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Love it!!!4/3/2016 1:08:56 PM

Pros: Nujmber one is the keyboard itself, it is very solid and i love the feel of the keys. there is a slight depression in each key and at first you will probably need to get used to the keys and stroke if you're not using a mechanical keyboard currently. I am typing away on mine as we speak and i love it. So the lighting is awesome. I was initially looking for a board with a brightness controller but somehow its not needed. Had i bought something like this along time ago the glasses i wear to see probably would be not be as thick. All the late nights using the glow of the monitor to see the keyboard is horrible for your eyes. You can light each key whatever you want. all the same or color coded to game use. If you're not used to looking at colors on your keyboard as I am not, again you will probably need to get used to this too. I read other reviews and people talk about it takes a little getting used to and it does.

Cons: it was 149.99 with a free copy of the division. Never saw myself paying this much for a keyboard but i was dropping money into my rig and i always wanted a nice keyboard so it happened

Overall Review: Just as a side note i was in a motorcycle accident and severed my radial nerve on my left arm. I was a good at typing before that and it took many years to get any kind of speed back. That being said im always looking for ways to help that hand out. I find the depressions in the keys as well as the ability to turn off keys around my wasd keys helps me alot as i have no feeling on the left hand and the depressions help hold your finger in place....

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