Good looking case, but fan controller had issues3/13/2020 10:11:23 AM

Overall Review: I just would like to start off saying, if there had not been fan controller issues, this case would have been great. First off, it is a fairly large case for being a mid tower and pretty heavy too on account of 3 of the 4 sides being tempered glass. The glass sides made this case look really good, and the four fans that came with the case, while not able to be controlled other than with the included IR remote, looked really good especially in rainbow mode, and had a lot of additional options if you wanted to change how they look. There is also ample space in the case for anything you might want to put in, and cable management was very easy. Unfortunately, after 2 months, the LEDs on 2 of the 4 case fans started failing. The rear exhaust fan lost 3/4 of the LED ring and only the top right portion stayed lit. One of the front fans LED circles would start okay when the PC booted but after a few mins half of the LED circle would freeze on a single color and no longer be controllable with the included remote. I contacted Rosewill and asked for a replacement fan controller and two case fans. They declined. They said I would have to RMA the whole case if I wanted a replacement. As you know this is the most frustrating thing that can happen when you recently finish a new PC build. So with no other option I took apart my whole PC and shipped the case back for a replacement. After a week I was contacted by Newegg and was issued a refund instead of a replacement due to product unavailability. I ended up replacing it with a Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow, and while this case is very small for a mid tower case, I was still able to fit my components in and get my build back up and running. Overall, I would be weary about this case until they fix their fan controller issue and also am a bit upset about having to RMA the whole thing when only the fans were faulty.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Sorry for the inconvenience caused by LED issue of the case fans and we do understanding your frustration. We usually do not carry these fans independently from the case. We did sent request to warehouse to check if we have LED case fan for CULLINAN V500 RGB, unfortunately, it’s not located. Rest assured that your feedback will receive the attention it deserves. We will continue improving our products in future. In case you need any other assistance or have any other questions, please contact us and the contact information is below: Technical Support: RMA & Warranty service: Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 8AM - 5PM (PST) Monday – Friday Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Everything was fine until I tried connecting over LAN10/19/2017 10:24:54 AM

Pros: - Easy Setup - The smart remote seemed odd at first, but it became comfortable to use quickly and the added voice search via built in mic is a nice touch. - Color and picture quality is definitely boosted, looks great, noticed the resolution difference right away coming from 1080p. - Lots of extra connection settings make device control automatic and a breeze to set up. Plug in a device via HDMI, turn it on, and if the TV is compatible with controlling it, it will automatically.

Cons: - Refresh rate is not really 120 Hz, but a software enhancement of the 60Hz rate of this panel. It does look noticeably smoother than my my old 1080p TV with no enhancement on the refresh rate, but I did buy this tv thinking it was a true 120Hz panel. - The HDR on this TV is present and does work to some noticeable effect but it meets neither the HDR 10 nor Dolby Vision HDR Standards. This means this TV is not Ultra HD Premium certified. This is the standard to which all Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs are designed to, and promises sharper, more detailed, more realistic pictures. While this TV doesn't meet this, its still 4k and still a great looking TV, it just explains where they took a dip in the quality to give us this panel at the price it is. - The biggest Con, and the reason for the two star rating, is that while my TV connects to the wifi just fine, if I try plugging it into my router directly to get the fastest speeds for streaming 4k, the connection fails. I've tried everything from manual IP settings to different cables, rebooting the router and TV multiple times and resetting the TV to factory defaults to no avail. Communications with Samsung tech report boiled down to a hardware issue with the LAN port. Brand new TV and no LAN functionality, great. I'm still deciding whether to try Samsungs on site tech service to see if they can repair the TV, or if I should just RMA it with Newegg, but either way it is a pain.

Overall Review: 10/19/17 Update: I ended up purchasing a new Router even though my old router still worked fine for everything except for this new Samsung TV. I've done a lot of research and it seems a lot of Samsung TVs are known for multiple networking issues including not working well with lesser known networking manufacturers. Guess what? The LAN connection worked with the new router. Interestingly however, every other device I plugged into my new router had a white flashing communication light signifying a full 10/100/1G LAN connection. When I plug this Samsung TV into any of the ports it shows a orange flashing communication light representing only a 10/100 LAN connection speed. I'm not sure if this is a defect with this particular TV or if they just did not put a Gigabit LAN port in it, which is silly in this time and age. In conclusion my network speeds over wifi were faster than my network speeds over LAN while connecting to this TV. If you have a wireless router that can output 5G AC wireless then you will not have any issues streaming 4K content to this TV wirelessly. As a result I will no longer be returning this TV, I have added an egg to my rating now that the network issue is more or less resolved, bringing my final rating to 3 eggs. To me 3 eggs represents a "good" product. It's not "great" and definitely not the "best" but $500 for a good 4K is not bad at all!

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