Great phone at price range12/15/2016 9:32:39 PM

Pros: - Finger print sensor works perfectly, and has a lot of useful functions. - Camera is above average at price range - Price - IR blaster - Battery life - Hardware tech specs are great at price range. - Huawei quick charge works - Lots of tweaking/customization available - SD card slot

Cons: - EMUI is far from a pure clean android experience. - Camera is really good but could have benefit a lot from better image stabilization - Quick charge technology is propietary, but there is still no mainstream about this. - Screen is curved kinda like the S7 edge, so if you want a glass screen protector you wont cover the entire screen, you'll have to go with something like the IQshield if you want full screen coverage. - Difficult to unlock/root depending on which version you get.

Overall Review: - Honor is supposed to be working with XDA so we should see some custom ROMs in the near future, EMUI works but it is just not close to a pure android experience. If you come from a pure android ROM like me (slim ROM) you'll have to tweak EMUI a lot, download NOVA or Google launcher, give app permisions to run on screen off, etc. its something you'll have to do only once tough. - The battery last for quite some time, but this is thanks to all the tweaks within EMUI, so you'll have to configure accordingly. - Camera is excellent, nearly as good as the S7 but lacks the image stabilization, and thus sometimes you wont get pictures as good. -Tech specs at this price range can only be challenged by the OnePlus 3, but unless you are planing on running top end games, this is more than enough. - At $265 plus gifts (extra quick charger, selfie stick, earphones, cases) you cannot beat this phone. Sure the galaxy S7 beats this phone in some areas but also costs more than double.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the terrific feedback. It's great hearing how you've been to make the Honor 8 your own. We wanted to give this phone flagship features but not the flagship price. We're pleased to know that our customers appreciate that value as much as us. Your review is very much appreciated and it sounds like you are only going to enjoy the Honor 8 more as you continue to use it. (DM)
Good product5/31/2013 5:46:41 PM

Pros: It does what it is supposed to do. Plenty of options if you know what you are doing. Or you can just use the quick setup. I upgraded the antennas (you have to upgrade both) to 8dBi and the signal was boosted yet more.

Cons: I didn't receive the version pictured on newegg (rev1) instead I received the rev2 which looks ugly in my opinion, I assume both versions work the same.

Overall Review: This thing drops the connection every 48hrs or so, however it does have an option to configure a watchdog ping to the router, and this solved the problem. Could be better thou

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junk5/31/2013 4:47:32 PM

Pros: None

Cons: This thing does not repeat a wifi signal. if I could I will give 0 eggs, and there is zero support from encore, this seems to be a common problem with this product, so I will avoid any products from this company.

Overall Review: Since it took me a while to test the product I cannot return it. Only use I was able to find was to use it via the ethernet ports to devices that have RJ-45 but no wifi card. Since this is not what I paid for the review rating remains.

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Be all the netbook you can be12/6/2012 9:50:31 PM

Pros: this is everything a notebook has to be with its ups and downs. Out of the box it looks good, and this thing is very portable with excellent battery life. Can be upgraded with some effort, and this is the netbook you can carry around, beat up, and not worry too much about it getting stolen or damaged. Processing power can be squeezed to "acceptable" with a RAM upgrade and it will be ok to watch video.

Cons: If you need to do more than web browsing and office work, forget about this, even with upgrades it will not perform to acceptable levels. Gaming? forget it, unless you're playing sudoku or tetris. Upgrading is difficult specially if have no experience disassembling electronics. Keyboard is among the worst I have came accross

Overall Review: Installing a 4GB RAM and win7 ultimate, made this netbook to perform acceptably(it is a netbook after all), I will have to try with Ubuntu. The SSD upgrade is not worth it on this machine. You can get this same netbook brand new for the same price at wallys. So 1 egg for lousy keyboard and 1 egg for the price.

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N8?? failed iphone competitor3/29/2011 8:49:34 AM

Pros: Good screen, good call quality, excellent battery life, decent camera.

Cons: At this price range there are several other options and this phone is not worth the ~$500. Symbian is doomed, High failure rate, unpolished interface can be frustrating. touch screen performance is subpar.

Overall Review: I really don't like the iphone and this one is a failed attempt by nokia at a creating an iphone competitor, this phone has an incredibly high failure rate, nokia used to make some of the best hardware, not anymore. at this price range almost any other phone brand has better choice to offer. And do yourself a favor and get an android phone, symbian has the same future as maemo.

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Nokia going down??3/29/2011 8:15:19 AM

Pros: Good reception and call quality Free lifetime ovi Maps

Cons: Symbian is doomed, build quality is subpar compared to Finland made nokia phones, No wifi, unlock button will fade in very short time. resistive touch pad is unresponsive at times, if you're used to capacitive forget about this one, These phones have a really really high failure rate, you better get an extended warranty if you get one of these.

Overall Review: I've used to be a nokia fan, hardware is still one of the best out there, but they've made a few wrong decisions. Symbian is doomed, remember Maemo? well nobody does and nobody will remember symbian in a short time, apps for this phone are very few compared to other OS and apps are expensive, you even have to pay just to get a word/ excell/pdf reader, do yourself a favor and get yourself an android phone.

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zeikos owes me big time!9/26/2010 9:49:18 PM

Pros: Cheap lcd screen protection, you get plenty of material, 3 large sheets I think they are 15cm X 7cm each. the protection offered once installed is pretty good, it doesn't create glare or reflections on the screen.

Cons: Really really hard to install, you have to be very patient and follow my instructions to make a flawless installation(no lifting edges and no bubbles) so keep reading.

Overall Review: Clean the LCD surface really good, no dust or fingerprints should be on your LCD, cut the screen guard half a millimeter shorter than your LCD, prepare it by separating and bending the paper on one corner so you don't have problems separating the plastic from the paper. Now here comes the trick. apply a few drops of 50% isopropyl alcohol, just a really small few drops if you can spray them it will be better, apply the screen guard by applying it from the corner you previously separated, now once fully applied you can move it and adjust it to perfectly fit your LCD be fast you don't have much time until the alcohol dries, then use the squeege and some absorbent towel to remove bubbles and wipe the excess alcohol, once dry you have a perfectly applied protective screen. zeikos should put me on their payroll since I'm unemployed and I just fixed their otherwise mediocre product.

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awsome9/26/2010 9:26:16 PM

Pros: Low price, most versatile tripod ever, you can fix this thing in lots of ways, twist it to one side, put it on irregular surfaces, etc. it is very well constructed, it's very portable, and easy to use.

Cons: Due to it's size I don't think this can hold a heavy camera like an SLR, You cannot fight physics, and if this thing was bigger it wouldn't be so cheap/portable

Overall Review: Good tripod to carry aroud due to its small size, I don't think you can get a better tripod for the price, specially at newegg price.

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Not quite fast9/26/2010 9:18:42 PM

Pros: Cheap 8GB memory, works flawlessly on my Fuji F72EXR point and shoot.

Cons: I tried this on linux disk utility benchmark test, class 10 means its minimum write speed should be 10MB/s, this one scored an average write rate of 3.1MB/s Next I used the same benchmark test to try a 4GB class 4 flash and it scored an average write rate of 4.2MB/s

Overall Review: Class 4 should never beat class 10. the above mentioned test was performed with the flash cards unformatted. All Manufacturers ratings and specs are based on their own testing so speeds might be reached by the device under certain circumstances only. In my opinion paying extra for class 10 is not justified in this case.

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Class 10 means??9/25/2010 12:38:42 AM

Pros: 8GB at an affordable price. Using on my fuji point and shoot digital camera, and it is working flawlessly. This one is detected as 8.3GB or 8,270,118,912 bytes unformatted and unpartitioned under linux, real 8GB.

Cons: This adata "class 10" 8GB scored the next results on Linux utility disk bench mark test Average Read rate = 14.1MB/s Av write rate = 3.1MB/s Av access time = 0.7ms min write rate = 2.3MB/s then I used a 4GB class 4 kingston for comparison. here are the results Av. read rate = 14.5MB/s Av write rate = 4.8MB/s Av acces time = 0.7ms min write rate = 3.5MB/s Class 10 means its minimum write speed should be 10MB/s, and 4MB/s for class 4. Manufacturers are only doing "in house" testing and in my opinion they are not meeting the standards. They should post test results from a 3rd party so consumers can see real specifications about their products. My test methods might not be the best but in my opinion class 4 should not score better than class 10... never!

Overall Review: for practical use you might want to pass on the "class 10" claims and specs and save a couple of bucks and buy some better brand name memory, even if its speed is lower rated like class 4 or 6. Now for people confused about the total space showing in your computers, remember 1Kbyte=1024bytes, so 8000000 Kilobytes divided by 1024 equals 7812 Megabytes divided by 1024 = 7.6 Gigabytes. Kilobyte 1024 or 2^10 (not 1000!!) is what manufacturers use, so thank them for the misunderstanding.

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Best image quality at this price.9/13/2010 9:42:46 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality despite being made in china. you can feel the device is sturdy and elegantly packaged inside the metal case, 10x optical zoom very rare at this size/price point. very compact camera. LCD screen is one of the best I have seen in any camera. Lots of adjustable settings and options for a point and shoot camera. Wide lens. Lots of options/settings After reading lots of reviews in the web you just can't get better picture quality at this price, this one takes even better pictures than the F80EXR upgrade, (go figure).

Cons: the option to get a gunmetal color would have been nice, but the piano black looks good. re-certified, means ??? not new. Mine had a couple of very visible nicks on the back, but it works at a 100% and it doesn't look bad at all definitively doesn't look new, but I don't think you can get this camera new anymore, at least not at newegg price. Has lots of options which can be annoying for some users, but for users like me is a great introduction to photography and is lots of fun, so no eggs out for this. Mediocre battery life, but for a couple bucks you can get an extra battery at auction sites. No HD video recording, but this is a camera not a camcorder.

Overall Review: I can't tell the difference between the pictures of this camera and the SLR I use at work, obviously I'm not a professional photographer but I can tell when there is a big difference in image quality. If you want a no thrill no frills point and shoot stay away from this, it might be too much for a kid or a non-tech user, kinda like letting my grandma drive a ferrari, you need to at least read the manual to understand all the options and all the stuff this baby can do,when you do, you'll start to realize you can take amazing pictures. It is a great introduction to photography without having to spend $500 or more on an SLR. At this size/price point you just can't beat this camera image quality.

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solution for xbox360 hitachis8/23/2010 9:07:47 PM

Pros: this is high quality media, I started having problems with my memorex backups not reading or freezing on xbox 360 hitachi drives, these verbatims solved the problem.

Cons: pricey.

Overall Review: I believe these are the best option to backup your games if you have a hitachi drive on your 360 if you have any other drive brand you can go with something cheaper like memorex.

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Best HDMI cable price.8/23/2010 8:59:54 PM

Pros: Low price, standard cable, well constructed for any indoor use, it does what it says it does. Has shielding to avoid interference, plated connectors, good assembly into HDMI female connections, I think this cable might withstand around 100 plug-unplug cycles until it starts giving problems, but I'm just guessing by looking at cable quality construction.

Cons: Might come short for certain applications but 6 feet is the most common length for this cable, and at this price I'm just nitpicking.

Overall Review: I can't still believe my eyes when I see people paying $50 plus bucks at retail stores to get an HDMI cable, even if they are the newest HDMI 1.6 specification or above, is still hard to come across a device and setup that will take advantage of this. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting money on fancy cables as they wont really do nothing for your signals, at least physically speaking... mentally?? well...

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Most cost effective way of powering your wireless controller8/23/2010 8:45:32 PM

Pros: Holds charge for a really long time (about 22hrs) without vibration, It fitted my third party play n charge kit, I think it will fit any play n charge kit as long as they are compatible with original Micro$oft batteries and they're not physically obtrusive. Is black so it matches my controller. It charges really fast about 30~45 min on play n charge kit.

Cons: None that I can think of...

Overall Review: Even thou I haven't tested it on vibration mode, At newegg prices(below 10$) I think this is the most economic way of powering your xbox 360 wireless controller, I doubt you can find a better cost effective solution with any other type or brand of battery for powering your wireless controller

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jabra extreme3/4/2010 7:00:27 PM

Pros: sleek, serious and elegant design, very light weight, decent battery life, very comfortable with the ear hook. pairing was trouble free. noise canceling is excellent, buttons are accessible, has on off switch, paired with my ps3 without problems and can pair with my ps3 and my nokia5530 at the same time, up to 8 devices for multipoint technology. the included car charger/holder is a pretty good accessory, fits well in my pocket too. can stream music from my phone and sound quality is pretty good even thou you have to use mono sound.

Cons: With the ear hook I could wear this for hours and the fit is very secure I shake my head violently and the thing didn't move out off place in my ear, however the ultimate eargel is another history, even thou is comfortable enough my ear got sore after 15 minutes, and it doesn't feel as secure as with the ear hook. but the design is "over the ear" so no eggs took off for this.

Overall Review: I have medium sized regular ears, and this device fitted me perfectly. My girlfriend has very small ears she always has problems with earphones not fitting inside her small ears, and I made her try it on, she wasn't able to fit it in with the hook or the ear gel, if you have very small ears you may want to demo the device first before buying it since all the included ear buds are the same size. other than that this is an excellent "over the ear" bluetooth headset. I would like to compare this one to the BT-530 since they are almost identical in features and price range.

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Very good phone2/22/2010 5:23:35 PM

Pros: Excellent Call quality, WiFi, 4Gb MicroSD included, 3.5mm jack lets you use your own headphones (when will you learn sony...) phone is look great and is very compact. Integrated stereo speakers are excellent, Music playback is great. good battery life, Excellent call quality. For the amount of features you are getting it has an excellent price.

Cons: Do yourself a favor and do a firmware update as soon as you can, symbian 5 is is still improving. Average 3.2MP camera. Build quality is good but not the best I have seen from nokia, the plastic battery cover is flimsy and is poorly design, is the weakest link in the chain.

Overall Review: Unlike the 5800 this one has no 3G or GPS but is more compact and stylish (front is stainless steel) has better build quality than the 5800 and is more pocketable. if you dont have 3G coverage or a data plan this one will beat the 5800, it has WiFi so I dont need more Some sort of protective skin or case will make sure the phone lasts for a long time otherwise I'll be afraid of the battery cover breaking or giving up. GPS could have been cool in this phone.

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Pick up your features2/14/2010 4:51:40 PM

Pros: Good looking. Excellent call quality, stereo speakers sound great. Great Battery life, Features are excellent for the price range. The size is very compact. Touch screen is very responsive. And symbian works ok and means lots of apps. 3.5mm jack means you can use your own headphones, decent build quality. 4Gb MicroSD card included. Music playback is perfect and that is the main approach on the XpressMusic line.

Cons: Made in china, finland made nokia's made any phone of any brand look bad (E51?) battery door is made of plastic and is poorly designed, I don't think it will stand more than 10 removals, so if you need to change your SIM card several times you should consider this. Average camera, but it will took decent pictures if you are in a hurry and/or need evidence of something.

Overall Review: If you need 3G and/or GPS you have to go with the 5800. If you dont need that then this phone is more compact and costs a lot less than the 5800, in my opinion is the mos cost effective solution, build quality while might not be the best(compared to finland made nokias) is very good except for the battery cover. Overall I consider this to be an excellent phone for its price range, with just the exact features for the price.

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density change?2/7/2010 9:02:20 PM

Pros: High heat transfer ratio, better than most thermal pastes. Cost effective at $6 from newegg with free shipping one tube will let you do around 15 to 20 regular sized chips/heatsinks. Its easy to apply and will stay where you apply it.

Cons: I left unused for a few days it will settle down inside the tube, a drops of liquid will come out first(???), after this it will come out normally.

Overall Review: I have used this to replace thermal paste on CPU's xbox 360's and PS3 and have had great results on all of them. on the xbox 360's I have yet to see a RROD after applying this paste.

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Great for xbox 3602/7/2010 8:53:33 PM

Pros: Most cost effective solution to backup 360 games. they burn great using Imgburn, and a samsung drive at 4X. The printed side looks of very good quality, not like those cheap ones where the ink starts to peel of after a while.

Cons: At higher speeds(above 4X) I'll get a coaster every now and then. but I still have to see a coaster at 4x.

Overall Review: 360 backups didn't read well on a hitachi drive without some pot tweaking. but then again I got the same results using verbatim and tdk.

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not the best for the money10/24/2009 8:06:29 PM

Pros: Cheap, it gets the job done.

Cons: Very cheap build quality, tray mechanism is very badly constructed and/or designed. it kinda jams before abruptly opening(it looks lie it spits the tray out!), I'm waiting to see the tray mechanism fail...

Overall Review: When using this for burning Xbox 360 backups with ImgBurn the device buffer drops to 32% every 6 seconds or so, the build quality is mediocre compared to other drives in the same price range. I got a samsung burner for $2 Cheaper (from newegg of course) and is better built and it does not get any buffer problems when burning my backups

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Riteks?10/5/2009 12:59:40 PM

Pros: Cheap, 50discs for $33 and free shipping

Cons: These are actually ritek DVD's if you can find them cheaper go and buy ritek youl be buying the same stuff

Overall Review: I'm using these to backup my 360 games with a samsung SH-223Q drive and they are working ok so far.

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Reliable10/5/2009 10:09:46 AM

Pros: Very good bang for your buck value, Only one 12V @30A rail means no worries on load balance, 2 very quiet big fans, lots of connectors means very good compatibility with older or newer systems, 80Plus certified means = high efficiency = lower power consumption. Build quality looks superb. Over current, voltage protection and 99% power factor correction not expected on a PS at this price.

Cons: At this price point no cons, if you need more wattage buy a more expensive PS.

Overall Review: I used this on a basic HTPC setup, Only one HDD, and one DVD drive, with a 145W CPU and big M378-T motherboard, this thing works wonders, and is as silent as death coming for you.

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add ons price...3/8/2009 2:51:28 PM

Pros: sturdy, and very solid(except the front panel). plenty of space inside, slot for a legacy floppy drive, very well ventilated and really quiet, 120mm fans are very good. except for the plastic front panel this case is very well constructed and designed. looks good too. very formal design, I don't like those side window cases.

Cons: plastic front panel is kinda flimsy, every time I take the thing off I feel I'm going to brake it. a more solid front would have given this thing 5 egg's

Overall Review: lots of extras add to the price like screw less rails for HDD's and optical drives. That accessories box and the lock on the left panel sure added to the price. instead of that I would have liked to see a more solid (metal?) front plate. excepting the front plate, this is a very good case, very solid, plenty of space inside, very well ventilated and very quiet, and the price is not bad either.

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Nokia E5111/20/2008 10:17:24 AM

Pros: Excellent smart phone, superb build quality. stainless steel looks like it will last forever, very compact, not a head turner but it looks really good, this is not the phone for you if you like to show off, wifi is excellent, call audio quality is superb, plus the ability to use it as a media phone. display is really good. Plays mp3 and the speaker does a really good job. If you need to open documents, word, pdf, powerpoint, a lot of conectivity and very decent media capabilities, you can't beat this phone at this price. Lots of apps for symbian.

Cons: side keys are really really hard to press. phone camera is subpar but this is no N series phone. could use a 3.5mm jack

Overall Review: This phone is not sexy but it does a lot, and I mean a lot. could use improvements with a 3.5mm audio jack instead of the 2.5mm. camera could be better but I guess that's why N series is outhere. Newegg has the lowest price for this phone. At this price you wont find a more complete phone anywhere else.

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