I would give 0 if it was an option8/1/2021 12:11:31 PM

Pros: Slim and lightweight Wireless works great

Cons: Cheap build 2 RMA everytime I unboxed the new one Faulty battery, key caps, lighting on some letters I find problems constantly on this keyboard, can't believe they call it premium.

Overall Review: Would never recommend this to anyone, if someone is planning on buying, please save ur money and buy something else, trust me on this one.

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Good Keyboard yet incredibly massive in size11/8/2020 4:11:39 AM

Overall Review: It has good sound and clickiness to it, force wise on press isn't that bad either. It has this weird shaped metal sides that kind of takes extra space with no additional value, which became a deal breaker for me. Would buy G.Skill keyboards again in the future maybe, but this one isn't my cup of tea.

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