why I prefer GSKILL. For the money (at this time in late 2018), these are an unbeatable value. 1st set as $99, 2nd $89! DDR3 1866 RAM is likely easier on the controllers versus 2400MHz kits, yet more responsive than the usual 1600MHz kits. These kits are running like a champ in a i5-4690K system, ASUS Z97 PRO Gamer MB. Keep in mind to get the 1866MHz speed, to set XMP in the Intel UEFI (can be Profile #1 or 2, makes no difference in my system). XMP option likely not available on most OEM systems, so choose wisely. As usual with GSKILL, the packaging is the best! May seem to be a meek point, however, it's imperative that the modules not shift in the package, being packed tight ensures there's no sliding around & can be reused to store your removed RAM, if upgrading. I always retain the packaging for just in the rare case an RMA becomes needed. With the tall & heavy heatsinks provided, no way will these run hot, plus makes install a breeze. Color scheme matches the ASUS MB, as well as my Rosewill GUNGNIR X case fan lights, all red (a pro for me!). GSKILL's Lifetime warranty is among the best in the business! While there's 2nd tier brands which declares the same, some are here today, gone tomorrow, no worries with GSKILL honoring warranty. I cannot recommend GSKILL enough, they're the best in the business & will bend over backwards at finding solutions for their customers. Even in the rare event where some OEM computers (such as Intel Q33/35 & Q43/45, among others) can't use any DDR3 GSKILL set, they'll point you in the right direction. Other than what I've stated above, while I could rattle on about Pros, no need to. This is simply put, an outstanding RAM kit & if needed, grab while on promo (more in "Other').

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: At current promo pricing, one cannot beat the value of this GSKILL Ripjaws X 16GB RAM kit. With DDR3 now being last gen, production has likely ceased (or greatly slowed) in favor of DDR4. Eventually as backstock clears, will become expensive & hard to find new kits in the not too distant future. Some may say there's not a noticeable performance gain, if upgrading from DDR3 1600MHz or lower, yet there is & voltage remains the same. There's no question if building new (or reusing a good MB/CPU) that the 1866MHz kits are worth the extra (if any) cash. Am very happy with my G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 F3-14900CL10D-16GBXL kits, glad I check my Newegg promos closely. I believe you'll be too, and highly recommend this kit, as well as the GSKILL brand in general, to everyone who wants a smooth running computer. Buy yours now, while available!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Cooling OC'd i5-4690K system at 4.2GHz with ease, w/out scraped knuckles!11/24/2018 11:54:41 PM

Pros: When compared to Noctua's larger twin tower coolers, such as the NH-D15 (of which I have running on a i7-4790K system), this is a breeze to install! About 15 minutes of work for one who has built (or upgraded) systems to Noctua CPU coolers, provided there's an opening behind the MB to install the Noctua backplate (many AMD AM3/AM3+ owners won't need this step). Perhaps best of all, no scraped knuckles from having to remove a center fan of a NH-D15 (or similar) to install! Clearance is better than some similar looking Cooler Master CPU coolers, another of which I own & had to swap to the same fan the NH-U12S has. In other words, after the fan upgrade, could be owning another of these, for less. Plus as mentioned about clearance, this gives a bit more room to work with, in a not so roomy Rosewill GUNGNIR X mid tower case. Much more so versus the NH-D15, which likely wouldn't fit & if it did, (most of) the rest of the system had best be pre-assembled, including the cooler. The Noctua NH-U12S is simply a very effective cooler at an affordable price. As usual with Noctua coolers & for those who has owned one or more, the NH-U12S package is well organized & tightly packed, to prevent shifting & the cooler itself is padded to prevent damage. Plus the usual goodies which the rest of the Noctua family has, their own NT-H1 thermal paste, enough for 10-12 clean/repaste jobs (less is more), plus for installing this one. A PWM splitter if needed, and well organized. When opening the package, it's immediately obvious which box of small assembly parts to open, be it AMD or Intel. Most AMD owners won't need the rear backplate, as there's (usually) already a metal one installed on the back of the MB. In this case, the install will be a 10 minute upgrade! For those who desires to add an extra NF-12 PWM fan, an extra set of clips are in the box. However, in my usage of Noctua coolers, the extra fan usually isn't needed, at best, knocking off 1-2C for $20. Overclockers will be those who truly sees the difference by the addition of a 2nd fan. If so, be sure to install in the same direction as the included one, the hot air dispensed should be pointing towards the exhaust. BTW, mine's set to run at 100% all the time & can barely hear the 120mm NF-12 fan running. Even with my i5-4690K running at 4.2GHz synced across all cores (0.7GHz higher than base) and only the single fan, max temps usually in mid to upper 50's, lower 60's during a rare Prime95 run. Idle is around 26-28C. When needed, I keep a couple extra NF-12 fans hand to be prepared. 6 year warranty, so for those who runs a 24/7 system, or 12-16 hour days, no worries, Noctua has you covered with their generous protection. This is one of the initial reasons why I first went to Noctua. Pay a little more now, spend less down the road. Basically, other then cleaning and a repaste every 2-3 years, the NH-U12S is plug & play!

Cons: As usual with Noctua, no bugs or defects, so no cons!

Overall Review: Yes, I would purchase the Noctua NH-U12S again (will upgrade a couple more PC's in the upcoming months) & I recommend this cooler to anyone where it fits inside of the case. Be sure to measure from the bare CPU to the case door to determine compatibility. Finally, for now, the Noctua NH-U12S has kept me from having to delid the i5-4690K, hopefully until it's time to clean & repaste the unit. Had I known of the power of the NH-U12S, probably would be in my i7-4790K system, although being overclocked, with the extra NF-12 PWM case fan. I believe it would do just as well of a job for less cash & will be using this cooler with most any system from here on out, provided it fits the case. Better yet, will make sure any case purchased will work with this outstanding CPU cooler! Purchase & enjoy your Noctua NH-U12S CPU cooler, just as I am. As long as case is well ventilated & paste properly applied (not too much), make hot running CPU's a thing of the past!

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If you can install a NH-D15, this one's a breeze!10/16/2018 9:10:29 PM

Pros: Compact size for mid sized & mini towers. Install time under 30 minutes as long as rear of MB can be accessed from opposite side panel. Pre-applied paste, plus an extra tube of Noctua NT-H1 included (although I stuck with my longtime Arctic Silver 5) Everything needed for install is in box. Temps on my FX-8370 are 6C lower (idle), 12C (100% load) than the bulky & loud AMD cooler with lighting, of which my MB didn't have the plug for (thank goodness!). Carefully packaged by Noctua, works with many AMD & Intel systems. For it's small size, fans are quiet (added another NF-A9), system CPU fan set on Turbo Mode. Noctua's attention to detail, one cannot ask for more, even if doesn't like the color scheme (see Cons). Lastly, one will not get this type of cooling from any other CPU cooler of this size. The Noctua NH-DL 92mm SSO2 Low-profile Premium CPU Cooler is the cream of the crop in it's class.

Cons: While I'm one of the few who hasn't complained about the color scheme of Noctua, really, how many are staring into the PC case while in use? In other words, no cons!

Overall Review: Yes I recommend this product to others & most certainly will buy it again, as soon as my budget allows for another. One thing I'd like to recommend is the purchase of an extra NF-A9 PWM fan when purchasing & install using the extra fan clip & cable to combine both into one port (some MB's has only one for CPU Fan). This will reduce temps a bit more versus the single fan. Especially with a hot running CPU, such as the FX-8350/8370, some Phenoms & various Intel models. Some runs cool naturally, others on the hot side, seems like all of mine are in the latter group. Although I'll stop short of recommending this for the FX-9xxx series, these are most likely to benefit from either a large (NH-D15) air cooler, or liquid (where I don't want to go!). While this cooler obviously isn't the NH-D15, installs exactly the same way & due to being small, much faster. Will out do any OEM supplied cooler on the market, this is nickel plated copper, not aluminum, or a hollow copper center such as many included with Intel CPU's (Haswell & older). If by chance your rig is running a bit warmer than desired & too small for a NH-D15 or other full size Noctua cooler, and this fits, go for it. Your computer will last longer, provided the cooler is blown out once yearly, as should be regardless of installed brand. No matter whether OEM or 3rd party cooler, these needs to be blown out, about every 2-3 years, will do a full clean & reapply thermal paste. By then, the fan blades (case fans also) will need a careful cleaning to remove grime for best speed & cooling efficiency. This is a great product at an equally great price, don't let the size fool you! Noctua & Newegg are the BEST! Once a Noctua owner, likely will always be one, I have three coolers and (roughly) 20 case fans in use, have also doctored up a few coolers of lesser quality (because no Noctua would fit) with their fans. Not to worry, Noctua will be there (if) needed.;-)

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As always, Noctua has the Best Best Fans, regardless of size!6/21/2018 12:06:43 AM

Pros: Fan was used to add another NF-A9 to a Noctua NH-D9L SSO2 CPU cooler (low profile with one of these in the middle, a mini NH-D15). Temps of my overclocked FX-8370 idles at 9 to 10C, under load usually goes no higher than 40C! This fan is recommended to add to the Noctua NH-D9L if overclocking. For it's small size & what it has to do, is still quiet, check a HDD if there's noise. Lots of cables in the box, considering all of the Noctua fans I have, a PWM splitter is in one box or the other! Industry leading 6 year warranty, the norm for all Noctua fans!

Cons: What more can one want is a 92mm PWM fan? Cool the entire home? (giggles!)

Overall Review: Yes, I recommend this item to others, this makes my 3rd of this one, first was used in my XPS 8700 PC to replace the exhaust, and used the existing exhaust as an intake (yes the place for it is there, just very well hidden). Purchased yet another to replace a (loud) fan on a popular brand of CPU cooler carried here for the same PC. There is nothing I'd change about the Noctua NF-A9 92mm PWM fan, it does it's job, costs a bit less than the larger models, runs almost as fast, and guaranteed for 6 years. Out of all of the Noctua fans (& coolers) I own, have yet to need the warranty service, yet feel comfortable it's there. Generally speaking, we get what we pay for. While I could had went with another for half the price (& the same warranty), that coverage would surely be needed for a near 24/7 running system. We don't pay for chicken poop & expect chicken salad, I hope? That's the difference between Noctua & ...........everyone else. They're simply the best in the PC fan industry and that's the bottom line. I'd repurchase the Noctua NF-A9 PWM again in a heartbeat, if needed, and recommend should anyone needs a rock solid 92mm PWM fan, this one's for you!

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Best No-Hassle GPU upgrade for Dell Optiplex 780!2/23/2018 10:17:24 PM

Pros: A lot in the small retail package, although download the latest drivers for graphics from the NVIDIA site before install. Runs 4K @ 60Hz using only 30W of power from MB in doing so via Displayport 1.4, haven't yet tested the HDMI. I actually prefer DP over HDMI because the standard is more modern & faster. MSI brand among leaders, previous positive experiences. GPU will fit virtually any single x16 single slot, it's that small. MSI didn't sacrifice quality with this card, can be overclocked to unleash more potential. Unlike most of the other GT 1030 variants, this GPU offers HDMI 2.0b & Displayport 1.4 only, it's ready to do business! At time of purchase, an unmatched value! Who says that the best always has to come in large packages? Registration of card on the MSI site was easy peasy.

Cons: Price increase, yet that's the market, luckily I got this one, prior to the time of arrival was sold out & no way was I about to consider a GT 730 (or whatever) at the same or higher price. The line has to be drawn in the sand, and I almost missed out on this card while making up my mind over the course of two days. Hopefully the mining crase will end, lowering pricing across the board. No cons with the product whatsoever.

Overall Review: Yes, I'd recommend the product to others. Without a doubt, I'd do it all over again. Best possible upgrade for the Dell Optiplex 780 & many other such computers, be it mini towers or SFF PC's, that is if can be found for a reasonable (sub-$100) price). I still find it hard to believe that my Dell Optiplex 780 MT is running at 4K @ 60Hz, how often does one hear those two words in the same sentence? The Intel Core 2 Quad won't bottleneck the GPU, as it's not meant for hardcore gaming anyway, more so for watching videos in 4K, as well as running the computer in the mode. Am tickled pink with the purchase for my specific need, as most of you also considering the card may be. 4K Not much else left to say, if you can benefit from the card & it's at a reasonable price, go for it! Who can't benefit from 4K, be it monitor or Smart TV, although would be leery of using on a 55" & up screen. Just keep in mind the targeted audience this card is for, have realistic expectations & all will be fine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Fastest HDMI Cable at 80% less than B&M stores!2/21/2018 3:21:50 PM

Pros: Retail Packaging to ensure that it's not a knockoff Difference between Premium & Regular Shown, in this case Gold/Orange colored, older standard is Silver. Also look at the lettering on the cable ends, these will have 'lllP' on both, the Silver doesn't. Little difference in price between 6 and 10 feet cable (for that matter, also the 1 & 3 feet versions of the same!) Fastest HDMI speed one can get & has the extras for HDR & latest sound technologies to include 4K @ 60Hz & 18Gbps. Lastly, the Lifetime Warranty, have been using these brand cables (HDMI, DP, Ethernet), and have never needed to use the protection, however there's peace of mind knowing that if or when a cable goes bad, they'll make things right. This is a 'certified' HDMI cable, that's exactly what's shipped, no off the wall junk. Best cables for the price one can find, equal to some $50+ models!

Cons: Cons? You have to be kidding me!

Overall Review: I highly recommend these cables w/out second guessing, the price difference between Premium and Standard (with small Silver label) are minimal & are backwards compatible with HDMI 1.4 & earlier spec equipment. Meaning it'll work with all types of HDMI the cable will plug into. Purchased to replace the 6 foot model in unopened package of same type I gave to a relative in need for 4K @ 60Hz. Also recommend to others to have spares, at least a couple, at the price, no reason not to. I try to keep an extra 6' & 10' of these on hand. One cannot go wrong with this cable, delivers the best & fastest picture/audio quality, be it a PC monitor, TV or output to soundbar, if there's an HDMI input. Actually better than the TOSLINK (fiber optic) for soundbars, because can deliver some types of Dolby sound (some may or may not tell a difference, depending on hardware). Still it's good to have the best cable possible & this costs far less than an equally length TOSLINK cable (if used for audio only & both options are there). Lower cost soundbars like mine may not have both options, check before ordering for this purpose. For video, it'll always give the best & fastest motion pictures possible from the hardware, so no need to pinch pennies for the Standard. These may become needed with one's next Smart TV, PC monitor, or graphics card with the latest standards in order to take advantage of all features. Don't believe articles that says 'faster' HDMI cables are wasted cash (there are many). Why purchase a $400 to $5,000+ TV or monitor & use decade old cables? There'll certainly be performance loss. HDMI standards are revised every so often & will be again, for now, offers the best possible at an unbeatable price. In closing, for those that are unaware, it was the company that produced these that made premium HDMI & other cables affordable to the masses in the early 2000's, or somewhere in that timeframe. Unless it's urgent need, one can get 7-8 of these for the price of a single one (& may or may not be certified) at a B&M store. Use the one (usually) included in TV or Monitor box until this one arrives! Thank You Newegg for carrying the brand!

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Second one Purchased, Both are Great!11/12/2017 4:04:58 PM

Pros: Want to know what to do with that 3.5" Floppy Drive opening? Here's the Answer! Backup speeds faster than onboard ports of one MB. Windows installs drivers, as does Linux, natively. Great value for price & to put to use the USB 3.0 port on the MB when there's none on the case.

Cons: That I didn't see this gem sooner!

Overall Review: Yes, I'd not only recommend this product to others, would also repurchase again if needed. As stated in Pros, the backup speeds are faster with this hub than the native ports on rear, must be something about the hub that makes speeds better (maybe UASP?). This can also be installed in some optical drive bay adapters, when there's a 3.5" opening leftover for install. It's not actually 3.5" tall, closer to the size of a 3.5" HDD, so why may be listed as such. Used last with an Icy Dock optical bay adapter that has two 2.5" bays for SSD's on the interior, and slid this in from the front to fill the 3.5" gap, perfect fit!

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So good, purchased a 2nd within two months!9/27/2017 2:01:39 PM

Pros: Powerful, yet small enough to fit in OEM mini-towers The ECO mode doesn't restrain power, just keeps the fan silent until needed All the modular cables one needs & then some, plus a bag to stash one's old PSU in for an emergency (if still running) Speaking of Modular, the EVGA G3 550 of Fully Modular, not partial, so only the cables needed are used

Cons: That this product wasn't available in 2015, was hard to find upgrade PSU's for small PC's.

Overall Review: Yes, I recommend the PSU to anyone with a single GPU system, although unsure of the newer AMD Vega series, may need a larger one for these, fortunately there's a 650/750W variant of the B3 series. Purchased two of these within a two month timeline, EVGA manufactures great PSU's (as well as GPU's), if a widespread issue arises, most likely EVGA will notify the consumer (if registered) before most notices any issue. I cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase a quality PSU, it's the most important product of the build. Low grade units will take a lot more when they blow or catch on fire, EVGA has safety standards to help ensure that should the PSU become defective, the computer will cut off or not boot to protect the rest of the system. Also, this PSU has a 5 year warranty, which shows confidence on the part of EVGA, lesser brands has anywhere between one to three years. Feel confident that the EVGA B3 550W is a quality PSU backed by an equally quality oriented corporation. Whenever possible, be it a PSU or GPU, EVGA is the brand I trust the most, if you've not experienced the feel, this vital component is a good place to begin a relationship with EVGA.

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7 Years later, Still a Performer!9/12/2017 3:54:19 AM

Pros: Quieter & Faster than Caviar Black of the same type (SATA-2) Packed in plastic case insets on ends to prevent damage Not a heavy drive, although solid as an anvil, has been pounded for over 7 years, the first three, 24/7.

Cons: That it wasn't SATA-3, although at the time didn't have a computer with the port.

Overall Review: Great HDD, quieter than WD Caviar Black of the same generation & ran as first my primary HDD for three years, then became a Data drive, now is in a backup enclosure & no bad sectors to this date. Wished that I'd purchased more before the Seagate takeover. Never did I expect this drive to last this long, one of my best purchases here.:-)

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Only low profile CPU cooler for XPS 8700, although frustrating to install7/23/2017 7:46:40 PM

Pros: Boxed well, very much so, chances of receiving a damaged one would be if dropped hard, padded well Fan is quiet as a mouse (see Cons) As described, 4 copper contact heatpipes that should (with a proper fan) outperform most any OEM branded, 100% aluminum cooler.

Cons: Frustrating to install, in a XPS 8700 case, this was worse than any AMD cooler I've ever installed & the most work that I've put into any cooler install. As noted in Pros, fan is quiet as a mouse. While that would normally be fantastic, it means nothing when this copper tube cooler performs no better than the stock Dell one. So I've had to order a different fan of another brand here that's over half the cost of this cooler, that I'm positive will run faster than just over 900 rpm with a browser that has 20+ pages open, a Malware scan running, no matter what I done, never came close to the advertised 2800 rpm (not even half the speed). Had to order an exact dimension fan from Newegg to replace the provided one, for $9 less than this cooler itself. Fan clips are a cheap imitation of the best brand in the World, available on Newegg. I'll be lucky to use these for the replacement fan ordered.

Overall Review: Based on the fact that I've (for the 3rd time) spent over half the cash on replacement fans that were inadequate for CM coolers, unless needed (good idea to order a Noctua NF-A9 PWM fan with this one), stay away. The only reason I purchased this cooler was not because I was fond of the brand (had already spent $82 in replacement fans, this one makes it $99). rather the cooler was the only compatible one listed for the XPS 8700. Have searched the Internet long & hard for a different brand, so with great hesitation, ordered this one & hoped for the best. I believe that if the fan was spinning 1.5-2x faster, would had been a fantastic product, airflow is more important with a small cooler than a large. Mainly because there's no 'push-pull' option (using two high quality fans), low profile coolers needs the best quality fan possible. My thoughts were that the CPU's temps would dip at least by 5C, rather it's remained flat or raised a bit. Which shouldn't happen when going from a 100% aluminum block with a 80mm fan to a 4 copper pipe with aluminum fins & a 92mm one, there should be a decrease in temps. That's where the fan running quiet as a mouse comes in, it's not even breaking 1,000 rpm (nearly a third of it's capacity) unless opening an app like Prime95, and guess what? The CPU is cooking & the fan still quiet at just over 1,400 rpm (half of it's rated speed!). That's unacceptable & where Cooler Master always cheaps out on, the coolers are fine, it's the supplied fans that aren't. No consumer should have to spend a total of $99 to replace fans on three different coolers (the other two were the Hyper 212 EVO). Consumers wants value, yet also desires quality, I'd gladly had paid an extra $15 for a top line fan, as such as large corporation can purchase these at a cost of far less than retail with volume sales & still make a profit, Most important, giving their customers what we pay for, a quality product from the start. While I would recommend the cooler to one with an XPS 8700 or any other case where no other 3rd party cooler will fit, at the same time, place a quality PWM fan of the same specs (92x92x25) in the basket, because it'll surely be needed. Final words, I don't like to leave negative reviews, this means that not only did I post this to inform future consumers, also have to redo a lot of hard work once again.;-(

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Still Kicking Strong, 6 years later!7/16/2017 12:57:43 AM

Pros: Well designed, rugged docking station & included USB 3.0 cable Supports both SATA 3.5" & 2.5" HDD/SSD's Must have for cloning/external backups

Cons: That these (or a USB 3.1 variant) isn't on Newegg today.

Overall Review: This docking station, even with the flip lid broken, still performs flawlessly to this day. Have cloned countless HDD's to SSD's for myself & others, as well as hundreds of backups. More recently, switched to a newer USB 3.0 cable that shipped with a Rosewell enclosure purchased here, and the backups are even faster, I suppose the cables have improved technology, plus supported USAP. If this docking station dies tomorrow, for as much use as I've received, have no complaints. My regret is that I didn't purchase two when on promo in 2011, 6 years ago from this date (2017).

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Better than the WD RE4 or Caviar Black!5/26/2017 12:13:54 PM

Pros: 128MB cache, almost unheard of in PC drive while running at a fast 7,200 rpm Fast as greased lightning, data transfers from SSD to HDD in no time. For all of it's power, quiet as a mouse, look elsewhere for a noisy component. WD's exclusive 5 year warranty for these prosumer drives.

Cons: Why purchase a high dollar Caviar Black (or RE) when one of these can be had for just a bit more?

Overall Review: This HDD is highly recommended for 'prosumers', a term for consumers who wants professional features in a drive (or other product). The WD Gold, a true professional series model, can be used to replace a HDD in a single drive computer, response will be much better than drives installed by the OEM, or one who builds their own & wants to upgrade (or use these from the beginning). Can be also used as a Data drive along with a SSD (SATA or NVMe). Keep the OS on SSD, data on the WD Gold. Using these for backup would be a total waste of the WD Gold, better to use drives laying around, or the one(s) this model will replace. No vibration whatsoever when installed properly, rubber/silicon washers a recommendation, what came with my Fractal Design cases. Have ran these for close to a month, if there were going to be issues, I'd know by now. While I could write a book about the many positives about this drive, purchased two (one each for two PC's), I'll spare the details & just say these are indeed an noticeable improvement over the several WD RE4's I have (all purchased new), as well as a Caviar Black. Note that all of these drives has the same warranty, yet the performance & overall value of the WD Gold is better than any other HDD's that I own, and have quite a collection. Get these while you can, the purchase won't be regretted, and last but not least, Western Digital will take care of you should an issue arise in a short timeframe. Enjoy the WD Gold, just as I am!

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Excellent GPU for XPS 8700 series!5/18/2017 11:04:08 AM

Pros: Ease of install, will fit in many mini-towers, as well as mid to large ones. Performs fantastic in comparison to 'premium' OEM cards (often low rated 128 bit models touted as such). Not a power hog, if needed, the two 6 pin to single 8 pin power adapter is included. Well packaged with documentation, to include a nice poster & metal case tag (not a paper sticker). This GPU will slap around most any card on the market prior to early 2016 (including GTX 970/980 series), with the exception of Titan.

Cons: Wasn't on the market in 2015.;-)

Overall Review: I now have two of the EVGA GTX 1060 series, this one & the FTW variant, and honestly, can't really tell the difference, replaced a 2 year old GTX 960 purchased here in early 2015. Had I known about EVGA quality then, would had purchased the brand over the one I chose & now my favorite for every component with their brand stamped on these. There are many positives about this card, that I could write a book over, yet I'll spare all of the details & say that if one wants a decent single card upgrade for an OEM PC with a 400W PSU or larger, this is the one to get. SSC means Super SuperClocked, meaning that EVGA has done the tuning for us, while I have the EVGA Precision X app installed, haven't bothered with overclocking, use for monitoring only. Make sure that you're getting the right card in the right box before opening, on the rear, there's serials on the box & card, if either differs, contact Newegg ASAP & ask for exchange, this is an extra on the part of EVGA to ensure we're not getting a knockoff card, or 'open box' unit with a different serial that matches what's on the box. Don't remove the outer wrapper until this check is performed. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SSC (6GB GDDR5) makes my XPS 8700 run & feel like new again!

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Prefect Replacement for XPS 87005/18/2017 10:32:52 AM

Pros: Easy to install, using only the cables that's needed Choice of ECO or Power Mode Small enough for many mid-tower OEM PC's Looks to be the successor to the 'G2' series The EVGA Brand, rest assured, if an issue comes up, they'll take care of any with their industry leading 7 year warranty. If OEM PC, should handle most any single GPU used, being that most has a slot for only one.

Cons: Not really a con, rather a warning, if replacing an OEM PSU with a single 4 pin CPU power port, make sure that the proper lead on this one is selected (there's two). May need a magnifying glass, match the OEM plug with the correct one (each are shaped slightly different), if the wrong one is chosen, will require some degree of force & likely damage the MB when powered. Check out YouTube videos for your model if in doubt, glad that I did, any warranty won't cover this type of damage (will be deemed 'intentional').

Overall Review: I recommend this PSU to anyone not needing more than 550W, was purchased for just in case my XPS 8700 PSU wasn't enough for the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SSC (6GB GDDR5). While the OEM PSU was fine & didn't really need this, in the future will add more drives/accessories & may. Since the OS was cleanly installed, can't say for sure if it was the OEM PSU on my original install or not, there was random freezing. May not had been the PSU, if so, this surely fixed things for good.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Perfect Replacement for stock Cooler Master fans that rattles!3/31/2017 5:46:47 PM

Pros: Showcase packaging, with instructions based on target market, not 12 languages printed on a sheet of paper so small that one needs either a magnifying glass nor refer to a YouTube video to install. All cables needed & then some, as well as everything needed to install the fan. Soft, yet tough & long lasting rubber/silicone corners to ensure 'bye'bye' to fan rattle!

Cons: That these quality of fans aren't included with the most common CPU coolers on the market, other than the Noctua branded models.

Overall Review: Have replaced one CM Hyper 212 EVO with this one, have another coming to have one on each side, I suppose a 'push-pull' configuration. These also makes great case fans, at Turbo to Max speeds, this fan will move some air! Good to keep as couple of these as spares on hand, never know when one of those cheap case fans may go out.

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GSkill has raised the bar again!3/31/2017 5:29:13 PM

Pros: Retail packaging & well done so, no way can these massive modules move in the package! It's even hard to place your old ones in there after swapping! Heatsinks are heavy, yet removable for when certain CPU (low cost) coolers are installed! GSkill Lifetime warranty & Fast Customer Service! Arrived (4 sets in separate orders) two days each after placing order! The reviews doesn't like, this is indeed FAST RAM (in XMP Profile #1)! Everything I do is simply faster, whether booting the computer(s), running a Malware scan, or opening the browser. This is why the TridentX series RAM has racked up awards globally!

Cons: Had to remove a single heatsink from the first set out of three more that I'd order two days later.;-) That was the fault of a major low cost CPU cooler (in sales) vendor on the site.....not GSkill. The first package appeared to have been opened, unlike the other three, there was some moisture inside, and the seal was broken. the other three sets (two in perfect serial number order) had the retail tab in perfect condition. Yet the RAM was fine, just noting that the package was opened.

Overall Review: At the price I paid (10% off), or 109.99 per 16GB set, this was a killer deal, although could had likely gotten by with one set per PC, there was no difference between jumping from 16 to 32GB whatsoever. Some may argue that this is harder on the CPU's RAM controllers, yet I don't buy that for a second, if this were true, then there would be class action suits filed felt & right over have 4 slots & the RAM breaking their MB's. That stated, I wanted 32GB in each PC for 'bragging rights', I paid for the right & now own that title to show off on the various Tech Forums. I considered a 3rd set for my AMD FX system, although the RAM would be downgraded too badly, 2133MHz I could see, although not a dip to 1866MHz, can find compatible modules on promo. To be honest, I don't know if 1866MHz would make a noticeable difference, these 2400MHz modules were a huge leap from 1600MHz. This was also the easiest install of RAM I've ever installed, maybe because the modules are heavier, and on the 2nd PC, just had to move the Noctua CPU a bit higher, perfit fit w/out needing to remove heatsink. These corporations should realize that many customers doesn't want DDR3 1333-1600MHz RAM in their builds, 1866-2133 minimum, and raise those heatsinks to make clearance. Have been a loyal GSkill customer since Black Friday 2011, when I snagged an 8GB notebook upgrade kit for $29.99, decided to get these modules before they're gone. With an emphasis on DDR4 RAM, there's no more room for innovation with DDR3 RAM, decided to buy before the market dried up & all that's left are 'no name' 13333-1600 RAM kits left, the TridentX series has won awards around the World. If you're considering maxing out a 32GB system, it's best to purchase both sets at once to get back to back serial numbers in each package. Maybe it was luck of the draw, yet I'd take it again if I needed two sets of the same RAM. Make sure to enable XMP in the UEFI or BIOS, otherwise won't get the full speed. Final rating, a perfect 5 out of 5 eggs!

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Best Thermal paste in it's price range3/24/2017 12:55:16 PM

Pros: Easy to apply & cleanup! Keeps temps down by a significant amount (after break-in & if not applied too much) If used properly, a 3.5 gram syringe will go for 8-10 CPU applications (more for GPU's)

Cons: Doesn't cure instantly, though anyone familiar with AC5 should know this;-)

Overall Review: Just buy it, a little goes a long way, and just a dot is all that's needed for (most) GPU's. Keeps the CPU very cool after about 200 hours.

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High Performance Fan!1/20/2017 6:53:14 PM

Pros: Makes a low cost CPU cooler perform like a costly one with the air it moves. As always, with Noctua, well packaged product, 6 year warranty. If you need the cooling & can put up with some noise (if case isn't insulated), this one's for you! More than capable of using in a twin cooler setup (normally with twin fans), running only this fan. CPU temps nosedives instantly, assuming the CPU cooler is installed properly, to include proper thermal paste application. The brown soft rubber (or silicone) corners will ensure there's no vibration, important to leave these intact.

Cons: This is NOT a Con for me, though may be for some. At 3,000 RPM, there's going to be noise, as the air is forced through the heatsink to the rear of the computer. So if you want a quiet fan, choose another.

Overall Review: As always, Noctua produced a winner here, if one could carry their PC around on wheels, may make a good leaf blower at 3,000 RPM. While the product is fine, replaced the flimsy fan that shipped with my Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, purchased here. Temps fell off fast across most of the interior of the PC. That stated, I should had Googled 43.5 dBA to learn more, even lowering the fan to 'regular' speed, still spins at over 2,000 RPM & is very audible, though may not be in a more sound dampening case, such as the Fractal Design Define R5. This one was installed in the same brand's Core 3300, which is no longer carried at Newegg (wished I had purchased two at $49.99 each). All of these components were purchased here. With the extra set of supplied brackets by Cooler Master, was able to get this installed, although CM obviously wanted to ensure that only their fans were used, it was a very tight install, was afraid that I'd break the plastic clips. And with that extra speed, even though it has to blow through a CPU cooler, by sheer force causes the exhaust fan to spin at higher than rated RPM's (according to HWMonitor), that part scares me a bit, may be best not to replace the rear fan when it goes out.;-) Still, I don't regret the purchase, it's a rock solid fan, the brown corners are actually soft rubber so there's no vibration, and when it comes to fans, though many says the brand is overpriced, Noctua is #1 in terms of quality, performance & ease of install. The fan was carefully packages & 4 screws are included for mounting. Those with Noctua coolers will probably use the wire clips instead, saves a lot of work. This fan is fast & powerful enough for a dual type CPU cooler that normally uses two fans, plus having two may tax the fan circuit on some computers. Final rating, 5 eggs.

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Best of the GTX 1060 Series!1/3/2017 2:33:58 AM

Pros: As usual with EVGA, very nicely packaged, with some extra, a poster & metal tag to install on your build. Serials on the outer wrapper & viewable in the window to verify it's genuine before unwrapping (check this before opening). Great card for the dollar. Everything needed in the box, just be sure to download the latest NVIDIA drivers for your OS before install, the ones on the CD will usually be older. EVGA has done a great job with the GTX 1060 & backed by a 3 year warranty with fast customer service. Benches great for this pricemark & Passmark scores are higher than with what appears to be a more powerful Radeon Nitro+ RX 480 8GB card. Linux compatible! 4K UHD ready with HDMI 2.0b & Displayport 1.4 connections! Plus DVI-D. Future proofed for years to come!

Cons: That it wasn't produced when the GTX 960 was.;-)

Overall Review: For those not wanting to pay $400 for a GPU, this is about as good as it's going to get, especially for those who dual boots between Windows & Linux, or runs Linux only. Drivers can be added for Linux with a PPA (Google how to). On Windows 10 Pro, this is an outstanding card, and haven't really got into the overclocking yet that EVGA Precision X has to offer, have bumped up both GPU & MEM Clock Offset by +125, am sure that MEM will go higher, as the 960 that it replaced was running at +600 over default. NVIDIA has a website, same as where the drivers are, with how two's on these things, helpful tips to get the best performance out of the card. EVGA is the #1 distributor of NVIDIA GPU's and again, this card follows tradition of quality & performance, along with Customer Service when needed. If there's a widespread issue with these cards, EVGA will likely contact you before you're aware of an issue, just like they did with the 1070 models needing thermal pad replacement. So far, so good with this card on both Windows 10 Pro & Linux Mint MATE, both 64 bit editions, and through the side fan grille, the glowing 'EVGA GeForce GTX 1060' is a beautiful touch, another sign of quality engineering. If $300-325 is your budget limit, this is the best card your money will buy.;-) That said, where are the Displayport 1.3/1.4 monitors to get the most out of this beast? Cat

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Almost as fast as the first SSD purchased in 2012!11/22/2016 4:56:54 PM

Pros: Not to small, not too large Packaged well Segate reliability in the 1TB size As in the title, almost as fast as my first SSD, a 128GB Crucial m4 (seriously) Backup/cloning software online if needed

Cons: Didn't install itself.;-)

Overall Review: HDD has been going & fast since purchased with as a bundle with a 120GB Samsung 850 EVO last year (May 2015). If it's a lemon, would have shown by now, in it's 3rd & final for sometime to come PC. While I run SSD's for OS's installs, did once install Windows 7 to this HDD & was shocked, much faster than the previous gen (SATA-2, 32MB cache) WD Caviar Black, among my first purchases from Newegg. What a difference a generation makes! And while was a loyal WD fan (still am for their RE4 drives), this Seagate won me over, in fact, one exactly like it shipped with my XPS 8700 in late 2013, have saved 'as is' for now because have an extended warranty that expires in 2017. Then will have two of these babies.;-) Note that while I trust this model, don't care to go over 1TB, because when reading the reviews (I actually take the time to go at least 15 pages deep if possible), the larger the drive, the more percentage of negative reviews. That's why I chose this model, and while I wasn't looking for a SSD at the time, the Samsung 850 EVO added only $30 to the cost (or the other way around), was a killer deal for a total of $99 plus shipping. Finally, if I had to do it all over again, would still go for this HDD, because compared to the newer version which will eventually supercede it, the reviews are better as a percentage. May purchase another just to have it, when one finds a winner, that's what matters the most. Get one of these while you can, because when gone, will be on the secondary markets, likely used & 2x the cost.

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Great alternative for those on the border with liquid cooling11/22/2016 4:24:06 PM

Pros: Very nicely packaged, with clear & precise instructions, what I've came to expect from PC components from Europe. Instructions localized to US market, not a dozen in a thin sheet of paper that requires a magnifying glass to read, or having to resort to YouTube videos to install. Everything needed is included in the package for both AMD & Intel CPU's, in separate labeled bags. Very easy to install, due to the few simple steps explained in detail, clear, precise & to the point. Dropped my CPU temps during benchmarking by 30C!

Cons: Didn't jump out of the package & install itself.;-)

Overall Review: For someone considering light to midweight overclocking, I'd recommend this product unless one's going beyond the extreme, after that point, my advise is to consult with someone who knows. I just wanted more out of my i7-4790K, and with this cooler on a ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer & got it, using the ASUS Optimal setting (E-Z one click Tuning). One click & was running at near 4.6GHz in Turbo Mode, running the benchmark sponsored by Intel (HWBOT), had been suffering from thermal throttling, surpassing the 100C mark, the Noctua NH-D15S dropped temps by 30C, no more throttling. I'd venture to say that had I paced just a tiny less thermal paste on the CPU, temps may had dropped further & may do so. Still, 30C is indeed a massive drop on air & can't be overlooked. This is probably the best cash that I've ever spent on CPU cooling. And though it's massive when removed from the package, once inside of the Fractal Design Define R5 case, didn't look as big after install. Was able to pull off a great wiring management job, so no clutter, one thing that I need to share before I forget, is to make sure that the case & CPU cooler cables are plugged in before easing the unit down, otherwise, expect some skinned knuckles. One thing that I didn't do was used the included thermal solution, relying on my trusted Arctic MX-4 that I've used for years. With a 8 year warranty against drying out & no issues after install, it's understandable why I chose to stick with what had worked. Prior to MX-4 was MX-2, almost as good & still pre-applied on some coolers. Plus once I have a build complete & setup where I want it, other than routine cleaning, is not moved. Fractal Design Define R5 ATX Tower ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer 1150 MB Intel i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz (4.4GHz native Turbo, 4.6GHz ASUS/Noctua Turbo) 32GB RAM total, two 16GB (8GB x2) sets of GSkill Aegis DDR3 1600MHz RAM 1.5V EVGA Supernova G2 650W Gold edition Full Modular PSU 512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD (installed via Addonics PCIe bracket) in x4 mode 1TB Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 64MB Cache (Bare Drive) EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW 8GB GDDR5 GPU ASUS Black SATA 24X DVDRW E-Green No Logo Model DRW-24F1ST/BLK/B/GEN - OEM Optical drive Windows 10 Pro And lastly, a huge dose of patience, my first full build, took 3 years saving for all components. There's no feeling like having removed the bottlenecks of OEM (retail) PC's that cuts corners on vital components to save $5 on a $1,000 PC. Wouldn't had broke the bank of Dell to include twin 4 pin CPU power connectors for a quad core i7 that's still a Top 10 Common CPU. which left it starved for power & the screen froze in place. I figured that to get it right, had to build my own, and I have no formal IT training, just a burning desire to get the most that I can out of my hardware. The Noctua NH-D15S, is a fantastic CPU cooler with the option to add another fan if desired, clips are inside of package.

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A Year later.......Perfect!11/21/2016 11:29:43 PM

Pros: Nice Retail packaging, no way this SSD is going to move around in the tightly packed box. Fast as one is going to get in the SATA-3 SSD line 10 year warranty, double that of the 840 Pro. Going strong for a year, having been in three different PC's.

Cons: That is's not a NVMe SSD.;-)

Overall Review: If one cannot afford nor wants to play in the new & growing world of NVMe SSD's, this is top of the line. Only one or two other brands offers a 10 year warranty on the same drive, or 150 TBW written. Except for demanding drive tasks, where the RAPID app can help with, really who is going to write 150TB of data to this drive inside of 10 years? BTW, this SSD can be used for datacenter or server use, so it really has to have thick skin. Chances are that this drive will become obsolete before ii dies & will still have value.;-) Overall, this is my 2nd fastest SSD. Was #1 until I purchased a 512GB Samsung 950 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD 3-4 months back, and still boots faster, because the NVMe one has to go through an extra controller. If one can grab one of these for anything under $225, go for it, I was lucky with a promo & got it for just under $200. checked less than an hour later, was sold out. At the same time, some may decide to wait & see if there'll be a 860 Pro, while that's true with the 9 series, haven't heard anyone say anything about the 850 series going anywhere (except for the M.2 model of the EVO line). This model should still be still be in distribution come this time next year, as SATA-3 has hit it's peak. Prior to install, or right afterwards, download the latest Samsung Magician from their website, the one on the CD may be older & therefore, no reason to install, only to be rewritten over again. Then open & select a power plan. Note that the Maximum Performance is not the best one, unless one hibernates (not recommended for SSD users). I chose the 'Maximum Capacity' option, and this baby screams, yet at the same time, hums right along. Never once have had any SSD related issues with this one, not the first. This SSD was an early birthday present to myself in November 2015.;-)

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