It's a 3080!12/3/2020 5:53:49 PM

Pros: Pretty quiet and GPU temps never exceed 71 degrees Celsius at max load with fan speed sitting right around 60%. Card runs stable with a +65 core and +500 memory overclock. No coil whine.

Cons: Fans do shut off when the GPU is below 55 Celsius, but they can't be controlled below 30%. The power limit is currently locked at 100%, which means the card is locked at 320w. Hopefully this is addressed in a future BIOS update, because i believe the non OC card allows an increase to 105%.

Overall Review: It's a 3080 so you know you're getting a lot of performance for the money. With stock being as tight as it is, if you want a 3080 and can get your hands on this model, go for it. Also, i ended up getting my hands on both this and an MSI Ventus and found that the Zotac was significantly cooler and quieter, while also maintaining higher core clocks. I ended up keeping the Zotac and selling the MSI Ventus to a friend.

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DOA7/13/2013 7:39:28 PM

Pros: Looks sleek enough and feels more durable than one might expect given the overall softer look of the keyboard.

Cons: Keyboard was DOA, LED blinks red when it should cycle green while plugged in. Searched forums and found that this is not an uncommon occurrence and indicates hardware failure. Evidently, Logitech shipped a bad batch and now unfortunate Newegger's are left to deal with the problem.

Overall Review: Read Newegg's return policy thoroughly before purchasing just in case you are stuck with a faulty unit like myself.

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