Premium Motherboard7/8/2020 10:55:11 AM

Pros: X570 supports more PCI-e lanes to allow 2 M2 drives without reducing GPU lanes. Was in stock during the May motherboard shortages. WiFi 6 support. More SATA ports than others in this class. Two USB 2.0 internal headers.

Cons: Did not have second USB 3.0 20-pin internal header. All-in-one M2 heatsink and southbridge fan cover. Have to remove all PCI-e cards in order to remove heatsink/fan cover.

Overall Review: When I decided to replace my Crosshair VII Ryzen 7 2700X system I looked hard at motherboards capable of supporting the Ryzen 9 CPUs properly. Knowing that I had two NVMe M2 drives eliminated the lower end X570 MBs. I started purchasing pieces of my system in late April. My first choice MB went Backorder after I put it in my cart. I then ordered two other MBs on the phone with the assurance of the sales agent that they were in stock, only to have them go backorder too. Two weeks of checking every day and I finally scored this highly rated ASRock motherboard. The all-in-one heatsink/fan cover is a pain but one that I should only have to deal with once. As I have a Thermaltake Core X9 case motherboard fit and installation were a snap. Thermaltake should never have discontinued the X9 and X5, they are the best cases for hardware nuts. The X9 has four front USB 3.0 ports and I had to purchase an internal hub with power supply to support my total of six front mounted USB 3.0 (4 from the X9 and two from a new 5.25in panel). I took advantage while my system was open to add in three additional RGB fans to go with the 4 already mounted on my AIO cooler and case top. The system booted right up on first try using a cloned M2 drive with the Windows that had been on my older system (then replaced the activation code with the one from a new copy so the original copy can remain with the Ryzen 2700X and MB). I replaced the ASUS drivers with ASRock where necessary and tweaked my new memory to 3400 speed. I will push the memory to rated speed after it is burned in. No problems with the system since build. Very Happy. Fix the heatsink/fan cover and it would be even better. New components AMD Ryzen 9 3900X ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X GSkill Trident Neo DDR4 3600 2X16GB Media Dashboard Front Panel Darkflash MR120 RGB fans and controller Thermaltake 200mm RGB fan Windows 10 Professional HP 950 1TB NVMe TLC M.2 drive Pioneer APS-SEQ-2T 2TB NVMe QLC M.2 Drive Existing components Thermaltake Core X9 case MSI GeForce 1080 Duke Seasonic Focus 850 P/S ASUS Blu-ray R/W drive 500GB 2.5in SATA SSD 60GB 2.5in SATA SSD (dedicated Windows Cache) 3TB 3.5in SATA HD

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Good RGB Fans6/21/2020 9:37:46 AM

Pros: Bright Colors Decent Air Volume Quiet

Cons: Must be connected to the controller, so BIOS fan control is lost. EDIT: - hooked up to my motherboard, worked with my onboard RGB just fine. That is more than I can say about my RGB DDR4 memory from Team, which slowly drifts off-sync over time.

Overall Review: So I have 5 of these in my Core X9 case (two attached to my AIO cooler). Lights up the case well and the Core X9 is huge. Air movement is good and fans are quiet at mid speed settings. Have worked flawlessly for 10 months now. Do not have them connected to my ASUS Crosshair Hero VII motherboard, just use the remote when I want to change the theme. Have purchased 5 sets so far for the 4 computers in the house and will add some more in the future.

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Core Cube Cases Are Great for Builders7/22/2018 10:28:29 AM

Pros: - Room to work in. - horizontal motherboard - supports multiple long GPUs - supports short or long P/S - lots of places to put HD/SSDs - still supports external drives/bay adapters - tempered glass windows on both sides

Cons: - Instruction manual could have been clearer. Big manual but only one or two lines of English per page, rest is translations. - Front supports 200mm fan but only comes with a 120mm. Second 120mm front fan position does not have screw holes for two screws so it can only be fastened with 2. - white paint is prone to flaking around screw holes - thumbscrews were hard to put in many of the screw holes - screwless drive pins tend to fall out - accessories box is hidden in the drive bay above the P/S

Overall Review: I got this during a 30% off clearance so it was less than $115 and I still have a rebate to send in. This is my second Thermaltake Cube case. I have my build in a Core X9. Used this Core X5 for my youngest's new Ryzen 2 build. I like the smaller size of the X5 compared to the X9. Both are a big handful to move so plan carefully when building. I built this one directly in my son's bedroom on some TV trays rather than in the basement workshop so I wouldn't have to carry the works up the stairs. Since I had already done my build in the X9 I didn't spend enough time with the manual's case images. Be sure to move the bottom power supply rail to the right position to support the unit. I didn't do that initially so I had to take the drive bay out in order to get the P/S in and then the screw holes didn't align and the drive bay would not go back in. After looking over the diagram I removed the P/S and moved the support rail. I put the P/S back in and then realized that the drive bay could not be put back with the P/S already mounted. So out it went for the second time. Installing the HD and SSD was easy but the screwless pins tended to pop out of the rubber holders so I ended up using screws anyway. Motherboard mounted without a hitch as the tray supports just about any board. The front panel cables are more than long enough. Wasn't sure that I liked having USB 2 and USB 3 on the front but not all MBs have dual USB 3 connections. The Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi had two Gen1 and one Gen2 connections so that was covered. I adjusted the top rails to hold 120mm fans and radiators as they come from the factory spaced for 140mm. The slots in these rails are a bit wide so you may find that some fan screws fall through. I angled my fans slightly to prevent this. Once you finish the build the glass side panels make a RGB motherboard a real showcase. I added two strings of RGB lights and the case glows like a mini Christmas tree. Beautiful. Build - Core X5, AMD Ryzen 2700X, Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi AM4, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (8x4) DDR4 3000, Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1070 Ti, Eluktro Pro-X G2 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD, OCZ 480GB Trion 150 SSD, Seagate Barracuda 2TB HD, EVGA SuperNova 750 G2 Modular Power Supply, ASUS BW-16D1HT Blu-ray Burner, generic front panel USB 3/eSata/SD reader/fan controller.

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Great Deal on a Great Big View3/31/2018 10:14:44 AM

Pros: 4K large screen, DisplayPort, all cables provided, price

Cons: Legs, Firmware Update, package.

Overall Review: I've owned computers since a 1979 TRS-80 and been a computer programmer for the last 38 years. I've run everything from monochrome monitors to multiple LCD displays. A 27 inch 2K display convinced me that for higher resolutions small screen size is a definite no-no. For the last 5 years I've used 3 different 4K televisions for my home system, going from a 40 inch Seiki to a 43 inch Vizio to eventually a 50 inch Vizio. While the TVs provided the screen size I needed, they lacked the sharpness of a traditional monitor and I was forced to use 150% scaling . As I got older my eyes needed something better. I kept looking but either the monitors for sale were too expensive or too small. Just when I'd given up this Acer display appeared in a Newegg flyer and on sale for $405, equal to or less than the 32 inch models available. It lacks Free-sync but I own an Nvidia GTX-1080 so I didn't need the support for an AMD video card. Using the DisplayPort 1.2 I get a rock-solid 60hz image without using scaling. If there are any negatives to mention they are: 1) I don't care for the way the feet are on the display. The feet force me to move the monitor forward on the desk because of the wide footprint, so it sits closer than the Vizio did. 2) There doesn't appear to be any way to update the firmware. Nothing on Acer's website and no useful hits on a Google search. 3) DisplayPort settings are for 1.1 and 1.2 only. 4) Package/shipment - The monitor showed up with a 4-6in crack in the screen but was replaced through Newegg's RMA process. The whole process from delivery of the first monitor to receipt of the replacement took almost 4 weeks but in the end I was 100% satisfied. I didn't take off any eggs for no Free-sync or limited DisplayPort because I knew what they were when I ordered. I always check reviews and do searches for items before I buy. I'll never understand why some reviewers subtract ratings for anything that is in the listed specifications they don't like. After all if you go out and buy a Ford Mustang you don't complain that it won't haul full sheets of plywood in the trunk.

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Good Motherboard at a very good price4/19/2016 12:30:37 PM

Pros: USB 3.1, USB-C, Available Expansion ports

Cons: Only 4 rear USB 2.0 (minor). No board mounts on the rear of the board so the board flexes when plugging in cables.

Overall Review: One of the best FM2+ boards out there. Bought to replace an ASUS motherboard that didn't survive a sudden blackout.

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Great FM2+ CPU4/19/2016 11:59:11 AM

Pros: Fast, Stable, Easy to install

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Bought to replace an A10-7850K and ASUS motherboard lost due to an unexpected blackout. Since the computer had a 7870 Radeon card in it and we weren't using the onboard video this Athlon CPU was a cheaper replacement while I waited for AMD to replace the CPU (that is why I buy always the retail version for the better warranty). Everything runs just like before and I didn't even have to re-verify Windows. AMD replaced my A10-7850K but I will just keep that CPU as a spare since the Athlon works so well.

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Good Product4/19/2016 11:51:17 AM

Pros: No Drivers, built-in stand, decent cord length, looks good

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Bought to replace a Snoball that failed after a few months of daily use.

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Good for the money7/11/2015 2:52:19 PM

Pros: Lots of drive mounts, good cable routing options, fan mounting options, nice color.

Cons: 2.5in/SSD bays were slightly crooked, required tweaking to square up.

Overall Review: Built a as a work/light game rig for a friend going back to school after the military. Full ATX GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard went in easy and the I/O shield was the easiest to put in out of the last dozen or so builds I've done. Power requirements were low to average so installed a Raidmax 730w modular power supply. No problems routing cables and easily managed a long Powercolor R9-280 video card. Added 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 2133, a Pioneer Blu-ray, Samsung EVO 250 SSD, and Toshiba 3TB HD to complete the build.

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Solid Performance7/11/2015 2:31:47 PM

Pros: Price - was on sale $20 off. Works as advertised.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I build computers as a hobby for friends and family, about 3 dozen so far. I've put G.Skill memory into several builds, mostly Ripjaws versions. I've never had a single bad stick. Bought two sets to go on two Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboards sporting FX-8370 Black Edition processors.

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Works with Eyefinity11/17/2013 6:22:43 PM

Pros: Installed with a solid click so you know a good connection was made. I have three 23in monitors on my HD5770. Works with a DVI to HDMI cable as my third monitor didn't have DVI.

Cons: Short cable puts stress on the connection hanging on the back of my tower. I wish these plugin cables would have a way to secure them with clips or screws.

Overall Review: Was running a third monitor with onboard video (caused stability issues having HD5770 with HD3000 drivers) and then switched to a second video card to fix that but had problems every time AMD updated drivers. Tried another brand of DisplayPort adapter that was supposed to be active but wasn't. This works great, reduces heat in my PC by allowing me to removie the second video card which I used to upgrade my daughter's PC.

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Great Card, Poor Drivers UPDATE - FIXED1/31/2010 7:19:08 PM

Pros: Same as the first review.

Cons: None now... Windows 7 64-bit issue fixed. It was a conflict with the version of Visual C++ runtime. As a lot of software uses this module you'd think that there would have been some sort of notice but Powercolor's website has nothing about it.

Overall Review: I was able to get the Catalyst software loaded by following these steps: 1) Go to Microsoft and download the patch KB961894. 2) Reboot and load CD or get the latest package from ATI/AMD. 3) Select Custom Install as automatic install will fail. Note that the latest drivers still have some issues - read the release notes if you have issues with games.

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Great Card - Poor Drivers1/25/2010 11:02:35 AM

Pros: This is a great upgrade from my XFX GeForce 7950GT. I'm not a hardcore gamer but what I tried was smooth and much more detailed than the GeForce produced. Newegg shipped it fast. Card is not too long and doesn't require two power imputs.

Cons: The software on the CD will not install under Windows 7 64-bit. The newest software at Powercolor's website that is supposed to fix the problem didn't work either. The reference software from ATI, same problem. I was only able to get the drivers loaded manually. So without the Catalyst software a lot of the special features cannot be set up. I expect that it will be fixed sometime soon. Tried the 3-monitor setup but the monitor attached via HDMI would not run in native resolution, only a very blocky 1330x720 so gave up and moved the third monitor to the onboard video, which will run concurrently with a Radeon card. Because I purchased this card using a promo code during the recent 24 hour sale, Newegg would not allow me to get the free Battleforge game.

Overall Review: System: AMD Phenom II 925 ECS Black Series A790GXM-AD3 Powecolor Radeon HD5770 1GB 4GB GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 Hitachi 1TB Green HD LG 6X Blu-Ray/DVD-RW LG 22X DVD-RW Antec 900 Rosewill Stallion 550W p/s DLink wireless N PCI

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Quiet Quiet Quiet10/23/2007 11:59:37 AM

Pros: Hands down best case I've ever built a PC in. Four adjustable fans provided with case, 3 blue led 120mm and the monster 200mm, just add to the value. When running, the loudest sound in the case is the GPU fan on my 7950GT.

Cons: IEEE 1394 cable should come with both motherboard header and standard internal plug for use with PCI card since most motherboards don't have onboard FireWire.

Overall Review: With a case this deep, why not raise the motherboard up high enough to allow easy routing of cables under it to pretty up the interior and allow better airflow? An exterior SATA connection would be more useful than the IEEE 1394.

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Good Value7/28/2007 12:58:30 PM

Pros: Needed a big power supply without the big price. This works nicely.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: When dealing with power supplies, weight often means quality. This power supply has a real good heft to it, so that's a point to the good. AMD AM2 Athlon64 X2 3800+, Biostar NF4UAM2 MB, 2GB Kingston Valueram, EVGA GeForce 7600GT.

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Good Budget MB7/28/2007 12:49:54 PM

Pros: Four mem slots (but 4GB max), two IDE channels for four devices, not a micro-ATX board.

Cons: None at this price

Overall Review: Cheezy startup screen. Everything lined right up and the motherboard went into the case easy. Location of the ATX power plug means that I had to remove the CPU fan shroud on my case side panel in order to clear the power cable. I've owned several Biostar boards before, along with the big names and all have been decent performmers for their intended use. Don't expect overclocking much more than stock and you'll be happy with this board. For my build I needed to support 3 ATA IDE devices, so this board supplied what I needed.

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Athlon 64 X2 - what else can you say?7/28/2007 12:38:54 PM

Pros: Runs much faster than my 939 3500+ did and much cooler at the same time. Boot times significantly faster and I can actually do something worthwhile when the antivirus scan is running.

Cons: Stock fan locking method still seems to require more force than necessary. AMD has been at this for a while, you think they'd learn by now. Still, it's better than the Intel mounting design.

Overall Review: This replaces a 1.7GHZ Celeron for my neice so she can play games. Not my system so I don't plan on winding this baby up to the limit. Biostar NF4UAM2G motherboard, 2GB Kingston Valueram, ECS GeForce 7600GT complete this build.

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