Practical portability5/5/2021 10:23:50 AM

Pros: + Reasonable size for the purpose + Good construction + Made in Vietnam, not China + Video Output good for normal desktop use

Cons: - USB 2.0 ports un-needed when 3.0 is backward compatible anyway. - The wireless charger could use some rubber on the outer portion to keep the phone from sliding off if angled. - Microphone? Why? all laptops have them. - Micro or SD card reader would have been more useful.

Overall Review: I want to thank Newegg for all their great service over the years and I have always been happy with the Rosewill line of products! Please keep developing them to compete! This is a bit of a niche item that would most likely be taken with you when traveling and I have done so much of that for my old job, I know exactly what I want in a small unit like this. The unit as designed works very good and I did not have any issues using it, it was completely "plug and play". All the features worked as advertised so if this is what you are looking for it is well constructed and will last a very long time, unlike most of the stuff coming in from China. I used to be an electronics technician in the Navy so I know when items are but with good or cheap quality because I get curious and take them apart a lot. 1) The wireless charger is rated at a max of 10W which is adequately safe but it isn't going to win any speed awards (unless it is charging a watch battery) 2) there is only 1 USB 3.0 port. (I assume they did this due to limit USB fast charging power draw, but that is a guess) 3) 4K Display output works fine for a desktop display or projector for teachers but it is only 30 Hz, so you aren't going to be doing anything fancy with it. 4) The USBC is a passthrough but does allow up to 60w charging which is good. @ Roswill Engineering, This product is High Quality, but a bit outdated from what I can see. A card reader and 2 USBc ports are more useful. The glass charging surface is very nice, but I would like to have a set of 4 rubber pads around the outside to prevent the phone from sliding around if the table is jostled. Overall I recommend the product and hopefully they continue to improve it!

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Neweggxpert- Quite a nice surprise for the cost.9/11/2019 1:17:12 PM

Pros: + Good bang for the buck. + Integrated graphics that are better than Intel + Pretty thin laptop with adequate connectivity + A real workhorse for the average user. + Good battery life Let’s get to it shall we. With all the choices for entry level laptops out there why would you want to pick this one? One simple reason, for the price you really are getting a great value for the money. The Ryzen 5 2500 U is the first generation of Zen, the Ryzen 3500u is Zen+ and since the mobile processors were last to the released there was quite a bit of lead time for the manufactures to get these laptops out. AMD is also moving much faster at releases than Intel is. Now, if you need a bit better graphics power get the step-up version of this one with the Vega 11. Since it is “Back to school” time, I highly recommend this laptop for that purpose, it is perfect to take some abuse, but it isn’t a huge investment, even if highly abused by teenagers and it only lasted 2 years. I mean most phones are more expensive than this laptop. But don’t be fooled its construction is very good for a $500 laptop. The screen is obviously the weakest point of any laptop. And it is able to be tweaked around a but maintains its rigidity. This laptop can do just about everything the average person would want to do, but one thing that it can do that most other laptops in this price range cannot do as well, is light gaming. You can play older and web-based games with ease. Many newer games will play at lower settings, but do not expect to play the new Tomb Raider. I have owned four different gaming laptops over the years and the one thing that they fail at, is being a laptop! In other words, they are far too hot to use on your lap. I have been writing this review with this laptop on my lap and cool enough to be comfortable in my lap. The laptop screens of today are far superior to the ones I have dealt with in the years past and this one has a great field of view and sure is adequate enough for the average use case. One of the biggest keys that laptop manufactures FINALLY figured out was that for a 15 or even a 17-inch screen there is no need for more than 1080p. Which brings me to USBc is a wonderful connector for laptops. It is superior to HDMI and is now widely available on most monitors. For connectivity; There are 3 USB 3.1 ports which is adequate, a RJ45 1GB LAN, HDMI and SD card reader. Definitely everything needed for most people. The one thing that really impressed me is the WiFi it is very fast for a laptop; I suspect this is what used to be used in only in gaming laptops. I have a 120Gb/s connection from my ISP, and I was able to update the computer very quickly and max out the WiFi 150 – 200 Mb/s connection, this is the equivalent of transferring 1 GB in under 30 seconds, wirelessly! The battery laptop life is very good, about 5 hours, and the power adapter is small and convenient and will recharge your laptop in 60% 45 minutes, that is awesome! I wish my gaming laptop would do that. I have also enjoyed typing on the keyboard, they keys have a good tactile feel. The only complaint that I have is the Power button is not separated away from the keyboard and you may hit it by mistake when hitting the delete button. There is also some expandability in the form of adding in another 8gb of memory and another M.2 which brings me to the cons. Since my colleagues put a bunch of benchmarks out there, but did not include 3D Mark I took the liberty of doing that benchmark with the NIGHT RAID benchmark, it is specifically for integrated graphics. It scored an admirable 4507 in comparison my Asus gaming laptop with a Nvidia Gtx 1060 scored 23000 points. Remember benchmarks are not real-world performance, they are nothing more than a relative indicator of how it performs when compared to other systems. In mobile platforms power usage and heat are ALWAYS a limiting factor to the performance. I am sure this laptop can handle most online style games and most older games like CS GO. During my monitoring it is worth mentioning that the 4 CPU cores did reach a maximum of 3600 MHz. Just keep your expectations in check for what it can do with games and you will be fine.

Cons: - 256gb M.2 SSD @ GB/ps - Screen could be better - Speakers are weak - I do not like the power button placement. -Track pad is mediocre M.2 is now the standard for laptops as it should be, but there is one issue. M.2 drive cloning is very difficult as because of hardware issues. I really wish that laptop manufactures would just make 500GB the minimum because it is what the average person needs. This laptop does use the older, but more power efficient Sata standard of 6Gb/s and it is perfectly suited for this laptop and the normal user. It is not slow because that is still 40x faster than a 7200-rpm hard drive. I would recommend getting another larger drive, like another 1Tb when you buy this laptop. 8Gb of memory is really plenty for this laptop and I would not go higher. First off, every laptop I have ever owned except my Alienware laptop has had weak speakers and tinny sound. I think it is pretty much what anyone should expect and is why most people use headphones. However, the sound is adequate and has good enough sound projection to watch a movie without them. I had zero issues with streaming any movies off my Plex server wirelessly to this laptop at full resolution. @ASUS WHY would you put a power button right next to the delete key? if cost and keyboard placement cannot be changed, then at least make it so you have to hit the FUNCTION and POWER to turn off the laptop! That however brings me to my final con, and that this is an older display, but it is crisp and sharp. However, the RGB reproduction really is not up to my liking as it is not as vivid as newer higher end displays. But what do you expect for a $500 laptop? You really won’t find good displays until you enter at least the $1200 price range and great displays at $2000.

Overall Review: Since my eggxpert colleagues already put a bunch of benchmarks out there, but did not include 3D Mark I took the liberty adding the NIGHT RAID benchmark that is specifically designed for integrated graphics. It scored an admirable 4507 in comparison my Asus gaming laptop with a Nvidia Gtx 1060 scored 23000 points. Remember benchmarks are not real-world performance, they are nothing more than a relative indicator of how it performs when compared to other systems. In mobile platforms power usage and heat are ALWAYS a limiting factor to the performance. I am sure this laptop can handle most online style games and most older games like CS GO. During my monitoring it is worth mentioning that the 4 CPU cores did reach a maximum of 3600 MHz. Just keep your expectations in check for what it can do with games and you will be fine. Here is who I would recommend this laptop for. A student that needs to focus on studies, not heavy gaming. For your employees that need a good laptop when traveling. At $500 a piece you can replace them easily when needed like every 3 years. If they are lost or stolen it is no huge loss. Just always encrypt the drives. Laptops have really come a long way in the past 3 years and prices are at all time lows for the price to performance. Thank you, AMD! This is the lowest priced laptop with this much power, the nearest Intel is $100 more. Sure, some of the technology in this laptop is a bit older, but you cannot get cutting edge tech for $500 in a laptop. A normal user will love this laptop, without breaking the bank. Who this laptop is not for? Power users, gamers and media professionals. For those of you who might wonder or have doubts about AMD Ryzen processors, you can remove all your fears. In fact, AMD is making far greater strides and advancements lately than Intel. You can trust what I say because I am A+ and Net+ certified along with many electronics certs.. When you buy this laptop make sure you fully charge and start the windows updates. Then go to ASUS and manually download the updates. Bios included. Download the bios to a USB root directory, then restart the computer. Hit F2 and that will get you into the bios. You will need to look at advanced options, there you will find the bios updater. Run it with the USB plugged in and point the update to the newest bios. Then, I would reboot and run windows updater again. Here is some advice for ASUS Fix your windows auto updater, not once did your program pick up ANY of the proper updates for this laptop. I know it is a low priority to get fixed, but please do so. ASUS please do not respond to my review, because I may update the review later. If this review was helpful, please vote so.

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AMAZING sound and looks10/29/2018 7:38:44 AM

Pros: + Great aesthetics + BT connectivity is great, no lag + Works nice with phone + Lighting is subtle + Sound quality is excellent I bought this speaker for my home office in my garage so that I can hear my videos anywhere, and the sound quality and sync is excellent with BT 4.1 connectivity. I have experienced speech lag on other speaker systems when watching videos, and that was really annoying. It is not as loud as my HK classic Aura but the lack of wires is a huge bonus. I can easily take this unit to my other shop with my laptop and I love the portability. As long as this unit is on sale, it is worth the money. I really enjoy the sound quality, it is at least as good as most sound bars, but looks way better.

Cons: - Size to comparable BT Speaker is a bit large - Does not have a Fiber input only analog - White can get dirty easily - Paper sub speaker - Cost when not on sale is too expensive White warning, you need to be mindful of having clean hands and fingers before handling, due to the white cloth like material. The one thing that I really wish it had was an optical spidf input, because that would make this product perfect.

Overall Review: I like this product if you can't tell, and I am pretty picky when it comes to sound and video. I would consider myself a technophile and like to have the best products I can afford. Just make sure it's on sale, I got mine for a really good price and it was just an impulse buy, and I am glad I did get it. However, you might consider the black version if you don't want it to get "dirty"

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Neweggxpert of and average laptop drive.10/29/2018 7:31:09 AM

Pros: + High capacity for laptops + Power Efficient + Reliable Data storage, as long as laptop is not dropped +CHEAP per TB +Quiet Look guys, it is a small laptop drive with high capacity. If you need a compact drive for say some portable backup storage go for it! it is a great drive.

Cons: - Mechanical drives for laptops--not such a good idea - SLOW

Overall Review: If you are on a tight budget for storage I would still look for a 7200rpm drive for a main drive instead of a 5400rpm even if it is only 1TB or pay more for a 7200 2TB. Ultimately save the money up for an SSD, Hard Drives are nearly obsolete and will be next year except for very high capacities, and data archives.

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Review Asus ROG Crosshair honest review from a Neweggspert6/5/2018 9:37:46 PM

Pros: + Unlimited tuning capability + Memory support up to 3466 + Lots of heatsink to cool Vrms + both M.2 are connected directly to CPU buss + Tons of fan/pump/RGB Headers + Ability to control settings in Windows with AI Suite This motherboard is an extremely complex piece of engineering and I really take my hat’s off to ASUS for all the things that they have been able to accomplish over the years. I am thankful to see that they were able to do this much with The Ryzen processors. I am also glad to see the GPP is dead, and I hope that ASUS never agrees to such hooey ever again! I follow the industry closely and am pretty much a tech junky. I spend a lot of money on my Ryzen rig and I honestly cannot say I am disappointed in it, I was expecting a little bit more from it, but I think that will come with time, watch out Intel AMD finally has a worthy product again. My good experience with the non wifi board, has overall been good. I was however going to initially purchase an Asrock board because of ASUS issues in the past. This is my first ROG board because I really don’t like shelling out $300.00 on bogus branding and marketing. I would never consider more $400 for board ever. But I think the onsale price is a good value for this board, as it performs where it should. I am going to save you guys some major issues here, when you initially setup your board, use the XMP profile on your memory, don’t try and set it up manually because: There are many underlying settings for the memory that need to be set by XMP, if you want it to run at its full speed. I was eventually able to get my system stable after about a day of crashes by doing this. I am using the fancy G.Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14D-16GTZR And it works quite well when XMP is enabled. My issue with this, is that on my last intel motherboard I never used XMP because it conflicted with my OC settings for the CPU, so lesson learned on Ryzen. The bios is nothing short of amazing! It has so many options it can be overwhelming, even to a person like me that is used to tweaking bios. The AMD platform does take some getting used to, due to differences in naming schemas over intel. Fortunately, the board does a great job of auto functions for most settings. The single most impressive feature of this Motherboard is the M.2 PCIE. Because unlike almost all other motherboards that disable the m.2 if shared with the Video card. This one does not, and the placement of them on the motherboard is superior for cooling. I also recommend that you initially set your M.2 PCIE to Raid mode on your initial setup, if you are using only one M.2. The reason is simple. There is no performance hit by doing so then later on you can easily add in the second drive without loosing data. This is important, if you install the Samsung Drives guys, something I didn’t know, is that they now have their own special drivers to be able to get the full boost potential out of them. The initial windows drivers hold the drive back. You will also need to install the Samsung magic software to enable some other features. Since it has been quite awhile since I have upgraded Motherboards, I was "literally" blown away by the audio !! I am using my pioneer Elite Vsx-84 and some off brand surround sound speakers made by Nexis. I am of course using the optical output to the receiver for sound. The sound is just incredible in all things like games, movies and music. I do not however like the Marvel software, is is really really really LAME! Hence why ASUS has their sonic software, which I have much to learn about. AMD Ryzen is now a year old and we are already on the + gen hardware, that is pretty incredible, I am really glad I waited till now, because I still consider this to be an early adopter “Late-Beta” phase of this platform because as you will see by the Cons there are still quite a few issues that AMD and ASUS need to address.

Cons: - AI Suite 3 is Really BUGGY! and can cause system crashes - Poor auto overclocking tuning, even with advanced setting enabled in both Bios and with AI suite 3 - Do not use AI suite 3 with AMD’s Ryzen Master. They conflict and do not play well with each other. -AI Suite 3 constantly looses my saved information, whether it be fan setting or overclock settings. - My system cannot sleep and wakeup properly! From a hardware standpoint the engineers have done a fantastic job as far as I can tell. It is the software engineers that are either disconnected from what is going on or they are just lazy. As I mentioned earlier I have been using ASUS motherboards for over 10 years. On every single motherboard I have owned I have had some form of AI suite functionality issues, but I use it for for one reason. Fan control! This is the Fist AI suite that the fan control stinks! And has numerous issues! 1) when autotuning for the first time the system usually hits too high of temps when tuning the fans, so it causes a thermal shutdown of the system. It is cause by the tuning finding the stop points and quiet areas of operation. The CPU core overheats and shuts the system down, because the 75C overheat limits are hit. However, I think there is something wrong with these limits in the software as bugs. Because when they are enabled I have had random shutdowns if other components hit these temps as well. AIS3 randomly looses the fan settings, in fact while I was writing this review my system just shut down on me! So, someone at ASUS better get on the ball and fix the issues I am mentioning, because you obviously did not do a good job of BETA testing AIS3. This is caused by the loss of reading the CPU temperature! It will loose link with the motherboard and show a -1C then about 15 seconds later the computer will shut down. This also happens frequently when you change from the different fan modes. This needs fixed in software, or my motherboard is defective either way ASUS you are not in good graces with me right now. Over the years the AIS has always been buggy, but what really makes me mad is the lack of ASUS support in updates to this software, when say when a new Windows version comes out!! Every time the AIS3 runs and auto-tuning it deletes your preset fan settings that you have saved, this needs to be fixed! As usual the AI Suite is buggy, just like all its past iterations! I have since Removed most components of AIS3 until I see some real updates that fix these issues. Now, onto auto Overclocking, well there isn’t much to say except that it is all a bunch of HYPE by ASUS as being some engineering marvel. It isn’t and honestly it does a poor job of auto tuning because it can’t get voltages steps right, which are really the only thing that really matter for the Ryzen platform. As long as you get the voltages right on Ryzen the chip with do the rest. The XMP profile was VITAL in getting my system stable! During initial setup my system was crashing constantly, and due to AIS3 it would randomly shutdown! I honestly was about ready to return the system to Newegg! All of this could have been avoided by some simple fixes in the bios and software, maybe ASUS is getting to big for their britches because these should be non-issues by now. 1) Make the Bios automatically default to the XMP profile of the RAM! If the user has done their research and bought approved ram then it should work and be STABLE! 2) Fix the Fan controlling software! No one wants to be sitting in the middle of a project and suddenly, the system shuts down! losing all their work in the process! 3) My system will not wake up from sleep mode, I think some investigation needs to be done here. Not sure where to even begin with that problem. It sure isn’t very power efficient to leave my system on all the time! 4) Get the voltage offsets right in the Overclocking tool, it can’t be that hard…or maybe you have made it overcomplicated internally and have broken it!

Overall Review: In conclusion; *** BIG TIME ISSUE with BIOS updates! so be aware of this problem. When I updated the bios the board would not boot past the AMI logo. It was hitting the Memory Check and stopping. I was COMPLETELY freaked out because I just flashed my bios and thought it was a bad flash. Well a day later I figured out it was the memory losing the settings in bios, but the issue is the board would not even detect the memory with a bios reset. So if this happens to you, on the motherboard below the power button is a tiny button for memory compatibility mode. After turning on the power to the board press that button and your bios should load!! For those of you on the fence as to whether you should upgrade? My system seemed top notch for the things that I do, but I really wanted to try out RYZEN to see if they can actually get it together. The funny thing about this whole new build, is that I have a primo MSI Aorus 1080TI and since I come from an old ASUS X79 platform with every bell and whistles, with A I7 3820 Extreme 6 core that I bought used for the same price as the AMD 2700 a year ago. This new system is probably about 25% faster overall and I was able to achieve some high O/C benchmarking results. But was it worth spending all this money, for the performance? I would say yes, Because I gained a 25% improvement overall. There is a small bonus with this platform that is easily overlooked and until you actually try it, you maybe skeptical. That is the Store MI technology, it really works fantastic and quite honestly for the price of FREE AMD really put another shot over Intel’s bow! But here is something important to know, if you haven’t bought this yet. Got to AMD’s site and download the FREE version of Store MI, do not go to Enmotus and buy the $19.99 version it is less powerful for $$. If you are a X370 owner and do not want to update motherboard yet, I wholeheartedly recommend the Enmotus’ FuzeDrive software but there is one issue with it that is being fixed as we speak. It does not have a good un-installer!! So, whatever version you install (AMD or Enmotus) you need to stay with it because they will cancel out the registration of each other’s software and will cause great issues getting it working again. I will also say this, if you use either of these software, YOU MUST be able to make reliable backups of that information. Just incase something goofy ever happens! I will say this when you use memory, a fast sata SSD, and an SSHD hard drive, this Store MI or FuzeDrive technology is no gimmick and gives me read speeds faster than my nVme drive (non-raided), yes, it is true! (and due to fast system memory) My final words to ASUS, you guys need to start backing up the hype. I watched your Newegg video about overclocking on this board. My experience tells me it was a very controlled situation, because there is no reason that my chip should not have been able to auto overclock to 3.8 to 4.0GHz but the auto-tune could barely get it to 3.6GHZ over a 3.4 base clock C’mon!a 9% overclock??? when I can easily do a 25% Do I recommend this product? Yes, but with a major deduction in eggs, I do but only because I was able to overcome the issues by MANUALLY by making changes to the settings to get my system stable. If you are a newb, I suggest looking at an easier motherboard, because it is complicated. If I had it to do all over again, I might have waited until the ASROCK Taiichi came out and bought that like I was originally planning on doing? Hopefully ASUS will fix these issues soon, but to the other reviewers that just do not put the effort into a good review, please do all of us a favor and do not just keep making 5 egg reviews, because this board has issues. I may just go to an Asrock TAICHI! When RYZEN2 comes out to see how far Asrock has come…So Asus take heed, you are on notice and losing ground to your competition because of your poor software execution, overhyping of products, Signing onto GPP and terrible RMA support. BTW, I no longer will buy any Logitech product because of their lack of customer support! And I will do that with any product that does not support their products after the fact and I am starting to wonder about ASUS, because they do not update their Motherboard drivers and software for long enough of a time after purchase, after all isn’t that why we pay a premium for these motherboards! I have been left high and dry on my older platforms with Window 10 support and I have had nothing but issues with Win 10 on the older platforms. Eventually, we all want to upgrade, but I get peeved when I am forced to due to lack of software or driver support for an older platform! I am sure this is not an accident on ASUS’s pat. I get the whole cost-effective thing on how long you should support a platform, but it is pretty dang important when a new windows comes out!!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jamie K., Thank you for taking the time out to share your review with us and I do apologize for the bad experience you had encountered with the board. Regarding the conflict you’re having with the motherboard randomly shutting down, it seems the utilities are both trying to take preference on reading the components connected to your board. I would recommend disabling the AMD’s Ryzen Master Utility and reinstall the ASUS AI Suite 3 utility to get a better reading as well as the saved information of your components that are connected. For further queries, please feel free to contact us at or speak to an ASUS live support agent. Please use a link to this review as reference for I do look forward to your response. Have an extraordinary day. Thank you for choosing ASUS. Best Regards, Andre ASUS Customer Loyalty US Support
H150 IPro6/5/2018 9:02:18 PM

Pros: Pros +Quiet +Plenty of cooling +Good Controls +Highest Quality AIO Edited now I have a new case. The biggest advise I can give to you guys is make sure you have a case that can accommodate it. 1) if mounting at the top, I would make sure you mounting holes/rails are offset towards the cases left side. Such as is the Fractal Define R6 otherwise you may have clearance issues with the motherboard. It took me longer to do this review, due to size requirements of my original case. I had to do some modifications to it first for this 3-fan unit to fit into my case. Please see cons. The installation is easy if you have large enough of a case. As with any radiator, you really need to be careful not to damage the unit. Honestly, I recommend that you buy a new case that is designed to have internal water cooling, then there is no doubt that it will fit. The CPU mount was very easy and comes with both AMD and intel brackets that are standard to the Asutek pump cooling head, and the Rubber tubes from the radiator are just the right mailability to for the tubes to your case. I have always been leery of AIO’s because of substandard parts being used in pumps. I am also leery of them being inside my case. However, if disaster is going to happen it doesn’t matter where it is. Well if it fails, at least the AIO is covered by Corsair's 5 year warranty I must hand it to Corsair, they are really becoming a dominant player in the PC market. I am especially impressed with the overall quality of their products. This is no exception, and I want to thank them for sending me this unit for testing. The customization and control with the software is really wonderful, you can control the pump speed, the fans and of course the LED. Plus it has a lot of monitoring points plugged into the software much like hardware monitor does. I hope that they can continue with the development and make it so I can shrink it down on monitor my system...I believe with ICUE this is supposed to happen soon. I have grown accustom to the Corsair controls easily, and even though in this case I do not care about the RGB lighting, I think that when I do buy a new case, the RGB controls will be a great touch So this Rad is Plenty big to cool any CPU, in fact most 240"s will cool just about any CPU, but I really wish they could put some sort of wattage rating on these items, to help out the consumer. My temps are very cool at idle at around 38-45 C, but I do recommend getting some Gelid high performance thermal paste as it really helped the thermals. I can keep full load stress testing under 70C and the fans are at 60%

Cons: Cons -needs a lot of space Initially in my first case the only place I could mount it was at the top. Where I ran into the biggest problems was the 2” depth of the unit. This caused clearance issue with my motherboard heatsinks, and I think this will be a common issue with a lot of cases. In my new Fractal Design R6 there is ample room! in either the front ot he top.

Overall Review: My biggest question to Corsair is this, are all the parts in this unit similar metals, as in all aluminum? And plastic. That is important, and I think we all would like to know. Only time will tell how long this unit will last as the pumps are always the first thing to fail once installed. I will report back if there are ANY failure Corsair, you can be sure of that! Corsair, I Really would like to see you put out some arctic white units of this series. I know white cases are really becoming popular because we are all getting tired of Black

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Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Neweggspert review5/28/2018 5:07:24 PM

Pros: + Compact storage on the go + Durable shell + no need for external power, other than USB + Pretty cheap price + A good BACK-UP device + Would work for Music, videos, and file storage Firstly, good job Toshiba for correctly advertising what this drive should be used for. I have been playing around with this drive for a week now and because my system is so fast, including all my drives. I really was wondering why this drive even exists in the world today. Then, I have to step back into reality and realize that most people are not the tech junky that I am. I am unsure if this drive is just the drive linked below (if it will let me link it) inside a plastic enclosure, but for this review we will assume so. This drive should be used for a backup drive, of your music, documents and smaller files. You could store movies on it and play them as well. Just understand it is not a fast drive and you would not want to put a computer backup on it, because it would take forever to do a restore. I had a 1TB version of this drive in my new ASUS laptop and it really was unbearable for loading speeds of programs. I think at some point Seagate has realized this and made this unit. Which is exactly what this drive should be used for. I think for traveling with a laptop you could put a movie collection on here (recorded at a lower bitrate though) and it would be perfectly suited for that job and backing up your important on the go files. I did this with the hard drive I removed from my laptop and put it in its own enclosure and it worked great. The finish does not attack fingerprints!

Cons: - 1-year warranty - 5400 RPM drive - Not fast enough for anything sizable or primary use. My biggest worry with having a hard drive as a portable device is possible damage to the drives if dropped. I cannot safely assume that it has any sort of fall protection gyroscope embedded, as there is nothing stated about it. As I stated before a 5400 rpm drive is really only suitable for a backup drive. They tried and failed using them in laptops for lower power usage and heat because they were just too slow for primary program accessing. I believe my worry about longevity is warranted if you are going to be “rough” on a drive, as I have broken a portable hard drive by dropping it onto a desk. Since there is only a one year warranty, on the product, you will have to weigh the cheap cost per TB for if this is the way you want to go. If you are rough on things, you would be better off using an SSD in an enclosure, but it will be far more expensive. Here are the performance numbers in crystal mark Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 132.814 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 149.576 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 0.562 MB/s [ 137.2 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 6.612 MB/s [ 1614.3 IOPS] Sequential Read (T= 1) : 136.957 MB/s Sequential Write (T= 1) : 151.203 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 0.417 MB/s [ 101.8 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 4.934 MB/s [ 1204.6 IOPS]

Overall Review: @Toshiba Honestly, I would like to see a you license Enmotus Fuzedrive software (but make it a firmware) and add in a 128tb M.2 Sata SSD Then make this a Fuzedrive, then it would have incredible performance. I would also like to see at least a 2 port USB 3.0 hub added on this thing at a minimum, give it some better functionality. In conclusion it is a backup drive that looks nice, is very portable and should last a long time if treated well. If you have a large library of something that you do not want taking space on you Laptop drive, then this would be a great and cheap solution.

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The cutest little PS ever5/26/2018 11:57:43 AM

Pros: Pros +SMALL form factor +Superior quality components +Modular +Fair price +plenty of cables for any install +Quiet fan When I received this power supply, I didn't realize it was a small form factor PS. The first thing I though when I opened the box, “well isn't that cute”, but powerful. So make sure you check dimensions for your case! It is great seeing these small form factor power supplies as PC's are shrinking. Especially now that that the power requirements for video cards has gotten back under control. I peered inside this power supply and was really impressed with the quality of the build and the components used. This is very important to me, as your power supply is the MOST important component of any system you build. Never skimp there..never! And you will have much more stability in your systems. After going modular, I can never go back to pre-made dongles of connectors. Once I finally got this little guy installed in my system it ran perfectly. I also checked all rails with an O-scope and all rails were exactly in tolerances and the power was very clean. For the quality of this little guy I would say it is fairly priced and present the user with a long lasting value that will probably outlast the pc it is put in. The fan was ultra quiet and I could barely discern it was even spinning!

Cons: Cons -NO adapter plate -Ribbon style cables. -switch and cable socket not centered - Only ONE SATA cable, - no SATA adapters for Molex Honestly, I am baffled for the price of this unit why an adapter plate for a regular ATX form factor was not included! Horrible move on that one Corsair, you should correct that mistake immediately. Like many others here I do not like ribbon style cables. It is because of their rigidity, tension, and poor twisting ability. They cause many problems and sometimes can actually cause failure in connectors, especially on delicate SATA connectors. I was able to adapt and make due. BTW my friends who read this take this one piece of friendly advice. NEVER mix power supply cables from other power supplies. I lost over 4TB's of movies once because I did. There apparently is no standard at the PS connectors for a specific layout. What really infuriated me though was there was no included Molex to SATA adapter. Because there is only one SATA cable with 4 connection, but it is practically impossible to only use one SATA connector to connect 3 or more devices Last complaint, why is the power switch and plug not centered to the PS. It would make it much easier for people to mount in different cases. Even when they have to make their own adapter plate like I did.

Overall Review: UPDATE- As of 11/11/17 This power supply 12v Rail can no longer handle gaming with a gtx1060, It worked for almost a year so I can only conclude that the components are weak in this power supply. I cannot recommend this PS if you are going to put any type of significant load on it. UPDATE 2: I have since had this product RMA from the fine people at Corsair. I have to say this is the first time in a long time that the RMA process was great. The people really do care about customer satisfaction.. At least I hope they treat everyone this way and not just a Neweggspert. Which I am pretty confident they do, because they did not have to honer the warranty since I did not buy the product. The process was pretty fast overall and I received a brand new power supply. So thank you just stole away some future business from EVGA! Due to good customer service!

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Corsair Carbide 275R Acrylic Window Eggspert review5/26/2018 11:52:22 AM

Pros: Smooth edges Can fit most water cooling solutions + Concealed component design + Vertical mount for video card + Affordable case for the masses + A nice show/display case + Acrylic version saves you $10 Let’s start this by saying thank you to Corsair who has been very active in the New Eggspert program. I have personally reviewed many items from them, and other manufactures would be advised to participate. It gives the manufacture a chance to have die hard gamers like myself evaluate your products and make them better over time. Most cases have taken most of the hard lessons of the past and created much better cases designs over the last five years. This case is no exception and it comes in at a really good price point. This case is designed for the displaying your computer off and for use of water cooling solutions. This case can use the new Corsair H150i Pro in the front, the H115i Pro on the top or your own custom cooling solution. There is enough room to put in a fully custom and self-contained system if you plan it right. One of the best designs to come along in the last few years, is the hidden concealment of cables, power supplies and drives. And this case pretty much nails that design aspect. You should not have any issues with cable management. This is here I will touch upon the Vertical mount slots bonus, as there are two, to mount one double width Video card near the window. This will really make the computer pop, if you have a nice video card with RGB lighting and a riser connection. The power will come up nicely behind the card avoiding messy power cables Installation of motherboard, power supply and drives went without a hitch. I also really like the finish paint thy used on the case it looks great and all the edges are smooth. At the top of the case there are (2) SS USB 3.0 (1) audio in and (1) audio out and Power and reset switches At the bottom you get some fancy white leds.

Cons: - No Blu-ray Bays - Front is not a swing door design - Manual is very basic - Zip ties instead of Velcro straps - Acrylic is very low quality and scratchs super easy! These cons are minor and more of a design choice by the company. I bring them up for you so that you do not overlook these issues for your build. Since this case is designed for water cooling solutions, you lose the external drive bays. I wish they would figure out a way to have either or. Like a removable external drive cage that could be removed if you did not need it. I would have also liked to have seen the front bezel on a hinge in this case. But that would have added more cost to the case. If you want a Blu-ray player you will have to settle for a USB version. The manual is basic and doesn’t offer much help in installing water cooling solutions. You will have to figure that out through trial and error. My biggest pet peeve was not including Velcro straps instead of zip ties. You might want to purchase some in bulk for yourself as they are way better than zip ties. You may also plan on purchasing some fans the 2 included are pretty minimal.

Overall Review: I have had a lot more time to work with this case, and I honestly think the design is sound but I cannot recommend this case because of the horrible quality of acrylic used for the side window. It scratches when you try and clean it with super soft cloth. Get the Glass version of this case and you will be MUCH happier.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jamie, We are sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with your new CORSAIR Case. If you have technical issues, please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot them. Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
These are the DEFACTO fan5/12/2018 11:10:22 PM

Pros: Over 100 CFM!!! The think to remember folks, is that you don't want to run the fan at 100% Right? So you take the CFM at 50% and that is still as much air as all the other "Quiet" fans out there. Theses fans are very quiet at 50% to about 80% They move a lot of air close to the blades all the way to 4 feet!

Cons: There is a reason these fans are constantly out of stock..THEY are too GOOD for the price..the secret must be out...

Overall Review: Just because you got a bad fan there is no reason to hate!, I just had a bad "fractal" fan and I sent it back. BTW I am not too impressed with most of the fans out there. In fact I think many of the cases are getting a bad rap, because the fans are not as good as they should be.

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Utter Disapointment from an Eggspert4/28/2018 3:18:18 PM

Pros: Pro It was a free review sample-to later give to charity. Prints documents well. Competently fast at printing photos It prints documents and photos pretty fast, but let's face it in today's times most are this fast. Documents are also good quality. Photos are also adequate for the average user with exceptions.

Cons: Software read more below Small “Micro” cartridges Poor quality touch screen This is not really a photo printer, it is a simple MFC printrer Well let’s start of by saying, that even though HP sent Newegg this printer to send to me to review, I sincerely wished they hadn’t. I really hate berating a product, but I think it is well deserved in this case. First off HP has not changed their ways. I got away from HP over a decade ago because of their ridiculous ink costs and having all your colors in one cartridge. I have owned over a dozen printers over the last decade because I am pretty picky when it comes to software and print quality. The HP software is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to purchase their products whether it be ink, paper or even the poor excuse of software they call the photo creations. There is absolutely no value to it. The very first thing they try to do is get you to sign up for INK! They give you 50% off for three months and since the program is a program that keeps sending you ink after that bang they got you on the hook! Setting up the software and the printer was not fun at all, in fact they taught it to be as easy as 1.2.3..but it is anything but easy, because their marketing of products everywhere. It not only confuses the set-up process but upsets consumers and will inevitably lead to loss of future sales. If I would have bought this product, I would have immediately packed it back up and returned it. The printer would not setup properly unless your phone was on the 2.4 Ghz band, and nowhere does it help you or tell you this. I finally decided to install the printer via computer. Which really peeved me off, because their website would not get me to the proper drivers until I manually did a search for them. So all the “quick links’ and help that the windows app was trying to give was again, completely useless. I decided to take an old baby picture that has faded over the years to test out the photo software enhancement features. Scanning was easy, and it detected the correct orientation and size of the photo. However, the enhancement of the photo was utter garbage, the shear lack of manual controls to edit the photo was a HUGE letdown especially since this is supposed to be a photo printer. Even using the manual setting did not even come close to yielding me mediocre results. I expect way more from a companies software for photo editing. Back to the picture I printed out with the auto enhancements it was garbage due to the enhancements in the software. But moreover, the black cartridge is not PHOTO quality, it is regular print quality for regular paper. So when you print out a photo, on my KODAK premium photo paper. The black is not even good enough quality for photos, when it dries it is flat while the colors are glossy, and it makes the photo very poor quality and not even worthy of the cost or effort of printing out. Since we are on the topic if ink a true photo printer should have at least six colors and then a black in order to get the truest reproduction of color. Another complaint is that the colors are not separate cartridges and waste ink when one runs out..but this is what HP wants you to do in the long run. They still have the business model of making you pay 2 to 3x the amount of the printers worth in the ink costs. For a comparison I printed out the exact same photo on my Brother printer MFC-J470 a 4 year old printer, which has been a tried and truly reliable product. I did not have any drastic difference between the black and colors and the actual print quality was better.

Overall Review: I think people need to realize that there are way better PHOTO printers out there, and if you really do your research on cost of supplies you can find a printer that will do a great job for you without breaking the bank and not be intrusive with heuristics. I personally like the big ink tank printers of another company that starts with an E. I also do not like all the intrusion into my privacy that all these tech companies are doing and HP is no different, their web-service they want you to sign up for is deceptive in that it makes you think that you need it to get the printer working and you don’t. They gather your email and other data to get their heuristics. It is a printer and you don't need all of my data! The icing on the cake though, is when they wanted to pay more money to finish editing a photo with advanced options in the HP Photo Creations Studio! an additional $9.99!! You have got to be JOKING!! I don't even get fully functional software with my printer. So to recap, I see zero value in their web APP, photo software (Microsoft Photos is WAY better at fixing pictures) and the very small in cartridges , or the actual printer itself, even on sale! I honestly was looking forward to reviewing this product because I have been doing a ton of photos for family lately. What a huge letdown! Goodbye forever HP, and it is because of your printer division that I will never buy any HP products and that includes some of their really high end laptops. I will stick with my trust Brother printer and ASUS laptops. This printer is getting disconnected and given to charity…they can deal with the headache. This was an honest review and rate up if you appreciate it!

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Asus ROG 703VM NH74 – The PERFECT laptop12/19/2017 3:03:49 PM

Pros: Pros- + Light for a gaming laptop + Powerful for a laptop + Perfect GPU to CPU performance ratio + Perfect size SSD and HDD for laptop + Plenty of Ram + Perfect screen resolution and color I Have owned a few gaming laptops in my days from Gigabyte to Alienware, You should be very excited about today's laptops. This very slim gaming laptop also has only a couple of trade-offs when compared to it bigger laptops. 1) Smaller heat sinks to dissipate heat for CPU and GPU 2) Expandability If you have been waiting for the perfect gaming laptop with good portability then look no further than this one. There are many similar laptops out there, but none of them are a perfect combination of all components. The laptop manufacture's have finally realized 1080P is the best and most popular choice for a 15 or 17” screen. The quality of them has finally made it to desktop performance. The 100% sRGB screen was the clinch pin for me. Do yourself a favor and download Intel Extreme Tuner, so you can under volt or change the power requirements for the CPU. It will get the thermals under control without a hit to performance. Just make sure to know what you are doing first. This thin laptop can only handle stock performance or less, it is right on the edge, If you want a laptop to over clock then you will need a full size laptop. ASUS, I commend you on this laptop the only thing that could have made this purchase better was to get it for free!! I finally have the PERFECT laptop I have waited for YEARS for. It has handled all the games I own on Steam with good frame rates, of course, some games you will have to lower some settings to keep frame rate at 60. But most games I put on High settings as I don't really see a difference in ultra most of the time. Personally, I am happy I chose the 17” model over the 15” because my eyesight is not the best now. I put the laptop on my lap board and it is just the perfect weight to not make my legs get tired. The Screen is one that has to be seen to be believed. Non-glare coating works great, and viewing angles and colors are phenomenal. It is a pretty bright display (at least 250 nits) with minimal back-light bleed. Very impressed here. I did have to turn down some settings like vividness, and brightness. I have to mention this, the track pad works really well for pretty much everything on your desktop. I did try to use it with some mouse heavy games, and I really couldn't get used to that. I still needed to use a wireless mouse. Kudos for a great track pad without any extra annoying software! The camera is at the TOP of the laptop which is where it should be, and @720p it should be good enough for most people. It is for me especially as ugly as I am! :) The keyboard is about as good as a fixed key layout can be, the number keys are smaller on the num pad, but I love having a full keyboard on a laptop. Arrow keys and space are great, and the caps lock has a light on the key when activated! It is extremely comfortable to rest your palms on and type and use the track pad, a very pleasant surprise. There is good key travel and very little give in the keyboard area. There is plenty of storage space @1.256 TB the SSD should be used for all desktop applications, and the HDD for Games, and it is a good and pretty fast HD drive it was not a big deal to wait an extra 10-20 seconds for a game to load. I believe by the bios there is more room for some upgrades to the m.2 drives as you can use Raid on them, which is fantastic. I just chose not to open up the laptop at this time there are some video on you tube though.

Cons: Cons - Gets warm without Intel extreme tuner - Footprint is large so make sure the dimensions are what you want. - Logo on top cover is not RGB - No Manual available (that I could find) This review is plenty long enough and I only have a few cons for the laptop. The one I received has some noticeable back light bleed in the upper left corner, and it looks like it is cause by pressure from the construction process. However, it's location is inconsequential to me so for now I choose to live with it. The other con is ASUS warranty work, if you do have to get a repair done it can take a long time, and their RMA process is pretty annoying, but it will get fixed. Now, it has been a about 2 years since I have ever used it, so maybe it is better now? Battery life – even with the slightly larger battery than last years model, it is gonna suck on any gaming laptop! You just cannot have both. However, I would rather trade off some battery life and be able to do everything I want, with this portability!! You can probably get 2-3 hours on it for desktop only stuff, and I would say about an 40- 60 min gaming on the battery, depending on the demand of the game. Thermals- Ok so I have had this laptop for a few weeks now, and I highly recommend having an additional laptop cooling stand. If you are a demanding gamer you will need the extra cooling.

Overall Review: If you find this bad boy on sale! BUY IT!! It is worth the price even at regular price. I love this laptop as a gamer, modder and professional. I would almost give up my desktop for this, if it wasn't 2x as powerful. Please make sure to rate my review as helpful!

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Asrock X10 router8/31/2017 10:09:06 AM

Pros: +Easy setup +Good for the beginner +EZ control of automation +Good GUI interface +Good Range Well I played around with this router for quite awhile, and I feel the basic functionality of a router is there. You can do all of the basic stuff you need to set it up easily. The interface is clean and easy to understand, but last many options other router have. The saving grace for this router is its ability to easily allow access control to Automation devices. But wait, I didn't ever have that issue with my router allowing me normal wireless access. Am, I missing something here maybe I am. My recommendation is to set this router up as an automation only router, this will free up your other routers for more important tasks, even though automation doesn't take much bandwidth. I think ASROCK made a good attempt at a router, but in all honesty it isn't useful to me in my network because I already have all the routers I need. Now you can set it up as a wireless access point (needs hardwired to network), or in a bridged setup (connects hardwired equipment wirelessly to the main router) That is useful mode because it has 4 Ethernet ports. The range was also just as good as my older ASUS RT-N66U which is set up as a wireless bridge. In this mode it performed just as good. So here are the CONS.

Cons: Cons, I was very disappointing in the lack of help in the interface, there isn't even mouse over info to what anything does. If you are new to a router then you will be lost in space, and that is really unfortunate because to me that is who this router is targeted at. I am sorry ASROCK, but ASUS routers blow yours away when it comes to functionality, user friendliness and available help. When I hit the help button, all it did was refer me to the ASROCK tech support page. Not even a direct link to online help with this specific model. That is just unacceptable in my book. If you are going to direct me to download a manual, I would rather have it included in the box, not a fold up pamphlet like is in the box. Asrock wants to compete with ASUS, but even as bad as ASUS support can be they at least respond to questions and will actually repair your warrantied items. It might take a long time, but it will get done. I have owned Asrock motherboards too, and they also always provide the basic functionality, and they perform good too. They are no ASUS though and they have a long ways to go before they are, they are on the right path but it is taking them too long.

Overall Review: Conclusion I am really trying to be fair here as a reviewer, but I have to agree with my other compadres. This router is MEH. It might be perfect for the home automation, but come on how many people really have it? 5% of people maybe? Then there is the value of this unit, it is well constructed and all. The led is not annoying and can be turned off. The GUI is good and easy to navigate. If this router serves your purpose then go ahead and get it, it will work just fine. Just hopefully you wont need any help. The price is difficult for me to swallow, as I can get better routers for the same price or even way less. For me this router is only worth the price, if I needed the Appliance control and I believe is supposed to simplify the control of all the appliances. Unfortunately, I am in that other 95% that doesn't use those devices. I will assume that it will do that job extremely well. I will be fair and only knock off one egg due to the lack of help available, and that is being generous. All of it's functions worked fine and I am sure it will be a great router, as ASROCK does make good quality products.

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HP S700Pro a solid product7/19/2017 5:11:52 PM

Pros: Pro +good quality +3d Nand is fast +Quiet +Power efficient +Top tier performance +metal body! +3year warranty Overall, I was impressed with the performance of this SSD. It is faster than a Samsung 850pro and right up there with an OCZ Trion 100. It is built with a metal case, which is the first I have seen in a while. Here are the benchmarks. Seq read write 534 / 488 512K read write 367 / 478 4K Random 29 / 71 4K qd32 241 / 241

Cons: Cons -No SATA protector -Poor value I was disappointed there was no protector plate for the SATA and power connector, it costs what $.10 but can save your SSD from a connector breaking, and warranty work! Like everyone else here, I agree. It is time to get off you 3dnand high horses, the tech is not that revolutionary anymore to be charging premium prices.

Overall Review: Overall it is a good drive and it is well constructed, and I am not here to recommend other products in this kind of review. But price wise my Toshiba/OCZ Trion 150 is only 10mb/s behind and is twenty-five dollars cheaper. I have noticed with SIS Sanda that all the drives perform pretty much the same, they just take dips in different areas, and that does affect the benchmarks overall scores. So take your pick and find the best deal is my advice. There is one caveat to that, do some research on how warranty work is handled, and what people think of the companies warranty work before buying any product. I have been running 2TB of SSD's in my computer now for about a year. None of them 3D Nand, never had any issues, and I leave my computer on 24/7. If you really want to pay more money then either go with M.2, NVME, or PCIe, then you will get premium performance for your hard earned money. For a laptop, I would just go for the 1TB SSD's

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A really solid product5/21/2017 2:02:44 PM

Pros: Pro +Good ergonomics +Has some customization +Led Control +Highly accurate +Wonderful scroll There are a million mice out there, with a million different options and gimmicks. However, ask yourself what is the most important function of a GAMING mouse. To be able to game hours on end right! Well, I was able to with this mouse with no hand fatigue all. That got me thinking about my rat mouse, which is one of my favorites. Maybe a weighted mouse isn't as good for you! This mouse does not come with extra weights, but it is substantial enough not to drift or move on its own. So here is a little piece of advice I have for all of you. If you have an USB 2.0 device which this is, use an USB 2.0 hub or port. Over the years I have had some issues with USB 3.0 compatibility. I tested this mouse for well over 120 hours and I have to say it is super comfortable for my hand, I have pretty long and large hands and it felt very form fitting. The ability to change out the thumb rest is a good choice of customization. Although I do like to be able to customise both sides and the palm, I can't say I needed to with this mouse. The mouse buttons use 50 million click micro-switches so they should last a lifetime for the average gamer, and they are quick and responsive. They also have enough tension to avoid falsely clicking. Here is another great tidbit and is why gamer's use very fast refresh rate monitors. If you can't see the change, you cant respond to it. In reality, as long as we see above 60fps everything should be smooth and our reactions should also be able to keep up with what we see. There are Zero issues with input lag on this mouse, and it is super responsive. Which brings me to this, who needs 16K DPI!? Well, the average person hardly needs above 2K I hardly ever go above 4 K because I am old. But I am sure there are some young “whipper snappers” out there that can use 8K. So having 16K is probably really good for them for future growth in precision tracking. Will it stop at 16K, no probably not, because it is more of a marketing tool to get the most precise mouse? Now as we gain more screen real-estate the tracking DPI does have to go up, so if you are running 4K, then you will find this mouse very adequate. The tracking precision on this “Superman-Laser” is really fantastic, enough so that Corsair has dethroned my other mice. The mouse “foot glides” are big and glide easily! Here is my favorite feature of the new corsair mice, the middle scroll wheel! It is large and very precise to use. Although it lacks side to side scrolling, primarily because it is a gaming mouse. I still love the feel of it. Of course, the RGB lighting is great!

Cons: Cons - Software still needs tweaking I will be honest with you the Corsair software still needs some work on it's “ergonomics” and it takes a little bit to figure out, but it is fully functional. The really need to focus on ease of use here. It is, however, better than many manufacture's software, but I think they could take some lessons from Roccat. This is my nitpick for me, the fwd and back buttons are located back a little too far for my hand to make this a “perfect fit” for my hands. Yep, that's it on the cons that I could find.

Overall Review: Even though I am a Neweggspert, I cannot be bought and have left some pretty harsh reviews. The one thing you can always count on is that my reviews are honest!. But I can say, this. This new line of Corsair mice are pretty impressive, all but the lowest end one I have liked. I liked them so much I have put away my Roccat and Rat 7. I can wholeheartedly, recommend this mouse. As for the price, I feel it is reasonable for this mouse. To Corsair: The majority of your consumers are not “Rich” so please keep your prices reasonable and people will stay loyal to a GOOD product. I feel they achieved this overall and would like to see their prices drop by $10.00 over their line. Please work on your software to make it easier to program for the average consumer.

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Scimitar pro2/23/2017 9:57:31 AM

Pros: Pro +Comfortable +Very nice Scroll +Easily programmed +versatile +Price Well, this is the first mouse I have used in a long time that has hands down beat my other competition mice. I have retired my Rat 7 Pro because I like this mouse better. It also beat my Roccat Kone in versatility. I am a heavy gamer and modder and love to have programmable buttons and keys at my fingertips. Honestly, this is the perfect mouse for me. It fits the bill for all my professional software and gaming needs. I honestly never thought about a MMO mouse for my daily driver, but I am very thankful NewEgg sent this to me to test. This mouse is at a very good price point and is really a good buy overall. As you might expect it is great for games, and if you can use 16K DPI you are a true stud in my books. I think 16K is overkill on a mouse and I doubt many people could actually handle that amount of precision. With that said, the mouse tracks incredibly well, I am able to use it far better in Paint Shop Pro than any of my previous mice to cut items and paint with. The best part about this mouse is the programmable side buttons because I save myself tonnes of time by having my hotkeys programmed into them. Right at my thumbs tip is quite handy, as long as I can remember them. The software is pretty easy to use, it is a little wonky, and I have had a few times where it has to reprogram the mouse. So that still needs some work, but it is pretty good software. For my large hands, it is very comfortable, and there is no real need for external customization other than the side button slider. For gaming it is really nice to be able to have quick settings at my thumbs control, I have been able to improve my game play because of the precision of the laser, and having quicker response time getting out items needed to fight.

Cons: Cons -Setting up lighting is very strange -12 side buttons are too many -buttons are too small I don't really have much to complain about this mouse it is very good, but I think the engineering team should take this honest feedback and do some redesign. Twelve buttons may work for a kid with small fingers, but not an adult with larger hands. I would rather see an 9 button version with bigger buttons and a better tactile centring system than what is on this mouse. I do not like having to look at my thumb placement to know when I am centred on the buttons. Also the 10-12 buttons just end up being useless to me, because of the agility of the thumb overall. Even with my long thumb, and the buttons slid all the way forward it is still uncomfortable for me to use those buttons. Only the first nine are comfortable. So here is how this mouse could be improved: Use only 9 buttons arranged in a convex shape. Enlarge the buttons by about 15 to 25% and change the number five button tactile feel, for centring the thumb. If you did this, this could be the perfect mouse.

Overall Review: For the price, this is probably the best deal in MMO mice, it works great and is easy to program for gaming. The software still needs some work, but it isn't any worse than most other mouse software. It is a good quality product and should last quite a long time. At least you won't go broke buying it! Don't hesitate to get this mouse, if it can replace my old mouse as a daily driver, then it is worthy! Glad to see Corsair redeem themselves after my last mishap with one of their mice.

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Corsair Harpoon12/17/2016 7:15:45 AM

Pros: Cheap if you are on a budget. As far as mice go it does the trick for basic functions and the mouse wheel feels really good. The mouse tracks well and seems to pass all of my accuracy tests, but really in today's market, they all work well.

Cons: I really have a bad taste in my mouth with this mouse. The corsair software for this mouse totally crashed my computers usb drivers. In fact the software never completely installed and I will not jeopardize my system for horrible software, So I cannot tell you about those. The mouse is pretty lightweight so if you like them sturdy or weighted then stay away. I have pretty big and long hands and this mouse was too small for me, but it was comfortable enough for testing.

Overall Review: overall, I would spend my money on another mouse, as this one is not the right mouse for me.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry that you are having issues with the software but in order to get the best performance out of your Harpoon mouse, you will need to install CUE. Please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to assist you. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Wemo Light Switch10/17/2016 1:20:26 PM

Pros: Pro's +Clean design +Simple installation +It is a smart switch The instructions were pretty good but they were unclear that you had to connect to the WEMO device with the wireless on your phone. I knew I had to do this, because of my wireless Emerson thermostat (Highly recommended). Once I did find a place to install the light switch it worked exactly as advertised, and was a nice addition to a smart network. The app is very simple and easy to setup, so a big kudos for that work! Unfortunately, though there are some obvious shortcoming for this item that I cannot overlook as a home improvement guy.

Cons: Cons -$$$ -No dimmer -No three-way support (even with 2 switches?) The place I wanted to install this item was a no go! It was for a bedroom with an overhead ceiling fan. This was a no go! Because a ceiling fan is considered a 3-way switch. The wiring instructions were actually more confusing than anything. I have wired up plenty of lights and electrical things myself, so I knew how it was supposed to be done. However, if someone was not familiar with how electricity works then, I can see them being completely frustrated. The price is what really gets me here for the limited functionality of the switch. It really needs to be about half this price before I would even consider installing it all over my home, but then again I am not rich. I could not install this switch because it does not support 3-way switches! This was a design choice, I know they could have made it work even with two switches installed and be able to talk to each other. Or even installing a secondary dummy switch, but that is not even an option. Unfortunately for me, the majority of my light switches are 3-way in my house. The absent feature that truly did disappoint me the most, was the lack of a dimmer. That also severely limits where I can put this switch.

Overall Review: I do love the idea of a smart house, especially for the traveler. It is such a great convenience to have that. However, This Belkin product line needs to seriously redesign this line of products quickly, if it is ever to survive.

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LG 27 UD88 IPS 4k monitor9/27/2016 3:55:03 PM

Pros: Pros + Beautiful display + Awesome down-scaling + Adjustable height + Thin and light weight + Great viewing angles +Low light bleed +USB Type C +Thin Bezel +built in speakers

Cons: Cons -.25 in black edge around bezel - Price Let me start off and explain that I have and LG 60 UHD (3D) 60Hz Television, and also a BenQ 2K 27” Gaming monitor. I have ran productivity apps and gamed on both of these displays. I am also a pretty serious gamer and home theater enthusiast. When un-boxing this monitor I was pleasantly surprised that it came with all the cables that are needed to make it work. This monitor has an external power supply which keeps the monitor thin and lightweight. The monitor is mostly made of white plastic and has a metal frame bezel. Assembly was very simple and took about 5 minutes. The base is also sturdy and has both height and pivot adjustments Overall I would say the build quality is good. However, I would not call it heavy duty like my BenQ. The picture quality of this monitor is fantastic! The colors are deep, vivid and crisp. I decided to calibrate this monitor with my Spears and Munsil calibration Blu ray. Bringing the colors truer to tone and reducing some of the vividness. They are not far off which was good to see. Black levels and contrast are very good for an IPS display definitely acceptable for today's standards. Testing of the color gambit also was true to LG’s claim of 99% RGB color range. My tests came in at 97.46% which is within tolerance. As with ANY IPS or LCD display, there is going to be some light bleed. Why after all this time of manufacturing these monitors, have they not found a way to eliminate this? I have no idea, but it ruins an otherwise perfect monitor. This monitor has very little light bleed, but the lower left corner has a large section that has a lighter area. It is only visible in complete darkness. Edge bleeding is also minimal. As stated earlier the picture quality is 5 stars! Viewing angles are also very good. I have only one complaint here, the picture is not edge of the bevel. There is a .25” dead space between the picture and the bevel, and the pictures here are deceiving in my book and if you want a seamless bezel for gaming there still does not seem to be a solution other than and ultra wide monitor. Here is the dilemma, a 27” monitor is not what I would consider huge, and I feel is not large enough to truly need 4K or UHD. In fact the normal fonts and icons are quite small. If you are a professional, and need a large desktop you will appreciate it. You may want two or three of these monitors. My main monitor is a 2k 144hz BenQ and the resolution is perfect for 27” up to about 36”. I was however amazed, at how well this monitor scaled down in resolution. I can only surmise, that being 4K with a very fine dot pitch, helps prevent the typical fuzziness associated to down scaling. I ran this monitor in both 2k and 1080p with no issues, and with some minor tweaking it looked like it was a native resolution, a definite Kudos there.

Overall Review: I recently bought a MSI GTX 1070 and it really runs games great at 2k and below, but it struggles in many games at 4K. Games surely do look spectacular at 4K (and lower resolutions) on this monitor. However, downgrading the resolution to increase the FPS is the way to go. If you want to game at 4k, you will need to run SLI or Crossfire. Also remember this is a 60hz monitor, and if you need higher FPS than that, you will need a dedicated gaming monitor. For the AMD gamers, Free sync will prevent the tearing at above the 60hz the monitor runs at. It is needed in this case. For all the NVIDIA users that have a newer 1000 series card you can use the new Fastsync to give you the same benefits of Free-sync without the cost. I was unable to use the USB type C as a video adapter, but it is great to see this included for laptop users. Let's talk about the included controlling software. You are able to section off areas of the monitor to basically run as a smaller monitor for programs. This software works well and allows you to have a consistent setup for video editing, publishing or even office productivity. The OSD software I also extremely useful for changing settings on the fly. It is much faster than using the control stick on the monitor. Speaking of the monitor control stick, it is not too bad to use overall. The menus are laid out well and easy to navigate. In a nutshell this “Productivity” monitor is beautiful, and it can also game if you downscale the resolution for acceptable frame rates on today's video cards. Overall this is a great monitor and it can pretty much do everything well! I do feel the price is a tad high, but considering the market and competing equipment it is solidly priced. If it suits your needs for what you are looking for you can’t go wrong. If you like this review be sure to give it a rating.

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Original review posted on wrong mouse (eggxpert)9/27/2016 3:47:32 PM

Pros: Pros +good price +good software +Customizable +Soft cord +Aesthetically pleasing +High DPI Laser Mine is gun metal grey and it looks very nice in my setup. I have been using the mouse for about 2 weeks now and it tracks pretty well. I am not a pro gamer but I do a lot of gaming. This mouse is nicely priced with a lot of features. I feel it is priced appropriately. The mouse has great software that will work with all steel series products , so you only have one program running in the background and it is easy to configure the mouse. Kudos to the software team that designed it! The LEDs are RGB and can be changed to just about any color you want and can even pulse and heartbeat, or can be turned off. I was impressed with the high DPI range of 6500 DPI for a budget mouse. I hardly can handle over 3200 dpi. I was pleased with the soft rubber USB cord, it is very flexible and doesn't affect mouse movement at all! The looks of the mouse are very nice and it fits well in my hands. It has good grips and slides very easily over any surface and tracks well on all surfaces I would use it on. The middle scroll was also adequate, nothing fancy.

Cons: Cons: -one size fits all, only for righties -needs 2 more buttons -light weight The mouse could use 2 more buttons if it is going to have a customizable software, and use macros. That way I could program a button for a zoom DPI for sniping. Personally, I like a bit heavier of a mouse but this mouse works just fine it is a nitpick really. Even though I am right handed, more companies need to get with it, on making mice ambidextrous or customizable to be.

Overall Review: I played many hours of Total War: War-hammer with this mouse and it was really comfortable and no fatigue. My eyeballs were the only victims when playing that. I have to admit I wish I had faster reflexes to be able to always click fast like these whipper snappers. I also used it when playing Sniper elite and it did a good job, just missed a zoom dpi button. Yes, I know I could have programmed one of the back or forward buttons for this, but I used them for other things. I do like one feature that it has I have never seen before and that is the angle snapping. This helps prevent drift from the user when sniping at high dpi. Overall the cons are just personal preferences and nitpick. I think this is a great entry level or budget gaming mouse! There really is no reason not to buy one, unless there is only GAIA GREEN left..LOL

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SHARKOON DG7000 Green9/27/2016 3:47:08 PM

Pros: Pros ++Superb engineering +Has exactly what you need +Room for a radiator and reservoir in the case +Quality materials used +Cool Runner Well since I didn't get one of these on an eggxpert assignment, and I was intrigued by this case I had to try it for a build of mine. Sharkoon did politely ask me to write a review, and because I was so impressed with this case, I felt obliged to do so. The build quality of this case at this price point is outstanding. It is very well made and at no time did I feel they cut any corners. I purchased the green version to match my Asus X79 Sabertooth board and it looks pretty stellar. I was very pleased with the window as it is just the right size to show off the internals. One of my favorite parts things about this case is the cable management slot for the motherboard cables. It is perfectly designed to run all the cable you need and hide them very well. The back of the case needs a bit of planning when you run your cables to keep the clearances down for the rear cover. I was pleasantly surprised at how many cable tie-offs there are with this case, it makes cable management wonderful. I was able to have a functional and clean install because of thoughtful engineering. The front plastic bezel is very well made from very durable plastic and a metal mesh screen. The drive slots use quick lock connectors, and the SSD brackets use 4 screws. Here is what impressed me with the engineering! The SSD and HD brackets are designed to put drives back a bit so that the mounting bracket protects the SATA and power connections from breaking. SATA connectors are fragile, as I have broken one before, due to the cheap brittle plastic used by manufacturers. The placement of the USB ports is wonderful, and everything being upfront instead of on top, is exactly the way it should be. I will not buy cases that place buttons or jacks on the top because most users do not place their computers on the floor. Finally a few tidbits; The hard drive bays do get airflow from the front fans, in case you were wondering about that. The fans included are 140MM fans with both Molex and 3 pin connectors. The aesthetics are why I bought this case, it is a phenomenal looking case, with fantastic functionality. This case is well designed and efficiently uses space, keeping it at a reasonable size. It is exactly what a mid-tower should be and allows me to fully utilize it.

Cons: The cons are only minor which is surprising to me. I found that the reset button, it is recessed and you have to use a push pin to push it. (although for some people it maybe a pro). Also if you want the top as an exhaust, you can put 1) 140MM fan or 2) 120MM fans, only in that config. This build went great, and I can't even really fault the fans because when testing under load, they moved enough air to keep the case and components cool.

Overall Review: I do think that the following improvements would help Sharkoon greatly; Please add a hard drive bracket for the second 5.25-inch slot, so that four HD's can be installed. I would then recommend adding 2 more SSD mounting slots with brackets on top of the power supply cover. This would give maximum expansion to your consumer. I would also like to recommend completely doing away with the Red, Green and Blue versions of these cases. By doing the following; Inserting an RGB kit down the 2 middle sections of the front grill and extending them directly to the clear plastic inserts. Then place one RGB strip (magnetic) on the top and rear of the case interior. This RGB mod would really make this case stand out and separate your case from the crowd. I did this for my case and it looks 10x better and offers me much better RGB options. I would also recommend painting the interior tray white or go all black for this. If you take this advice you will lower your production costs dramatically, while increasing customer happiness! That is a WIN-WIN! I would really love to see an arctic white version of this case which would sell faster than snow cones at an Arizona Cardinals baseball game. Overall, I really came away from this build feeling that Sharkoon really does care about the quality of their product and is willing to keep it at a reasonable price. I wholeheartedly recommend this case to anyone from beginner to expert, it was truly a pleasure to build and if I build another computer anytime soon, Sharkoon will be my first choice.

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The best fan ever9/14/2016 12:43:22 PM

Pros: I have been building computers now for about 20 years. I have been through major heat generation of dual R9 290's. These fans' were the best fans for the price I have EVER used. They move some serious air. Unlike many of the overpriced fans of today that are mainly concerned about static pressure. I recently did a build with some white Fractal fans that were supposed to be awesome. They looked great, but they couldn't get the air moving in the case. So I added 2 of these to the a side and front "pusher". What a total difference it has made. my case temps went down 5 deg celsius.

Cons: The only cons are; that Rosewill does not make these in either clear or white versions, and that is is not completely silent at full RPM.

Overall Review: Static pressure is mostly good for radiators and exhaust fans. It is imperative to get the cool air into the case which Static pressure cannot accomplish. In fact, it can hinder airflow if it is too great.

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64GB Blaze B05 USB 3.0 Flash Drive8/18/2016 2:29:18 PM

Pros: +Cheap 64GB +EZ to use +Faster than USB 2.0 sticks +Lifetime warranty Here are the numbers Test : 4096 MiB [G: 0.2% (0.1/57.7 GiB)] (x3) Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 95.788 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 82.598 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 11.776 MB/s [ 2875.0 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 0.015 MB/s [ 3.7 IOPS] Sequential Read (T= 1) : 90.386 MB/s Sequential Write (T= 1) : 40.053 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 11.746 MB/s [ 2867.7 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 0.013 MB/s [ 3.2 IOPS] Test : 100 MiB [G: 0.2% (0.1/57.7 GiB)] (x3) Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 98.035 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 22.675 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 14.426 MB/s [ 3522.0 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2.210 MB/s [ 539.6 IOPS] Sequential Read (T= 1) : 111.150 MB/s Sequential Write (T= 1) : 20.934 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 12.486 MB/s [ 3048.3 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 1.280 MB/s [ 312.5 IOPS] So what does that all mean? It means this drive is about as fast as a 5400 Rpm hard drive, with the exception of random writes. It is about 4x faster than a typical USB 2.0 stick. But the middle of the road as far as USB stick performance. At the price point, it is pretty much a disposable item and will serve its needs. I do like the very small red LED as it is not obnoxious as many other LED's used today.

Cons: -Cheap plastic build -Plastic builds static charges -Slider has poor operation -It does not "Blaze" II know I am being critical for a $16 USB stick, and for a cheap stick it does its job. However, I have a Corsair GTX 128 GB stick that is about 2.5 times faster than this and it is built like a tank. I do not feel the same about this item. The slider mechanism is cheap and does not operate smoothly. It is good this has a lifetime warranty because it feels cheap and since it is made of plastic, it is susceptible to static charge build up, the number one killer of portable storage. Secondly is not un-mounting the USB drove before removal. It does not "blaze" as the name implies, false marketing.

Overall Review: I think I will make this a WIN10 installation drive possibly or maybe a save game drive. I don't think I would trust it with anything more valuable. I have my encrypted Data traveler for that. In conclusion, this drive does offer good value for a USB drive at this price point, but you can expect to use the warranty.

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ASUS RT-AC68U Asus Still rulz8/18/2016 12:35:38 PM

Pros: ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n AiProtection with Trend Micro for Complete Network Security +ASUS quality router and Firmware +EZ Setup and use +Great GUI +Phone AP Setup and control +Dual AC +Trend Micro Built in and free! I have been a fan of ASUS routers for many years now, as they were some of the first to have a functional mouse driven GUI. To this day all of my ASUS routers still work and have proven themselves to me over the long haul. I have used MANY brands of routers, but NONE of them have the continuous updates to firmware like ASUS. Their software has been getting better and better over the years, now they have added an Apple and Android AP to quickly control your routers basic functions and monitoring. If you haven't tried an ASUS router before, do not will love it! I set this particular router up as a Wireless-AC1900 access point. Connecting it to another DSL router. I chose to do this for the ease of setup, and I didn't have to reprogram all the PPOE information into it. The purpose of this wireless setup was 2 fold. To isolate 2 gaming computers on the 5 GHZ band and run the rest of the wireless on the 2.4 GHZ band. The two both that game on the 5 GHZ band well they are teenagers and as such need to have tighter controls. Both wireless computers were able to reach their full AC speeds of 956 Mb/S with their cards and experience < than 1ms of lag..EXCELLENT! Using the full bandwidth available. Streaming of video was perfect and while gaming there was no discernible difference between being wired and running wireless, That is what impressed me the most oh how this technology has blossomed! Here is the beauty of this setup, if the boys do get grounded, then all mom has to do is get on her router AP, while at work, and disable the 5ghz band! Viola instant grounding. While everyone else can still use their devices! Of course, Asus routers also have a programmable time schedule based on a mac address basis, allowing you the power to make sure your kids are not up all hours of the night on their phones! (at least wirelessly) The Trend Micro malware and virus protections are very welcome at the router firewall level, something that you really MUST have in today's times. Especially with all the dangerous non-Microsoft based viruses. This router has a security check that informs you of weak links in your setup, follow it and you will be more secure. Honestly, this router is so robust, there is no way I can write the review on every function, and if I did you would be put to sleep. Trust me when I tell you it will handle just about every setup you will use in the house. But where it excels is when used in a network of other Asus routers. There are 4 ways you can setup this router, Standard full router, Wireless AP, Wireless Media Bridge, and Wireless repeater.

Cons: -This router pretty much is obsolete -Much faster routers out there -It should be in the sub $100 range normal price -stands up tall Honestly, the average home can easily saturate this router when everyone is using many devices all at once. I feel this is really the minimum that a router should offer for speeds today.(-1 egg here) Asus should kill any products that are lower, if they haven't. Other than that, there are really no cons that I can find to owning an Asus router. Just make sure you have cables connected correctly for their use. Also put them in a well-ventilated area, to make sure they stay cool. They are basically a small computer now and stay busy 24/7

Overall Review: Here is something important to know. When connecting to another router as I did, make sure the Ethernet connection between the two of them connect to the BLUE Ethernet/internet port. Here is another tidbit, I recently had to return a motherboard to Asus for warranty work and believe it or not, Asus seems to have made a major effort in their RMA process and attitude. Also not this is the ONLY item I have ever had to return to them. I have owned many Asus products and their engineering (software and hardware) is superior to most other brands. What impressed me most about ASUS is the firmware updates, even my “Old” Asus RT_66U 450Mb/s x2 router received updates that allow the use of the AP and many of the benefits that the newer routers have. That is really wonderful they still support a product that is EOL. Thank you Asus for listening to your customers! I am sure the huge number of complaints about customer service started to hit the bottom line, but they do look at reviews here and do try to help customers, and that is important in my eyes.

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APPLE PRODUCTS (Compatibility) ONLY!8/18/2016 12:33:07 PM

Pros: SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller. Pros + good ergonomic design + comfortable weight. + the layout of the buttons are nice like an Xbox The button layout is nice for control it is a very comfortable controller. If you are used to Xbox controls this would be for you. The weight of the controller feels very balanced in your hands. The construction of the controller is very impressive and it seems very durable. No perceived delay with the controller.

Cons: Cons -seems to only work well with Apple -not a pc controller -Not sure if defective 100% I thought this was a pc controller but we found out after we received it, that it is APPLE only. It would not work correctly on the PC, PS4, or even Android games. This controller could have been defective, but there was no way to know for sure. Looking at the box and it says Apple on it, since I do not own any Apple products, I am VERY disappointed that and this doesn't come with an Apple charging/USB cable. I don’t know if it works 100% because when we tried it on an android phone only a couple of the buttons worked in a couple of different games, but who knows it could of just been my phone. When I was playing a game on my phone the controls did not respond correctly and only a couple of buttons worked. I tried this on a couple of different games with my phone.

Overall Review: Other thoughts This is a nice controller but I was not able to test it to its full potential because I do not own any Apple devices. It probably works great on Apple devices, there are a couple of things that are unacceptable. Compatibility should be better than what it is especially In today's world. Making devices Apple only is pretty lame and a just a monopolistic practice. I was extremely disappointed that there was no Apple cable included with the controller. The controller definitely works but was a mistake for us to test. don’t know what this control is worth but for what I could have payed I would say its not worth how much it could be. Again we were not able to test it out all the way because we don’t have apple devices. We tried pc,ps4, and an android phone.

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